What are Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premier League next season?

Now that the 2021/22 EPL season is over, it could be worth looking at the chances of Arsenal winning the Premier League or even getting in the Top Four by the end of the next campaign.

There is no surprise when looking at the English Premier League betting news that the oil-rich Manchester City superstars are the hot favourites after winning 4 out of the last competitions, and surely the signing of Erling Haaland has made them even hotter favourites for the next instalment.

But Liverpool always give them a very good run for their money, and after only losing out by one point on the last day of the season, they will believe they can get revenge next time around, but at a price of around 3/1, I wouldn’t consider that to be a value bet.

Now I know you are waiting for me to give you the odds on Arsenal, but we have a few more teams ahead of them in the betting.

Strangely, in my mind, Tottenham are priced in the same bracket as Chelsea at around 18/1 – 20/1, and I know the Blues have gone through some turmoil this season, but I am sure they will be competing for all the top trophies again next season.

And as for Tottenham, okay they have now got Antonio Conte and a possible increased transfer budget, but seriously? I don’t think they can be classed anywhere near Chelsea’s level for a long while yet.

Man United are next in the betting at 25/1 – 33/1, but that can only be based on history and spending power, because recent form doesn’t give them much of a chance. And also I am expecting them to going through a season of transition and rebuilding with Ten Hag.

So now we come to Arsenal, who  are priced around 50/1- 66/1, which is a great outside bet, but to be honest it is unlikely that the Top Two are going to be overtaken any time soon..

So, let us now look at the Top Four betting in which we may find some value for Arsenal. Obviously the odds on ‘Pool and City are prohibitive, and Chelsea are a best-priced 8/11 which is a fair price.

Tottenham are next at around 5/4, and Arsenal are at 2/1, which could be a very reasonable price at the end of the transfer window, once Arteta has got all his prime transfer targets. Surely Arteta only needs to get a few extra points next season to take us up a place?

Do you think Arsenal will make Top Four?



  1. Can’t see us making top 4

    -Spurs already made top 4 and Conte’s only been there 5/6 months and they have strengthened there squad.

    -Leicester had a poor season and it looks like most of their injured players should be back so I think they’ll be battling for top 6/7 nest season.

    -Man U is a bit of an unknown entity right now, difficult to guess what they’ll do next season. That being said they have got rid of Pogba and got a decent manager which already sets them in a positive trajectory.

    -West Ham another one that’s difficult to predict but don’t see them in the top 4 race

    -Arsenal, as many fans like fairfan on here have said, already massively overachieved (apparently) last season and this overachievement ended us 5th. Personally I think 5th was an underachievement considering the position we were in just before the end of the season. So will we overachieve again and end 5th? I hope I am wrong but I cannot see us ending top 4 which is exactly why we desperately needed to last season to be able to sign quality players.

    Do clubs over achieve 2 years in a row?

        1. Our youngsters (under a rookie manager) still managed to make 5th place with a threadbare squad. So, yes, I AM positive the team will improve in the next campaign, and I confident that we will see lots of new faces before deadline day.

          VERY positive, in fact!

          1. Pat, last season it’s the best run-in in the league excuses and now our Our youngsters (under a rookie manager) still managed to make 5th place with a threadbare squad. Though I’m happy we finished higher up the league but if we look at our performances and advantages we have to finish in cl position holistically it is a failure. Here comes another season to see how our youngsters and their coach fair in the league.

            1. @Adiva
              Our youngsters (and their coach) are going to be a year more experienced, and they will have a lot more backup as new players come in…

            2. Man united finished 2nd last season but 6th this season, we had massive advantage last season because we weren’t in Europe, there is no law that States because we finished 5th we can’t move back to our original 8th place finish.last season is gone if we fail to plan extremely well looking at the rest of the league then even 5th will be seen again as over achievement, this time around we are not buying excuses the league starts at August let them leave the signing late and give us excuses of the team not been ready like they don’t know when the new season begins..

        2. No DK, not for YOU, not at any price, if your name is DK. Can you give me your definition of what constitutes a supporter ?


          1. Coming from some one who slags off pretty much half the team I don’t think you can lecture anyone about what a real supporter looks like jonny boy .
            What was it “I wish Wenger would become Ill so he leaves “
            😂😂😂😂 A SUPPORTER !😂😂😂😂

  2. Still a long way to go in the transfer market but as things currently stand I think City and Liverpool will finish top 2, Spurs third, Chelsea fourth,United 5th followed by us finishing 6th. I think our best chance of qualifying for UCL next season will be via the EUL although we tend to fall short in European finals.

