West Ham v Arsenal Confirmed Team News, Line-up & Score Predictions

Arsenal are expected to go to West Ham without any fresh injury issues, although Bukayo Saka’s involvement hasn’t been completely confirmed yet.

The young star had to be substituted against Manchester United, and manager Mikel Arteta had admitted that he had played despite picking up a knock in the previous game with Chelsea. In our latest pre-match conference however, the boss claimed that he was confident that he would be able to call upon his key man, while Takehiro Tomiyasu could also be in contention as he works towards his return.

Predicted Arsenal XI:

Cedric White Gabriel Tavares
Elneny Xhaka
Martinelli Odegaard Saka

While it wouldn’t be a shock to see Alexandre Lacazette or Tomiyasu return to the starting line-up, I’m not sure either is needed to brought back in unless they have shown to be firing in training.

West Ham are likely to be a little jaded/distracted by their Europa League exploits, and Tavares attacking style could well be perfect for this game.

I feel like their game on Thursday will have taken a lot of of them, and while they can’t really play a weakened side as they look to secure European football for next season through their league position, it will just be too difficult to manage for them.

I’m going with a 3-1 win for our guys today, in what should be an exciting watch with two sides unlikely to go down without a fight.

How do you see today’s battle playing out?


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Video – Mikel Arteta Full pre-game press conference ahead of West Ham

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  1. Should be an easy 3 points ,they are playing 2 games a week where as it’s just one for us ,they apparently have no defence and played Thursday night .
    I cannot see anything other than 3 points

    1. @Dan Kit
      It might not be as easy as it seems on paper. We had one match a week and dropped 3 in a row to mid table opposition. They’re at home and fighting to stay in Europe as well…
      I’m hoping the lads show up and that OJT coach sets them up to win it…IJS

      1. What’s the meaning of OJT? I don’t know if it’s positive or negative,but acronym does sound monstrous. All is good. Victory for the gunners.

        1. If you meant to type IJS, it means I’m just saying. If you meant OJT, then I haven’t got a clue.

    2. You sound too confident like you’ve already watched the match. I want us to win too, but you should remember that this is a game of football and not mathematics.
      Any win is very fine by me.

    3. wont be an easy 3 points at all. if we score first that will be huge though. No doubt their minds are focused on the 2nd leg and not on us so scoring first and not giving them momentum will be critical

  2. Chelsea losing to Everton could make this a 3 way fight for 3rd place. they have been riding their luck for some times now with 3 89th min winners.

    These matches vs relegation fighting teams are as difficult as facing a big 6 team at this point of the season.

    1. they’ll still get 3rd. they need to drop points 2 more times for us to overtake them. And we’d need to win all our games.

    1. Find app Josine from play store.
      Deal with the initial upsetting ads and then you’re good.
      If you find a way to disable the ads, all the best.

  3. Everton has now won against man u and chealse.
    Those two were our last opponents.
    Where we scored 7goals against them and conceded just 3.
    Their level of inconsistent is alarming.

  4. the west ham attack is good today, very nervous about this one. Tavares defending, and White out. The injuries are starting to pick up ugh…. And why they gotta start Rice 😂

    1. There were so many on here at start of season saying we should make Tavares our main LB, wonder who those people were.

  5. Have we started the crappy sideways play again. Yes we have. Arsenal make up your mind, do you want to go the CL or not. I am tired of this indecision.

  6. This is not working !!! Nketiah is a championship level player at best … why is he playing .. probably the worst academy player in to the first team in a long time

  7. Ohh well, nice goal is all I can say.
    Also bad defending… how was he allowed freely in the box…

  8. If Arsenal wants to win this he needs changes at half time .. arteta needs to understand how poor this performance is given the circumstances

  9. Brn white and Gabriel are such average CBs and so overrated.

    70mil wasted on the two.

    RH just as good for 2 mil

  10. What’s going on with conceding goals so soon after scoring ? Our play immediately got sloppy

  11. Very poor half we need to step it up second half! we look the team that played on Thursday

    1. I wonder why that happens. Spurs win then we begin to play like they lost. Supporting this team is not healthy.

  12. You couldn’t make this up.the same old story, conceding a goal just before halftime.😡

  13. Our play didn’t get sloppy. It was sloppy from kick off. West Ham raise their game after conceeding and pegged us back in 3 minutes.

  14. So predictable, Tavares needs dropping, I understand Arteta is trying to support him, but the lad is simply not a defender, in fact I am not sure what he is?

