What “a great debut” (and a great goal too) from Nuno Tavares

The signing of Nuno Tavares from Benfica was not highly acclaimed by Arsenal fans, especially as he is only 21 years-old and his price of just 7million didn’t excite Gooners very much.


Furthermore, we were told that he would be initially utilised as a backup to the excellent young Scotsman Kieran Tierney, so he was not here as an instant first team player.


But Tavares was given his debut yesterday in Glasgow, playing the first 45 minutes before Tierney was brought on, and it only took him 23 minutes to show his quality. Playing very high up on the left wing, he pounced on a mis-controlled ball by a Rangers defender and quickly steadied himself to slot it past Allan McGregor to give Arsenal an equaliser.


Mikel Arteta was very happy to see Tavares settle so quickly, and said after the game: “A great debut – with his right foot as well! He’s only been with us a few days but you can already see his qualities, his physicality and then the quality on the ball that he has. He’s integrating with the lads really well, so it’s a good start.”


The Portuguese left back has only been in the UK for a week, so he is obviously not over-awed by meeting his superstar team-mates, and showed great composure in his first showing. He also looked comfortable being interviewed afterwards as well.


He told Arsenal.com: “I felt good. It was a good game for me and for us. A good test. I think we had a good match and we learned a lot.

“I feel very happy to score my first goal with Arsenal. I’m so excited for this and today I did it.

“It’s good to play with the best, like Aubameyang and Laca. They’re very good players and to play with them, it’s so good.”

It looks like Arsenal could have got quite a bargain in Tavares.

What do you think?


Watch Tavares first goal for Arsenal here…


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  1. Didn’t have the chance to watch the game. So, I’ll just stop with a simple congratulation for his memorable debut and good luck for his future with us. We’ll get to know better only after watching him regularly starting for at least a dozen and a half games in the PL.

  2. A good signing in a number of ways.Young and athletic with the versatility to develop into a genuine left sided midfielder.Well done to the much maligned Edu with hopefully more quality young players to follow.

  3. He played really well. In my opinion this is a very good signing to not only be back up to KT but I will definitely push him to also get better.

    The left back position is not solid.

    By the way I loved how he went straight to pick up the ball and not celebrate wildly. That’s a winning attitude there, it was a debut goal but he cared more about restarting the game asap. I love that most about him

  4. hmm, almost a shame if Nuno an KT are to be excluding each other. Any ideas on how they both can start in the team?.

    I noticed for Scotland when KT and Robertson are both in the team, KT is played in left midfield, but I’m not sure this would work in the Arsenals 4-3-3 based formations.

    1. Rob, excellent debut by Nuno Tavares. He has the ability to be Arsenal’s starting RB, as well as back up to Kieran Tierney at LB. Although his left foot is predominant, his right foot is also strong. Tavares has played RB in Portugal, is young and adaptable.

    2. Gareth Bale was a LB. As mentioned KT can move in the midfield or even play left CB when we have a 3 man central defence. It is not bad having two good guys on one position.

    3. KT is made from the same mould as Philip Lahm. He can play anywhere on the pitch in defence and midfield without any noticeable drop in his performance. Even Lahm can’t play CB where KT can slot seamlessly.

  5. I like this transfer. Not insane money for a player with a big long-term potential to develop.

  6. A young lad with lots of potential, lets not judge on meaningless friendlies. We see so many players play with promise in friendlies and are not first teamers in the future. Friendlies are a notoriously bad game to judge anything.

  7. Good result for the young man, but can we ease up a bit on predictions?

    1. “Push Tierney” for LB spot? Really?
    One of our best players and top LB in PL and Tavares here 1 week and 45 minute preseason appearance.

    2. Willian was flying his first match against Fulham last year, how did the rest go?

    3. His tools make him an appealing player, let’s see how his 1st year goes.

    1. 👍 Durand, the signs were positive, at least in attack in his first appearance. Nuno Tavares is yet to be tested defensively.

    2. Absolutely fair point. Let’s wait for Tavares. A lot of guys in their first game thrive but they are over their usual normal level. At least he seems capable of become a good squad option.

  8. @Durand firstly, I respect your opinion, but don’t you think you are been too negative. Yes, Nuno shall find it really difficult to displace Tierney from the first XI and I think what they are trying to say is that he could be an excellent back up to Tierney just incase he’s injured, he wouldn’t be missed too much and is it a crime for someone to dream.
    Not all players turn out to be Willian, the young dude just arrived, allow him to play few more games before you put him down and what makes you think Willian can’t play well this upcoming season.

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