What Arsenal can expect from Brighton on Sunday

It is a little tricky to guess what sort of frame of mind Brighton will be in when they kick off against us on Sunday and that is because relegation rivals Cardiff City play a day earlier.

If Cardiff City fails to beat Crystal Palace then they are more or less relegated, a draw would see them three points behind Brighton but the goal difference is so big that the Seagulls would be safe. If Cardiff were to win then they would be just a single point behind Chris Hughton’s men.

You just know that if Brighton is safe by the time they face us they will be more relaxed and not as desperate, however, if they need points they will defend in the same manner they did against Spurs recently.and that strategy nearly worked out for them.

All that said, I am going to ignore the potential outcomes and even put the context of the game to one side and just concentrate on how Brighton have performed against the top six on the road this season.

It has been nothing but losses but in all fairness, some of the results were quite close.

Liverpool 1-0
Man City 2-0
Man Utd 2-1
Chelsea 3-0
Tottenham 1-0

Only Chelsea beat them comfortably in terms of scorelines though I would guess that Man City probably won fairly comfortably as well.

But Liverpool, Man Utd and Spurs won by just a single goal and that tells me they will be hard to break down, we should win but it is unlikely to be a walkover.

Obviously, a lot depends on what is at stake and we will know that by kick off time, it is also the case that we are just as desperate to collect all three points, whatever transpires beforehand, just to stay in the top-four race.

You can never take anything for granted anymore, especially with our last three Premier League games but this is one game that we really should be winning and the stats back up that confidence.

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  1. If Liverpool and Spurs could only win 1-0 against Brighton at home, we need Aubameyang’s and Lacazette’s prowess again to break them down

    However, Brighton is not on the level of Napoli and Valencia, so I expect Ozil to end his drought in that match

    I hope to see Ozil as a surprise element that would pop up from the middle and score, after getting a flick or cross from one of our wide forwards

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