‘What are you drinking?’ – BBC pundits argue over Arsenal star’s all-time ranking

Micah Richards has slammed Alan Shearer for picking Paul Scholes over Arsenal’s Dennis Bergkamp when naming their all-time best number 10s.

The former Man City defender has emerged as one of the most liked pundits on the circuit, with his opinions and comedic laughing live on TV something which is enjoyed by a vast amount of viewers, and the terrestrial TV channel has done a spin-off where Micah and Alan Shearer give their opinions on the best to have graced the Premier League.

This time around, they were asked to rank their 10 best number 10s to have graced the our game in the PL era, and while both of them had Dennis Bergkamp in the top two of their selection, Richards was livid with Shearer’s decision to select Paul Scholes ahead of the Dutchman.

We may be a little biased here, but I completely agree with Richards. Not only is Scholes naturally a deeper player, but his skillset is in a completely different realm to Dennis, who literally tormented defences with his trickery and flair.

I’m a little surprised that Joe Cole is ranked so highly by bother former players also, as I recall his best years at Chelsea being ruined by injuries, while he was outshone by team-mates such as Lampard, Ballack, Robben and even Damien Duff during his time there, and I barely recall him nailing down a regular first-team role for their side.

Does anyone even come close to Bergkamp in the ‘sausage roll’?


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  1. Shearers a clown ,he also pick Sergio Agüero over Henry as the best player in PL history .
    himself and lineker is the reason I haven’t watched MOTD for years

  2. Plainly, few if any on a Gooner site would pick Sscholes, great player though he was ,above Bergkamp, an undoubted all time great.
    But, if it was Shearers honest opinion, as I believe it to be, he should NOT be pilloried as “a clown” as he was never a clown but a great player himself.

    Unlike DAN KIT, I rarely if ever miss the cerebral regulars on MotD.
    I also allow that they will often have different opinions from Gooners.

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