What Arsenal defence do you want to see against Bournemouth?

What defence will Unai Emery put out against Bournemouth?

Bournemouth do pose an attacking threat and the Arsenal defence will have to be focussed and on their game but what defence will it be?

As a guess, I would suggest that most Arsenal fans would like to see Tierney, Holding, Chambers and Bellerin but that will not happen.

Emery has a huge soft spot for Luiz and chances are he will start and if I had to do a bet I reckon that Sokratis will partner the Brazilian. Which means it is highly likely that Holding will be on the bench and will have to wait for his Premier League start this season.

Will Emery risk Tierney at the start as a left-back? I am not too sure, to be honest, and it would not surprise me to see Kolasinac start. That leaves the right-back slot and again, I do not see Emery risking Bellerin just yet so it will probably be Chambers again.

So, the chances are that Emery will go with Kolasinac, Luiz, Sokratis and Chambers.

He could drop one of them to slot in one of the returning injured three but Emery has given no indication that he is ready to do that.

The Spaniard is very loyal and because there have been no mistakes recently I do not see him taking any risks until after the international break.

What defence do you believe that Emery will go with against Bournemouth? Does be risk Tierney or Holding? Will he stay loyal to Luiz and Sokratis? Is there a reward for Chambers?


  1. Chambers, luiz, Sokratis and kola as they’re all fresh. Not my first choice but I’ll support them to the end because they’re gooners and i don’t want to see Bellerin, holding or kt injured by pushing them into too many games after their lay offs. After the international break the three returning heroes and whoever is in the best form as the second centre back-probably chambers at the moment.


    I agree with you on the defense line up.

    But this football nothing is predictable even from the line ups.

    I think Emery will give Luiz, Kolasinac and Sokratis another chance to prove themselves and if they fail they will be replaced immediately with Tierney, Holding, Chambers, Bellerin all after the international break.

  3. Due to Holding, Bellerin and Tierny all coming back from injuries it would be way too risky to play them after just two days rest. After the international break I would expect to see them in the starting lineup thougth.

  4. Anyway off topic but who’s ready for the rugby? As a life-long born and bred gooner that currently lives in argentina I can’t wait!

  5. Leno is passable.
    Bellerin and Tierney are ok, not great but decent enough.
    I am not confident with any of our central defenders.
    Hopefully by next season we will have a real defense like the one below.
    Bellerin Koulibaly Varane Tierney
    Fabinho Ndombele.

  6. Stop being a dreamer. Why did we buy Saliba if we are gonna still go ahead to buy two more CB next season. Be realistic bro, this is why most of you end up being disappointed because of silly expectations.

  7. OT:
    What depresses me about this photograph is that we chose the past-it Sokratis over Soyuncu who is now among the best CBs in the league, having cost 19 M. Sure, he makes a big mistake here and there, but so does Sokratis. On his best day, however, he is miles above the Greek.

    Another OT: Mavropanos should go on loan to the Championship. The best potential of any young defender we’ve had in more than a decade, but bad at decision making. A year of playing regularly in the Championship would show us if he can rise above that or be moved along. U23s is not the right test for a guy who annihilated Lukaku and outjumped Fellaini.

    1. I agree, it looks like a missed opportunity but soyuncu barely played last season so Leicester clearly didn’t think he was ready, whereas Sokratis was signed for the first team when we had a limited budget. Hindsight is always 20-20 vision.

      1. Respectfully disagree.
        Leicester had a different manager then.
        People who watched Soyuncu when in Germany 2 years ago say he played this well then already.
        In fact people who watched Bundesliga 2 seasons ago tell me Soyuncu was already better than Sokratis who Dortmund were reportedly elated to get rid of as he was already past his best.

        And for us buying a youngster was always a priority as his price was unlikely to drop unlike Sokratis.

        It’s not about hindsight. It’s bad scouting.

  8. Bellerin..Holding..Luiz..Tierney






    Chambers..Holding..Luiz Tierney









    Any of those but NO Niles, Mustafi, Sokratis

  9. Leno

    Bellerin Chambers Holding Tierney

    We need to win matches, they can rest during international break.

  10. Hi, I honestly wonder whatever happened to the formation that worked so well at the start of Unai’s arsenal campaign last season. The 3-5-2 with 2 wing backs.

    Considering Sokratis’ loss of form. I believe a back three of Chambers Luiz and Holding will work. They are all ball playing defenders.

    Wing backs will be Bellerin and Tierney.

    Midfield naturally picks itself. Willock/Guendouzi, Torreira, Ceballos/Ozil.

    A front two of Auba and Martinelli.

    He can manage this formation to be more attacking minded or defensive minded as the game goes on, just like he did at the start of last season when we always won our second halves and went on a 22 game unbeaten run.

    Just a small suggestion.

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