West Ham v Arsenal review – Great game but a point not enough

Arsenal started this latest must win game away to West Ham very well and for 40 minutes we looked in control. Our forwards and creative players were fluent and after we got a bit of luck with an early goal for the home side incorrectly ruled out for offside the Gunners took full advantage with great goals from Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

Both assists had come from the young and exciting Alex Iwobi but it was some sloppy play on the ball from him that allowed the Hammers back in. Two goals in two minutes just before the break was a real hammer blow to Arsenal and it looked like we were still reeling after the restart.

Carroll had scored the first two and completed his hat-trick in the 52nd minute with Arsenal looking all at sea. Fair play to Arsene Wenger and the players though, because we rallied well and the manager’s substitutions had a positive effect. KOscielny gave us hope with 20 minutes to go after finishing an Ozil cross and there wqere chances for both sides to win it.

But in the end both had to settle for a draw and thast pretty much ends our hopes of the Premier League title for another year.

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  1. Epitomises our season. Great start, let it slip, try and make a comeback but it’s too late.

      1. picking out diff names every game is pointless now

        cos ultimately it will end the same every year

        top 4

        thats what we are – thats ‘all’ we are

          1. Got the words right out of my mouth.
            It will be horrible pain if Tottenham wins.

            See what Arsenal unfortunately has been reduced to.

            1. arsenal: mental weakness. 2:0 up and they switch off. there is something very fundamentally different between our mindset and leicester.

        1. It’s been a long day without you, my “EPL trophy”
          And I will tell you all about it when I see you again

            1. kroenke/wenger are going to achieve their objective for another year: top4.
              this team is not set up for winning PL; not necessary for owner/manager.

    1. This season was defined for us right from the start … Now, even that little hope is over …
      I wonder what Mr manager will come and say? same bush#t, different season …

      1. he should just randomly break into song….

        I shot the sheriff
        But I didn’t shoot no deputy, oh no! Oh!
        I shot the sheriff
        But I didn’t shoot no deputy, ooh, ooh, oo-ooh.

        1. @Sam,
          I’ll tell you something Wenger will say…just listen.

          He’ll mention mental strength and cohesion…then say
          “At least, we did the double over the Champions (Leicester).

    2. Season is over
      Arsene wenger thank you for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye
      Congratulations leicester city you deserve it

      1. next year plus a contract extension
        4 years at least

        u must be saying goodbye to his zip lol

    3. This one is also on the manager. He left Mertesaker and Cech on the bench. The 2 best players to deal with crosses, and against a team with Carrol, that is just plain stupid. Furthermore the first goal for WH comes down to a typical Arsenal/Wenger problem; not enough pressure on the ball. He had all the time in the world to cross the ball.

  2. Our season ended when we lost to Watford.

    Nice match but meaningless. Well not meaningless, we still need to secure our 4th place trophy.

    1. In my opinion it ended when we lost away to Southampton, that game showed all the flaws we’ve been displaying for the last 5 seasons and to me it confirmed we really didn’t change our mentality. This season was 2013 all over again, hope Leicester win so they can show the manager what having passion truly means.

    1. what trophy-
      the league??
      hahaha- mate 3 times in 20 years – what makes u think we are that level a team
      ur living in the last decade

  3. its over now- it was over months ago.
    rest of you can finally stop quoting algebra and percentages on how we can still win the league



    1. There’s still a 2,7% chance we will win the title if we count Leicesters run as follow:

      3x² + 2y² = B²0ttl3

  4. 0-2 up to 3-3
    Good fight? No it is just no character in this team whatsoever …
    Leicester is the champion, shame on you Wenger …
    Wenger out again and again …

  5. Typical Arsenal…

    Why can’t Sanchez shoot with his left foot or pass instead of those annoying turns ffs?!

  6. Going into the game, this fixture was always going to be hard. Really didn’t know what was going to happen. Fast forward, we’re up 2-0 a few minutes before half. A normal team should be able to buckle down and hold for the win. We go into the break 2-2… pathetic is the nice way to put it.

    We need to fix our defensive issues. Why is it none of our defenders can go up with strength? 1st goal – Monreal needs to put himself in front of Carroll. He then wouldn’t have the momentum to put all that power on the header. 2nd goal Carroll is all alone and enough time to chest the ball down which is just comical. I would do anything for a commanding CB (or CBs; Kos has gone downhill).

    Oh and yea title race is over I guess.

