West Ham v Arsenal review – Gunners ride luck to great win!

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players were under no illusions going in to this game against West Ham. While our away form is pretty shaky, the Hammers have a great record at home and were always going to put is under pressure and test the physical qualities that have been known to let the Gunners down.

So it was great to have Koscielny back with Mertesacker in central defence and Wenger gave the back four some extra protection by playing Coquelin in midfield with Flamini. And they had to get through an awful lot of work, especially in the first half as we were pushed back and stretched for most of it.

But we got two crucial bits of luck, which certainly helped. In the first minutes, the linesman gave offside as Song volleyed in. It was hard to see whether the two West Ham players got a touch or obscured Szczesny’s view but the decision went our way for one.

And towards the end of the first half, a fortunate rebound as Cazorla burst into the box led to Reid’s foul and a penalty which the Spaniard converted with aplomb. No giving it to Alexis this time. And as the home fans got on to the ref’s back, Arsenal got on our bike and doubled the lead soon after, with Welbeck on hand to finish a great run and cross from the Ox on the right. Alexis almost made it three before the break as well but was denied by a last ditch block.

And the second half was an absolute corker, with West Ham getting one back about 10 minutes in and then both teams going at it hammer and tongs. The home side pressed and kept sending crosses and corners into our box, while we always looked a threat on the break and nearly got a third to clinch it many times, through Welbeck, Cazorla, the Ox and Alexis.

But with a few minutes left to play, Wenger brought on Gibbs and then Chambers and it was backs to the wall. I have got no fingernails left and six minutes of extra time did not help the nerves, but the Gunners hung on for a great away win that sees us move up to firth.

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  1. Dear santa
    I know it’s a little late but could you please get me a new heart because arsenal have completely worn mine out or at the very least new underwear as I’ve not got a decent pair left.

        1. we were lucky quite a bit-
          that concerns me-
          we rarely beat teams well anymore, we ride our luck, scrape wins or draw

          we need everyone back to have a shot at top 4-
          except diaby- he doesnt count lol

          1. Coq did his job. Did anyone notice him? You guys were too busy soiling your underpants to notice Le Coq taking away the middle from the Hammers.

            1. Ye ye we noticed him. He was a lot better than Flamini (who I actually didn’t see any longer in the second half)..

              Definitely earned a start.

            2. Yeah he pretty much played Amilfaltano and Downing out of the middle area. He looks very good very solid, better than Flamini when it comes to tackling and control.

      1. I was waiting for red mist moment from the Chez, but he kept it in check!
        First time that we have 3 excellent goalkeepers.

        Ospina game time in January.

      1. And Santi!!
        Cazorla was f*cking immense!! Hes back to his 12/13 form.
        Coquelin was good also, this is how we should play away from home, 2 dms, a pacey front 3, sit back and counter.
        If it wern’t for great goal keeping and awful finishing we could have had 5 or 6.
        Great performance against a team in great form.

        1. -One goal
          -SEVEN chances created
          -35/43 passes completed
          -Two take-ons
          -One tackle
          SANTI CAZORLA.
          Defo my motm.
          When ozil comes back he cant bench cazorla if hes in this kind of form.

        2. Problem is the quality- they are not schneiderlin and wanyama 🙂 but yes that is the way to play against the top teams away from home.

          We need to get schneiderlin. The guy is made for EPL

        1. Yeah he much more tenacious and more willing to work hard and defend.
          Sanchez is a great role model for any young winger.

    1. I was so scared with 2 minutes to go when a westham player was brought down in the box, so have lost that by a penalty would have been so painful

    2. hahaha …. Get ur need heart and new pair of underwear before next game, I bet you will need them ….. Southampton are nothing like Westham

    3. Absolute madness! Screw having a winter break.
      Szczesney looks so calm and composed one minute and then he’s a headless chicken the next, can’t seem to understand the lad. Debuchy got ripped a new one (along with Monreal for parts), but this is what you have to do at these tough away fixtures, go on the counter and punish them. Alexis looks like he will faint any second now, just hope he can make it through the Southampton game and then he can have a well deserved rest. Thrilling game nonetheless. MOTM Santi for me, his feet are mesmerizing.

      Jurgen Klopp has left BvB this evening after mutual consent. No other details.

      What are the chances of him joining Wengers coaching staff? 20/1?

