“We’ve been humiliated” Piers Morgan is back being all negative

The Gunners were rolled over by the rampaging Reds in a 4-0 defeat to end their ten-game unbeaten run.

It was a top-class performance from Liverpool, but Arsenal cannot say the same of theirs with the Reds relentlessly exposing them and making sure they struggled to play out from the back.

TV presenter and well known Arsenal fan, Morgan says the Gunners have been struggling under Arteta and after over 100 games in charge, he is simply not good enough for the club.

He Tweeted: “Arteta’s been in charge for over 100 games, he spent £150m on players this summer, and we’ve been humiliated by every good Premier League side this season. 

“He’s just not good enough for Arsenal, sorry. #ArtetaOUT

Just Arsenal Opinion 

Morgan’s reactionary take is neither surprising nor new and it just shows his support for the club is only for suitable occasions.

Every good Arsenal fan knows playing Liverpool at Anfield is one of the hardest fixtures the Gunners have.

The Reds simply know how to get all the points from a match against Arsenal at home and did that again today.

I can understand that our ten-game unbeaten run has made some fans forget this club is being rebuilt.

We have probably overachieved in some of our matches this season and this shows we are still a work in progress.

This defeat means there is still more work to be done, but it cannot discredit Arteta for the good job he has done so far.

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  1. BUT he is correct, as soon as we come up against a good team, we are humiliated, not just beaten but hammered. Todays tactics and team discipline was disgraceful. Arteta is not upto this standard and never will be. Anyone who thinks we can get into top 4 ever with Arteta is deluded. He is lacking so much in football and nous that the top managers have. Naive is putting it mildly.

      1. Its not about being calm, i am calm. Its about the total lack of improvement in 23 months of management. Arteta came in when we had finished 5th the season before, we have had two 8th place finishes and spent over 200 mil. To get mullered by Liverpool yet again shows no improvement. We played Chelsea and Man City who rightly are better than us but all three of the top 3 have totally humiliated us. We cant hide behind covid and illness like some tried too at the beginning of the season, we have a manager that is not clever enough and cant take us where we should be with the players we have. It wasn’t just a defeat it was another absolute embarrassment, that alone is not acceptable. We have the worse record of hammerings at Anfield than any team in the last 20 years. We capitulate and we are still doing under Arteta when we get a proper test. We wont finish 5th but even if we di in May, 30 months of Arteta to finish 5th after all that has been put in would be a failure, we finished 5th the season before he came in and Sacked the manager. It is so obvious we are wasting time with Arteta, if we want to be a top 4 team again. Years and money are being wasted.

  2. Maybe several years from now Arteta can be a coach leading a team to CL football. Unfortunately, same mistakes occur on the pitch in spite of 12 new players and over £200 million spent in 2 years.

    Beat Liverpool for FA Cup, since then we get hammered and outclassed by top clubs.

    I know our team is young and lacks experience, but being led by a young manager lacking experience is poor decision making by the club.

    Imagine allowing someone total control,, turning over the roster with 12 new players, and spending well over £200 million.

    Now imagine trying to convince others we couldn’t attract better managers after Emery. Seems that’s a “process” most class managers want, right?

    1. Oh, and safe from the sack in spite of 2 8th place finishes and getting kicked out of European football.

      Hard to believe no top managers would be interested in those conditions and that type of safety. 3 years to implement his style on a club, regardless of outcome.

      1. I take issue with your comments when you say he has been in charge for 3 years Durand. 23 months is not 3 years.

        1. Point taken Sue P well made. But Arteta won’t be sacked this year, and we won’t be top 4, and I have doubts about top 6. So I would say my point still holds

          1. I didn’t actually disagree with your opinion Durand as it’s yours to make. Arteta must finish in the EL places or he really won’t have shown sufficient progress as a manager to take Arsenal further. I just get aerated when 3 years crop up. He hasn’t done 2 yet.
            I do stand by my gut feeling that MA can do a good job but to be top class takes longer to achieve than a couple of seasons. I honestly don’t think he is a disaster in spite of the majority opinion.

            1. The majority?

              The majority of articles on this site support arteta, sometimes desperately so.

              You are trying to characterize your opinions as being calm and measured. Others think that your supportive Arteta arguments are stale and repetitive.