  7. Very lucky indeed.
    It should have been 5 3 to them.
    Now gabriel and ospina need to be benched.
    Tottenham will finish ahead of us.
    There I said it

    1. When we finish above Tottenham, we call it St. Totteringham’s day.
      If we continue to play this way, and have the same old attitude during transfer windows, get ready to celebrate St. Arseringham’s day every year.
      Sad…so sad.

  8. Koscielny was only one of the back four that played well. All 3 goals were from crosses, 2 of those deflected by Paulista. Monreal doesn’t block crosses.

    We lost because of Paulista, Monreal and Bellerin.

  9. I had guessed it would be 2-2 before the game but was hoping for the win… 3-3 was probably a fair result overall but really Arsenal should have worked hard to hold onto that two goal lead in the first half.
    Caroll had his 1 in 10 great game and it happened to be against us 🙁
    Welbeck was a little poor today
    Iwobi was not bad but West Ham hounded him and he struggled on occasions
    Sanchez can be stressful to watch sometimes, he needs to learn how to pass quicker and better and needs to learn to use his left foot
    Belerin is great but needs to learn to cross as his high crosses are just floaters, which are really easy to defend and very hard to attack
    Giroud bought some solidity that we needed
    Ramsey was ok, Walcott was his usual “meh”
    Hoping that the Arsenal players work on their weaknesses over the rest of this season and over the summer.

  10. Wenger can’t win us the league, he his overrated right now. And the board N admin are myopic

    1. no; kroenke’s goal is for us to buy enuf players for top4 only. he has crystal clear vision and achieves it 10years in a row. us fans are myopic bec we dont understand what are the goals of kroenke/wenger. they spend just enough to get top4 and they have hit their target 10years in a row. championship is good-to-have, but not the objective.

  11. Nice game, but I would have enjoyed it more if it was much earlier in the season. Not a bad result but feels like an underachievement after we were 2 up. That’s the problem with us. Players moan and people point at Wenger. Where was Ozil today? Or Sanchez? Or Coquelin? Or Ramsey? Players must look first at themselves and only then talk about the team. Yes, defense was bad but should anyone press the crosses none of these would have happened. LvG was right when talking about Di Maria. Players should first look at themselves and then open it. Meh, wasted opportunity to keep the pedal down.

    1. Goal and an assist for Ozil

      Sanchez did score

      Somehow you missed those small nuggets

      Ramsey, FC, Theo and Giroud and a list of others are simply not good enough to wear the shirt

      Wenger I don’t have time or patience to critique, his endless faults are an open book.

      This game is a sad indictment of where Arsenal is a big club…..on the same level as WH in every conceivable away except for payroll.

      Maybe next year right?

  12. Congratulations to Carrol on a hatrick. Congratulations to Arsenal for fluffing it up yet again. What we saw was a classic Arsenal performance today. Best team in the league but we somehow just have all the bad luck in the world.

    1. best team in the league but all the bad luck


      mate i would say your delusional but im afraid u might take that word an tattoo it all over ur body u fruitcake 🙂

      gooners are hilarious

      1. Maybe not “the best team in the league”.. but certainly this was one of the best team in the league. Considering we entered the season as the most stable of the traditional top 4 teams and with the most experienced manager in the league…. player for player, City, United, Chelsea, spuds and leicester aren’t better than us.

        Where the problem lies i s in our structure . are not just setup to win PL and uCL titles. B

        1. …Where the problem lies is in our culture and our entire structure. We are not just setup to win PL and UCL titles. But fans and management keeps lying to themselves about wanting to win PL and UCL.

          1. management (kroenke) have been plain spoken about NOT winning PL .

            we fans are jjust not listening.

    1. no stop running from the truth son

      andy…one sec
      *grabs megaphone


      live with that fact twiglet- sleep next to it- hold it dearly- we’re breaking records!

    2. It counts as Caroll’s goal because his shot was on target, if it was going wide but deflected in then it would be an own goal.

  13. conte is raiding roma
    pep is raiding juventus
    klopp is raiding germany
    wenger is raiding his neighbours sock draw

    next season top 4 – here we come!!!

    1. Well, LvG was raiding Real and the whole Holland. Is a matter of perspective. Both of them come in the EPL. The EPL. Where a team like Leicester can win it. Welcome to England Conte and Pep.