  15. Arsenal were too cautious in the first half. They didn’t put a lot of effort into the high press, maybe they wanted to save their energy for the second half

  16. Tomi looks unfit but still better than nkeiah my lord nkeiah how far our club has fallen if he’s our CF tavares is a trainwreck waiting to happen Gabriel has never filled me with confidence esr on ht gabi cf eddie go away plz

  17. my god i get frustrated watching this guy called Gabriel i had to tell someone….if we don’t get top 4 it will be down to him and tavares….we certainly need saliba back to partner white next season or even holding….this Gabriel doesn’t cut it for me….if anyone shows up with the money he should be sold….poor a defender

      1. i am just sick and tired of these guys making the coach’s job harder….my grandmother could have defended better there….

          1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you just made me laugh off the stress watching the game in a viewing centre here in Nigeria and all eyes on me….

  18. Tavares is a disaster. Everyone knows our weakest area of our defense. Nketiah doesn’t invite the wide players into the game and doesn’t offer anything upfront….

  19. Our players (midfielders) particularly need to retain the ball better and not lose it under pressure. With the way WH plays, they are set up to bully our players in the middle of the park, win those second balls and launch a quick counterattack.

    Our attackers (Odegaard and Saka) need to raise the tempo of their game and be more adventurous in the second half. They were playing too safe in the first half by not attacking space and shooting when the spaces open up.

    1. We are definitely missing a beast of a player in midfield,compared to other teams,we are lightweight in that area.

        1. Pat,as much as I like him,TP is not the type of player I had in mind,but a proper DM (old school)!!

  20. I love Arsenal fans, were we not the ones criticizing MA for taken Tavares at HT against Nottingham Forest in the FA cup?

    MA dropped him and was replaced by Xhaka at left back and we complain. We are now crying for him to be dropped.

    Why are we always on our manager?

    1. Didn’t know someone else noticed how they complain about everything here.

      It’s one game one complain.

      The Salina that’s their new god, will come now and after two games they will start raining insults on the manager for using him.

      I don’t know if this is just about the fans on this site, or just a thing with most Arsenal fans in general, but it’s so pathetic.

  21. I’ve always said this. Play Tavares only as WB with three centre backs.
    Guy can’t defend against a one-year old. Our scouts only saw his attacking qualities and jumped on it without taking time to look at his defensive skills.
    He’s a huge liability at LB.
    I’ll prefer Tomiyasu be moved to LB and Soares introduced in the second half.

  22. We havnt even played some decent passes together. We need to step this up, we have to win this game.

  23. Great goal! My fear now is whether we can withstand WH physicality. Our defending scares the shit out of me.

    We need a third goal and probably a switch to a back 3 to shore up the defence and see out the game, in the last 15 minutes.

    Tavares defending reminds me of Andre Santos with his lack of positional awareness and poor defending in one-on-one situations. He needs to do better defensively given he is decent bombing forward.

    1. If we want to go back 3 the we need to sub Odegaard and put Cedric and switching Tomiyasu as Right CB as we don’t have any CB on bench

    1. OMG we are winning FFS. Can we not just enjoy the fact our shit team is challenging for the Top Four.

      Moan, moan, moan when we’re winning!


  24. Ohh…beast arriving in the field. Our defense needs to focus completely to shut him down…

  25. Another chance goes begging…btw what a forward pass by ‘sideways-backwards’ Elneny.

  26. If Nketiah got that on target Fab didn’t look like he was going to stop it. Let’s hope he does better with his next chance if one comes along.

  27. With Antonio coming on, what specific plan do we have in place to stop his clever runs in-behind as well as his physicality.

    I see a draw written over this game if we don’t get the third goal. WH will resort to crosses and aerial battles in the last 10 minutes.

    1. Would he have even caught up with the ball? I’m not do sure he would have. But if he had then I agree.

  28. F**k Soucek gonna come on, if there’s one guy to score the sort of scrappy goal we usually concede it’s him.

  29. Has no one ever told them the best form of defence is attack or at the very least keeping hold of the ball and stringing two passes together!?

    Ball watching will cost us two points.

    1. How can he get tired??
      Playing just one game a week??
      If he is tired the what kind of fitness is this

  30. With Tomi out and Sonyucek in, the onus now lies on our defence and Ramsdale to command his area.

    He must aggressively command his 6 yard and box area. Nketiah can’t just shoot with enough power.

    C’mon boy hit the back of the net next time!

  31. Martinelli is very poor today except that one assist…
    Too many misplaced passes… to many

    1. Misplaced passes, Multiple bad controls and lacking that monster workrate. Been poor for a while but he’s a fan favorite so he gets a pass.

