West Ham v Arsenal Player Ratings – A VERY average performance from the Gunners

For the second game in a row, Arsenal were lucky to come away with a draw after West Ham parked the bus, despite having 22 shots on goal. If only some of them were given a little more accuracy and were more testing for the keeper. I thought it was another very boring game and I couldn’t name a Man Of The Match, could you?

Petr Cech 6
Had practically nothing to do but he still could have let West Ham score twice

Hector Bellerin 6
Tried to make some runs down the wing, but other than a couple of shots and one good cross, couldn’t find a way through

Laurent Koscielny 6
Still not back to his best and can’t seem to cope with two games a week any more

Nacho Monreal 7
Looks tired. One mistake that could have cost us and probably needs a rest as well but was still our best defender on the night

Ainsley Maitland-Niles 7
Played quite well considering he was out of position

Granit Xhaka 6
He will get slated but he wasn’t so bad in this game. Not very penetrating though. Maybe he was playing too safe to avoid errors, but he had more shots than Giroud!

Alex Iwobi 6
Had more shots than Giroud, but needs more regular game time to get sharper

Jack Wilshere 7
Would have got MOTM if he had scored his big chance, but at least he looked keen

Mesut Özil 7
As creative as usual, but like the rest of the team couldn’t get through the wall

Alexis 6
Hardly looks world class lately. One good free kick and a few useless shots. More than Giroud, anyway

Olivier Giroud 5
Created the best chance of the game for Jack, but no bananas. Otherwise just two shots on goal in the whole 90 minutes.

Danny Welbeck
Didn’t really earn a rating. No shots in 20 minutes but all his passes were on target

Alexandre Lacazette
Not enough time for a rating, but why wasn’t he brought on a lot earlier in a game that we desperately needed a goal?


  1. shark says:

    I’m so happy that all Welbeck’s passes were on target. We need to keep passing, City will drop points, Ramsey will be like a new signing in January. :)))) Pathetic!

  2. gotanidea says:

    They dominated the game, but like what they did in the Manchester United game, it was just a lot of passes without clear plan on scoring. Wilshere deserved to be the MOTM, because he was everywhere, acted as Arsenal’s creative engine in that match.

    The 4-1-2-2-1 formation would need some time to produce good results. I hope they can be more flexible with it by utilizing more spaces in the wings, also by using more mobile and more skillful attackers in the next opportunity.

    1. jl75 says:

      Did you really watch the game against United? With more than 20 attempts on target and surreal saves from DeGea, there were clear plans on scoring… Nothing compared to the West Ham game!

  3. Salmonella says:

    What’s the difference between a bunch of 5yr olds playing football & Arsenal.
    Kids run aimlessly whereas Arsenal players pass aimlessly

    1. jon fox says:

      I would say the only difference is in their age. None whatever in their style. Sanchez is playing like a five year old kid right now, oblivious to the team and fans who pay his wages, which he can’t be bothered to earn properly. It is so obvious he is desperate to get away and he is no use at all as he is now. Sell for whatever we get in January. And what does it matter to us all, if he goes to City? If he does NOT go there they will merely get someone better instead, being realistic.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    The blame game begins….

    1. Lexynal says:

      Lava wasn’t good enough at Everton…why leave In-form Giroud on the bemch that long. 72hrs later -Oh…Giroudmismcrap…why leave Lara our “Mesiah”on the bench that long. My verdict: a lot of Arsenal fans are a lot worse in consistency than AW that they tend to crucify. Those fans are clearly deluded and confused. You may thumb down all you like…it just doesn’t change the fact.

    2. jon fox says:

      Oh no it doesn’t begin. It has been going on for a whole decade already and rightly so for some of us.

  5. Nothing changed says:

    I am a big fan of Montreal and his consistency over the years. Having said that he is not a starting caliber CD. He still defends like a fullback as if he has the security of a CD behind him.
    He was partial to blame for some poor positioning during the build-up to some of the goals we conceded in the last 3 games.

    Now, we can all start blaming him for that (he was also in la-la land on the disallowed goal yesterday) or we can realize that the guy is simply not a starting CD. He does well in cases of emergency but that is it. It is alarming that Wenger prefers a fullback in the CD position over a Holding or Chambers, both players that should either be groomed for the future or shipped onwards. Both Holding and Chambers have had enough game time to be able to feature against West Ham.

    So I would not give Monreal a 7 for his work as CD.

    \no need to repeat it but Giroud is not a starter if we play like Wenger wants us to, passing the ball into the box.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the initial energy and threat brought by Iwobi and I also like the temperament of Maitland Niles.

    Wilshire had a good first game back in the PL IMO.

  6. Nayr says:

    You have to ask yourself why all this players on international duty perform great but at arsenal they are crap.

    can we all agree please that the problem is one ARSENE WENGER.

    no more excuses.

    1. McLovin says:

      No shhhh! Its Stans fault. He’s the one who picks the team, the tactics, motivates the team, gets the final say on players brought in!

