What are your targets for Arsenal this season?

My modest Arsenal’s expectations, what are yours? By Sylvester Kwentua

Hi famz. Last night I seriously pondered over Arsenal’s new found form and wondered if it was not yet time to place a target on the team? As the gunners seem to be getting better from game to game, it won’t be a bad idea to place a target on them, and see if they can at least be proud of achieving something at the end of the season.

So what are the targets I feel the club’s management could give Arsenal this season right now? Simple! A Carabao Cup trophy and a top four finish, probably 3rd position. And yes, Arsenal can achieve those. Don’t get me wrong please, an FA cup trophy would be wonderful, but personally, I wish to see Arsenal start dominating in other competitions too, hope you understand me?

At the moment Arsenal are in the Quarter finals of the Carabao Cup and their next game is against Sunderland, which will be played on Tuesday December 21, at the Emirates stadium.

Arsenal can win this game if they want to, and then they move to the semifinal. In the semis, they could meet any of the EPL big boys, but I feel they will equally be uncomfortable playing against Arsenal, just as Arsenal may be, right?

So as I was saying, in the Semis, Arsenal has a strong chance of winning, only if they want it badly, which I believe they should. Then when they get to the final, I believe whoever Arsenal meets, the game will be an interesting one. A game I believe Arteta won’t want to lose. So just imagine Arsenal winning a trophy they have only won twice before, won’t that be beautiful?

A top four finish has normally being the target at Arsenal, and me talking about it will just be adding salt to already spiced food.

Arsenal needs to get back to Europe and even better if they get back to the UEFA champions league! They have been away from the big boys competition for so long and it is hurting their status in Europe. Claiming a UEFA Champions league spot should be Arteta’s dream finish to this season, if I may say.

However, if I may add a little more pressure on Arteta, can I ask he ends the season in third?

It is almost impossible to win the EPL with the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City in hot form, so it is almost possible to end the season in 3rd position! All Arsenal need is consistency, starting from their next game on Thursday. Are these targets too much to ask?

We are Arsenal and proud.



  1. United has a stellar squad and should recover to 4th. Conte will improve Spurs. So 5th or 6th is my hope but 7th would do …just. Would getting 8th but winning the Carabao/FA Cup thus making the EL suffice? For me yes because its European football.

  2. Minimum should be top 6 and Europa league football at least.

    Hard to claim progress after 2 years if we miss out on Europa league again. Club has a good young core, and now there should be standards in place to ensure improvement.

    Then club should move on from players, coaches, managers, and upper level staff who can’t meet the standards.

    Otherwise I fear complacency and mediocrity will become acceptable, and excuses will be commonplace.

    Time to act like a big club, standards matter.

    1. Agree with a lot there Durand. Can only hope that it’s Josh Kroenke who doesn’t accept mediocrity. I believed in the Top4 is a trophy malarkey but in truth that is an acceptance of mediocrity.

      Top 6 is the minimum that is acceptable. A cup would be good too

  3. Our targets should be to win every game we play, whatever competition the game is in and whoever is the team we play.

  4. target = passing the all-important “eye test”

    if that’s achieved, positive results will natural follow

    so far, minus a four-pack of fixtures against our North London rivals, LC and a couple of also-rans, his tactics against top competition have failed this test miserably

    as such, Arteta’s ability to get the best out of our players in tomorrow’s match and then navigate the always tricky December/January fixture list will go a long way into determining ours and his future prospects

  5. Best case scenario is top 4, and a cup. I’d only tolerate a 5th place finish to be convinced Arteta is actually going anywhere with this team. He has to start performing and moving us up the table now…

  6. I expect a top 6 finish and win the League/FA Cup. That would be a good start after 2 dismal seasons. Lets be realistic.

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