              It’s nearly two years under Arteta. That is definitely a long time. Maybe it is not enough? But it has to be soon no?

              Moyes has had about the same time, but much less money and an inferior starting point. Is that not a fair comparison?

          2. Durand I am firmly on SUE P ‘s side about the 23 months being misdescribed as 3years. If fans cannot get facts like this easy one right , then you bound to wonder if they have a personal agenda .
            All real fans know full well precisely how long MA has been in charge.
            Those who do not are surely not real fans I suggest.

            I think YOU ARE a real fan, and therefore it is important that you do not make basic errors like this one,as it gives a wrong impression of your fan status!

            I hope you take my point Durand.

            Accuracy in FACTUAL comments, such as this, is paramount.

            1. Fair point Jon, you are Sue P are absolutely right about my 3 year comment, a poor comment on my part.

              In all honesty I never thought Arteta was a good choice, and I have held him to the same standard that Wenger and Emery faced.

              I feel the club let the standards drop further under Arteta, and mediocrity is more rampant than ever.

              We have a very young squad overall, and they need an experienced manager to mold and guide them through this tough league.

              Total control, over £200 million spent in 23 months, and 12 new players, if I am correct on all counts. And only relegation threatening his sacking.

              Simply don’t accept that Arteta was the best manager we could attract.

              Many said Arteta and team progression should be judged by Liverpool showing.

              Is that still the case? Have we progressed in 23 months? Is there a clear learning curve evident?

              A competitive first half and start, but match ended with the same collapse, repeated errors, bad substitutions, and no plan B or tactical adjustments after the half.

              If we fail to reach top 6 or achieve European football, we can’t continue to wait on Arteta to figure it out.

              It’s difficult enough against oil baron ownership, but it seems more like stagnation than progression.

              The question has to be asked; can another manager do better than Arteta? Ten Haag perhaps?

              1. Durand, I too DID not want MA at thee time he came . But I knew, as a realist, that no world class proven manager would ever work under KROENKE. IMO, almost all the PROVEN WC managers were already managing in the Prem anyway. Allegri had already turned us down before Emery got the job and Zidane was not free and would not accept anyway. Tuchel would not have accepted had he been asked.

                It was always going to be a newer manager who was unproven; thats the problem we have when a man who cares nothing for us or even for our our sport owns us and we need to be realistic.
                Not ideal but in an ideal world we would have a caring owner, not a self centred profiteer, who would attract a WC manager. We do not have that luxury with Kroenke and HE is the real problem we have.

                Constantly changing managers with no Abramovitch type to fully back them is fools gold and will harm, not help, us.

                We need to get behind MA and stop putting him under unfair and harmful pressure.
                But getting that thought through to the great number of unthinking fans in JA is an almost impossible task!

                1. Jon,
                  A very common sense explanation using facts to support your stance, rather than an emotional outcry for Arteta.

                  I respect your opinion using rational quantifiable data to support your argument.

                  However, I remain firm on the unfairness and shifting standards applied to Arteta that better managers were denied.

                  I support Arsenal first and foremost, over players and managers. 3 years and Xhaka showed he’s not up to standard. Pepe closing in on the same, and not up to standard.

                  Arteta closing in on the same, and so far not up to standard. Managers should not be immune as Arteta has been.

                  Better managers got sacked for superior results, total points, and table standing. Even now 2 years in our attack remains anemic at best! 2 years to fix the defense, at the cost of destroying our attack.

                  Tuchel probably would have turned us down, but did we ask? Naggelsmann a superior young coach to Arteta with a track record to prove it. Did we ask before he moved to Bayern?

                  Ten Haag successful coaching young players and limited budget at Ajax, with good showing in CL games. Did club inquire?

                  I stand firm that Top 6 or Arteta must go. It’s not emotional outburst, but a rational application of quantifiable data. Even Edu said judge us when the team is healthy and playing.

  3. Morgan can be annoying more often than not but when it comes to judging Arsenal’s performances he is often on the money. His assessment of Arteta is a realistic one. Where have you been? Except for the first Chelsea win last season, Arsenal have predictably been bossed by the big three. Morgan is not a fair weather fan, but one who sees the game with both eyes open.

