What a game! An absolute classic for Arsenal fans, and I bet Man United are gutted

Well, that was such an incedible finish to the game that it has taken my breath away. If that doesn’t prove that we are more than good enough to deserve winning the EPL title then I don’t know what will.

Arsenal got total revenge for Man United beating us in our only defeat in the first half of the season, but it was touch and go right from the start.

Just 15 minutes in Marcus Rashford scored an absolute cracker from outside the box and I was a little worried, but the Gunners kept their composure and within 15 minutes Granit Xhaka put in a fantastic cross for Nketiah to finish smartly with his head and we were definitely back in it.

Don’t even talk about Saka’s goal. The man is an absolute genius and we are so lucky to have him. When he signs his extension he will be our talisman for the rest of his career…

Yes Martinez’s equaliser was gutting, but it certainly made we were all on the edge of our seats for the rest of the game. And it was worth it!

Not only did we have Super Eddie score the winning goal in the 89th minute, but then we had the nerves of waiting for the deaded VAR.


Admin Pat


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  1. Finally people are shutting up and supporting the team and players. This is why players and coaches should be judged only from the eye test and not sentiments. At this point no team is stopping us. Its about how beautiful Arsenal want the run to the trophy to be.

  2. If this is not a statement, then nobody should even breathe..hats off for Arteta and the team🧘🏽‍♂️

  3. Wow wow wow!!!!! Ok utd not quite as good as some people (utd) thought they are but they are our rivals and contenders and we put them to the sword. I think Odergaard, Zinchenko, Xhaka, Ramsdale, Partey and Nketiah were outstanding but SAKA WOW!!!!!! We have had an amazing start to the season, i thought we should be in CL and challenging this season. I will take challenging, for now. The players are calmer than the bench and if the bench can calm down, it will help when calm heads are needed at sqeaky bum time. Well done so far this season to Arteta, Edu and the Krankies. We are in a title race!!!!!!

    1. Not too bad for a “rookie” is MA, eh Reggie!!

      Are you STILL trying to wipe all that egg off your face these days!!
      Just as well Kroenke did not listen to you and your daft ilk last summerwhen you wanted MA sacked!

      1. You will conveniently forget and deny your post about, you thinking he wasn’t right for the job. I dont get your immature post at all. Especially when i dont respect you as a poster because of your bigotry. For the record.I thought for the first two and half seasons he was underachieving and didn’t get out what was being put in. But we are going back to last May as the last time i said he should have been sacked. This season so far has been a totally different approach.You care to bring it up today after a great day because…….. From last May to now, nothing in my posts has suggested anything of the sort. Your input into this site is the ramblings of a bitter sad old man. Who is self centered and just interested in his own self importance. You think you are the JA police. Its a site of opinion OH you only respect your opinion, i forgot. SAD!!!!!!

        1. Reggie, this season so far hasn’t been a different approach. We are just seeing the fruits of all the hard work and patience. If it was up to supporters like yourself, we would have got rid of MA last season and we would be poorer for it. Time to eat some humble pie my friend.

          1. Oz, Arteta is now this season doing great but he has underachieved in the two previous seasons. I dont eat humble pie as you put it because i dont care if it is Arteta or anyone else. As long as Arsenal are doing what they should be doing, i am happy. I have always said, if Arteta turns out to be a success, happy days. The rest is opinion, i dont get this humble pie, we are doing great at the moment. When we aren’t i dont like it, when we are im ok with it. I just want us to be better than we have been for the last 6 years. Yes the long sighted, i know better than you will try and say, trust the process. Well when the process starts showing it is working, then we can trust it. It is now showing it may be working. But we must get too far ahead of ourselves, April and May will tell all. Can i just say, my opinion last season was we put in enough to get top four and that was my opinion. I made it quite clear. This season, i stated early on that we should be able to “challenge” for the league. Last season we failed my expectation, this season we are achieving what we should be, so far. Top 4 is nailed on this season but for me anything other than top 2, would be a disappointment. Top 2 this season would be fantastic (notice i said top 2) top 4 last was an under achievement in the end. We have bounced back better than anyone would have expected.

            1. And Oz, yes, this season HAS been a totally different approach. We played today with one new player, that was not available to us last season, Zinchenko. Last season our football was not good enough to get top 4. With basically one new player we are challenging the league. Long may it continue. I hated out football last season. I love it this.

            2. No neutral expected us to get top 4. Barely any Arsenal fans expected that either. Getting exactly what the vast majority of people expect is no an underachievement (I’d argue most people expected us to finish 6th, not even 5th). Having inflated personal expectations says nothing about the team’s actual performance.

              The end of the last season was an underachievement, but honestly if you were paying attention to how we did over the season, it was no surprise we couldn’t hold on when much worse backup players were forced to play in LB, RB, CB, and DM all at once through injury.