      1. Mobella says:

        Mclovin, there is only one man responsible for this shit show and his name is Stan Kroenke. If he has the balls to sack Wenger, arsenal might have a chance to finish higher. The players are capable but what they need is new direction. You may not agree with me but look at Leicester city, Everton, crystal palace and Westham before and after their owners sacked their previous managers. These are clubs that don’t even have tittle aspirations let alone finish in top 4.

  7. Koss says:

    Arsene Konws Best!

    1. jon fox says:

      I can’t work out if you are boing sarcastic or if you are mad!

  8. Xxnofx says:

    One of the worse teams I’ve seen in the last 20 as a fan .The whole club is stale .Nothing excites me about having to watch arsenal anymore and that is sad coming from some1 who’s supported them since The 80s .we see the same things every season .
    We need a complete overhaul from top to bottom ,but that’s not goer happen while the fans are still devided about how this club is ran ,some seem happy with the same shit year in year out (Oh no what’s goer happen when we get leaves )(who can do a better job )
    Only thing which made me smile last nite was watching jack play

    1. Mobella says:

      Sir, this is not the worst team, in fact this is the best group of players in the last 8 to 10 years. What is wrong with this team is the man that put them together. He doesn’t coach and use his players and their ability properly, playing players out of position, too weak to control and bench underperforming players, etc. He has lost his edge. He is too predictable and easy to play against.

      1. Xxnofx says:

        But it is my friend, league table does not lie .

  9. Mitch Connor says:

    Wenger has done this to Lacazette before. It’s nuts! He’s nuts (Wenger, not Lacazette)
    Lacazette is our best striker and Giroud is a beast of the bench

  10. Mark Pilkie says:

    Welbeck has a few good qualities but he is not a goalscorer. Why wasnt Theo on bench. his runs out wide would have been a better option especially with Jack and ozil playing.

    1. shark says:

      Welbeck is enough if we would have had a tactic for this game. Or for the whole season.

  11. tatgooner says:

    everyone should be ashamed of himself in that dressing room.
    All looked like a bunch of sunday league players.
    They should all just leave if they dont feel like playing for the club.
    Very shameful from bellerin koscienly xhaka sanchez and giroud

  12. rkw says:

    even the 4th place junkies have gone quiet … reality beginning to hit? … sadly doubt it … a couple of wins and they will be back complaining that the lack of positive thinking from fans is holding the team back … and there was I thinking that it was only trumpworld that was fact free …

  13. Lexynal says:

    Lava wasn’t good enough at Everton…why leave In-form Giroud on the bemch that long. 72hrs later -Oh…Giroudmismcrap…why leave Lara our “Mesiah”on the bench that long. My verdict: a lot of Arsenal fans are a lot worse in consistency than AW that they tend to crucify. Those fans are clearly deluded and confused. You may thumb down all you like…it just doesn’t change the fact.

  14. tatgooner says:

    we would have a decent chance of winning if not for that lamp post giroud.
    The man was westham’s 12th defender

  15. george kirby says:

    stan is only in it for the money….when fans stop showing up maybe things will change

  16. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    What is happening to our scoring boot? Our attack is now poor, no goal, we create chances upon chances but no goal especially against united

  17. Hide_TR07 says:

    My MOTM is Wilshire. Glad to see him play in such a great form.

    We were just lucky we didn’t lose. We had 22 shots in total, but very little of them caused problem to Adrian. Our attack was never a threat, while they almost scored twice; offside and the bar just prevented them.

    I am so sad to say this, but now it is obvious that we have been a midtable team, struggling to beat other midtable, or lower table teams. I doubt we can make top 4, not that I don’t want us to, but I have to be realistic.

    1) The squad is not good enough to make top 4 in the first place. What’s the point of selling Gabriel and not buying anyone when we lack defenders. If Wenger thinks Holdings and Chambers are good, why he play Monreal as CB? For CDM, the heart of the formation, we have Xhaka, who is slow, can’t defend, lose the ball often and, this is what I don’t like about him most, always jogs aimlessly and never runs! Sanchez now looks like the shadow of his true self. But I can’t really blame him. Chile failed to qualify the World Cup and his club can’t motivate him any more. He should be let go. Hope we sign 2 or 3 top level players in January.

    2) Wenger can’t make the most of what we have in our squad. He can’t motivate and improve the players. He can’t rotate the players, thus fails to keep them physically fit and mentally strong. However hard reserve players try to show what they are capable of, they are not given a chance to prove themselves in League matches. Wenger has his FAVORITE players and they keep the starting spots no matter what. There is no competition. This is so unfair.

    3) He is stubborn and can’t admit he can’t catch up with today’s football. Against Southampton, he played Lacazette, Giroud, Welbeck, Sanchez and Ozil together, but without any proper instruction. Even a kid can come up with this easy idea: Play all the forward players and say, “Score a goal.” But that’s not what a professional manager would do. Probably, back in The Invincible Era, Wenger was doing exactly the same, because he didn’t need tactics; players were so good and they were the tactics. They knew what to do and didn’t need instructions from the manager. But those days are gone and look at the squad we have. They need proper instructions from a proper manager.

    Wenger out.

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