What a great start to Arsenal’s transfer window…

Arsenal have had a strong start to the transfer window for the first time in my living memory. May it go on forever. Even though the transfer window hasn’t been open for two weeks, The Gunners are committed to closing their deals quickly. Gooners are used to this happening towards the end of the transfer window and even on deadline day. This year it’s happening right now, in the opening weeks of a transfer window!

The Gunners have reportedly already signed Kai Havertz and are pursuing Declan Rice (though they will have to compete with Manchester City for his signature), midfielder Romeo Lavia (with whom talks are ongoing), and Jurrien Timber (a 50 million swoop is in the works). Other excellent players such as Ilkey Gundogan, Moises Caicedo, and Marc Guehi have been linked. However, the Gunners seem to be less serious about pursuing them than they were about the trio mentioned above.

After competing for the League title for the majority of the 2022–23 season but failing to win, finishing a disappointing second but confirming participation in the Champions League next season, Arteta has recognised the need to strengthen their squad early and have camaraderie in the squad.

Whatever Edu and Arteta do this summer contrasts with what the Gunners have done in the past. Usually they wait until deadline day before throwing money at a player in desperation to get the deal done. The Caicedo swoop in January is an excellent example.

That progress, though, may be for nothing if Rice does not join and moves to the Etihad.


Sam P

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  1. I’d be surprised if Rice joins us, after West Ham rejected our £75m + £15m bid. I think Arsenal will submit their last bid soon and will move to other targets if their last offer gets rejected

    If we play with inverted-RB tactic next season with White/ Timber/ Tomiyasu competing for the right-CB and inverted-RB positions, we wouldn’t really need Rice. Lavia or Caicedo could be a better and more affordable investment

    Gundogan is going to play for Xavi and I don’t think Arteta is interested in Guehi, because Guehi didn’t play RB or DM last season

  2. I’m also impressed by the aggression shown by Edu and co, attacking the window early so. Whether we agree or not with their targets but it seems they’re convinced and are not showing any hesitations.

    By the looks of things, by the time the pre-season training commences we’ll done with our on comings and that’s how things should be.

  3. Oh, God! Why does everyone keep going on about Declan Rice? He isn’t that good! If we can get Havertz, Timber, Lavia, and we can only hope Michael Olise from Crystal Palace, that will be an excellent transfer window. But we do need those players. Any less won’t be enough and anyone else won’t be good enough. I think Lavia is being hyped up a bit too much but I would rather we buy him than Rice.

    1. Even that wouldn’t be enough when you consider Partey, Xhaka and possibly a few more leave. The fact is, we need depth to the squad. Adding three and taking at least three is not improving depth.

      1. Agreed. But realists need to factor in the undoubted fact that to seriously compete with City, what we badly lack ,is MONEY, and squillions of it.
        Though THEY have not spent hugely just lately, they already had a massive squad from the days when they DID spend massively and they have sold and bought well, in contrast to us.

        All those are factors too

        . So in just one more window with no one to sell who will bring in fortunes, we still have a long way to go to match their squad. You have already said you agree about depth. I have tried to explain WHY that is and think you will agree.

        1. I’m not talking about matching City. We don’t have the resources to that so that would he impossible at this current time. But as fully know, we were too thin in depth to even compete in European competition last season which had an impact on our final EPL performance. We need depth but more importantly we need quality in depth. Selling KT, Xhaka and Parey in one window would be foolish if we don’t replace them with equal or better quality.

    2. I’ve said exactly the same about Rice’on every occasion I can. There talking about us competing with City for his signature. Let city have him, they can take the time to develop him as he’s got no outstanding talents outside of his energy and athleticism. City can have him and he can end up like Kalvin Phillips. For me Rice is your better class of water carrier.

  4. To be fair, Edu and co have been excellent since day one, but one question remains, can they pull off some solid sales?

    Apart from messing up a potential AMN transfer, they haven’t really had the opportunity given the dross they inherited and all on big wages. Impossible for anyone to bring in money for that lot.

    But this summer, we have some genuine quality that we should be getting some top fees for, should we sell. Balogun being the most notable one.

    1. I still think we should give Balogan a shot in the squad. Nketia is OK as A stop gap but fails to take his chance when given at a more permanent roll.

      1. I’d love to keep Balogun, but I don’t think he’ll sign a new contract, and it seems he wants a starting role.

        So I guess sell now whilst his market value is high.

    2. The only players left from when MA took over, that he hasn’t been offered a new contract or persuaded to stay , is Holding – the rest of the “dross” are players that he and Edu signed.

      When are fans going to stop giving MA excuses that don’t make sense?

      He inherited a squad of players who reacher a European final, finished 5th and won him the fa cup and charity shield for heaven’s sake!!