      1. di maria is one of the worlds best wingers.
        lvg is a crap man manager

        depay- is all of holland?

        its fine as we are used to witnessing managers come from abroad to win titles then leave.
        were the fat kid watching our ‘mates’ get the girl , an we ‘don’t mind’

  14. Now its safe to say the league title isnt coming to The Emirates this season. Not good enough defensively! MONREAL not getting any younger, just had an off day but a young replacement is needed. Gabrielhad a shocker, a Top CB is needed alongside Boss. I may be the only one but Ospina always makes me nervous, never commands his box and Cech shouldve startd imo.

    Now on to what happens next? Wenger Gone? Stan Gone?

    1. how in the world are we going to get to “stan gone” ? i would love to have that happen.

  15. Ozil still hasn’t made a single premier league assist since January. Starting to think he won’t break the record…

  16. Where was the team? Even before the second goal, we reverted back to wengers square balls. When we drove forward, we scored the second, then back to square balls and the silly passes across the centr. 2 poor/misplaced touches and it cost us again because unlike everton or watford who didnt press, west ham did and won the ball in the centre. Although I still; believe, thjis is the right formation BUT many players were off especially our wing backs today, Bellerin has been poor for a few games now. Welbeck today turning into Giroud – when he gets a regular start, he plays like crap. Walcott – nothing to say, usual from him i.e. wouldnt know if he was on the field. Ramsey – what happened??? Solution? Get better players Wenger. TIME TO SAY GOODBYE

  17. As a professional football player that train day in day out, do you even work on your weaker foot to get it at a dependable level? Seriously you have 2 legs but watching certain players you’d think WTF! Cazorla seems the “ONLY” 1 capable.

    If Gabriel doesn’t come good next season after a steady run of games with Per on the bench then I would consider him a mistake.

    Koss is really going downhill if you really pay attention. Regardless of the goal today.

    As good as Monreal is all season he needs cover and Gibbs is not it.

    Same for Bellerin but Debuchy should be out the door anyways and please for the love of GOD don’t keep player Chambers at RB. He belongs in the middle, possibly loaned.

    Hope Xhaka rumor is true, love Coq but he can be nerve racking at times with his challenges.

    I think Elneny was brought as a squad player and I hope we get a class CM, maybe even Kroos from Madrid to link up with Özil.

    At least make an effort for Lukaku, as good as Wlebeck is a pressing he lacks goal conversions painfully.

    Stop hyping Iwobi up, we need someone ready made. He will get his chance again.

    Walcott……. SELL!!! Lol

  18. Oh Well……A team fighting for the league @ this crucial stage will take their chances. You don’t go two goals up and fumble in less than 5mins. Remember, Westham disallowed goal should have stood..

    Arsenal can be unplayable sometimes and thrash @ the same time. It was a classic for the neutrals.

    Let’s see what happens in the game tomorrow (Spurs v Manu, Sunderland v Leicester).. But no matter the outcome, I don’t think we will win the league simply because we’ll drop points too…

    1. Somehow I’d bet on this site as opposed to Arsenal winning the title. But then again, I am not a betting man.

  19. Syphon Stan doesn’t want to win trophies anyway – for him this is the ideal result, just keep us in the top 4 and the money rolling in. That is why he needs to go, and why we as fans have to unite to make to him go, otherwise we will keep staring at this year after year. He already has the second generation of Kroenkes on the board, so unless we make life bad for him – continual barracking and posters on televised match days, this could go on when we’re all dead.

  20. Monreal was not up to it physically,
    Sanchez should have at least play a shot,
    Ozil didn’t do enough,
    Iwobi tried but should take the blame for first goal..
    Luck wanted to stay with us today but we sent it away..

  21. ozil or sanchez need to leave

    thats only way enough uproar will be caused to really change things

  22. I think Leicester will win tomorrow… Tottenham will be really up for winning after seeing us drop points and unfortunately they will prob win as I have no confidence in Utd getting a result at White hart lane.

  23. Can someone clarify what is Walcott purposes and why he is still at the club? (£140,000/week… Arsenal is a “mug” club with “mug” officials… Only the fans represent some kind of value?)

