“We’ve got the third-best manager in the league” Arsenal fan makes bold claim on Talksport

Arsenal fans have endured years of mediocrity at the Emirates and Mikel Arteta’s made a name for himself when he won the FA Cup in his first few months at the helm.

Winning that trophy has made him a favourite with some supporters and one Arsenal fan even went as far as claiming that he is the third-best manager in the Premier League.

The former midfielder competes with the likes of Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, yet one Gooner named Khaled stunned TalkSPORT’s Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy by claiming he is the third-best in the league after Pep and Klopp.

He even insisted that Arsenal doesn’t get enough credit from the Radio station for what they have achieved.

In an interesting interview, he argued that if Arteta wasn’t as good as he is claiming, why does Barcelona want to make him their next manager.

Here is how the conversation went:

Khaled the Gooner: “I feel we don’t get enough praise from talkSPORT.”

Cundy: “But… you’re mid-table, Khaled.”

Khaled: “We’re mid-table at the moment but you can’t disagree with the fact we’ve got the third-best manager in the league – there’s no doubt about that. After Pep and Klopp…”

*Cundy laughing hysterically*

Khaled: “I don’t know why Jason’s laughing… why do you think Barcelona are in for him?”

Cundy: “Khaled, you can’t FACTUALLY say that, this is a league where you’ve got Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti…”

Khaled: “Jose’s a dinosaur, mate.”

Cundy: “That may be the case, but he’s a dinosaur with trophies hanging off his every limb!”

Khaled: “I’m sorry, mate, but what are you basing that on?”

Erm… history? Fact? Things that actually happened?

Khaled: “Arteta came in last year and won us the FA Cup… he’s better than Jose and he’s a better manager than Ole. So Manchester United are second at the moment… but what’s Ole won? You don’t get a trophy for coming second.”

Cundy: “Khaled, you’ve lost more games than Brighton!”

Khaled: “But where are Brighton in the league? We’ve WON more games than Brighton. It’s a dead argument! We’ve won the same amount of games as Liverpool, so I can throw that one right back at you.”

Goldstein: “Sorry, sorry, no you haven’t – Liverpool have won 12 games, Arsenal have won 11. So you haven’t!”

Khaled: “Well, up until this weekend, then!”

Goldstein: “Khaled, I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t know if you’re winding me up, but if you genuinely believe Arteta is the third-best manager in the Premier League, you might be the most stupid person I’ve ever spoken to in my life.”

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  1. iF YOU AREGOING TO REPORTT ONtalk Spoirt then please stick to theone andonly progranme that has people with brains on . The Jim White and Simon Jordan show 10am -1pm is streets ahead of all other progs on that laddish knockabout station.

    Try listening to Simon Jordan before dissing the WHOLE station. It will surprise you and change your prejudices, as it did mine! As for Cundy and Goldstein, they are unfunny comedians without enough brain cells between them.

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