          1. yeah buckingham.
            if u mean crystal, it will confirm my fears that his glasses need new lenses.

            that area is a hole, let alone the ground/players

            pulis was perfect there

      1. The Wenger Out unwashed rectums will be foaming at the mouth for Klopp.

        I used to love every Arsenal fan I met, but lately the “Anyone but Wenger” inbreds have made me reconsider that poition.

      1. RIDICULOUS::::::

        Mertesacker is such a Liability, gosh! What a CB! He did nothing of note

        poor OX, not so awesome today

        wenger subs at 80….brings on chambers for ox and gibbs for welbeck…..all defence with just sanchez as real attack force

        Sanchez carries team once again..genius!

        Welbeck plays CF and scores.

        Carzola the number1 penalty taker you can count on

        Rosicky relegated to the bench as predicted

        Walcott is seen warming up, but never showed up on the pitch….no poldi again

        No clean sheet for wojcech again

        Arsenal WINS!

        The hunt for 4th continues

      2. Did you consult your oracle on that one because i’m pretty sure that was in the first 5 minutes with 85 minutes still to go.

    5. wenger is so sick he can’t even learn from experience…..(liverpool game) am tired of watching games with my teeth as teams press us hard after replaceing strikers with “defenders”

  2. Good result … MOTM goes for Cazooooorla ….. He is better than Ozil as a complete package, I never doubted it …
    Who is next …

  3. And where the fu ck was the luck? We controlled the game for most of the time and been unlucky to have scored more.

    1. Be humble man. Don’t tell wenger we are excellent, later he close shop when transfer window start.

      1. I wish you stop puting words in my mouth. Where did I say they were excellent? We played well, better than WHU and fully deserved this win.

      1. Even in the final minutes we had the clearer chances to score. Can’t blame Ox or Sanchez as they were pretty tired. WHU had only one chance which never looked like a real one. These are the facts. We had 21 attempts as opposed to 11, controlled the game for 59% and yes, we were pretty much unlucky. I hope the lads get a good night sleep. Exhausting game.

        1. and….that do not change the fact that in the final minutes we hid in the back…
          chances means nothing without goals…

          1. Yet you are so keen pointing out the ones WHU had. Why not ours? Hate for Wenger? I understand that but that doesn’t take away the fact that we had more chances, we controlled the game and in the end we won.

              1. Not on the scoring board they don’t. But a team can play well and lose, a team can play bad and still win. That is what I am saying. You talk like we did not deserved the 3 points. Which is not the case here.

                1. And where did i said that??? We played well, fact, but do not change the fact that our final minutes were awnful… Arsenal is a team that need control the ball, without the ball, plus the pressure from the other team, de convert in to a possible lose….

          2. what exactly did u expect us to do with 10 mins to go?
            attack in numbers?
            had we conceded am sure you would have been the first one to blame wenger,innit?

        2. People are too short sighted they’re only seeing the last 5mins and completely forgetting everything prior.
          We dominated that game, had 21 attempts about 7 clear bread and butter chances and on another day we would have got at-least 4.

        1. haters gonna hate? whatever 50 pence- g unit has long since split.

          i am realist, optimism is cute – but not enough to win trophies.

            1. Ha, again the AKB conundrum. Is that really all you got? Can’t you just admit we played well today against a team on 4th place? One of the most in form teams at the moment?

              1. we played well, but do not change the fact that we are a very weak team in the final minutes… we suffer again, like the QPR game….

                1. Weak? We held on, this kind of exercise will only make the young lads believe that they can hold on indefinitely. I believe you were one of the people saying that resilience will win the game today. So, there you have it : you were right. We were resilient and we came with 3 points home.

          1. Well, as the boss said, if you don’t believe you can win then there’s no point in showing on the pitch. Looks like for a long time he’s the only one being optimistic.

  4. The ref tried all he could for West Ham to draw it but in the end the better team won. Good game.

    Although it hurts my eyes to see OX and Welbeck play.. they pretty much are just headless chickens running after the ball and don’t know what to do it when they have it.

    Welbeck should not be playing against Saints but we all know he will.

    1. Any better idea? Because Welbeck did put some nice work into todays game. I wish though he’d pass more often in the middle of the box, just like Ox.

      1. Hmm, assuming Theo can’t start yet I would’ve definitely used Podolski on the left wing. He’s got great record against the Hammers and his last chance he scored a brace but also defended like a full-back.

        I would’ve let Sanchez be our striker as he does roam from position to position anyways and kept OX on the right wing. Either this or bench OX and leave Welbeck because today we fielded all our 4 options for midfield – we had no one to sub for Flamini, Coquelin or Cazorla.