        2. Reggie you plainly do NOT KNOW what a “bigot “is!

          I am the very last person that anyone who knows me personally would ever call me that word. Most would laugh scornfully that any one has ever suggested that. It is ridiculous, yet you say it. Sigh!


      2. Jon, have you finished wiping the egg from your face regarding Xhaka?

        As Reggie rightly says, your memory conveniently forgets that you were also saying that MA was not up to the job.

        OZGooner, there is no need for ANYONE to eat humble pie – I suggest you try and remember the situation we were in 18 months ago.
        We were lacking consistency and wanted to know why… is that a capital offence?
        We now have it and long may it last.

        When fans try to score points over another fan, it shows their childish nature – let’s, for heaven’s sake, ALL enjoy what’s happening at the club TODAY!!!

        1. Thanks Ken, i also, just like Fox, was totally unhappy with the krankies but unlike fox, i appreciate the massive input they have made. And while i am still not in love with them, i appreciate what they are doing. Im not eating humble pie on that either, just happy, they are now fully committed to make us great again. Plus it is the krankies who put their trust in Arteta. Lets all hope this is the start of a new ERA.

          1. Gentleman, the difference is you both expected instant success when MA took over the reigns. The greatest manager in the world could not of achieved that with our squad at the time following Wenger and Emery. Our business model, recruitment and management was sound. We don’t spend on recruitment the same as City or Chelsea, therefore we required patience, which some of us were not prepared to give. We would of continued on the same merry go round of fighting for 4th if we followed your advice.

            1. No OZG, what I was ALWAYS complaining about was the inconsistency during MA’s first two seasons.
              One game we thrashed the spuds, the next game we were lucky to draw with Burnley for example.
              I never knew what performance I was going to see!!

              So I gave my opinion – sorry if that upset you – my opinion now, is that MA has transformed the club, by learning on the job and we now see consistency at the highest level – sorry if that upset you – and, finally, there was not one fan on JA, at the time of inconsistency (apart from Loose Cannon and Angus) who didn’t share doubts about MA including Jon Fox, who now, very conveniently, forgets that fact.

              I’m not the least bit concerned what others think about whether I supported MA or not, as I support my club AND during the first two and a bit seasons, we were going backwards – now it’s full steam ahead and I’m a happy Gooner.

            2. Definitely not Oz, you obviously haven’t read our posts. What ken, myself and others have said is any manager that comes in should be given the same expectations as Wenger. Treated with the same standards. Many on here have not done that.

          2. Nah I suggest instead of writing long essays defending your poor opinions regarding arteta, STFU and enjoy the moment ffs.

        2. You were not wanting to know why. You were calling for the removal of the manager Ken. Why was obvious to most of us. The near sightedness of you and others would of had us crawling on all fours in competion with the likes of Everton.

          1. Wrong again mate. I have never called for his resignation, I just couldn’t get my head round the inconsistency.
            I don’t remember you pushing for MA during the first two years of his stay and I am pretty good at remembering names and comments – that’s why I know JF said it was time for MA to go.
            Get your facts right and then we can discuss further – I do dislike inconsistency and remember quite clearly AdminPat saying that I wasn’t calling for MA to go, just that I hadn’t made my mind up.

          1. Correct Si, i want to come on here for banter, opinion and debate, not to score points. What is wrong with these people? Some people dont accept opinion and thats sad. Why do they come on here.

        3. No one was wrong about Xhaka. He was given a completely different role and has excelled as a result. He was poor for years in his previous role and yet was basically untouchable for no reason, causing a lot of fan frustration. I doubt anyone has a complaint about him now because he’s a completely different player.

          1. Bob123 and MA is a totally different manager today than what he was three seasons ago, wouldn’t you say?

            1. Ken, he is a totally different manager than last season. Our football even when we won last season was slow and negative. We are playing totally a different way this.

          2. Xhaka still has defensive duties, he still gets back into deep lying positions and he helps build a wall with other players. We defend as a team. The major difference with Xhaka is that he stays on his feet more than often, he doesn’t slide in as much as he used to, interestingly, it was Wenger who first pointed this out to Xhaka by telling him he should stay on his feet more because his timing when going to ground was not always great. Xhaka ignored his advice but he is listening to Arteta. It’s not all about a positional change, it is good coaching and a great team shape too. Xhaka was always a league leading player for progressive passes and he was always a boss in midfield too, like even Mourinho said: he could tell us why Xhaka is the boss for that Arsenal team, he said he could tell us how but he would have to give you his eye so you could to see it

      1. No he hasn’t, get your facts right.
        Tell me, were you happy when we were bottom of the league, happy when we lost out on the CL spot to the spuds?
        It’s so easy to forget MA’s first two seasons, now we’re flying high – I suggest you remember them and then the appreciation of what he’s doing now, will be even better!!

