What Arsenal must do to make Top Three and guarantee Champions League spot

Can Arsenal Fight for Top 3?  

The Champions League is just around the corner and all teams involved are now doing the best that they could to secure their places. Arsenal has a good chance of getting the fourth sport but they can’t be too comfortable because even if they do end up in that position, they could still miss out on the Champions League.

Before you get into Premier League Betting from 10CRIC, let’s take a look at what could happen with Arsenal before the finals of the Champions League.

Arsenal still has 13 more matches to finish and this includes matches against Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham. Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager, was asked about the table during the post-match press conference last weekend.

He had this to say: “To be fair, I don’t like to look at the table a lot because we have games in hand, we’re going to play different fixtures and I know the objective and it’s only one, to try and improve tomorrow on what we’ve done today and go into the next match and that’s it.

“I cannot control results and I cannot predict which matches we are going to win, draw or lose, it’s impossible. If I start to do that I think we’re going to lose focus in what we want to do.”

Arsenal’s Current Standing

On the team’s last match, Martin Odegaard, Bukayo Saka, and Gabriell Martinelli were able to get goals in. The match over Watford ended with 3-2 and because of that, the Gunners were able to get three straight wins.

Roy Keane expressed his happiness about the last match during an interview with Sky Sports. He said, “It’s been an amazing turnaround considering where they were at the start of the season, and now they’re probably favorites to finish in the top four. We’ve always questioned whether there’s a bit of softness to them but they’re in a good moment and they’ve always had that quality.

“Against Wolves they found a way to win the football match, they kept going and grabbed a late goal, that’s the key to success, you can have your off days but you find a way to win and it was a huge three points for them.”

Meanwhile, West Ham lost to Liverpool at Anfield last weekend and Manchester United suffered a tough loss the next day. And so, Arsenal was able to get the fourth spot and is now 3 points ahead of Manchester United that is sitting on the fifth spot.

Check out the current Premier League team standings below:

Club MP W D L GF GA GD Points
Manchester City….. 28 22 3 3 68 18 50 69
Liverpool……. 27 19 6 2 71 20 51 63
Chelsea……… 26 15 8 3 53 18 35 53
Arsenal……….. 25 15 3 7 41 29 12 48
Man United……. 28 13 8 7 45 38 7 47
West Ham…….. 28 13 6 9 46 35 11 45
Tottenham…….. 26 14 3 9 40 32 8 45
Wolves………… 27 12 4 11 24 23 1 40
Southampton….. 27 8 11 8 34 41 -7 35
Crystal Palace…… 28 7 12 9 39 38 1 33
Aston Villa……… 26 10 3 13 37 37 0 33
Leicester City…….. 25 9 6 10 40 43 -3 33
Brighton…….. 27 7 12 8 26 32 -6 33
Newcastle……. 26 6 10 10 30 46 -16 28
Brentford…….. 28 7 6 15 30 45 -15 27
Leeds United…….. 27 5 8 14 29 61 -32 23
Everton…….. 25 6 4 15 28 46 -18 22
Burnley…….. 26 3 12 11 22 36 -14 21
Watford………. 27 5 4 18 27 50 -23 19
Norwich City………. 27 4 5 18 16 58 -42 17



Now, even if Arsenal is on the fourth spot with a few points ahead of the Red Devils, there’s no guarantee just yet that they will be able to secure a spot at the Champions League. There’s still a scenario that won’t be in favour of the Gunners and fans can only hope that it doesn’t happen.

If Manchester United finds a way to win the Champions League and West Ham wins the Europa League, even if neither of these teams gets the fourth spot at the EPL, then only the current top three would qualify for the semis. This is because UEFA’s rules state that only a maximum of five teams from the same league can compete in Europe’s elite competition.

Now, Arsenal can still do something to be sure that the fourth spot will take them to the Champions League. They need to win all of their remaining 13 matches for a secure spot. If they get to do this, it will be the first time that they do so since 2015.

Manchester United may have been performing poorly recently but some fans are still hoping that they can miraculously pull up what Chelsea was able to do 10 years ago. That will be a tough one but a small chance is still a chance.


  1. I think we have quite a few tough games to go so a bit difficult to call at the moment.

    Our next 6 games are:
    Crystal palace
    Man U

    I consider all of those tough fixtures, I’d say Brighton would be our “easy” game in that run. Vieira had turned Palace into a solid side, Villa is a difficult game and Southampton are in good form in the last couple games.