        But having them both on with their end product being what they are, it means tons of chances wasted. One on the pitch is enough.

        1. Why would you risk playing Podolski as a lone striker when you already know that by doing so he will be absent for the whole game and subbed pretty soon. Podolski can operate only in a two striker formation, he’s not a winger, he’s not having pace, he’s not defending, he’s not having dribbling. He is having a deadly left foot and a decent header.
          If you play Podolski then better put another ST/CF next to him.

          1. I wouldn’t put him as a striker, that much we do know. No matter what you say, he is an effective winger. In his last match he answered his critics defending well, making interceptions in the middle and if he can play like that every time he plays, he would be an automatic starter.

            I tell you he will do much more than Welbeck on the left, just what we saw again against QPR. Today’s game I would’ve put him on the left, Sanchez as ST and OX on the right.

            Let’s face it, apart from running like hell, Welbeck brings a lot less than Podolski.

            1. Yes but in the last match he was a striker paired with Sanogo. I am talking about the last game where he actually started. And that worked winders but we already knew that. Give him an anchor and he will pretty much do the work. But we have only two anchors in the team (pun intended) : Giroud and Sanogo. And I don’t believe we should play Sanogo against the Saints. Like really no, no. Welbeck sucks at hold up, he’s having phenomenal pace. We can’t play Podolski next game. Not until Giroud is fit again. Yes, we can use him as a hail mary option when we are one down and we need power shoots. But that’s about it.
              BTW, Welbeck did not played on the left today. You should not look at the graphics when the game start, you should watch the game. Today we had Welbeck in front and Sanchez right behind him and that was easy to see because they changed flanks regularly. This is one of the reason Song had a very bad game as he thought Sanchez will be the man to mark today.

              1. I was talking about the Galatasaray game, didn’t Podolski start that one? He was tremendous, not just offensively.

                Yeah, I actually meant that against QPR Podolski should’ve been on the left, not Welbeck.. I’m aware that Welbeck was the striker today.

                Sanchez, on paper, could’ve easily been the striker today with Podolski on the left, OX on the right.

                My point being, in his last start Podolski had improved his defense rate and has earned a start. More than Welbeck. I just feel more comfortable, offensively, if we have the experienced, deadly Podolski (with the improved defence rate) than Welbeck who’s best quality is cardio.

                1. Exactly that game. He was paired with Sanogo. And Bellerin had a hell of a game coz Podolski helped sh it in defense that night.

    2. The Ox is hot and cold, in and out of the game for periods, but he looked okay today, his finishing was terrible I have to say..

          1. Ox needs to be a starter until Theo is fully fit. We need his speed. If he could improve finishing he;d be worldbeater

            1. I agree about drawing defenders. However if this is the case and it leaves someone free, he should make the pass to that player.

              That is his problem – he’s bad at finishing but bad at making key passes as well. All his good work is for nothing if he fails with his end product.

  5. great result to get.
    Really hard fought game and showed grit and determination to dig in against a side bigger and much more physical than ourselves.

  6. All our defenders were on the pitch- kos, mert Gibbs flamini chambers monreal debuchy
    Wenger might as well have substituted one more guy and put Ospina on

    1. He is a nice guy but he is not a striker, he just looks so clueless when he gets the ball.. Come on Welbeck, work harder..

      1. Well said i don’t think he is played to score goals. His defensive duties and his pazce on the counter make him a better choice than podolski.

  7. what happend to mert i think its time change BFG
    and gibbs should stat the game
    thanks santa ,santi and alexis
    francis played well

  8. Watched the game on livefeed…probably most biased commentary I’ve ever heard.
    Cazorla, Alexis, Sczezny and Ox played well

    1. Tony Gale, was it?
      that stupid foking c@nt!
      and i thought commentators are supposed to be neutral!

  9. Santi Cazorla
    Just awesome

    And someone should tell Wenger substitutes can be made early. Podolski would have finished the game earlier.

  10. Lol luck? The boys simply played well that’s all! I’d say we were actually unlucky not to score more goals.

  11. I understand why some people are upset of our performance but look at the bright side

    We won Away
    Chelski, United, City, Southampton all dropped points.

    How often does that happen?

    So, honestly im in a good mood tonight

    Now we NEED to continue winning through the New Year and Wenger needs to make some top signings

    1. True and next we are playing S’hampton, with who we are currently level. Can’t believe they have better GD, time to change that.