        1. What @Ken1965 just said☝️.I would just like to add that I find it ironic that the people who used to accuse us of being negative, critical,trying to split the fans,are the same ones who are refusing to move on and bringing back negativity on this site.many of us if not most of us have put our hands up.how many times do we have to do it??at least it shows that all we wanted ,was a team,players,a manager and club to be proud of.

          1. Siamois
            I’m not naming names, particularly as many of the posters on JA vanished when the signs began to look better.
            I do still think that – in general terms – that there was an expectation that Arteta or any manager should be able to provide instant success and when that didn’t happen there was unpleasantness directed at those who advocated some degree of patience. Expressing an opinion about the style of play etc is fine but a lot of it became personal. Expressing an opinion – even if it is negative- in a reasonable fashion is the key. Some remarks were plain nasty and for some are hard to forget
            Moving on is the best remedy

      2. Dunchirado, you lie like Fox and Goonster. I will ask Admin to get any post out since the summer where i have criticised Arteta. I have opinion and wether i have criticised in the past or not, i have always criticised what i have seen and not got personal with someone because my view was different to theirs. Some posters on here lie and get personal. Please dont you lie. Tell me when was the last time i called for Arteta to be sacked. Goonster had to go back 7 months to slag me off about something i had written the other day. I stated clearly in the post that it was something i was told and since and wasnt based on my opinion but there was still twisting or lies being said by fox and goonster about what i said. Challenge people on their opinion but dont twist things for effect. Thats low.

        1. I dont deny and freely admit, i didnt think Arteta was up for the job but that was because he didn’t do the best job upto the start of this season. Nothing has been said by me about that this season, we go again when it starts but please there are many people on here who have had grave doubts about Arteta and now making out, they have stood by him and never wavered, please be truthful with yourselves. There were polls that were 90% Arteta out at one time. And many of the mud slingers now are trying to preach the faith. Come on!!!!
          Lets enjoy the fact we are top of the league today and we have got there through thick and thin. Long may it last.

          1. And Dunchirado, i am not too bothered about replies, believe me, i am bothered by the bigots, liars and point scorers. I think thats sad and spoils the site. This site is about opinions. I dont come on here for target practice, to satisfy someones ego.

    2. United are good. That they were made to look average after the first 40 minutes takes nothing away from the the good work Eric has done.

  4. I remember Arteta saying “we are about to explode”
    After the Epl is bagged Europe better be ready. He said he want the Champions league to.

  5. If we can draw against Man City twice in the league, then we will only (ONLY I SAY) 14 wins to win the league.

    Still a very difficult task considering we will be playing Thursdays and Sundays from Feb onwards but possible only just.

  6. A great match to watch and the result we richly deserved.We paid dearly for two mistakes by Ramsdale and Partey, who that apart, was first class.Zinchenko had his best game for Arsenal and perhaps his critics will now have the decency to acknowledge the emergence of Nketiah as a quality striker .In his brief cameo, Trossard caused the opposition real problems and could turn out to be an excellent signing.Once again Gabriel was immense , and Saka was a thorn in the flesh of Shaw throughout the game.All in all, a great performance and a deserved win which will have disappointed certain pundits who expected us to fall at this hurdle.The mentality of every player in the red shirt has improved this season .There is of course a multitude of difficult games ahead, but confidence is sky high and for the first time for a number of years self belief and a steely determination is clearly evident.

        1. Si, i didn’t think he was good enough but if he was, he would have a great chance to prove it. So far he cant be faulted and he may even keep Jesus out when they are both fit. I did say, we would not miss Jesus’s goals but we would his work rate. We dont miss his work rate because Nketiah is working hard.

          1. Keep doing what you’re doing Reggie and don’t let others stop you from expressing your opinion.you/we can’t always be right and that’s fine,as long as admit it there is nothing wrong unlike several people on here who like to think they’re always right or that they could see that MA would succeed even during some of our worst runs.👍

            1. Absolutely correct Siamois – if one reads what Reggie says, it’s always the club first…. as are your comments.
              At the end of the day and come the seasons end, if we are champions, there will still be those who want to score points.
              Such narrow minded people aren’t worth bothering with in my opinion.

              1. 👍Thanks, i do ken and im not interested in the least with this points scoring crap. I want to talk about Arsenal, not getting personal.

  7. What a sweet revenge! No stopping this team. Saka is a genius. Odegaard is something else. Nketia please, continue to disappoint me. Infact, the boys are so so good. Congratulations to the boys. Congratulations to Arteta. One more DM signing after Kiwoit, I beg you Edu and Arteta.

  8. Will we buy a striker? Nah!!!

    Eddie has been super immense. I’m glad he stayed and signed. If we have Vlahovic and he gives these returns, we will appreciate it.

    The entire team is so confident.

    From 20th 16months ago to 1st now and aiming for the league is good work.

