What are the chances of Arsenal losing Bukayo Saka to a rival club?

Bukayo Saka is best served to remain an Arsenal player.

Arsenal is currently enjoying an upturn in form and one player who has been at the forefront of that resurgence has been Bukayo Saka.

The 18 years old has developed well and he is set to play even bigger roles for the Gunners as the season progresses.

However, he currently has less than two years on his current Arsenal deal and his future has become the subject of much speculation.

The Gunners are negotiating with him and his agent over a new deal but he has been attracting the attention of Liverpool and Manchester United.

What are the chances that Saka will join either side?

I do believe that anything can happen, but for the most part, Saka wouldn’t be very smart to swap his current position as a first-team regular for another team.

At Liverpool, he would be sent to their youth team because their first team has a plethora of stars that can’t even make the starting XI and their front three is arguably the best in the world.

Manchester United is dysfunctional, there is no guarantee that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will remain the manager and what would the point be for Saka to join a club that would represent a risk to his future development?

His current wage of £3k per week is too small for the role he is playing in the Arsenal first team and I expect Arsenal to give him a major pay rise, however, if he leaves the Emirate at this time, it may not benefit him in a positive manner.

In conclusion, there is a chance he could leave Arsenal but I would suggest it is minimal.

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  1. Whatever happens, i hope that his advisers are sensible and let him keep his feet on the ground and not his head in the clouds, or theirs. The best thing for Saka would be to sign his first full professional contract (yes i know its not strickly his first) and do his progression through AFC. Many young players have moved to other clubs and made it but many more have failed because they made the wrong decision. He owes Arsenal and Arsenal owes him, its imperative he continues his development where he is valued and understood. His advisers need to think of him and not themselves.

  2. All I see is agent trying to squeeze up cash for their clients. Saka is evidently happy at the club he joined since he was 9yr old.

  3. We can speculate all day long, and write posts every day about Saka’s future, and it isn’t going to change a thing. Saka’s agent and parents will decide ultimately to do what THEY think is in THEIR best interests, not in the player’s, unfortunately. That’s the real world. Let it rest, please!

  4. I think his advisers are his family and they need to do what’s best for him and not themselves. Unfortunately, Anelka’s family were also his ‘advisers’ which didn’t turn out ultimately in his best interests. A little off topic but hopefully Saka will show both Walcott and Iwobi what they are missing at Arsenal when he plays against them tomorrow.

  5. He is homegrown since little kid, having great time with support and guidance of top players around and his coach 100% behind him

    Of course he wants to stay in this dream he lives and fulfills….

    But it depends on how he is treated upon contribution so far…. Fareness of contract offered.

    Can’t rule Reds out if Klopp calls him; Makes sense with Mane announced to Real he already pictures himself in white’s shirt.

    His parents are right to be cautious as they seem to be, 3k/week is not right. He should have weekly bonus of a minimum 50k to make it even, beside to be fare first.

    Kroenke is loving it, he is making money saving on 25 games Saka played this season ; so far.

    That’s 1,5M or so…. That’s why he’s a multi billionnaire from Arsenal
    and why we struggling. All money
    generated goes straight to his pocket.

    In market’s reality, upon his input, such player should be at 100k/week.

    Means Kroenke made 3M saving on Saka this season.

    He is offering 30k!!!! Come on now, this guy us a MVP already, can step in many top teams’ 11. Play CL next year!

    As a parent and agent, I would not sign such a ridiculous deal and take into consideration multiple options offered.

    He can get into Real team today as a LW, bench Mane at Liverpool real fast.

    He is simply the best LW in EPL and every leagues today. Only Mane can have people debate; in a mid table team we at today; I doubt he would do as good. Not in defending for sure which gives him a clear overall edge.

    1. I didn’t know until now that Kroenke is the one who negotiates player çontracts! Get real and stop fooling anyone! Did you imagine there were prophets at Arsenal who could dream that Saka would become a very good player in the future and worthy of a big pay package even before he had played any game? What the managers did was correct at that time. Now that Saka is proving his worthy there is need to review his pay.

  6. Someone on another site pointed out Hudson Odoi is 18 and on 120k a week!!

    So Haaland scored again…Ramsey and Monreal also scored earlier!

      1. I think that’s crazy money! Too much imo…Would we give him that? I doubt it. Would he get that amount anywhere else??? Hmmm……..

  7. He is good but not one in a life time kind of talent. If he stays good if not I won’t loose my sleep over it. It’s not like we loosing Ronaldo or Messi. The fans who think he should be in 50k or more must be joking. How many matches has he played, we don’t know how consistent he is or he will keep developing in same way. It would not be wise to give him a bumper contract based on such short time interval. Let all these young players first prove their worth before we sign them up for mega deals n have another Ozil situation o our hand.

  8. Aarrrhhhh! Whats’s the point, Admin? We’ve had about 3 posts on the same subject and still get widely differing views of what he should be offered. The title may be subtly different, but the content is basically the same.


    1. That would be a massive no SAGooner. I know I sound like a broken record but you do not have to read these articles, you have enough choice now to pick and choose but the idea that we will ignore a players contract situation, any player, is unreasonable. If we dont report on this, what next? not report on Auba contract situation? We would end up with just match reports and nothing else and then the site dies due to no one visiting it because of lack of articles.

  9. Infact..he is too young to dictate to Arsenal. Arteta should just bench hil if he feels his future is not here.

  10. Its very complicated and frustrating because players who are not performing like Ozil and Xhaka are earning more than Saka. Saka cannot go, he just want a significant pay rise

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