  4. Anybody who tells you that arsenal under Arteta is a work in progress is deluded. What has he done since his arrival? All we get is humiliation after humiliation. We have even lost our identity and pride, that we don’t even talk when other top clubs fans are. How many months and years will it take him to build a competitive team, a team capable of standing toe to toe with others even if we don’t win the league. For those who will always want to defend him, how many months or years did it take Chelseas new manager to turn things around, what of westhalm united and others. Look at the way other clubs are sacking their none performing managers, but we always have excuses for incompetence and naivety. It’s just unbelievable how both the team and the fans have degenerated that we are now classless and can accept anything we get.

  5. Of course such a discouraging loss is bound to generate some incredibly negative reactions, especially from those within the fanbase whom have been observing our manager’s tenure with a clear mind and a watchful eye, but for anyone to even suggest that these collective concerns lack merit because some blowhard talking head with a Twitter account let loose, is an absurd notion that only those with an Apologist agenda could ever attempt to propagate

    I actually feel for the players, as I think our novice manager is doing them a disservice from both a preparation and tactical perspective…it’s clear that his “cake and eat it too” tactical approach today was both misguided and inherently flawed…you can’t expect a positive result when you select our most offensive starting 11, then ask them to adopt a largely negative game script…everything we did today was half-hearted, our press, our approach to countering, our defensive schematics and even our set piece stratagem…it was clear today that our manager’s underlying fears were ever-present in every facet of our gameplay, which in my opinion has been a far too common refrain since his arrival in North London

  6. I only want to question Arteta’s lineup and substitution decisions, which to me is never been better. What did he want to achieve by benching elneny and playing lokonga? Again removing lokonga and playing Niles in that same position that elneny mastered? Still what did Arteta want to achieve by substituting lacazette and fielding odegaard?. I keep failing to comprehend this, someone should help me out.
    Or does that mean I don’t understand the game anymore???. Because I feel that is a shitty decision that caused us yesterday’s match.

    1. As baffling as the substitutions were, I really don’t think it would’ve mattered who was brought on; It was only a matter of time before we succumbed.. same sh*t, different day!!

  7. The main weakness of arsenal is auba. The modern game calls for efficient and effective attackers. You have to make your presence felt by opposite defenders, force them to make mistakes. You have to hold the ball to maintain the attacks. Players like Antonio, winkins, Tony, Denis are thriving on hard work. You don’t need to be so talented as a striker in the premier league. All you need is pace and power with a few basics like first touch, be strong in the air and good link up play to take on defenders the Antonio style. Just compare an attacking force of Antonio, Adama, and Maximo with Auba, laca and zaka if you’re defender which one would you rather face. One is extremely talented and the other is full of pace and power with some bit of trickery.

    1. Auba/Laca were mostly anonymous and not for the first time either. Our lack of goals from open play is a major concern; it’s been going on for far too long.
      Perhaps it’s time we started window shopping…

          1. One of the worst teams in the whole of the prem at scoring goals from open play, we are bottom or next to bottom at that.

  8. Let keep deceiving ourselves that Arteta will take this team to the promised land. There is no way Arteta even when given All the resources in the world could outsmart klopp,guadiola a d even the Chelsea manager. Brighton coach is even better than Arteta the Truth they say is bitter

  9. I would have put 5 ANM..party and lokonga in midfield with ESR and Saka and a lone striker in Laca to hold up play…and attack is the best defence…..wonder if that would have worked………?
    I was optimistic….but you cannot park the bus for 90 minutes against a Liverpool attack..one of the strongest attacking line-up’s around..they bound to score………..

  10. The problem is the fans are blinded with this so called project.. We keep giving excuses that it’s a young team.. The senior players in the starting eleven are they equally young?
    Are they no Young players at the top teams who are improving and carrying their teams?

    As long as Arteta is in charge we would continue to give excuses for the young players, in 5years time we will still be calling this group young players, just like the Holdings, Chambers, and Niles were always excused for…

    One of Arteta’s biggest problem is favouritism and I would say it anytime any day.. Auba and Saka have contributed less but they keep starting..
    Pepe or Martineli would have troubled Liverpool’s makeshift left back but the manager choose to play his favorite no matter how they underperform, and to think that lasted 90 minutes is a disgrace..

