What are Arsenal’s real targets? Set by Wenger or Gazidis?

What are the Arsenal targets and who takes responsibility?‏ by KM

Hello fellow Gooners! So as of late, our usual season collapse has occurred and the topic has already somewhat shifted to transfers and hopes for next season, as the FA cup is the last thing left for us to fight for till the end of the season.

We might end up in the semis if we go past a tricky Watford side, who’ve done very well coming from the championship, but they’ve really failed to get results against the big teams, and I put it down to the fact they’re still learning, because they were close to getting points off the big boys on a few occasions.

On his press-conference before the game, Arsene spoke about the injuries and it looks like Gabriel and Per might be available and Koscielny will be training soon, so we might survive the defensive disaster, but questions still remain.

Wenger also said it’s too early to judge if the FA cup is the only trophy we could win this year, but you have to feel like it is. And sad thing is that while the FA cup has erased the drought, but it has also masked the real problem.

What is the direction at Arsenal? Do we target titles, or just the top 4? Kinda feels like the latter. When you play football manager, at the start of the season you set targets, and kinda every team does. Leicester had a target of 40 points to survive for example.

I can imagine the talk between Ivan and Arsene would be like this “IG: Same as last year? AW: No problem.” I mean we’re just a wallet for our owner. He doesn’t really care if we win something or not as long as we roll in the dollar bills.

But I feel like the players do and the Ozil and Sanchez contract situation will speak volumes of our ambition, which is unlikely to change. Who will take the responsibility? Arsene said he is bored of the questions about his future, but I’d like him to explain why we failed for the title this season again?

We have accepted mediocrity, it’s why we are still standing where we were 5 years ago. Paul Scholes slammed United after Liverpool destroyed them in the EL and he said that they’re turning into Arsenal, which is sad but true as Metallica would say.

The problem with us dates back to 2014 and that 3 year extension. I mean one year ok, two at max, but 3? Based on what? With the lack of top quality managers available do you see us going all in for Mourinho? Hardly happening. Same with Simeone.

So if we get past Watford and face Chelsea in the semis at Wembley? I can see us losing it just like at the Emirates, because it’s their only hope of a trophy and we’re mentally jaded against them. What will be the excuse then?

We’re in a tricky situation, but even if Arsene delivers the FA Cup, a new contract extension shouldn’t be even considered unless supreme improvements are made, which is unlikely. I want to see the direction of this football club and where it is pointing at right now!

But what I’m seeing so far is a movie we’ve all seen so many times before. It’s a big summer for Arsenal! Hopefully there’s a twist in the plot that nobody expects!



  1. We have been lucky with the Fa cup draws so far!
    Infact we were supposed to be lucky in the premier league as well… what with all the big clubs faltering,
    but hey, destiny can only put so much on a plate for you!
    and if you don’t know how to eat it…. your gonna starve ?
    ( Trophies)

    Back to the Fa cup:
    Destiny will hand defeats to Chelsea and Man utd lol ?
    So, we will probably get drawn against Palace and then meet Everton in the final … unless you would prefer West Ham?
    ? ??

  2. Some will say its still too early to completely write off our chances of winning the EPL and that we should wait until the end of the season before we pass judgement on Wenger, the players and our season in general…..an assertion which in theory is very much correct, although whether we have what it takes to actually do it is anyone”s guess…even Wenger keep sayin he should be judge at end of season which is pretty much how it should…….but when we all know that NOTHING will happen to him ir his job when and if we end up without the title then it sort of defeat the whole purpose of waiting till end of season….for someone who boldly came out and said more than once that he has the players who can win the title and so does not need additions to the squad it would been a true test of that belief if his job was actually on the line…..fail to win it and you are gone…..but as we are now, even if we end up empty handed and of season it will be business as usual, fans keep getting shanked, players keep getting the lotto win every week, 8.5 millions goes into Wenger’s pocket, the board and Gazidis top up their enormous bank account with even more money and bonuses…everyone wins…except the fans

    1. It sounds as if you can’t wait! until the end of the season?
      Get your banner and head straight to the Emirates,
      Now, Theres a good lad!! ???

      Just Calm down mate!
      I’ve got my ‘John Lennon’ Rosy tinted glasses on!
      And everything is looking swell ? You should buy a pair,
      There Great! ??

      Arsenal have now woken up and it’s rise and shine from now on in!!!… Arsenal will win the league!
      “We Got This” (now where have I heard that before? ? )
      My fat guts have a 80% strike rate ( just don’t stand behind me? ) Trust me, I have a good feeling about this! ?

