What are the odds on Unai Emery getting sacked by Arsenal?

Premier League sack race for new season begins

The Premier League sack race has already begun and Bookmakers put Watford boss Javi Gracia at the head of the betting.

Gracia arrived midway through last season replacing Marco Silva, their 13th new boss in the last decade – and clearly he is not expected to be in place for the long-term.

Aside from Gracia, and it is Mark Hughes next in the betting despite only signing a permanent deal with Southampton this summer.

And despite their decent finishes last season, Leicester’s Claude Puel and Rafa Benitez of Newcastle are then rated as most likely to go.

“We are not even in August and already the public are baying for blood,” said OddsMonkey spokesman Pete Watton.

“But last season we saw he first casualty Frank de Boer just a month into the season, and we saw nearly half the Premier League jobs come up for grabs.

“Javi Gracia has been in charge for less than 12-months but already people believe that he won’t be given too much of a chance during this off-season.

“Of the others, it is no surprise to see Hughes, Puel and Benitez in the mix as they all led the Sack Race at different times last season, and the fact Hughes is now at Southampton rather than Stoke, does not convince anyone that he will have any extra longevity.

“New appointments Manuel Pellegrini and Maurizio Sarri at West Ham and Chelsea respectively, are rated 16/1 shots so the public believe they are far from safe – although they think Unai Emery at Arsenal looks somewhat safer at 25/1.

“The man who is safest as it stands, looks to be Manchester City chief Pep Guardiola – he is a 50/1 to go first, but we actually think that is slightly slim and it could and should be ten times that.”

Premier League Sack Race selected odds – who will be first out?
Javi Gracia (Watford) – 4/1
Mark Hughes (Southampton) – 6/1
Claude Puel (Leicester) – 7/1
Rafa Benitez (Newcastle) – 9/1
Roy Hodgson (Crystal Palace) – 10/1
Neil Warnock (Cardiff) – 16/1
Eddie Howe (Bournemouth) – 16/1
Manuel Pellegrini (West Ham) – 16/1
Marco Silva (Watford) – 16/1
Nuno Espirito Santo (Wolves) – 16/1
Maurizio Sarri (Chelsea) – 16/1
Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham) – 16/1
Sean Dyche (Burnley) – 20/1
Chris Hughton (Brighton) – 20/1
Slavisa Jokanovic (Fulham) – 20/1
Jose Mourinho (Man Utd) – 20/1
David Wagner (Huddersfield) – 25/1
Unai Emery (Arsenal) – 25/1
Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) – 33/1
Pep Guardiola (Man City) – 50/1

Do you think 25/1 is a fair price? Will Emery be given time no matter how he performs at the beginning?

Updated: July 19, 2018 — 12:05 pm


  1. I would say Roy Hodgson first if Zaha leaves then I would say Jose if he starts bad then it would be Sarri for shore before the end of the season

  2. Why do I feel Chelsea will sack Sarri before the season ends.

    Although, I like how his former team Napoli Played last season……..

    1. That’s how Chelsea are successful. They routinely sack managers, then invest, then fall to crap, then start over again. Against all the odds this business plan has worked for them

      1. It’s not a business system its a joke, a owner who have money to burn, paying huge amounts for players, with massive salaries and then sending some of those players out on loan. crazy business if you ask me.

        1. mikey they buy players and loan them so to stop them from playing for other EPL teams but now it’s geting more and more expensive to do that hopefully it’s the end of that

  3. Emery’s position is assured until next season

    1. He has already made his first huge blunder.

      The board want to sell Ramsey but he seems to have have dug his heels in and wants to keep him at the club.
      Mr Emery,,, “Ramsey is a selfish little toerag”
      He has no intention of signing an extended contract on the terms being offered. He will run down the present holding the club to ransom for what he wants (just like his play on the field) meanwhile you are holding up the clubs vital transfer business by insisting that he stays.
      Get rid of him now,, PLEASE,,, he is not bigger than the club

      1. Emery has said that the contract is down to Ivan, Sven and Raul. He has said they know he likes Rambo and it is up to them…

        I do not think they are going “Mr Emery, sir. Can we please sell Ramsey?, pretty please sir, I got some cherries to go on top of that as well… PLEASE…..”


  4. Ian wrights bruva

    Is this a serious topic? The new boss should be given at least 2 years to try and put his mark on the club.

    Might have a £1 at odds of 1000/1.

    Roll on the start of the season, we are getting desperate for topics to talk about😄

  5. Gooners honest truth what do you think of this starting line-up?

    Aubamuyang Ozil Bellerin

    Ramsey Torreira
    Monreal Mustafi Movraponas Lichtsteiner

    1. Is this Wenger? Is that you Wenger?…..Always playing players out of position and stopping their growth….We know Bellerin was a winger in his youth days….but this will clearly stop his growth.

