What are the Pros and Cons of Arteta’s reign so far?

Has Arteta impressed so far? by ThirdManJW

Firstly, I must make it clear that it is far too early to draw any real conclusions on Arteta’s reign. He joined us at almost the half-way stage, so no pre-season, he hasn’t made a permanent signing yet (although it’s looking likely Mari may be his first), and he inherited a mess! Despite that, has Arteta impressed us? Yes and no, for me.

I must admit that I wasn’t enthralled with his appointment. Given the mess at Arsenal, we needed an experienced head. It’s not to say that Arteta hasn’t got potential, but is the Arsenal job just too much for someone with no experience? Maybe Arteta is the right man, but at the wrong time? As I have already said, Arteta has not got a lot to work with, but these are my thoughts on the current Arsenal manager anyway:


Young, hungry manager that wants to make a name for himself.

Former Arsenal player. So, he has some idea of the culture, values of the club, and its problems.
Spent a long time playing under Moyes, and Wenger, before working with Pep as a coach. Hopefully Arteta will have learnt a lot about the defensive, and attacking side of the game from these three, which could give him a balanced view of how his team sets up tactically.

I love the way he conducts himself in interviews, and the language used. Very firm, straight down the line. Seems very confident.

Has already proven he’s not afraid to make bold decisions.

He has spent the last 16 years in English football as a player and a coach, so he will have a deep understanding of our league.

Although the results, and performances haven’t been fantastic, I do feel that we are playing a little better as a unit (pre lock-down). I think Arteta has identified our defensive issues as a priority, as we seem to be slightly more defensive than attacking.

Seems to have recognized the disconnect between the fans and the club. As a fan, I appreciate this.


Although I feel we’re slightly more defensive under Arteta, I am still not 100% sure of what his style is?

Some of his team selections, and substitutions have been utterly baffling. Most notably Martinelli’s exclusion. There are a few theories as to why he’s suddenly out the team, but let’s not forget that Arteta pretty much excluded Martinelli pre lock-down as well, which would render these theories redundant. Has Arteta even picked his best starting XI yet?

The results, and performances haven’t been great, and I don’t see any signs of that changing anytime soon.

Has he got the experience to deal with so many problems?

I haven’t been overly impressed with Arteta’s in-game management. He seems to be more reactionary, than proactive. The Olympiakos, Chelsea, and Brighton defeats are good examples of this. Not just because we lost, but one could tell that there really needed to be some tactical changes before it was too late.

We’re being told that Arteta is involved in the signing of players, if this is true, then that is a worry, given that there’s rumors of Mari, Cedric, and Luiz staying at the club.

He had a mini pre-season during the backend of the lockdown, and we have looked terrible since the restart. Very surprised by this.

So, there is more pros than cons for me, but the lack of experience coupled with the state of Arsenal, is a huge con! I will only make a proper judgement on Arteta deep into next season, or even at the end of the 20/21 season.

What are your thoughts on Arteta so far?



  1. The timing of your article is unfortunate TM in that we all need more information concerning the three apparent signings, and the background to the injury to the talented Martinelli.If he has been carrying a niggle to his knee for a few weeks, is it little wonder that Arteta decided not to risk him during the past few weeks.I shall respond to your article when the situation has been clarified.

    1. Even when he was fit before the lockdown, Arteta has hardly used Martinelli. He has been one of our best performers this season. At this rate, we could lose the kid.

    2. It is confirmed by the club
      Luiz 1 year extension
      Cedric,mari long term deals
      Ceballos loan extension

  2. Good article TMJW and I agre with all the pro Arteta comments but dissent on most of the cons . To my mind, Arteta has not yet had a ghost of a real chance. We are now reaping the terrible price for what this badly owned and badly run(at board level) club has incompetently done and the numerous and costly mistakes they have made ever since, by first ousting David Dein and then by betraying us all by seelling to Kroenke back in 2007. THAT sale was the day our club started its constant and steadily worsening regression and we are now paying the ultimate price for betrayal and greed.
    As to the near term future , things can and will only get worse still while KROENKE STAYS AS OWNER. Every other matter is dwarfed by that dreadful prospect and no manager on earth -not Klopp nor Guardiola – givenTHIS pitiful squad full of joke, clown so called “defenders” and guileless and gutless midfield has a hope in hell of improvement anytime soon.
    With no money to spend and the decision to renew Clown Luiz’s contract for another year-because Kroenke will not sanction funds on defenders of proven quality – we are almost certain to finish lower still next season than this one. Right now I would anticipate a finish next season of 12-15th and the season after that, God help us! Instead of useless moaning posts about this manager, who has no chance at all with both hands tied behind his back, all Gooners who actually intend to DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THINGS, need to start actively decaring war on the Kroenkes and do all in our power to free our club from their deathly grip.