      Also tomorrow Swansea will play Liverpoop so no matter what’s the outcome the gap will increase with the other midtable teams.

      Aaaand tiny Tots are playing Chelsea and Manure Stoke on New Year’s Day, so we just need a cracking start to the season and need to beat the Saints.

      1. True..a win for us and loss for manure means we leapfrog them to 3rd. And from there with the players coming back and 1 DM and 1 CB, we kick on.

        We need theo, and ozil now. Time to rest alexis !

    2. Also, City not only drew but drew at home to Burnley
      that doesn’t affect us points wise but it’s good to see a top team not win at home.

      We may be to far off to win the league but We NEED to draw confidence from these results and “IF” Wenger signs Cavani, top defender like Schar/Hummels, plus a DM would be nice too, we can make the top 3

  12. COYG great win good performance important 3 points can’t believe the critisim were getting from fans on here on the other post after we won wtf is wrong with you great result we should all be very happy COYG

    1. the criticism is a good thing, especially the self criticism, thats is the only way that we learn from our mistakes… we must be happy, YES, great victory, but worried also, because we finish the game hidden like rats and that in not acceptable…

      1. At least you 2 know who I’m talking about 3 points what you got to say about that nothing cause we got the maximum points we can and we played quite well if you do watch football you should know every team with a 1 goal lead will be on the back foot to try see out the game especially wen we had plenty of chances to finish them off COYG

  13. Wenger is not confident of maintaining a lead wt his normal back 4. Cant we use offensive players to push back opposition?
    God help us!

  14. It was a pain to watch this game. This game was won bec of luck. Why you ask? Bec like last time against Liverpool, we played the coward card in parking the buss hoping that every wave of attacks would fail.

    It was very dangerous. Wenger is insane. If you do such things, you should make sure to have a speedstar in the team who would exploid the opponets move in attacking our team to the fullest. See as an example: Cazorla trying to run, but getting out run from Carrol. (Walcott in, would be a diff story).

    Many players are underperforming. I have e feeling that Chamberlain is not developing as a player how he should be. I do read always like he wants to emulate that player or this player, but his style of play is to dull. He needs to work on his shooting and his game awrnes.

    Giroud should always be our main striker. Srry, Danny, you are way to wastefull with your chances, and i dont know if this is something he can learn in the future or not.

    Seza, was very good, defense was solid, Sanchez was sanchez, but from all players, Santi was simple insane good. Best player today.

    1. per is poor without daddy kos. lucky he was back.

      i agree tho we look fearful of every attack- we will be found out.

      wenger can fix this in jan (says every fan since 2009)

    2. @ks-gunner…I don’t get it m8.

      A summary critique of the game and Arsenal?? Where did luck come into it?

      We played the coward card? We defended as any team would to secure the game. Had we attacked and lost you’d be moaning we threw it away. Getting a result especially against a team who were above us was the objective.

      The Ox has made great progress this year…he runs at opponents, uses his physique to fight for possession, just needs more time to have the composure to finish. This season has been one of his best. How you describe him as dull I don’t know tbh.

      Giroud yes I agree but he’s out for three games…so what’s the point of your comment? Welbz scored and always puts in a shift so is always worth his place. He’s learning to play up front and if he does finish better he’ll be a class act.

      Yeah santi was awesome, Sanchez is god and the back four looked better but have to say szeczny was ok but rarely any game including this one, where he isn’t a risk. His distribution and decisions to come off his line at times are heart stopping. He doesn’t think….perhaps you’re related?

      We must have been watching different games man….

  15. Whatever anyone says I think we had a very solid game… We should have won this game by more goals but poor finishing and Adrian made it look close…

    Very solid performance for me, all we need is to be clinical in front of goal..

    The only negative is SZNY, that guy makes the defense look nervous, he is unstable, look at the likes of De gea, Lloris and Courtois, they look so solid, they are not half hearted like Szny is, he is so indecisive…

    But good performance all around..

    And one more negative, Wenger knows we are terrible at defending so he take off attacking players and puts defenders on which just invites pressure onto us. I don’t like this..

    But anyway, good game..

    1. I disagree, Szc made two mistakes, the first one he came out and didn’t get the ball, the second time he didn’t punch it out far enough (last 1 min of the game), apart from that he severely limited Carroll by coming out for most crosses and made a couple easy saves so I would go with solid.

