What a cross from Martinelli to give Ceballos his first Arsenal goal

I am beginning to think tha Arsenal’s luck has changed in the transfer market as Gabriel Martinelli is looking like a gem on a player.

How on Earth he managed to cross from right on the goal line into the perfect position for anyone (Ceballos got lucky) to just breeze it into the net. In fact, after looking at it a couple of times, I think if no-one else had touched it, it would have gone into the net anyway!

So now we have Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinelli and Nketiah, when he comes back next season, as our strikers. If only we had such talent in the back line. Maybe we have? Ányway watch this cross….-


  1. We were brilliant all over the pitch. What a group of youngsters. I am so excited for Tierney and Bellerin to start all the EPL games. The middle of the field was solid as well.

  2. What match, Martenelli’s composure on the ball in the box is outstanding. He tried a little to hard to score the third the whole stadium was willing him on.

    But still had the calmness of mind to set Ceballos the future is bright.

  3. I think it’s time to give him some more premier league plays.

    Emery should really learn from these games and start changing his formation accordingly, just take a look at our defence and mid and you will know why we are winning, they are more calm and have enough confidence when playing next to each others, unlike the PL team.

  4. To be fair Leige were sh#te
    Forest fielded their B team.
    Bournemouth will be the best team we have faced since Liverpool.
    I would not be surprised at all if we lost because our central defense is so weak.
    Our CB’s are all useless and we have no DM.
    We are riding our luck with no central defense and we will get found out soon .

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