What Arsenal need to do to protect Gabriel Martinelli now he is a marked man

Gabriel Martinelli will be given special attention from Premier League defenders from now on.

Gabriel Martinelli has burst unto the scene for Arsenal this season and everyone expects him to become an Arsenal great at some point in his career.

The Brazilian is truly a phenomenon and his ascent to the Arsenal first-team will make him a target for Premier League defenders in the not-so-distant future.

Mikel Arteta recently warned him to be aware of defenders not giving him space anymore. That is very true as every exceptional player becomes a target for the opposition when they face each other.

Martinelli isn’t the first player who has burst onto the scene in the Premier League in recent seasons.

The likes of Federico Macheda did the same at Manchester United but he soon faded into oblivion.

I agree that it is possible to mark out Martinelli. The Premier League is the most competitive in the world and teams spend hours studying their opponents and players like Martinelli do start getting special treatment.

However, I believe that Arsenal can make it difficult for teams to close him down.

One way I think Arsenal can help Martinelli maintain his momentum is to help him practice playing in a different role in the front.

He currently cuts in from the left, however, I believe if he begins to interchange with Nicolas Pepe on the right or with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the centre, his movement across the front three would make it difficult for defenders to mark him.

His teammates will also have to afford him protection, in the same way that Man Utd players like Roy Keane did for a young Wayne Rooney.

I am confident that Martinelli will be able to handle what is thrown his way but it cannot be taken for granted, too often highly talented youngsters have come unstuck once Premier League defenders start with the special treatment.

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  1. Martinelli will be one of the greats if our midfield get their act together, we need more attacking threat from our midfield something like second half of yesterdays game where Newcastle who are known for their defending fell apart they just didn’t know who to mark, with opposition having more to mark will give our attackers more space and Martinelli being a fox in the box he will do just great even better then Auba also great strikers have to be unselfish and steer defenders out of the game sometimes

  2. How come everyone does not bother to see Auba playing left winger week in week out?
    Why play Nketiah when you can push Auba to his natural central position and make room for Martinelli or Saka upfront?
    That’s the only change I’d love Arteta to make

    1. I think yesterday may have been a case of M A “having a look a Eddie”, giving him his chance to stake a claim going forward.

      Bear in mind, there are some big decisions to be made in the summer.

      Given the fixtures coming up, particularly Olympiacos on Thursday, I suspect M A chose the Newcastle game to accommodate Eddie whilst looking at the bigger picture.

      The above led to Auba, again, playing out wide.

      As it turned out – it worked.

      1. I think Eddie still has to prove himself before starting PL games (maybe in UL or FA cup). I personally think that Martinelli should be starting ahead of Nketiah but that’s just me 🙂
        Let’s wait and see

        1. Of course Martinelli in pecking order without question, but here’s M A’s logic;

          “And today I decided to play Eddie because he’s been training in a phenomenal way. I decided for him not to go on loan and to stay and as well I have to support that decision.“

          You mention E L & F A cup.

          Massive for us this year, perhaps for differing reasons, and will def ‘ be given equal billing with the league.

          I still believe looking ahead, Eddie was handed a chance to prove he should remain part of Arteta’s plans.

          Arteta “ fancied” the Newcastle game to dip him in.

          Not ahead of Lacca or Martinelli going forward, but up to being a squad member probably at best.

          In my view …. maybe not, but as you say let’s wait and see😉

          Also –

          It seems Matty G was left out for disciplinary reasons (took M A on – only one winner there).

          On being played, I thought Dani was excellent.

    2. AUBA-14

      Auba is playing in a position that Thierry Henry-14 played and as we all know TH did amazingly well Auba should and dose well in that position and don’t forget his only two goals away from golden boot this season and as you know he won it last season,

      also if Auba wants and gets what he wants he has to sign his contract otherwise other players will have to be given more preferential treatment, don’t you agree??

      1. So you think it’s more of a political choice? Not so sure.
        I’d like to see a front three of Martinelli – Auba – Pepe and I think I’m not the only one here. But I think that’s never gonna happen

        1. I’m just saying that Auba is playing well where he is

          And if he won’t sigh a new deal MA has to develop and give more play time to understudy’s

      2. Without Aubas goals we’d be nowhere. give the man what he wants and that includes wether he wants a Bosman or not. Yes, let him run down his contract and give us a hell of a season we’d never forget…do you think he won’t be able to score 40 in 38 PLs games. I’ll bet my arse he can… It feels so good to be always proven right everytime…,was beggin for auba instead of laaaaacassette before we signed cassette, was still beggin for auba even after we signed casssette…. Next up….. Was beggin not to take UE because of his dreadful away records of zero away wins in his last season for Sevilla and was rooting for MA….the less BRAG the better….

  3. Just let Gabi play, marked or not, the kids got the talent and the strength to destroy any defence, throw in a few seasonings in the form of Auba or Pepe or Cassette or maybe just a little of Saka or Nketiah, he’d destroy the oppositions defence or maybe set the others to play freely.

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