      I do agree that those other keepers are better though

      1. Those mistakes are big mistakes against better teams……. I have not seen De Gea, Courtois, Lloris make mistakes like our Szny, in each game he will have at least 2 nervy moments, but the likes of the other 3 hardly make any mistake or get nervy..

        He needs to be more consistent, the other keepers are his age and look how improved they look..

        1. Wait, so you watch all the matches of Man United, Tottenham, and Chelsea or are you basing this only on highlights.
          Either way, I have seen De Gea make those kind of mistakes, he’s a brilliant ball stopper but has only recently improved at the commanding side of the game; as for Lloris, he decided not to go for a ball (take charge) that led to a goal in the match today but it ended up being an offside. Courtois is just brilliant.

          1. No debate here. The 3 mentioned are a class apart. Schez is good for a 4th pllace team. I have said multiple times players like – Mert, Welbeck, Monreal are all good players, but they will never win you a league- Fourth place- yes ! The same holds true for Schez. If we harbour any title aspirations, we need to get Cech in the summer, else 4th place is what we again get !

    2. What is wrong with some people. Wenger gets sh*t because we give away last min equaliser against the ‘Pool, and now he’s still wrong because we took 3 points, but we didn’t play all out attack and win 5-1!!
      He’s doing so sh*t we’re behind the Saints on goal difference and 3 pts off 3rd place.

      With Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, and others to come back let’s see what 2nd half of season has to offer.

    3. Bull feces. Both keepers were superb. Chezzer saved our back four by getting every floated ball. He missed one because of congestion.

      What game were you watching?

      1. Always a laugh coming on here and comparing other supporters opinion of a game – I hardly ever feel like I have watched the same game. I get some of the subtle differences of opinion but more often than not I am totally bemused. Whatever the result there are a section of the board who will skew or distort the reality to try and align it with their agenda. WS was excellent today – end of. And all the chatter seems to be about who DIDN’T play – how the game would have been so different if x or y was playing. Lazy chit-chat bollocks that can never be disproved. And getting pissed off with a sort of mythology growing around some players – Podolski is the answer to an away game like this in the poor form we are in?? Really. I mean really. Absolute bulls**t. Love the Prince but would start DB ahead of him in a heartbeat all day every day – we are team desperate for someone with pace, putting in a shift, covering the ground and pressing. We are not as desperate for a proven bit-part player with a howitzer in his left boot.

  16. Lol out of 90+5 minutes, the ball was in the air for 70 mins… West ham knew what they were doing but our boys handled their strategy well. The team was wasteful at times and we should have scored 4-5 but it is acceptable as their legs and stamina was gone after playing 90 mins twice in 2 days.

    1. Another game on Thursday, a very tough game too. Southampton away. Hopefully the team will have recovered.

      1. Southampton will play, and that is to our advantage. We are better than them at every position.

        1. 10/11 positions I’d say, I think Wanyama is better than Flamini. Even so, Southampton are a very good team. I wouldn’t take them lightly, but if we’re on our game we should win it, if not, we’re in for a battle.

      2. wait till he can reproduce this form over the next few games. You do not become a first team player on the basis of 1 good game. Today he was brilliant but still feel he is normally error prone

    1. For Man City we should have Walcott, Alexis, Özil, Cazorla, Welbeck, Podolski, Ramsey, Ox and Giroud fit to choose from. So long as Koscielny is fit, we should have a decent game. Hopefully Aguero won’t be back in time – he’s meant to be back in ‘mid January’, the game is on the 16th..

  17. I keep saying Cazorla is our best Midfielder and when he has a good game we hardly lose… He has taken on another beastty attitude where is looks so solid defensively and offensively..

  18. Well for those who thought Coq was a wrong choice, what do you have to say now, he was everywhere and was quite tenacious, without giving away any major fouls, physically we stood up to a very strong team. Mert looked like a CB in this match, he was not the meek big german today, Kos was the boss as per usual and Debuchy has a lot of fight in him.

    We were very direct in this match and should have actually scored more goals, Cazorla definitely man of the match. Lets continue

  19. Good result considering other top 3 dropped points but we are real Bad. I was watching Spurs United, dont know how United did not score. They were literally thrashing Spurs,wish we played like that.
    LIke I said last match Welbeck is better than Giroud.