  3. 1.2.3. Not expected at all. Woud be a miracle.
    4th Unllkely. Man U is preferred.
    5th Possible.
    6th. Quite likely.
    7th. Quite possible.
    If we finish 6th or better Arteta stays.
    7th and EL semi Arteta stays.
    8th or below unless we win the EL Arteta must go.
    My prediction 5th, 6th or 7th.
    In one I choose 6th.

      1. Yes with the calibre of our opponents and their far more experienced manager and squads absolutely. 5/6 and a EL semi finals place would be great. A run in the domestic cups would be a welcome bonus for our youngsters. Season 2023/24 is when I expect top 4. This is another critical building block season as we finally clear the decks of those not good enough and are left with only the carefully selected profile players. Its always been a two year rebuild and we are only at the half way point. We are very much on track and may indeed over achieve again and make top 4 this time..

    1. I’m surprised you think Arteta would hang on to his job finishing in 6th. Allowing a newcomer to management who by then would have been in post after 3.5 years more leeway after that would depend on exceptional reasons for me.
      Yes, there are more than 6 clubs who could realistically challenge for top4 but if the club – as in Arteta and Edu and Kroenke can’t prove that the time and money spent in getting there hasn’t yielded fruit by then, serious questions would be asked and Edu and Arteta should be in the do do

      I do accept that no club can guarantee top4 on a regular basis but to automatically assume we won’t this coming year at this stage is a risky statement.

      1. If Arteta can’t secure minimum of 4th after all this years then he should be sacked with immediate effect. We have invested more time and spent a lot of money in backing this process, we are more stabilized than most of our competitors for 4th place I can’t see a single reason to keep this management if we fail below 4th again to me they have ran out of excuses now is time for results

      2. Not really Sue P.
        Man City top 4 in the world. Top top manager
        Liverpool top 4 in the world. Top top manager
        Chelsea huge investment. Top manager.
        Man U Massive club. Top manager.
        Spurs buying up everywhere. Top manager.
        6th is just plain realistic. Mr Kroeneke did win with the Rams last season but he has often stated he did not buy sports teams to win trophies. Chelsea sold in a fire sale for 4 billion. Arsenal will be easy worth 5 Billion by now. Stan paid 750m so even if we are are 5/6 team he would make 4 bill profit if he sells next summer. Believe me if Stan kept Arteta on after going 8th twice in a row he will be elated with 5th. Remember 5th could be CL in 2024/25 when there is a ten game guarantee. Stan is a master of the long game and I am believing in the long game strategy too.

        1. Arsenal valued at 2.8 billion, slightly over half of the 5 billion you think.

          Barcelona at 4.76 billion and Real Madrid at 4.75 billion. I admire your positivity, but without CL revenue, the rebuild, and the negative overall impact on it’s worldwide brand last several years, I question if Arsenal is still valued at 2.8 billion.

          Then again, a club or franchise is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it eh?

          1. As I said Chelsea sold for 4 bill despite being a club in meltdown mode after Abramovich had to sell because of the Russian/Ukraine conflict. Arsenal is a much bigger club with a much bigger fan base so 5 bill minimum would be paid. Soon as we make top 4 one of the many Oil barons will be making offers.

  4. There is a good chance, we will be stronger next season, as our young team develops and a few are added.
    But no chance of winning the league, but nor is that a reralistic goal.
    We need to aim for cutting the points deficit to the eventual champions to maybe 12-15 points.
    That would be real progress.

    1. Spurs and Utd are under more pressure than us but they are spending and have far more experienced managers. However I like our 6th place hunter position rather than their 4/5 hunted position. We got 69 points after the late season collapse after being on a 75 point trajectory. But we have a possible 10 extra Thursday – Sundays schedule this season. Then there is the world cup break to handle. Newcastle, Everton, Villa, Wolves, Leicester, Palace don’t have European games so they will be more competitive. 70 points might be enough for top 4. I can see us in an epic top 4/5 PL battle and EL semi final/ or final battle with Spurs and Utd. Great season ahead 🙂 High hopes reasonable expectations is the key.

