West Ham v Arsenal match preview and predicted score

West Ham v Arsenal match preview – Arsenal must get something from the game against the Hammers tonight.

Arsenal is at a stage now that any positive result will do just so they can build some form of momentum, even a draw.

Of course, three points would be perfect while a draw would be disappointing but a loss would be disastrous.

Make no mistake, West Ham are dangerous, they proved that away at Chelsea. Yes, they are very inconsistent and if you catch them right you can put them to the sword but the same can be said about Arsenal.

This may sound like a broken record but there is a really simple three-step process for Arsenal. One, Freddie Ljungberg has to get the team selection right. Two, the players have to do the basics right, nothing spectacular, just the fundamental basics of playing football. Three, the quality players have to play to their undoubted talents.

I mean, can you imagine if Mesut Ozil played to his creative best, if Nicholas Pepe tore into defences, if Alexandre Lacazette held the ball up and used his power to bully the defences and if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was at his clinical best.

The Arsenal defence will be put under pressure, that you can take to the bank and for once they need to stand up and defend like men.

This will be a chaotic game, of that I have doubt, it will be the usual end to end stuff because you have two teams low in confidence that cannot defend. It will all come down to which team defends better and which midfield is more effective.

Basically, the midfield has to be won tonight, do that and it relieves the pressure on the defence and provides the forwards with service.

But sadly, I lack the confidence in Arsenal to get it right, especially the senior players, they have drained me of that confidence.

But West Ham is just as poor and so a draw looks like the most likely outcome.

Predicted score

West Ham 2-2 Arsenal


  1. If our defence stands tall, the midfield stays strong and our forward line does what it always does, Arsenal win 2-0.

  2. gotanidea says:

    A lose tonight would make Arsenal one step closer to Fulham’s fate

    When Fulham changed Chambers’ position to be CDM, it was already too late

    I hope Ljungberg assign Chambers in his best position ASAP

  3. Sean Williams says:

    How I feel for my great, great club, that has defined how I feel for a large part of my life. This club is a great club and will rise again. Sadly we are caught in the karma of the man who owns us and that is not a good thing. I pray he loses interest in his little moneybox….Arsenal. There must be those who would buy this supreme club. The football world is not the same without the stature and majesty of this club. Please no experimental managers, just a confident quality manager,like Pochettino, who could easily be our managerial Sol Campbell. We don’t need to fall from one abyss to another.

    1. salmon goliath says:

      If Arsenal loose tonight please fire the coach and get A legit as coach.

      1. salmon goliath says:

        If Arsenal loose tonight please fire the coach and get Alegri as coach.

        1. salmon goliath says:

          Please bring in Santi Cazorla January if Arsenal wants to be in top four and get Ozil and Mkhi out

  4. A J says:

    O T

    Along all the other red herring’s flying around, it’s looks a though we also need to check out Marcelino’s C.V.

  5. Counsel says:

    The rookie manager should try a different approach in team selection not to continue playing players who are persistently underperforming. An athletic team of a midfield 3 of Chambers DM,Niles and Nelson on either side then throw a front 3 of Auba,laca, and pepe then include Tierney and Bellerin in defence. That team can press and and bring stability in defense the last time we kept a clean sheet Mia Khalifa was a virgin.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree with Maitland-Niles as the right half-winger, but I’d prefer Xhaka or Ozil as the left half-winger:

      ………………. Leno
      Bellerin . Mustafi . Holding . Tierney
      …………….. Chambers
      ………. Niles ……….. Xhaka
      Pepe …………………….. Martinelli
      ……………. Aubameyang

      If Man City can use De Bruyne and Silva effectively as mezzalas, Arsenal should be able to utilize their midfielders like that as well. De Bruyne was a failed winger at Chelsea, so Ozil might be able to play in similar role

      1. Phil says:

        @Gotanidea-I’m confused.Did you not clearly state after the Brighton game that Ozil could only play as a No10? Now you are playing him wide? What’s changed in 3 days PAL? Certainly not your IQ is it?

  6. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Westham 3 – 1 Arsenal.

    I missed Alex Iwobi

    1. Sue says:

      Hey Sanmi.. you wouldn’t be saying that if you watched Everton v Chelsea!!

    2. salmon goliath says:

      Even before we play we know that the opposition will score. Arsenal ats

  7. Salmon Goliath says:

    Ogh Arsenal come to your senses. If you keep on playing Ozil we will keep on losing. Guendozi is our best midfielder this season but new coach plans I don’t understand. Get real Arsenal. Ask for help please.

    1. Tomi Akindele says:

      I’m amazed seeing Guensozi’s name been mentioned. He is good on the ball, but one of the poorest off the ball. A run of games for Torrera,Xhaka,Ozil,Pepe,Laca&Auba remains the best solution

      1. RSH says:

        All these players have massive faults. I think many are just as surprised that Xhaka, Ozil, Torreira’s names get mentioned because they’ve all been horrible as well. Guendouzi can at least pick out a pass and will press w/ energy. It’s the rest of the team that does not.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Spot on!

  9. boaz n says:

    the worst thing is that now we cant even play torreira in cm role. we must concede again today

  10. Someone says:

    My prediction is another lose

  11. jon fox says:

    This realist predicts another defeat tonight. We look like a team that will struggle to win another point and until all the clowns leave our defence that will not be too far from the truth. West Ham by 2-0 or 2-1.

  12. OZGooner says:

    4 – 1 Arsenal. I have had this score in my head for 2 months. Surely it has to come up at some stage. COYG.

  13. Jimmy James says:

    Difficult to predict a win for us given our form over the past 12 months. Hammers too seem to be in a mess so we should create a few chances. Vital that we take them. Hopefully we can put in a positive performance even if it doesnt end in a victory. I would like to see Tierney start and get a good run of games. It must be worth giving Chambers a go at DM and start Martinelli in place of Laca.

  14. Tony says:

    I ain’t good with score prediction but, Sincerely I don’t see AFC losing tonight.. I’m strong and firm tonight..
    #Gat to prepare my away Flying Jersey.#
    With a winning smile on my face.
    Victory is ours.!
    COYG! Prove me right and IDK how you guys do it.. Just prove me right.!

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