    Weldone to everyone at Arsenal

  9. Go and get a Thomas Partey like defensive midfielder and we are good to go… Declan Rice do you want to come now maybe add a Premier League winning Medal to your name. Eddie has got the forward situation handled and Trossard, well in i minutes a super cameo for things to come, we bit of Santi still with the ball & 2feet being used, carries like SmithRowe who is also back for FACup on Friday

    Just fantastic what Arsenal are doing. One game at a time and come May the Premier League title may be back in North London.

    Europa League still to come in a few weeks, we need another midfielder after Kiwior arrives tomorrow.

    1. 100% agree. Elneny is picking up quite a few injuries this season despite minimal game time and it is so obvious Lokonga isn’t trusted to come on in place of Partey/Xhaka which means they are playing near enough 90 minutes every week which further down the line could lead to fatigue and possible injuries. Surely they will bring a midfielder in before the window shuts.

  10. I think it’s a bigger concern for Martinelli than Nketiah right now. Jesus can play on the wing and if Martinelli doesn’t reverse his current form, I see him potentially making way for Jesus before anyone else.

    1. Martinelli is a great prospect and has the world at his feet. He needs to be smarter in his decision making.

  11. Some posters obviously didn’t see the game I watched where Martinelli had Wan-Bisaka pooping his pants every time he had the ball.

    1. No, GB, nobody is knocking his ability, its him getting more out of the game. He has magic in his feet but he is not improving his intelligence. He runs people ragged and produces little. He is not maturing but i am sure he will. When he does, he will be world class, he is just slow doing it.

      1. That’s the thing Reggie, I’m afraid that with too much coaching,he might lose some of his ‘unpredictability’ (if you know what I mean).

  12. Martinelli will be as big a name as the incredible Saka.

    That’s why we are tearing teams apart when we attack.

    There is no weak link in this squad of players, everyone of them is playing for the shirt.

    1. Ken Arsenal v Manchester United was the big game back in the early 2000’s , is this latest meeting has that feeling again?

      1. The atmosphere was oozing out of every crack and cranny Gunsmoke, according to my daughter!!!
        I couldn’t make the game (curses) but I would think with the two managers involved, the touch paper has been well and truly lit!!

        1. I also liked the way Keane and Neville were in the Sky Sports studio. They did the rivalry bit with great enthusiasm.

  13. I was wrong for Arteta which I did not really have huge faith last winter to really turn around things. Same with edu. Was hoping for Ten hag or overmars. I was wrong. On the other hand, i was right on Eddie. Maybe not a world class striker, but for the price it was the BEST option that we resigned him (even for 100k) as a reliable almost starter. I hope both Arteta/edu/eddie and all the rest keep delivering

  14. Trossard showed us a glimpse of what we’d been missing in Cazorla even in that cameo. More to come from him.
    Congratulations Arsenal

  15. Well done Gunners, we are starting to believe. People from other clubs are showing us respect now we no longer the laughing stock. Coaches are trying to workout how to defend against us this means they have to change tactics which makes them vulnerable. Long may it last.

  16. What a game! Arsenal are the best for entertainment value for sure.

    Yet again, another example of us excelling in adversity. Went behind, and we respond. Utd then equalize, we don’t panic, and finally respond again.

    Trossard looked great as well. Hopefully a central midfielder before the window shuts, and it’s be a great window.

  17. MA has been great and kudos to Kronkes for standing by him when #ArtetaOut was trending. I think that both sentiments were welcome basing on the context at the time. I’m sure that with the added pressure from either camp gave MA and his staff the zeal to produce for The Arsenal and us the fans.
    Without the two camps, we would be a club with a dead fan base like the Citehs and Chelskis of this world. All in all, let’s enjoy the ride. COYG!!!

  18. Arsenal A JOY TO WATCH . How good we are with the ball! fantastic ability, intricate passing, zinchenko,partey saka ,xhaka and Eddie in the room .lets go gunners

  19. Absolutely Fantastic game!!! it was really good to see our team’s fighting spirit which was missing for years. Normally when we are a goal down we give up. This season I am loving the way they play, the urge to win mentality is so prominent. was little dissapointed and worried when we missed out on mudryk & felix. It was good decision to buy trossard, very important to have someone with PL experiance. That paid off well actually. May be we should buy W.Zaha.

  20. Arteta was groomed to take over from Wenger. Citeh wanted him too but they have Pep. I said when they should have hired him when they chose Unai. He turned down the initial arsenal offer. We were lucky he didn’t go to Everton. Awesome job team Arsenal.

  21. The first goal in these types of games can be crucial, we were so good at reacting positively to it, the belief never subsided

  22. All the tremendous efforts put forth by players, manager, director and owners to change things round are a results of the criticisms by fans around the world. So who ever had criticized contributed to the current performance.
    Lets keep calm hold our hands together and keep flying..

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