  5. If we compare our CFs with the ones that the top four teams have, we won’t even finish in the fourth place

    It’s the most important piece of our spine and we still haven’t been rumored with a strong one

  6. Seeing Liverpool, Man City and Tottenham being proactive shows that we are totally unable to act in that way. We have 000000 chance of top four as we seem to have a club lethargy disease. Until they diagnose the disease and treat the disease, Arsenal, our beloved club, will flounder. So sad the club is so Fecked Up.

    1. YOU are part of the negative disease that permeates the club and fills the players with trepidation.
      Until we treat that disease we will continue to go backwards…

      Luckily the real fans at the games actually support the team.

      1. Abit harsh again Pat .
        Isn’t upto the club and manager to stop the negativity that fans have year on year out ,maybe if someone did their job properly we would have. Abit more positivity.
        As for the real fans that go to games comment ,a kid I know and his old man have just given up their season tickets after 17 odd years and that wasn’t to do with the price or cost of living .

        1. No doubt DK…first the trolljob by AdPat with the “chance of winning” headline, only to finish the article with a far more realistic yet still problematic top 4 question, then FF rolls in spewing his usual nonsensical tripe…they clearly must have some personal connection, as I’ve been admonished on multiple occasions for calling FF out, even when I’ve done so in the tamest of fashions(same with GAI)…it’s so hilarious, in that you intentionally try to get a rise out of people with a ridiculous headline, then you attack them when they respond in kind

          1. So asking the question to fans is a “trolljob by AdPat”.
            So I’m a troll, GAI writes “nonsensical tripe”… and you call yourself tame?
            You really need to listen to yourself sometime. Do you have some lifelong aim to piss of as many people as possible in the shortest possible time?
            And yet again yu state that “you attack them”. Freudian slip perchance?

            1. firstly, the trolljob had to do with your headline about us winning the title, which you knew would draw plenty of negative responses, then in the body of your article you lowered the bar by referring to the top 4…are you suggesting that this wasn’t done purposefully? nice try…secondly, I was inferring that FF writes nonsensical tripe not GAI, but I doubt you actually read my statement in it’s entirety before you were already eagerly preparing your rebuttal…finally, when some fans who thought your headline was ridiculous, and rightly so, then replied as such, you went after them for doing so…now I know you’re not a huge fan of facts, so I can see why you twisted my words to fit whatever narrative worked best for you, but there’s absolutely nothing I put out there that wasn’t factual

                1. really? keep in mind I was only talking about this specific article and it’s headline…as for FF, an unequivocal YES!!! Not a soul who knows their proverbial sh** looks to him for credible information and/or insight

      2. Admin Pat, people should be respected for what they consider is a realistic assessment of Arsenal’s prospects. I will wait until the transfer window closes.

  7. Our young team is gonna be like that of a dream league soccer team where the team chemistry will improve with time.Next season on we are heading to the top cos our young guns will keep improving performance and result wise as our chemistry package gets activated.WATCH OUT!!!

  8. Imagine playing Xhaka and Elneny as our midfield next season ha ha ha ha ha. Imagine playing with Nketiah as our CF ha ha ha ha ha. How dopey can Kroenke/Edu/ Arteta be. As proactive and as fast as a slug on hallucinogenics. We’ve had years of being on (as David Byrne says) ‘The Road to Nowhere’, and are cementing that place as our very own.

    1. We managed to get FIFTH place with Xhaka and Elneny as our midfield and Nketiah as our striker Hahahaha…

      We are on our way back to the top. I would be much more positive if you were in charge though….

      1. Pat
        Illusion of ‘hope’. They threw away 4th by not buying in January…..what do you think is going to change?

  9. Pat
    You are making up your own realty. The disease is the delusion of ‘hope’. Sadly reality is a different thing. Your ‘blame’ on others as part of the ‘negative disease’ has no basis in reality. I’ve been a supporter way longer than you and will remain so. I will not be swayed by delusion as you sometimes are.

    1. You must be bloody old if youve been a fan longer than me!
      And please revise your definition of reality and “delusion”, it’s just your OPINION not a fact…

      I am positively looking forward to a succesful season coming up, you are negatively giving up before it’s started…

      1. Pat
        As it is just your opinion too……all opinions are valid, but not all reasonings are valid.
        Yep I have surely been a supporter longer than you. Maybe not for that much in the future unless there is ‘the Great West Stand in the sky’. My guess is in the ‘Bardo’ of death nobody watches their team. Still in this life I gave my heart to Arsenal, but I didn’t give the truth up for them.

