What are your minimum expectations for Arsenal next season? I’m aiming high…

Hello Gooners. Here’s a question for you: by Sam

What are the minimum expectations for Arsenal next season? The league title? The Champions League? A treble? Any trophy?

Answering the same question, I’d say: Arsenal had a good 2022–23 season; they could have won the league but just lost focus towards the end of the season and lost it.

Next season, every Gooner would expect Arteta and his boys to win the league; not winning would be yet another disappointment. With winning the league not subject to discussion, what of the cups?

Arsenal can prove their intention of being the best next season by beating City in the Community Shield, a tie set to be played before the 2023–24 season starts. City winning the FA Cup and being the Premier League champions means the Community Shield will be a Premier League top two affair. Arsenal ought to announce their intention for the 2023–24 season by thrashing City to show they mean business.

With the Community Shield in their trophy cabinet, Arteta and his boys should go on to conquer England, also vying for the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup. With a much bigger quality squad after using this summer window wisely.

The Gunners can win them all to compensate for going trophyless last term; they owe it to the fans.

With winning the Community Shield, Carabao Cup, FA Cup, and League prioritised, the question is, what of the Champions League? For the Champions League, it’s too early to ask the Gunners to win it next season, the priority is to just announce their return by being able to go as far as they can with no pressure.

So my expectation for Arsenal next season is that they will dominate England, thus picking up silverware in the league and the league cups. Another trophyless season is unacceptable in my opinion.

Sam P

Now the season is over, it’s time for the summer Arsenal quiz from our friends at Dublin Arsenal – It’s always a laugh and helps while away the time while we wait for Arsenal’s first signings to come in!

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  1. A bit premature to talk about expectations. I’d wait and see what we do at the transfer market this summer

    1. That falls under expectations my friend. MA has already had plenty of cash and transfer windows.

        1. So you are saying he’s a cheque book manager then? Has to continuously have a ton of cash to do anything?

      1. Predictions, expectations…it is still pointless when you don’t know what the other teams will look like,how much they’ll spend…..!

  2. Next season will be quite a conundrum for the club. If we have a good run in the cups we will probably suffer for it in the EPL because of the lack of quality on our bench. Even if we spend big this summer it will take time for new arrivals to bed in. I know it sounds pessimistic but imo another top 4 would be a result. Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Newcastle etc. are going to make it difficult for us. A realistic view in my opinion?

    1. But then what’s the whole point of even getting involved in fighting to get Top 4 or challenging for the title?
      We can’t just keep feeling sorry for ourselves about how hard it will be being at the top. When has it never been tricky for any Top 4 / 6 team with the number of games they have to play?

      It’s always been that way. You want to be a Top team then you have got to be prepared to play in different competitions in the same season.

      We pelted our players for having this same mentality at the end of this season. They started to convince themselves that they couldn’t win the league, the rest is history. Same attitude from our players in 2012/22 season where they bottled Top 4 right at the end.

      Every aspect of the real world is always nuanced, tough, and challenging. Never Black and White, there is always a bit ot grey.

      Those that don’t feel sorry for themselves and adapt a tough mentality generally go farther in their endeavours. Those that think life is too hard and keep feeling sorry for themselves never get anywhere. We have been fighting and wishing for years to be back amongst the Top teams. are right now. Now let’s take our opportunity or we will regret it. When your opportunity comes make sure you make the most of it.

      Lets change our mentality let that run off our players / manager. Time to demand more..

      1. Excellent comment, really a great take.

        1. Arteta massively supported by Kroenke
        2. Has his players & good chemistry
        3. Had time to implement his system
        4. Hopefully acquire depth this Summer
        5. Shown progress last couple years

        It’s time to implement goals for the club, and accountability if they are not met.

        Time to break from “top 4” mentality and “good enough” because league is difficult or others are good.

        We are VERY good now, as seen for 90% of the season. Time we instilled the mentality to finish.

        Competition to start and for game time, players dropped and rested when they lose form, and Arteta to be flexible with tactics and not married to just 1 way.

