What Arsenal fans can look forward to this summer

There was a moment in the Europa League when Arsenal seemed indestructible. Both their wins in the semi-finals, against Valencia, were a dominating show of power and a reminder that the team is amongst the best in the world. Then the inevitable happened, and we let it all go against Chelsea in the final match, the one where it mattered the most.

If anything came out of that loss, and the performance in the Premier League, it is that Arsenal needs a proper sit down to smoothen up its issues. And there are a few of them that have been somewhat trivial. However, while introspection about the past is essential, so is preparation for the future, and the pre-season matches are only a month away now. For those already missing their team, the pre-season games are an excellent opportunity to see them back in action. As for the bookies and punters, they are a great chance to make some more money.

At present though, all eyes are on transfers, and the next few weeks are going to be essential as possible players leave the team, and fresh blood joins the side. There’s an omnipresent cloud of doubt hanging over Ozil, as his relationship with Emery continues to decline. Even though Ozil has proven his brilliance many times, he remains one of the costliest players on Arsenal’s roster and letting him go could very well prove to be beneficial for the team, especially since Emery is here to stay.

But what about the competitions on the horizon. Not to be taken casually, and a clear sign of how things are going to be once the new season starts, pre-season matches do make for an entertaining watch.

The International Champion’s Cup is first up and is famous for being one of the most exciting pre-season tournaments wherein clubs get to interact with fans around the globe. Consisting of 12 clubs primarily from Europe, and one from Mexico this year, teams will travel around the world playing each other at venues in various countries. Sports betting enthusiasts are already aware that football is the top game to place wagers on, and the International Champion’s Cup is perfect if you are a newcomer to the field and want to try your hands at a few bets before the new season begins. As for Arsenal fans, they are eagerly awaiting their match against Chelsea wherein hopefully, the team can strike back and take revenge for their loss at the Europa League.

That’s not all though. The Emirates Cup is taking place this year, and nothing’s like watching the club play in our very own homegrown competition. Emirates Cup didn’t take place last year due to stadium repairs, but we are all set to go come July 28, 2019, in a new one-day format.

What’s truly encouraging is that the Arsenal’s women team will be playing for the first time in the competition, which celebrates its tenth season. They will take on the women’s team from Bayern Munich. As for the men’s side, Arsenal is expected to beat Lyon with ease, giving the punters and fans a chance to see their team win and also walk away home with significant earnings.

Updated: June 12, 2019 — 7:50 am


  1. Ha ha GoonerP, you had me cracking up when you described Arsenal thus: “the team is amongst the best in the world” ???

    1. I thought as well he was describing Liverpool

  2. Arsenal is among the top 10 best team in the world.

    1. Did u believe that shit

    2. Man city
      Real Madrid
      Atlético Madrid
      Bayern Munich

      There u have 12 better teams than arsenal, and I’m not considering south American teams or teams u could consider in that list with a little debate, like utd, inter, ac Milán, Seville, etc.

  3. I love the tounge in cheek first two sentences ! 😆

  4. Carrasco is looking very likely, atleast under emery we actually try to fix weak positions, dm and cm last summer now a winger. 3 positions we were in need of reinforcements.

  5. Arsenal still could **** this up. In the days of Dick Law, he was so slow to do the business that we lost so many players (I was told by someone close at the time). Now with Raul Sanllehi and Vinai Venkatesham we have very possibly a pair of tortoises. Sven Mislintat had a speciality of doing this player business quickly and sharply. Sanhelli and Venkatesham could lead us into the mire, as they are not the sharpest I have listened to in their tittle tattle. Having some staff who can quickly dot the i’s so to speak is imperative. Liverpool do this so well. We have such a deep rooted and slow system that we end up shooting ourselves, regarding signings, in the foot. I have a feeling that some of the players we really want will go to other more proactive clubs. Who chases Sanhelli and Venkatesham up in this setup? Carrasco may end up elsewhere. Other good players too may be left so long that others get there first. Maybe you should get on the old dog and bone Unai?

  6. Chill out man, all transfers are probably announced after 1 July due to the change of sponsor (Adidas)

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