      1. Yes, Southampton were in good form but have trembled recently. I’d would say the next 3 games are crucial (it was 4 but Leicester already checked). Reasoning:

        The 3 last matches we have are Leeds (H), Newcastle (A), Everton (H). I don’t think these games will cause much trouble and more so, I’m not so sure we have anything to play for when we enter the last 3 games.

        Before these 3, we have Man United (H) and W Ham (A), also it is highly likely that our unscheduled away games to Chelsea and United will happen around this time as well. It would be great to have point cushion at this point because in these 4 games we are most likely to drop points.. So overall:

        Phase 1 = tough but absolutely crucial games including Pool at home, and 2 away games

        Phase 2 = BHA (H) and Southampton (A), which are tough too, but maybe a little bit easier at this point. Bit of breathing space here

        Phase 3 = Chelsea, Spurs, United, W Ham. All teams are either directly above or below us. The phase I think we will lose points the most

        Phase 4 = Lower table oppositions, mainly at home. Might have nothing to play for at this point so I would say this is the easiest phase left

        1. I believe we play Everton on the last day of the season which could be tricky if they need points to stay up. Still a way off though

    1. If Arsenal have serious aspirations to compete for top4 and stay there then beating Palace, Soton and Brighton is essential as is getting at least a draw against Villa. Liverpool and ManU are too close to call but with our confidence high then the team have to believe that they can prevail.

  2. Arsenal should sign Pedro, young Brazilian Striker from Flamengo. He is tall, can do aerials like Ibra, reminds Lewa style as well. Just search on YouTube. Thx me later.

  3. Another good performance and result yesterday, we look a really good side at the moment but no doubt loads of unpredicatable twists and turns before the season’s out, let’s just enjoy the ride

    Ode and Saka were superb again yesterday but most impressive for me was Partey, it has taken a while but he now looks the business

    I thought before the game yesterday that we would go same again on team selection but then mix it up for Liverpool, giving Laca a rest for sure and Ben White’s played a lot of football this season

    But now I’m not so sure about that, let’s go again on Wednesday

  4. Its very difficult to predict what will happen at this stage, so many games left. The Liverpool game along with games against Chelsea, the Spuds and Man Utd. will be very crucial not forgetting WestHam. But considering yesterday Watford beat Southampton, nothing is easy in the PL and that is why it is the best League in the world. What MA and the players will probably focus on is maintaining consistency and the high level rather than putting their minds on the points table. As Arteta correctly remarked, putting their minds on the table might result in loss of focus on the football pitch where the real deal takes place. Also I think for the Liverpool game, MA might start with Tomi and probably go with a 3 man defence to check the marauding Liverpool attack. We could attack on the counter using the pace of Saka, Martinelli and ESR. It will be interesting but I thought Laca and Ben White needed some rest to be fresh for the Liverpool game. All in all I am sure they will be all ready for the fight and hopefully we get either a win or atleast a draw.

  5. As a realist, Ad PAT, I can of course ,like we all can , see a remote possibilty of being 4th and not qualifying but a remote possibility is all it is.
    Yes, we must chase third, which though, I think is beyond us now.

    But if you ask anyone who really knows football what are the chances of that scenario you outline actually HAPPENING, I suggest you would not get evena 200-1 chance of it happening.

    I, for one, am very relaxed that if we finish fourth as I NOW STRONGLY BELIEVE WE WILL, CL qual is in practical terms- not theoretical ones, which this site so loves!! -is nailed on.

      1. PAT, I will look into it and provided I can lay my bet to you off at considerably greater than odds of 100/1, then I’ll take it. Not otherwise.

        Essentially, most of the time I trade odds rather than bet outright, though there are sometimes exceptions.

        Simply taking the odds on offer without laying off the bet, is, generally speaking, a mugs game.

  6. I think the team should add counter attacking to the training schedule,we’ve been poor in that aspect cos we will surely need it against a team like pool.

  7. 7 wins out of the last 12 games will give us 72 points. Given our current form that feels pretty realistic.

    In order for Man U to top that they would need to win 8 out their last 9; West Ham 8 wins and a draw in last 9 games; Wolves need to win all nine remaining games; Spurs 9 wins out of 11 and it comes down to goal difference.

    So we clearly have the inside track but a lot can change in a week. No chickens being counted here.

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