      He’s removed those players he didn’t want and signed players he did want… end of the story.

      . As for this brilliant window, every bid we’ve made so far, has, reportedly, been turned down because they’re not enough.
      . I’m not arguing that this is wrong, as we shouldn’t be paying over the odds or held to ransom… but please don’t say it’s been brilliant, until we actually sign anyone and see who we let go _Xhaka and Partey are two being rumoured to leave and, as a bare minimum, we’ve got to replace them.

  5. what I know from arteta he wants a player which can play for whole season not lyk Thomas where by he got tied yet arteta was cashing for the title so the right man is rice.

  6. Arsenal standing up to Man City is already a small victory, only Real Madrid had ever done it to the Citizens in my collection.

    For the Citizens to be in a tag of war of uncertainty some 72 hrs with Arsenal over a signing is unusual. This is a firm indication all is not well in this deal for the champions.

    There is a report from the Bubbles chairman that despite the Citizens entering the drama the kid seems determined in joining Arsenal.

  7. What a start to transfer window ?
    So far havnt officially signed anyone !
    Reduced wage bill though

    1. Massively increased wages in new contracts to Saka, Martinelli and possibly Saliba and Nelsson will of course mean, other players have to go, i.e. AMN.
      Do you really think, we will have a lower wage bill next season?

      1. If we want to compete and sign top class players, our wage bill will move to a new level ⬆️

      2. Wasnt having ago ….
        Just pointing out all we do so far in transfer window is release 10 players
        That’s not a great start to the transfer window

        1. I agree. But it isn’t bad either.
          The players going out so far, are not needed, if we see ourselves competing in the future.
          Something I think, you would also like to see 😉

  8. If we get all the above mentioned I will applaud and wait out the next eight weeks to the start of the season with feverish anticipation. Hypothetically that is some squad although it may not please everyone. Still too early to crow though.

  9. While it feels good as they’re giving the impression that they want to start early, Arsenal are still not trustworthy when it comes to doing their transfer businesses early and tying things up. This has happened far too often for me to be carried away. They may do one or two buys and then fail to tie the ends until it’s midnight of transfer deadline.

    Besides, trying to sell Party and Xhaka in a single window will leave the midfield unstable. Again, selling four players and bringing in four is hardly any improvement for me, seeing that the biggest problem they suffered this past season is not having enough quality cover. As soon as Saliba got injured, all went south in just about 10 games to the end of season.
    I wish they can get it all right for once.

  10. Yes, I am also optimistic, although we haven’t signed anyone yet.
    But once again, it looks like we are following the transfer strategy in the plan to buy young players to be developed further with the group, we have.
    An excellent strategy, which Edu, Arteta and the owner seem to be 100% in agreement about.

  11. We must get Declan Rice, a fantastic player and a true leader. That said, the signings of Lavia and Timber will add quality depth to the team to compete in multiple tournaments. We should go all out for the PL title, win either or both the FA Cup and the League Cup and go deep in the CL.

  12. Leaking stories to the press about who you want to sign doesn’t constitute ‘closing deals quickly’. Smacks of desperation more than clever tactics.

    1. Agreed Bish and whoever leaked the information that we have £200,000,000 to spend, reportedly anyway, should be reprimanded _tgars also driving the prices up in my opinion.

    2. Who do you think is leaking stories? It’s not us it’s people with an interest. All the Rice stuff for instance originates from West Ham by and large if you dig deep you can see this. Twitter accounts affiliated with West Ham broke a lot of the stories you’ve got to read in recent weeks for instance.

      Media stuff is all a game and if you think a leak is damaging it probably came from a rival.

  13. Oh hell yeah. We have already got one of the best, if not the best, first eleven in Europe. Any purchases to upgrade or equal quality according to Mikel Arteta is highly welcome. Especially when our manager don’t listen to fans or pundits gibberish on which players to buy. I’m looking forward to see a lot of noisy rants and pathetic eye drops in the end.

  14. It’s been positive in terms of how proactive we are being but agree with above let’s wait and see how the cookie crumbles before handing out praise.

  15. We haven’t signed anybody yet. In fact we look like being gazumped yet again. As far as I know just Liverpool signed Alexis MacAllister for a bargain fee. We look like we want Kai Havertz….for WHAT?? We need two midfield players, a defender and a winger like Federico Chiesa to give Saka a break. We have signed nobody!!!

  16. Everybody plays the social media game these days hence the raft of rumours/leaks call it what you may. I don’t believe the voracity of any transfer until I see the player in an arsenal shirt signing his contract.
    We’ve been discussing the Rice issue for the past couple of weeks even quoting his preference to join us but no mention of who made that quote. We will know for sure soon enough.

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