  24. Point blank is we have no strikers, goals came from Midfielders and a Defender…..Welbeck, Giroud Walnut the lot of them don’t make a killer striker, look at Carroll downhill in his career a sub and scores 3 goals…simply we are not Champions material but there is just one culprit and we all know who he is…..WENGER hope you got the point

  25. We need to stop blaming the players, everybody has a bad day, Gabriel, Iwobi, were not at their best….well our CFs are a disgrace we placed hopes in Welbeck but he is definitely not the solution, the problem lies not in the players having a bad day, is in the Manager that has had a mediocre decade and counting….Bilic as soon as he went down 2 = 0 changed tactics and the team found their way to go up….tired of the same BS every year….might as well copy and paste posts from the previous five years as the story repeats itself….

  26. West Ham was always going to be a tough nut to crack n one can say its a fair point if ur team isn’t after the title…….2-0 up n we blew it, for a team with ambitions of closing a 11 point gap is awful. Players showed they have some fight in them ( I am sure wenger will point that out) but as usual Arsenal drop points…… I can’t believe we r letting Leicester run away with th title,, not because I hate them or anything but because for so many years our excuse for not winning anything was we can’t compete financially with th big boys then Leicester shows all itp takes is desire n hardwork….. I miss Carzola’s split passes

  27. don’t worry guys.. after botting it this year (as usual)
    we will definitely win it next year (as usual) as jack wheelchair will be like a new signing

  28. Bilic’s tactics paid of in the end. They knew it would be hard to go through the middle and knowing Arsenals aerial weakness in defence he put Carroll in there to cause problems. Then they kept playing cross after cross after cross. The man then stays on the technical area shaking the hand of Arsenal players as well after full time.

    They deserve to be in top 4 you know, they had some bad refereeing against them in the past few games and one in this one for Lanzini’s goal.

  29. The basic truth … As many of us said last summer and applies more this coming one … Is that we need a clean out with at least 8 players to go … Walcott mert arteta flamini rozicky Ramsey ox and Campbell would all be on my list and probably one of giroud or wellbeck and Monreal or Gibbs .. Either well past their best or never really good enough … The sad truth is wenger is incapable of taking this step so he will without a doubt fail again next season if he stays in what will be a way tougher season than this … So only one honest conclusion to draw unless you r a 4 th place junkie

  30. Only way forward is if Spurs win the league.
    If the foxes win, deluded Wenger will state that it proves him right and that we now know Arsenal can win the league with no investment, we are close, we are stable and doing so amazingly well to always be in UCL and so on.
    Wenger Out

  31. As much as I have my reservations about Wenger now, he’s not the one doing the playing on the field. It’s a shame the players could not protect a 2 goal lead in 5 minutes…Wenger or not.
    Big shame.

  32. Great idea not buying a single outfielder last summer
    Stroke of genius

    Whilst every top club signed players our manager is the only half wit who decided not to get a clinical striker or a top DM

    Thanks Wenger for a job well done.
    Congratulations to Leicester but shame on us.

  33. The problem lies with Wenger and not Stan. Wenger is the manager. He should have gone all out and sign a top striker and DM in summer. Against Westbrom, Arteta came in and we conceded 2 goals. The DM position is very important. tackles, injuries, suspensions are always going to happen. As for our Strikers, I had been pushing that he signed Chicarito on loan from United in the summer. This team needs a new Manager. A manager that wants to win things at all cost. A young manager like Billic who can change things. Football evolves. Wenger is past it. His ego is the problem. Wenger pls, we appeal to you: Please, walk away. be humble enough to realise that results is all that matters now. you have lost touch with modern day football. Your tactics are outdated. This season has been a total failure. Please Arsene, we beg you deeply to step down. Wenger is the problem. not getting the best out of his players. I repeat that Bilic should be our Manager for next season. he has an idea of how he wants football to played. After Carroll scored the first goal, he should have brought in Mertesacker immediately. A must win game demands total ruthlessness. WENGER OUT BILIC IN.

    1. Last financial year we made a loss in the first six months (which includes summer transfer window) due to payments of £30m due to clauses in existing players contracts, in other words, deferred payments to players old clubs. Hence no money to sign striker or DM. I think it is down to Kroenke not releasing funds from cash teserves.

  34. I actually think the point at West Ham was a point gained. We showed great courage coming back from 3-2 down. Moreover, West Ham showed that they are a good side who I believe will beat Leicester at the King Power next week. I think Leicester will lose at Sunderland too, draw with Swansea and Everton and lose at Man Utd and Chelsea. That means Arsenal need 13 points out of a maximum 18 to win the title. COYG! Keep the faith. Remember, it’s LEICESTER City who lead us by 10 points, not Manchester City. We can still do this. Just stand by and watch!

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