  6. Well this is a very positive, optimistic article. ….not.

    Seriously he should get at least the whole season. Also it shouldn’t depend on reaching the Top 4. I don’t expect us to reach the top 4 this season. City, Spurs, United and Liverpool are ahead of us in terms of quality. Defensively, offensively and central midfield. At least we have Aubameyang and Lacazette in attack and a quality defensive midfielder. But it will take next summer to get all the players we need. So i expect us to finish 5th or 6th again.

    Im hoping Sokratis, Guendozi and Leno will show me something positive against PSG, Atletico, Sevilla and Chelsea

    Another thing to keep in mind is that I think Ramsey, Welbeck and Monreal are all on their final season of their contract. Will they re-sign or will we replace them?

    1. Its interesting that you fail to mention our biggest signing namely Torreira who will allow Xhaka to play in his true position as a deep lying midfielder. Having seen how the Spurs players performed in the World Cup for England I see no problems in finishing above them. Let’s not forget we have Ozil and Mkhitaryan to supplement the attack. Of course Emery will be given at least 3 years to get the team to the very top as it’s not the Arsenal way to sack managers after a short time.

      1. Ive mentioned Torreira dozens of times. In almost every comment I type,i mention him. Hes my favorite signing. Im very excited that we finally have a quality defensive midfielder

      2. Please spend a little time to watch Xhaka play,, He is a minimalist ballplayer who just finds a space where there is no one close enough to challenge let alone tackle him, takes one touch then pass the ball on.. He does not intend to get involved with anything physical if he can help it
        He is cheating the fans of the who paid 35 million for his services to play a committed game not swan around like a prima Donna,
        Arsenal conceded over 50 league goals last season mostly because of a lack of midfield presence,, he was the man in the middle

        1. I agree with you completely,Xhaka is the poorest midfielder we have right now,I’ve watched him closely since 2016 and I’ve come to conclusion. He just can’t do anything, he is damn too slow,sometimes I wonder how he become a footballer.In fact I really want to know who recommended him for Arsenal in the summer of 2016.

    2. Yes, they are ahead of us last season because we finished 6th and that was due to coaching system. Players abilities for players abilities i don’t see how all these team are ahead of us.If arsenal winning the I’m sure it will be a surprise to many but not me because I believe we have being underperforming with crop of players we have. With Emery in charge things are going to be different and we are going to see new arsenal players and I’m the ones developed by our former coach.

      1. I mean not *

    3. How can you say Spuds is ahead of us offensively?
      Spuds have HKane to score them goals and… umm…. Hmmm…. That all folks!

      We have Auba who last season (his 1st in EPL) he was scoring a goal on average once every 106 mins compared to Kanes 103 mins, according to BBC Website.

      We also have Laca though… Better goal per min than Son from the spuds and do not forget that Laca needed surgery and came back MUCH stronger than pre surgery.

      Arsenal have one of the best attacks in the world now, our 2 main strikers are comparable to any other top striker and we shouldn’t feel let down about our attack in any shape or form.

  7. People seriously complaining that an article states Emery is the 3rd least likely to be sacked behind Kloop/Pep as if it was a negative? The reading comprehension of some people on here is staggering.

    1. 👍and Angus this is the bookmakers market; they have to set some initial odds which may change through the season.
      The Arsenal has always been loyal to manager, Bruce Rioch being the notable exception, so 3rd place behind the current champion manager Guardiola and a manager charged with rebuilding Klopp is about right.

  8. Emery will never get sacked…

    we have a very strong attack and have strenthened our defense compared to last season

    top 4 is a guarantee

    1. Definitely is John 👍

  9. Naby Keita was very impressive today for Liverpool. Really good signing. I think Salah and Keita are better signings than their bigger fee signings of Van Dijk and Allison.
    We need a box2box cm like Keita

    1. I can play the box2box role and won’t even require a transfer fee but at 36 I might not be around too long 😂

      1. I can pick you ahead of Xhaka

        1. Hayzed 👍

      2. Your the same age as Petr Cech and only a tiny bit older than our new RB Lich, better dust your boots of John 😛

        Only Box to Box role I can do is going from the cookie box to the smartie box…. XD

        1. Haha @Midkemma I bet you can get there quicker than Xhaka 😂

          1. Midkemma, you would have to beat me or knock me out the way, if it was a box of peanut M&M’s.

    2. yeah, Allison has had one good season. I’m surprised he’s been so hyped up. I don’t watch Serie A though. He made some good saves in UCL, but let in 7 against the team that is buying him. Untested in WC as well. Brazil didn’t let too many shots on goal in general. We’ll see how he does for LFC.