    If he wanted to go with 442 Martineli Should have played where ESR played to counter the treat of Arnold on set piece and delivery, which Smith Rowe did little or nothing in that regard..

    No one expected a win but atleast a good performance, a respectable possession log, goal attempts, that for me is rational for progress.. if we are going to be judged on winning teams we are expected to beat, how is that seen as progress?

    Back the manager for all you can, But if u aren’t tired of being humiliated by a fellow top team season in season out… I don’t know what else can

  11. STILL no answer from any of the ADMINS to my oft repeated question about exactly WHAT OR WHO EXACTLY constitutes (the headline) “Just Arsenal Opinion”!

    A totally cavalier attitude from them of course but par for the course, given much else that has gone on over the years in Admins censoring perfectly ordinary posts, containing no filth. Sigh!

    As for Morgan and his claim to be a true Gooner , I doubt anyone on here takes that bogus claiM seriously. He is an embarrassment, pure and simple and his sort need to be ostracised and ignored.

    I have just gone against my own advice BTW, but never again!

    1. JON!

      ONCE AGAIN, I am going to reprint the answer i gave to your FIRST time you asked. Maybe you should look out for replies when you ask me something?

      Admin Pat
      3,278 approved
      In reply to jon fox.
      Jeez Jon…….

      In reply to jon fox.
      No adm8n agrees with any other Admin, just like no reader agrees with any other reader, unless by pure chance!

      Arsenal target opens the door for January move from Spain
      View Post
      2021/11/14 at 9:08 pm

      1. Given that no admin agrees with any other, as you write, you still have not answered my question satisfactorily .

        “JA OPINION”, then, I have to assume, means ONLY the actual article writers opinion/viewpoint each time and so means nothing other than all the rest of the article written by the same writer, thus rendering the “JA OPINION” section, meaningless??

        Is that correct? YES OR NO PLEASE?

        1. Only if you think the writers opinion is meaningless. But would that also mean that all the readers who comment have an opinion that is meaningless as well?

          1. PAT you STILL sidestep the actual question! I ask you again what PRECISELY does JA OPINION refer too ? Is it all the admins or only the writer? Not a difficult question for an English speaker. One admin then OR all of them? Which is it?

            Please do not again sidestep the question or I will have to email you directly, as I NEED TO KNOW THE PROPER ANSWER.

            I am sure others on JA will also wish to know but you know I always seek the real truth, so please just answer the precise question in plain unambiguous English.

            1. Okay then, get all the other readers that don’t understand my answer to write to me, because you are becoming boringly repetitive over a very minor question, which has already been answered. Goodnight

  12. If the supporters cannot be honest, whether Piers Morgan or Fred Bloggs we have reached a sorry day. It was an appalling performance and humiliating for AFC. Aubameyang seems to have been neutered. Is he suffering the after affects of Covid? I think he needs a rest.

  13. Aubameyang will get Arteta sacked!💯 His adamancy in refusing to sub him off, when he does nothing on the field of play will cost him his job. Arteta must think he owes Auba alot mainly because he played a key role in him getting his first trophy as a coach, that is what I think is happening, here🤔. For christ sake! He was doing nothing on the field, yesterday😩. The ball was bouncing off his legs like balloon, found himself one on one with the goalie and mishit the ball off target. Martinelli better replace this joke we call captain before it gets too late and if it’s about his pressing ability, the brazilian talent of the century( Martinelli) will do a better job, that I am sure of. Tavares still does a better job than Tierney in that left flank, apart from the error yesterday that led to jota’s goal he was defensively active, most especially, against salah. So, we shouldn’t condemn him(Tavares) at all. I was crying for a three men defence yesterday, that Tierney be the third man at the back.

    White Gabriel Tierney

    Tomi partey nile Tavares

    Saka. Lacazette. Smith

    Ofcourse, it is behind us, now. We will come back stronger💪 and still trust Arteta to achieve that, only on one condition and it is by getting Auba benched or out of that team!
    I am a gunner nd I am, likewise, overly proud🔥

      1. Hmmmmmm! I think that too sometimes. Let’s try something here. Take a deep breath and let your unconscious mind create the answer as a picture instead of trying to ask me🤔

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