  3. The second place in a one-horse race is a very good achievement in my book

    UCL trophy would be too dreamy, but maybe we can win EL if we get relegated from UCL. I don’t care much about FA Cup and Carabao Cup

    1. Why are we lowering our expectations this early before the season has even begun? You are already talking about us being relegated into the EL cup and winning it.
      Why can’t we go for the CL? When will it ever be the right time again for us as a club / fans to demand more than just making up numbers in the big boy trophies (EPL and CL)? We have never won a CL in our history. Liverpool, United, Chelsea and now City are on the verge of winning it for the first time themselves.

      I feel like this coming season is the season to show that we are back as a club. Not just hanging on for a Top 4 finish or just making up numbers in the CL. Let’s go in with a different mentality/ attitude this time. We have been on this inferiority complex train for far too long.

      Lets go.

      1. Completely agree, the mentality of everyone at the club has to be to win every competition we are in, otherwise what’s the point. Hopefully we have a great transfer window and acquire depth. Keeping the young players in the squad together should also be a priority. I can imagine after a couple of seasons, just how devastating we could be when all these guys have got two more years of experience and gelling, where they know each others movements instinctively across the front line: Ode, Saka, Martinelli, ESR, Nielson, Balogun, Nketia, Marquinhos. I’d love it for Arteta to give Balogun a chance up front next season and the boy smashes 30+ goals. That’s the kind of story I’d love to see as a fan, just to stick two fingers up to the Man city’s of the world, that think money is the only route to success. Our transfer policy of going for young players is working well, we flopped a bit in the last January window and went for slightly older but I think we missed our targets and needed to plug gaps in the squad urgently. I expect that we have a decent recruitment plan in place and hope it doesn’t involve any players that are on the verge of retiring to the sun in the Spanish league but want to take a year out and play for a London club, to do some last minute shopping before they leave. [cough cough, Gundogun].

      2. No one expected Inter Milan to reach the final, lost 12 games in the league, it is the luck of the draw. Anything could happen

  4. Tough to say what minimum expectations should be, but I think CL qualification with a decent showing the league should be one of them.

    I do also think there needs to be a little pressure on us winning a trophy next season.

    Arteta has done an unbelievable job, but he has raised the expectation level, and Arsenal is a big club that should be winning trophies.

    After that early FA Cup win, we have been quite poor in all our cup games, so we do need a good showing next season.

    1. I do have a somewhat similar expectation to yours.
      We heve got to be much more than just bridesmaids next season.

  5. Anyone of the European big jug and a top four finish.
    If Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Newcastle and Man u manage to neutralize each other and we narrowly steal the big jug that would be just fine.

  6. Top eight in the Champions League and another top four finish in the EPL would make for a successful season. I don’t think we have the ” DNA” to be Champions just yet. In fact it will probably take a minor revolution in owner ambitions, player turn over and manager’s learning capabilities to achieve.

  7. Arsenal need players and a little miracle to over take Man City. But with Jesus and Moises in there squad they may just get that miracle that they need to over take MC. Amen to that!

  8. The current boys will be much better next season. Two seasons of tough and disappointing end had strengthen the mentality of players otherwise. The 3 additions during winter was quality therefore I’m expecting more quality additions during the summer. I’m sure the new boys, whoever it is because I know Arteta will buy smart, will make the team better and more competitive. While on loan players except for Marquinhos, will be sold, I hope other backups like Holding, ESR, Nelson, Viera, Nketiah and Elneny will stay and contribute significantly like other first team players. Winning any of the 4 competitions at place next season, we need bigger squad where everyone ready to fight and die for this great club. I can’t hide my excitement for next season.

  9. With the current squad the aim would have to be top four and a strong cup run.
    If we strengthen considerably we could challenge for the league again. This will be very difficult as other teams will be better prepared. The Arsenal squad still do not have the range of options that MC have.

  10. I care about titles, we must start winning for the fans and the youngster players to dream big.

    At least: qualify for the CL and win 1 or 2 titles.

    Remember that we need to get good players before we start dreaming big, and now that we are in the CL and had the 2nd place, any player would like to join us.

