Arsenal’s options for Man City after Ozil injury?

It turns out that the reason that Lukas Podolski was the only Arsenal player in the Germany squad that was beaten by Argentina 4-2 in a friendly repeat of the World Cup final, was that Mesut Ozil had picked up an injury in the Gunners’ disappointing draw at Leicester City last weekend.

The German playmaker flew out late to meet up with his international team mates, as revealed in a Daily Mail report. So although it does not sound like a long term problem, it could see Ozil miss the Euro 2016 qualifying clash with Scotland on Sunday and, knowing our luck, he may not be ready for the visit of Man City to the Emirates next Saturday.

Arsene Wenger will obviously be hoping that Joachim Low uses common sense and caution and keeps Ozil out of action, but there is a good chance he could play him and that would increase the likelihood of Arsenal losing him for the big Premier League clash. So assuming that the midfielder is unavailable, what are the options for Wenger?

I personally would not push Jack Wilshere further forward into the number 10 role, especially against City’s powerful midfield of Toure and Fernandinho. There is always Santi Cazorla, of course, but Wenger seems determined to play him on the left and he does not seem confident to start Podolski or Campbell there yet. I would like to see him play Tomas Rosicky there, as the Czech international speeds up our passing and does have the knack of unlocking defences with a killer pass. Plus, he is gagging to play.

However, a few days after facing City, we travel to Dortmund to face Rosicky’s former club. If Ozil was going to miss both games, it might be better to save Rosicky for Dortmund and go for Cazorla in the number 10 role against City. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. We have lot of player who can fill in the roles Mesut plays… be it CAM(Cazorla,Wilshere,Rosicky) or
    LW(Podolski,Campbel) ….
    so no need to worry… next article please…

      1. SZCZESNY


    1. Ozil will play city game… He needs to help us win dat game, after he made us loose 6 – 3 in d last game… He has to make us believe dat he has adapted well… And I think the city game is the first challenge for him

  2. Didnt we kick city arpund for fun few weeks ago without ozil? Didnt cazorla even score? And didnt cqzorla even track back and prevent city from scoring?

    1. In that game City didn’t play with their starting 11, specially their defence was weak.They were out of Pablo Zabeleta, Vincent Kompony, Dimichilis, Mangala, Fernandinho, Silva and Auguero.And now all are fit and present, so don’t expect last time result.

    1. How about Sanchez on the left, Welbeck through the middle and Ox on the right? I know Sanchez is more effective on the right, but after watching Ox tear it up on the right for England Wednesday night, I cant help but think we need to get him in there!

      1. interesting proposal… do you think we can rest Sanchez all together? I know thats risky, maybe he can come from the bench and play instead of Welbeck in the middle…

        1. That’s a brave call… I think Sanchez has to start. He (alongside Ramsey) is arguably our biggest goal-threat. This game against City will be a season-defining game, can’t risk taking chances!
          The attacking trio of Sanchez, Welbeck and Ox is even more ideal for this City game as all three get back and help in defence, which will be vital!

          1. yea.. your plan sounds better… how I pray Wenger would just read what you typed… or atleast come close to make that forrmation..

            1. Well I don’t see it as my plan, I think it is something that the majority of Arsenal fans want to see, including yourself. The problem with having two great CAM’s in Cazorla and Ozil, Wenger will sacrifice a spot on the pitch (most often left wing) to accommodate them both. It kills our counter-attacking from deep as we have one side of the field completely shut down, hence 90% of our counter attacks of late all come down the right, which shuts down so many options.

  3. I would play
    Podolski Welbeck
    Sanchez Rosicky
    Ramsey Flamini

    quick passing movement between Rambo, Tomo and Sanchez. Few long rangers from Podolski Welbeck will tap in the shots that get spilled
    Bang 6-3 revenge

  4. First things first Jack Wilshere must be dropped,Cazorla at number10 with Campbell on LW,Sanchez RW and Welbeck upfront in the midfield Ramsey and Arteta to start!

    1. Jack’s form is picking up and if wenger decides to use the chaotic 4-1-4-1, sorry to burst your bubble but JW fits in perfectly.
      Key to the game will be who plays the LW and whichever the team wenger picks, Ozil/ Cazorla should not be the LW for this game

  5. I don’t think anyone has played particularly well yet this summer, particularly at arsenal. Ok costa and cesc appear to be clicking at Chelsea, but even against everton they could have shipped goals long as well as score them. I believe it’s the world cup effect, it’s not just the players that went, but everyone is affected because with players and even managers coming back late pre.season is disrupted. Now after just 2 weeks we are in the middle.of another disruption with yet more injuries, plus every team near enough will be trying to bed in new players. Just look at arsenal, welbeck.and ospina have yet to start their arsenal careers, podolski Walcott rosicky campbell gibbs diaby coquelin bellerin arteta martinez hayden akpom bellerin have hardly kicked a ball between them, whilst many others have only played 2 matches.

    But we shouldn’t be dropping anyone either, no one has really played badly. This season more than any other rotation is going to be key and fitness levels will be a massive point at this early stage. Arsenal now have 2 top quality players for every position and in some cases 3, we should be looking at playing the fittest players in their best position in every game and then when everyone is at the same level then sent le into the best x1, but rotation is still important to.keep up the fitness. This is where shad forsythe and colin lewin should be working with wenger the most, especially from Tuesday onwards monitoring the levels of those returning from international duty.

    1. we all remember him.. but the guy is just shy, can never see him on the pitch…

      on a serious note, hope some miracles happen and he plays about 10-15 matches..

  6. Welbeck

    Sanchez Carzola Ox

    Flamini Ramsey
    Monereal Kos Mert Debuchy


    Based on the current players available this should be our line up.

    This is a big match we cant just throw in Poldi or Campbell on the left wing as they lack match fitness and have not been in our team for a while (it might spoil our chemistry). This also applies to Gibbo and Arteta if fit, we cant throw them in just yet.

    Carzola for Ozil no dout, Carzola has played more games and is more fit than Ozil currently. His been doing well in Ozil’s absence too and he should be diploid at CAM and NOT the wing.

    Welbeck might be a gamble too but if I were Wenger I would throw him in rather than have Sanogo or Sanchez up there against the big city defenders. Sanchez needs abit more freedom to roam and impact the game playing on the wing rather than restricted to ST.

    We need all our players to put in 100% during this game, playing lazy players on the wing wont help.

    1. I think you are 100% correct, that front three will work hard for 90 minutes non-stop, whether on attack or defence! This is what we need against City.

      Although I’m a bit 50/50 about your choice of Flamini. I personally would prefer Arteta to start…
      Not going to harp on about it, but imagine having a class CDM in that starting line-up. It would make it complete!

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