      1. I will support any club to pay that much for a keeper that can go unbeaten for a whole season.

  10. Unai Emery is gonna be a fantastic coach for Arsenal! Everyone praises how good Jürgen Klopp is yet he’s won nothing at Liverpool and is a serial loser in cup finals! Unai has won 3 Europa league titles in a row with a mid sized Spanish team on limited funds.. that achievement can’t be overlooked in fact if Klopp or Guardiola done that everyone would be singing their praises from the rooftops! We should be overjoyed we have a top class manager who knows the modern game very well and has a vast amount of experience and still only 46.. people will say he failed at PSG.. he did not fail he won the treble he just didn’t win the Champions league big deal many top managers don’t win the Champions league in just 2 years and there’s no guarantee Tuchel will win it either! With another 2 signings this window we might be pleasantly surprised come may and tying down Emery to a longer contract! COYG 😀

    1. Indeed with a squad containing auba, laca, leno, miki, etc…

      Emery cant fail…

      his target is just too 4…and its very easy to achieve with auba

      1. Some tweaking and 2 more signings we can go higher than 4th call me a dreamer but I’m confident.. spurs have to adapt into a new stadium could also be losing alderweireld, Chelsea have a manager who’s won nothing in his career and is in his 60s Liverpool usually flatter to deceive and man u don’t frighten anyone with their boring pragmatic football

        1. Exactly….

        2. Spurs don’t have top notch players. What they have is togetherness, stability and a good coach who know how to use the resources at his disposal with less pressure from media. That is why they always fell by the wayside when the going get tough. Put them through what arsenal went through during Wenger era together with Liverpool they would be in championship by now.

          1. I don’t know. Kane, Ericksen, Lloris, Alderweirld, Vertonghen are really good.

            But I completely agree that they play well as a team.

    2. @John Wick, Emery won 3 europa leagues…. So u mean to tell me Klopp didn’t achieve anything with Dortmund before being poached by Liverpool?
      Its Emery’s time in England, when he challenges and wins stuff in Epl is when i’ll rate him higher than Klopp…
      Klopp even reached the Ucl final at some point with Dortmund….can u seriously compare that Dortmund team with Emery’s Psg team?

      1. Since Klopp has been winning all the trophies in England,that makes him the man to beat?

      2. Best thing to do is compare Klopp of last year to Emery last year..
        Or compare Klopp from 4 years ago and then compare that to Emery of 4 years ago.

        Over the past 4 years though… Emery has won a lot more than Klopp has with Liverpool. Klopp and Emery can both work with small name signings and make them better players, it’ll be interesting to see how well Emery settles and if he can bring his abilities to the forefront.

      3. Khadii no one remembers losing finalists but I bet you any money Klopp remembers Liverpool losing the Europa league final to Sevilla and to a certain Mr Emery!

  11. I am very confident #UnaiEmery will be pilot Arsenal become a strong genuine title contender this Season (2018/19). Hopefully, great result through our friendly match with PSG, Atl. Madrid, Chelsea and Porto soon will prove Arsenal and Emery on the right track back to where is/was Arsenal belong a decade ago.

    1. we won’t play Porto but Sevilla

      1. We won’t play Sevilla but Lazio (the fixture has been updated)

  12. Auba/Laccazat/Ozil
    ………Bernd Leno………

  13. Odds are here gets 22 years to figure it out 😂

    1. **He gets**

  14. Kane is really good others are ok.. How much EPL clubs are paying for players is frightening. I feel they have being bullied into submission or is it an act of desperation. When Pavarrd was think to EPL clubs i read his price to be in excess of 40s and now that Bayarn Munich want him the price is just 31m. The same with Kluivert, 40m plus when linked with manu and he went to Roma for 15m. Liverpool paid 65m for Alisson and chelsea paid 57m Jorginho more than we paid for all our signing so far.

    1. Seri was 35mil for Arsenal but went to fulham for jst under 20mil

  15. Emery is a quality coach, even before Valencia he got Almeria promoted to the first division in Spain with a very limited budget. He had Negedo as a youngster, on loan from Madrid and really brought him on. I can’t wait for the season to start and I can’t remember the last time I said that and meant it!

  16. I wonder what was the intention of the writer.

    Demoralize us or to mock someone for losing his job.

    Either way…. lame.

    Maybe the writer should put himself up in a similar list in office.

  17. Depends on how well he does.

    If Emery has put us into the bottom 3 then I hope he would be removed.
    If Emery keeps us in the top half of the table then I am happy to give him time, I do not expect top 4 instantly and from what I have read, neither do a lot of people here, we just want to believe that the club is moving forward in the long run… Even if we may have to take a step backwards before moving forward.

    There is a bottom line that can be crossed but that bottom line (for me) is really low.

  18. This topic is only raised on here as we have a brand new manager, one who has not even managed one competitive game yet. Despite this the author chooses to ask what the odds are on him being the first manager sacked. HOW PATHETIC ! How pathetic too that the author can think of no Arsenal other topic to pen instead of this TRASH. Shame on you Admin. You have gone down as a person in my opinion. Other than my opinion of this topic and of the person who wrote it I will not further dignify this topic with a meaningful reply. How petty can you be!

    1. Calm Down Mr Angry!
      There is a price for EVERY manager, and Emery is extremely unlikely to be sacked! No-one is picking on him….


    2. 👍🏻 Agreed

      1. jon and Jeremy, I agree with Admin; it’s only a bookmaker’s market. Let us not over react; they have to set a price.

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