  11. – Win EPL


    – End top 4 in EPL
    – No more FA Cup embarrassment, win FA Cup


    – End 2nd in EPL
    – Win League Cup


    – End top 4 in EPL
    – Make semis in UCL

    Community Shield I don’t consider much of a trophybas it’s a one off game and technically we shouldn’t even be playing in it.

  12. I expect another season where we push City till the end. And let’s stop this now apparent pattern of mental meltdown we have shown in these last two seasons. With about 7 or so games to go we have buckled losing Top 4 to Spurs in 2021/22 and then giving the title away to City this season (2022/23).

    I want 84 points or more, no lower than 2nd.

    Then I will know that we are still progressing. Can’t be finishing 3rd or 4th on 72 points and more than 10 points behind City etc..

    That’s where my head is at.

  13. Remaining competitive next season and that means top4 and a reasonable run in the CL. Last season saw a gigantic leap forward but it was at the expense of the FA cup and Europa League, so having enough depth to fight on more fronts is required

  14. Aterta and the team have to start winning some trophies. My expectations? I want to see improvements everywhere and most importantly improvement from the 2nd position in the league. A quarter final in the UCL maybe.

    But first things first, get quality reinforcements in this Summer window

  15. A strong challenge for the PL and a good run in the CL where we are a surprise package. I want us to be one of the favorites for the league and a good outsider bet for the CL. I want the world’s biggest players to see Arsenal as a favorite destination because we are competitive

  16. Well, how we perform next season will depend to a large extent on the summer recruitment. We have to have quality depth and not only that, the current back up players should improve and improvise on their performances since we cannot buy a quality back up XI. That said, I feel a quality midfielder, Rice/Caicedo, a quality full back/defender, a quality striker and if possible another quality winger to rotate with Saka/Martinelli would complete the signings. After this, Arsenal must go all out to conquer England and go deep in the CL. For this , the team has to play well consistently and hopefully, key players must stay injury free.

  17. I suggest the writer should speak only for himself.

    I dislike overhyped comments that attempt to speak for all Gooners, many of whom will have all sorts of various opinions about which team will win the title next season

    Most will, IMO, agree with me ,albeit in the privacy of their own heart and brain, though possibly not in public, that City will once again win the title. I expect we will make another decent challenge but claim no more than that and even that is only my OWN opinion. I THINK,only THINK, many Gooners will do so too .

    But I stop short of proclaiming that they will agree with me. I have not that right. AND NOR, SAM P, do you!

  18. My minimum expectation for the upcoming season, is that Arteta develop better tactics, as well as man management skills. He already has a solid group of players to call upon. Jus sayin…

  19. My minimum expectation for next season is to be consistent right until the end of the season and not suffer a drop-off in form and results. I actually think this is more important than where we finish.

    Top 4 would be a success if we can couple it with the consistency I just mentioned, otherwise we are just going round in circles. We must not falter when it gets scary.

  20. Regardless of what happens next season I will be happy if we:

    – Dominate majority of our games. Like How City dominated Real Madrid at the Etihad. No more extremely lucky outcomes

    – Get rid of the “underdog” title regardless of who we are playing

    – Reach the finals of a European competition

    – Beat Manchester City when it counts

    These are metrics we have to deliver in to consider next season as a success.

  21. Why are people already giving out excuses?
    Top 4 will be a success? Why?
    So are you saying we can’t compete next season cos we’re lucky? Never heard anybody say we’re lucky, all i hear is Arteta is a genius and we compete because of Arteta tactics. Arteta tactics is going no where, so why don’t you believe he will compete next season.
    All it now dawn on you that we are lucky because Chelsea and Liverpool don’t get it right?

    For me, the only thing that we make next season a success is to have 85 points next season without signing a single player but with our new signing, i’m expecting 88 to 90 points even if we only make 5th position with that points. We must have more points than next season.
    Go further in all Cup games with the new signings.

    If they meet all this criteria, then next season is a success but without that that’s us going further down.

    Signing players with the highest money doesn’t mean we perform better, ask Brighton. So enough of we don’t have money to sign big players. I know if Caicedo and Rice are both Arsenal loany, no one will believe in them.

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