What Arsenal could learn from Man City’s Champions League display….

Man city shows Arsenal how it should be done! By Sylvester Kwentua

I am sure a lot of us saw the UEFA Champions league game between Manchester City and Monaco. The game which ended 5-3 in favour of Manchester City was a good advert for sweet, free flowing, and attacking football. I was glued to my chair all through as I didn’t want to miss one second of the action.

Well, the game has ended but even at that, I can’t stop watching the highlights of the game. I have played the highlights, all over again like a million times (please don’t blame me, blame the game).

After the game, I sat down to analyze the game and I noticed one or two things I feel our dear Arsenal can emulate, if we are serious about being a great club. These are:

THE NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE: The match brought out the ‘never say die’ attitude in the Manchester city players. In the early stages of the game, they were outplayed and outscored by the Monaco players. Did they drop their heads and ended the game in their heads before the referee ended it? No, they didn’t! They kept on going, they kept on playing as if they were going to be denied a week’s wage if they had lost! The big players, led by example ; Yaya Toure kept on marshalling the midfield, Sergio Aguero kept on looking for loopholes in the defense of the Monaco team, Raheem Sterling kept on running at them. In fact all the players didn’t just give up! If it were our players, I wonder how the game would have ended (a repeat of the Bayern Munich white wash I guess).

PEP GUARDIOLA WAS THE 12TH PLAYER: I saw the way pep was jumping and running down the touchline and I just smiled and said to myself, “no player will decide not to buckle up, after watching the passion at his coach was exhibiting at the touchline”. See, a coach who is fully involved in the game; will yell at the players, encourage them, celebrate their goals with them and operate on the same level with his players. A coach who just sits down doing nothing, except fiddling with the zip of his jacket, does not inspire confidence and the winning mentality in his players. If only Wenger was as zealous as Pep, maybe our results would have been different.

This season, as far as I am concerned is ended and our only realistic hope of lifting a trophy is the FA cup but I won’t end this story without blaming everybody for another failed season. I blame the coach for no longer knowing to inspire a team to do well, I blame the players for not rising up when needed and I blame the fans for not taking the appropriate actions. What do I want the fans to do, you will ask, I guess. If the fans can boycott games and stop watching games involving Arsenal, I strongly believe the management of Arsenal football club will sit up!



  1. Gunner says:

    No matter what the teams form or how high the loss, i still cant see myself boycotting a game. Its not easy to boycott an Arsenal game if you are an Arsenal supporter. “Realistically” ,there’s not much a fan can do to influence a change in manager. It has to come from the board.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      I agree with the writer of the article.

      Arsene must go and it appears to be down to the fans as otherwise the club has become rotten from top to bottom.

      Arsene the Dope is mainly responsible, that’s a given at this stage. However, the American owner is culturally incapable of grasping how a football club should be run. Gazidis is a joke, a suit in it for the money, masking his vulgar approach with management speak. Sir Fish and Chips, the Chairman, is no more than a plumey voiced cheerleader for incompetence wheeled out on special occasions.

      As for the players they have all been chosen and mismanaged by an incompetent dope week in week out, if such a motley crew could sort out the problem there would be no need for a top manager at any club.

      At the moment it is only a section of the fans who have woken up to the joke Arsenal FC have become and if they don’t do something it is hard to see where change is going to come from.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Actually Arsenal fans in England can boycott the games by not buying the tickets and not coming to the stadium. Let the Arsenal executives know that we are angry. If Arsenal is really a great club, supported and ran by great people (not the current clowns that currently sit as directors, managers, staffs and players), it would be able to restart and achieve greatness from the bottom, like what Leicester City, Manchester United and Juventus did. I think our beloved club really needs a fresh start to change the old regime.

  2. gotanidea says:

    This is one of the best articles I have ever seen on this forum. Manchester City might be a loser currently, but the way they play is so enjoyable to watch, until I don’t care about the result anymore. Their and Barcelona’s football is what I want to see in Arsenal. Flowing, full of confidence and creative, despite of the losing. The most important thing is Manchester City executives are willing to take a big risk and change the way the team plays. It is very different in Arsenal, nobody dares to make a major change.

  3. They will learn the oyher way

  4. Vlad says:

    One thing I got out of that game is both teams forgot how to play defense. 5-3 scoreline actually flatters City. It could have been a lot different had Falcao buried the PK. And, Monaco’s goalkeeper had one of those games to forget. Having said that, I’m looking forward to reverse leg, and hoping for just as much excitement. Not a Pep fan, but if City do go through to the next round, I’d imagine very few teams would fancy to go against them.

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