          1. Pat

            Not buying in January which was the direct cause of not qualifying in 4th place this season. Bad eh Pat? Whist other clubs are addressing their squads NOW, Kroenke/Edu/Arteta have bought Marquinhos who is superfluous to next season. Lack of Priorities. We still have Xhaka/Elneny who are not good enough for a top 4 finish. Arteta/Arsenal collapsed at the end of the recent season….without even a fight. Watching Arsenal….they are poor in important games. Arteta is a micro-manager ‘controlling from the touchlines which quells creative expression. We factually at the present moment do not have a striker of quality, and no certainty we will get the required striker….so based on present moment fact we clearly cannot do well. We are ‘TRUSTING’ that Kroenke/Edu/Arteta will get the right players….I don’t trust them at all….especially Kroenke. I could write ten pages but this is enough.

  10. I must admit I tend to side with Sean. We buy players to loan out to develop. How about buying player to develop us. And honestly who wants to be in the Champions league just to drop down to the Europa league. I’ve always thought we should win the Europa league first. Get a Europa league trophy first before trying to get our hands on the champions league trophy. Except for financial reasons and possibility of better signings. The much coveted fourth spot is only good if you’re going to do something with it!

  11. Finning 4th or 10th is of no difference to me as all i want is to see that were making progress and playing decent football.
    But unless it all comes together this season , MA. must go as im not happy at all with how we play and i can take a loss and any position as long as i see decent football.
    And yes i know you say 10th isn’t progress but if we seen what were trying to do we could put up with it knowing that it will come together but the way we fell apart in some games last season is just not acceptable to me.
    In fairness the defence has got a little better but from there up needs so much improvment that its a joke atm.

  12. chance of winning – zero right now.

    Even with really good signings we need time to try and catch City and Liverpool. Chelsea will spend and Tottenham is more appealing with CL and Conti to a lot of players and pundits.

    Unfortunately we missed a real opportunity this year to be in top four. Rumours are rumours, but a lot of players want to play CL so it narrows the pool for our targets.

    Top four would be really good as I haven’t even considered MU (not sure that they can get sorted very quickly though and Newcastle has to prove that they can spend well).

    1. I’ve no doubt we will be a better team next year than this. Even if we didn’t make a single player change I don’t think it’s unrealistic to see individual improvements in the majority of what is still a very young side. And that doesn’t factor in Saliba and a few other promising young guns. Plus I’m pretty convinced we will see two if not three grade A transfers. And lastly, Arteta is still learning and hopefully some of the mistakes we have seen from him will disappear.

      The big unknown is Thursday night football and whether that helps manage a bigger squad and keep everyone ready or if it spreads the talent too thin. Over to Mikel on that one.

  13. The only team that is guaranteed to 4 next season is City and this isnt because of Haaland.he may yet fail. Remember Timo.. Season never turn out the way we predict.
    Liverpool: Mane most likely gone. Salah just looks less effective.Darwin..Who is he?
    Manu U: teams dont just sort themselves out in a few months even with a new manager which most on here seem to believe is some kind of God.
    Chelsea: Abrahamovich is gone. We tend to underestimate the effect he had on managers and the Club.
    Spurs: People were saying the same thing when Mourinho took over.

  14. I’m more interested in seeing what Arteta has learned from his time at the helm. And how he applies it going forward…IJS

  15. Top 4, I doubt it, Winning the title, not the Arsenal of present but anything less than top 4 is unacceptable after about three years and more funding. We have to improve on our 5th provision. Any ambitious Club will always strive to improve.

  16. I think it’s premature to now predict top 4, because we haven’t seen what each team will do in the transfer arsenal inclusive. But so far Man city, Liverpool, and spurs seems to have done well. Let’s wait and see what we get then we can predict with certainty.

  17. If only we can get that top class striker, central midfielder, a winger, and backup left back, I see us being competitive next season. Improvements have been made no doubt, we just need the above players and we will hit the ground running.

  18. EPL title? Not a chance.
    Top 4 is possible but depends on quality new signings during the window. So a bit early to start making predictions but I think top 4 should be the default position for MA and Edu. No other top club would accept less after 3.5 years!!

  19. MA won’t win the PL next season and nor do I expect him too.
    The reality is the same as it’s always been since chelsea and city changed the PL forever.
    We have always been a top four side, but it was impossible to run a self sustaining club that had to compete with this new found wealth and the way they bought their success.
    That’s why Ferguson was so successful, the owners backed his judgement and always spent big.

    Why it is so hard to understand, I cannot fathom out.