      1. Yeah, Lw been almost dead last 2 matches. Marts and ESR both… hope they regain their forms…

  32. Eddie’s had a decent game, his movement has been great. 4 shots on target (something nobody has managed apart from Auba this season,) 1 tame and 3 decent ones that forced corners and the big miss only lacked the slightest bit of curl and it was his point, run, control and dribble that made the chance. Not a motm performance but don’t get the grief. Anyway back to the nail biting.

  33. 6 minutes injury time coming up, whadya reckon. My nerves are getting shredded again.

  34. What an idiot that Rice is, losing time just to act like a wannabe tough guy and he’s their captain lol

  35. massive, massive, massive win. What a 2nd half performance to see out the rest of that game.

  36. Nketiah had a mixed game but he was instrumental to our win and held the ball well in the last 10 minutes. Great time-wasting tactics from him too. However, he needs to improve on his finishing.

    Rob Holding still remains our most aerially dominant CB. He is so dependable at defending against crosses coming into the box. COYG!!!

  37. Job done!3 huge points,we are now only 3pts behind chelski.very happy with the win,kudos to the team,we managed to beat WH despite not playing well.at this stage of the season all that matters is winning!!

  38. I am admittedly writing this after the game is over . But what strikes me is the masive in game pessimism and scaredy cat comments. Not many Gooners seem to have any real faith in our team any more and I find that a puzzling disgrace for folk who call themselves supporters.

    I do not doubt their passion to win but, honestly, just reading through most(not all, but most) of the moans on this thread is so revealing about the dismal mindset of most JA posters.

    As for the match, I thought Nketiah was OUTSTANDING and am now having to seriously eat my words of many posts I made stating he is not good enough. He is UNDOUBTEDLY now developing rapidly thanks to LACA’ ‘s timely(for Eddie, thatis ) injury. I NOW pray he is persuaded to stay and signs a new contract.

    I and thrilled at the massive improvement he had made since given a run in the team and NOW he looks undroppable.
    Though there were certain things I DID NOT MUCH LIKE, ESP IN OUR FIRST HALP PERF – and Martinelli and Tavares had bad days – the sheer joy on our players faces when we score and when we win tells me for CERTAIN that MA is doing and has done a remarkable job turning this, at one time, easily bullied and work shy team around .

    We are now a team to be proud of and I, FOR JUST ONE AM A VERY PROUD GOONER. But distinctly less proud of many unwise and far too disloyal Gooners on this site!

    1. Nketiah was outstanding .. clueless!!! And from someone who waffles on .. admittedly thoughtlessly.. about work effort … he’s off fortunately but have no idea to where … derby phaps they will need a bit of lazy strike power in the first division … as Green Day put it good riddance

      1. He had more strikes on target in this game than any of the players in our current squad have had all season in a game most forced corners. One of his good strikes that forced a good save and corner lead to our 1st goal from the resulting corner. At said corner he himself blocked Zouma who is massive from being able to challenge Holding for the head (trained in to them to be fair but he executed and Zouma is double his size.) Inconvenient facts.

        1. Irrelevant facts .. he had 2 clear chances one against zouma who is a third rate defender .. weak finishing on both ocassiobs … he is the laziest player I have seen this season in an Arsenal shirt and utterly clueless off the ball .. the sooner we bring in quality up front the better our chances in a guaranteed more difficult environment next season

    2. To be fair on this occasion I think everyone was rightly a little nervous, people express that in different ways.

      On Nketiah I’ve never understood why nobody was willing to give him a chance at all (very few ever have it’s odd) his record was as good as Balgouns (that most seemed to love) at the same level. He’s done the business in the carabao cup. Obviously he’s still not the finished product but he’s not old nor has he had extended chances in the way someone like Iwobi did for instance. Every sound you ever hear about him is that he trains hard, fully professional and he’s one of our own so never quite got it. Worst case scenario you extend his contract and at some point be it next year or the year after he’s goes out on loan performs well but not quite well enough, raises his value and we sell like Willock, win/win for both. Honestly believe that’s worst case. Hope he signs I really do even if it doesn’t work out he’ll have a decent career this isn’t his one shot.

      Most need time, Saka’s are very rare (why everyone is sniffing round) scary thing with Saka is he goes quiet a lot still but that the ability he has still shines at certain moments. He’s going to get a lot better in the next 3 years. We’re blessed, where would Spurs be right now if they hadn’t had Kane (Saka.) Or prior to that Bale (martinelli?) Or Eriksen (odegaard?) even, similar scenario too everyone knew their ability but there were more established mostly older options everywhere so we got him cheap.

      Good time to be a gooner even it messes with our health! Onwards and upwards!

      1. We did play a good game all what matters is the 3points,the next game is against Leeds and we should go for the 3poonts as well this putting pressure on Chelsea for 3place.
        Nothing is impossible at this time.

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