    1. Did you watch us against United? We absolutely murdered them but poor finishing and De gea were the big factors, one deflected cross resulted into a goal for them…

      1. How come all keepers step up when playing against arsenal…where are the fu**ing goal keeping mistakes?

        1. Manone did us a favour against Sunderland. Beyond that, I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

      2. And isnt it a shame that we still couldnt beat them. This is the problem with our fans, we accept dominating the game even in losing cause. Do not want to bring back that defeat but if DI Maria had buried his chance then the score line would have showed 0 to arsenal 3 to Manchester United and it is not good when you lose at home even after playing well. Let us stop taking comfort by just playing well. I want us to play well and win comfortably and honestly we have not done that

  20. good win never expected it sorry but thats reality talking, southampton will be a different kettle of fish il take a draw there all day long.
    surely sanchez needs rotating wenger is going to ruin him he plays every game at 100mph and never gets subbed really fearfull for the guy becuase if he gets injured we’ve had it.
    walcott, podolski need to start surely nxt game and soo happy coqulein getting a chance always rated him just never given a chance due to jack and rambo.

    nice cuppa and bikkies feet up relax and watch Motd tonight. lol

    1. I’d play Alexis against Southampton, maybe sub him off if needed, but after that he can rest until the City game really, I don’t think Stoke will be much of a threat at the Emirates, nor Hull in the FA Cup.

  21. We could finnish this game, with walcott and podolski but never mind, they fought and won so nothing to complain, looking forward for Ozil comeback, he will be massive for us !!!

    1. Yes but where do u play him?

      Cam is taken by Cazorla. R/W Ox and Theo
      LW- Welbeck. With Ramsey coming back..don’t see where he will fit in with Cazorla in this kind of form.

      1. Dude exclude the goals, Ramsey has been poor this season. Not good enough to play 90 minutes in a game. There is not enough consistency from some of those players you mentioned. Podolski scores two vs Galatasaray as well, then we didn’t see him in any other game.

      2. play like chelsea stick either ozil or cazorla next to coqalain or something like cesc and oscar cesc next to matic

  22. lets all calm down yeah, west ham lost today because they got cocky and tried to beat us by playing football we should be beating these teams why we celebrating like we just beat chelsea or something , if we win our next 3 games than i will be impressed ( next games saints,stoke and city)

  23. What a fantastic match!!! We’ve played great and may i say what a fantastic talent Coquelin is

    Coquelin>arteta+flamini put together IMO.

  24. Next game is away against Southampton
    Very tough game
    we NEED to play a lot better, but it’s winnable

    Also, United and Chelski play away again so hopefully they can drop points again.

    We are 3 points away from United, so 3rd place is Def possible. 8 points away from City and 13 points away from Chelski. The best we can do is get on a winning streak and chip away points between us send the leaders (hope they slip up).

    But it’s VITAL that Wenger signs a few top players in January and the earlier the better. Must not wait until the last day like he did with Welbeck. We could have got a better striker if he had finished business early

    1. who carers of chelsea drop points that has nothing to do with us unless you believe were gona catch them lool

    2. Southampton are missing Schneiderlin next game, that’s a massive loss for them and hopefully we will take advantage.

  25. We played with our entire back defence in the squad at the end and still struggled. It would have only taken that Demel header right at the end to be on target for the comments here to be different. At the end you wanted one of those chances to fall to Sanchez but it kept going to Welbeck and Chamberlain, who couldn’t even test the keeper. Only time Adrian saved in the last 20 minutes was from Sanchez on the left side, near post.

    Best player Cazorla.

    1. Why do so many on here revert to the “what if” doomsday scenario whenever we get a result? Of course it would have been different on here if WH had equalised – so what? What if we had not let so many leads slip this season? We would be a lot closer to Chelsea but we didn’t and we aren’t.

  26. If we are going to play all our defence in preference to any strike force to hold on to a lead, both defence and defensive tactics have to improve. They were so confident that we were going to get no where near their goal at the end that Adrian was playing out of his goal as an on field player for a lot of the last 15 minutes. Really happy we won, but would prefer if we did it in a way that I retained my fingernails….

  27. Good game, our players worked hard. Thank goodness Koscielny is finally back, now lets buy another CB in January please! Coquelin i thought was good today also. Wish we could start making our counterattacks better though. i feel like we had some very good chances to finish the game off sometimes. But good to see us climbing up the table. Now Soton is going to be hard, but bring it on.

  28. Great fight and great result….but we will keep having nervous ending until Wenger wake up to the fact that you don’t need 8 defenders on the field at once to finish a game… had he brought on a fresh leg in the attack in the form of Walcott, Campbell , or Poldi…. or even Akpom, we would have finished one of our chances we had on the counter to put the game to bed.

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