    Even if we had the best manager in the world, they would not be able to compete against these clubs and their money.

    The only club who has broken this monopoly, are Leicester City…. who have never come anywhere near repeating it since then.

    As it was with AW and UE, my realistic expectations are to play attractive football worth watching, acup win and fighting for a top four finish… anything more is just a pipe dream.

    If Mikel can achieve these objectives, then he will have my support and I couldn’t care less what players he achieves it with.

    Sadly, I cannot see that happening at the moment and our lack of fulfilling the stated list of players already identified, fills me with dread as to what we will actually be able to achieve.
    . Hope I’m wrong and Arteta / Edu are the real deal, but champions? No way!!!

      1. Technically all clubs are self-sustaining under FFP rules.

        But during SAF rain he did buy all the big-name players and was given a lot more dosh than Wenger was given for quite a while.

        Sadly for us, now that we are big spenders, we have to spend a lot on a lot of players to upgrade our unexceptional squad. If we had the luxury of spending last summer’s funds on one or two players we could have bought some world-class talent. However not having that luxury and not having CL football to attract world-class talent meant that we signed a few decent/good players and upgraded the average level of our squad.

        The few times we spend world-class money (Pepe and new contract Auba), we missed miserably and failed to get bang for our buck.

        Also, if each time you pay 5-10 million too much to buy a player and you sell for 5 million too little, after doing this 5 times you wasted 50-75 million or more that could and should have been spent on a very good player.

        For me, it will be hard to finish in the top 4 this coming season. Top 4 is essential in order to attract top players and not having to over-pay for the salary.

        This window will tell me a lot about our chances. So far I am not excited. If we sign Tielemans and Jesus and proper back-up for our injury-prone left back and right back we have a chance to fight for 4th depending on our rivals.

        I think Spurs have made a step (hate to admit it) with the players they brought in and have a more efficient manager (could not get myself to say “the better” manager”.

        The way I see it Spurs, City, and Pool are ahead. Chelsea and Man U are unknowns for me. Tuchel is not normally getting better the longer he stays with a club and Ten Hag is new to the PL and could struggle. And the n of course Newcastle could surprise on the upside or at least take a lot of points from the top 6.

        So we have to have a good transfer window and hit the ground running and we need some top 6 clubs too struggle. All of this is possible.

  20. Arsenal can make it while another striker signed to assist eddy nketiah plus i hope youri tielemani.

  21. I dont think the club is going to make the same mistake again after missing top4 narrowly they have got hire chances to change everything in the upcoming season.

  22. REALISTICALLY , not even a one percent chance of the title. Not even one in a thousand either. I hope for fourth place but hope, and not demand.

      1. Even more realism DK – it’s strange how the goalposts keep moving with Mikel in charge and your excellent recall of what has been said, quoted, demanded and/or wished for, always backs up your argument/views.

        It seems not obe5fan/supporter believes we will win the PL – at least we are all agreeing on something at last!!!

  23. Why so defensive Admin Pat, why not wait till the end of the season and have the last laugh over the doubters. We all want to be proven wrong of course You obviously have a lot of faith in the system and the “super six” who were brought in last summer. Others such as Sydney are saying, ” all we need” are four top signings which means that not a lot of progress has really been made. Unless we do make those signings and get an upgrade on that horribly static midfield we will be standing still again. As also mentioned above, at least please improve the quality of the football that we have had to endure over the past two seasons.

  24. The question is a hypothetical one demanding a hypothetical answer. I will answer it by asserting that yes it is possible for Arsenal to win EPL next season. Obviously hypothetical issues are matters of conjecture, assumption, probability, guess, bet etc. Thus nobody is right or wrong in such circumstances. This is why I say it is possible for Arsenal to win the EPL. Conjecture aside, I feel there are a number of positive factors about Arsenal which any analyst should bear in mind. First and foremost is the fact that Arteta has now gained more managerial experience and hence he is now more competent and confident than previously. Secondly, Arsenal has been building a more formidable team which will soon be able to compete with any other. When one examines our team with the players we already have and those we are likely to get one can see that we shall truly stand up to be counted. It is therefore no surprise to say that Arsenal are no longer pushovers. If Leicester could win the EPL with virtual unknowns why can’t Arsenal pull a surprise? In life anything is possible. When I examine our team I feel satisfied that we are moving in the right direction. I cannot unequivocally state that we shall win the league this season but I am optimistic about our likely performance this season.

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