      * Good job I didn’t mention how we will beat Barcelona 3-1 away and go through on the away goals rule,
      I would of got Slaughtered, if I did… ? Oooh

      1. Bloody expensive these Rosy glasses!
        And i got ripped off ….
        They should have Rosie tinted instead!! ??

  3. Top 4 eleven years in a row
    without winning the League
    is an extraordinary statistic .
    Spurs Liverpool even Everton
    made the top 4 a couple of times
    but dropped out quickly while
    City, Chelsea and Utd have won
    the league multiple times.
    Only Arsenal have a perfect top 4 always
    record but never win the EPL in these 11 years.
    The explanation has been that the club can not compete
    financially yet Leicester is doing fine on 25% of our money.
    Arsenal is a “Tardis” of it’s own .
    Time and relative dollars is success 🙂
    The Arsenal model is known as the “Gazidi$” .
    Guaranteed annual zillions in direct income dollars:)
    Actually I have no idea who runs the club
    but one thing they seem to all agree on is that paying
    the management and players vast incomes is paramount
    but winning the EPL let alone the ECL is of minor import 🙂

    1. BREAKING NEWS : Gazidis has register Arsenal 12 years consecutive ECL involvement to Ripley’s “believe or not”.
      He’ll earn extra cash every time they play this weird things on TV. LOL!

  4. WTF Scholes said? ManUre was turning into Arsenal? First, two beautiful mid fingers for you Paul! ManUre is turning even worse in two years just like your future.
    Damned our 12 years trophy absent is an eternal jokes worldwide.

  5. We will start to have the answers to our questions as from tomorrow when Arsenal host Watford in the FA Cup Q/F match at the Ems. And travel to Camp Nou to face Barca in a Ucl last 16 knockout match. And travel again to Everton for a Barclays Premier League date.

    These 3 Arsenal games will start to show us the direction Arsenal season is heading to. Therefore, let’s endeavour to pray for Arsenal not to stumble on their ways but march strongly through the bad weather and the rough terrain they will face and encounter in these their 3 defining Arsenal’s season games.

    As for me, I am very optimistic Arsenal will arrive home clean and dry in these their 3 next journeys. Amen? Let any Gooner who believes this my optimism will truly come to pass shout a very loud Amen!

    1. God is not a football fan. He is more of a cricket fa as I helps him pass the time better.

      He is certainly not a gooner anyway!

  6. Who ever sets the targets, to me it is quite obvious that the target is to secure CL football and nothing more.

    This club is sucking the life out of me as a fan. For a long time I have known we were not going to win anything any time soon. Yet with every 2 or 3 wins on the trot I would start dreaming again against better judgement. That’s probably what a fan does.

    Each summer transfer window I would search the internet daily to see who Wenger would buy, with growing anticipation until the window would shut and leave me disappointed most times.

    This is the first year in the last 15-20 years that I have not stayed home to watch some Arsenal games choosing to spend my time differently.

    At the moment I can not even think about getting excited about an other transfer window this summer. I know Wenger will show no ambition. I know I will not see the top quality striker I have so hoped for, I know it is not so likely we will bring in a real Patrick Vieira, I know if Man U can not sign a decent CD there is little chance Wenger will bring in a replacement for Per.

    How can we charge ourselves as fans for next season with nothing changing at the club? Should I get excited at the prospect of a season in which Ramsey, Wilshire, Ox, Walcott and Kos don’t get injured? Should I tell myself Giroud will turn into a game changing 30 goal speed monster? Hardly

    I have never found it so hard to get excited about the Arsenal future and if I feel this way, perhaps other fans feel this way to. And that is not a good thing for Arsenal.

    Let’s be honest, if we win the PL this season it will be as a result of a monumental collapse of Leicester not because of our own strong performances. We should be leading the PL by 8 points, not trailing. To me nothing that happens from here on in can change the fiasco that has happened thus far.

    1. Too true, I am the same. I think that with chelsea, manu and manc all having bad seasons Arsenal have had lots of opportunities to go clear ahead in PL, but they have not taken them. Its not a case of the odd bad game or occasional one where luck is against us. Its a case of consistently throwing good opportunites away, not being sufficiently determined and focussed on winning.

      This Arsenal team and manager have demonstrated that even when the top PL teams consistently underperform we cannot win the PL. Its not over yet but we should now be looking down on the other teams and favourites to win.

      All so disappointing.

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