    If they stay , our days as a top club are already behind us and we will end up like Sunderland , my friends. It is THAT STARK A CHOICE!

    1. I think Leeds (doesn’t make it any less sad). Still with the residual fans, recognizable shirts and a big stadium. Any sniff of a return bringing huge interest. Plus being in London makes a huge difference.

      You will know that we are in really serious trouble when people start focusing on the book value of stadium and training grounds.

  3. To be honest MA could have had more wins if not for some stupid individual errors.
    Every player is trying harder than under Emery

    I wont question his tactics because in every game we played under MA we showed a period in which we play superbly but we dont have the energy and quality to extend those periods.

    His substitutions are somewhat questionable but he will learn with time.I see a very clever soon to be world class manager in him.Please back him gooners.

    1. And about martinelli
      He will sure be a world class player but he still need to learn many things more.
      Its not always about how much energy you bring to the team,its much more than that.Better touches,better game reading,better passes etc are things he need to learn while also keeping his head down.

  4. Well, like you I’ll leave my verdict on Arteta till later next season, but in my opinion, he has started this window on a bad note. But for all our sakes, I do hope he turns things around.

  5. MA need at least until this time next year. Maybe even longer?

    He’s in at the deep end and I doubt he is seeing much in the way of funds from the Kroke family. You could put Pep Guardiola in as manager and I doubt you would get mush more out of this lot?!

    He needs time and we need to support him and club (however difficult it is at times)..

  6. The biggest worry for me Pat is as you say a lack of experience at management level,this was not an easy squad to take on when he did,Emery saw to that,i am backing him for now and hoping that a new season with him putting his mark on the squad will come good ,i don’t want to berate a former captain of our club just finding his way with a difficult squad with players stalling on extensions etc and a stubborn owner too. Give him some time he is going to need it.

  7. Arteta has fallen into the same trap emery did. In his early games he restored arsenals attacking play. We were moving the ball foward faster allowing our better players to shine (ozil was man of the match twice in arteta’s first 3 games). Of course our crap defence leaked soft goals in those games and thats where arteta screwed up. Rather than accept that our shit defence was in need of REPLACEMENT he has been trying to patch it by picking uncreative (but hard working) midfielders. Even our center foward is picked for defencive play. As a result we cannot get out of our own half, hold meaningful possession or create/score goals. And guess what our shit back line is still leaking goals.

  8. Seeing we have been told on numerous occasions that our defence as been sh1t for years ,then an interesting fact that I found was all I needed to know that he was the right appointment.
    Emery’s last 15 games in charge -1 clean sheet
    Artetas first 15 games in charge -7 clean sheets
    Now our defence as been our problem for years ,and the first thing this guy as done is shore that problem up ,he can only work with the players Emery left him .
    I get some fans feel that they know best and he has to play the players that they think should be starting but he sees them day in day out ,I’m happy as long as there is improvement and looking at this FACT then I’m content.
    Im sure results will follow ,the guy just needs backing and the right players .

  9. Mikel Arteta has not been allowed sufficient time. The Covid19 has been disruptive and he needs at least one transfer window and support from the executive management and Board to spend wisely.

  10. He needs time. He also needs a new group of talent spotters and contract negotiators. He can’t do that stuff – not his job and he doesn’t control the purse strings.

    As a number of other commentators have said in other posts this week – Arsenal has spent a fair bit of money – the problem is that the return has been awful. We consistently make bad choices far too often.

    Right now, if I have a yes/no critical decision I want Arsenal mgmt to give me their answer. I will pick opposite and be fine….

  11. If Arteta was instrumental in the contracts issued to Luis and Soares he has gone down in my estimation.We might never know what part he actually played as he may feel he has to be diplomatic when scrutinized by the media, but at a time when the global financial crisis will impact on the budgets of professional football clubs it seems incredulous that our Executive would sanction the signing of a thirty three error prone centre back and the recruitment of a 29 year old full back who is not considered good enough for Southampton on a tour year deal.These signings beggar belief and if Arteta backed these decisions he has left himself open to justifiable criticism from fans including myself.

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