Go for it! What Arsenal need to spend to win the title…..

Arsenal could mean business next season‏ by SOH

Now as we all know, Arsene tends to anger and frustrate Arsenal fans all around the world when it comes to transfers of incoming players to the club each summer – but is he about to change all that and splash the cash?

There have been numerous reports mentioning how much Arsene will spend and most tend to have a shout at around 100m+, if that is the case then a lot of these rumours might just come to fruition! Granit Xhaka already done is a great start, that’s £32m, replacing Arteta & Flamini as they leave.

Next up, Ricardo Rodriguez from Wolfsburg, national team mate and best friend of our new Swiss superstar signing Xhaka (will help him settle also). Tipped as one of the best LBs in world football, with Madrid after him also, and Nacho getting no younger, so it makes sense. £19.5m, Gibbs leaves for £5-9m.

Next up, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, he is leaving Dortmund and is on the last year of contract so his price isn’t inflated. Maybe £25m? In my opinion that should end Theo Walcott’s time at Arsenal to recoup some of the money for fees & wages we have spent already. 140k wages & £20m fee.

There is still 2 biggies to look at for us and that’s the CB & ST positions and the hardest to fill;

ST – This Vardy thing imo is a joke and shouldn’t be near Arsenal, especially as he’s 30 in January. I will be very disappointed if we signed him instead of a Higuain, Aubameyang or a Benzema. We need an established deadly finisher hands down, that’s what cost us the league last year. Even have a pop on Lacazette or Morata! £40-55m

CB – Im not too sure who will be coming in to permanently bench Per (he won’t be sold) and will cost at least £28-32m. Kalidou Koulibaly from Napoli I would love at Arsenal, an absolute beast to partner Koss The Boss!!

If Wenger is planning all these moves then this will be a statement of intent for what he plans to do next season & to keep his star players happy in Ozil/Sanchez. Our team next season could well be;

Gk – Cech
Rb – Bellerin
Cb – Koulibaly
Cb – Koss
Lb – Rodrigeuz
Dm – Xhaka
Cm – Santi
Am – Ozil
Rw – Mkhitaryan
St – Benzema or Higuain or Morata
Lw – Alexis

Gk – Ospina or Martinez
Rb – Jenko
Lb – Nacho
Cb – Per & Chambers
Cm – Elneny, Rambo & Jack
Lw – Campbell
St – Giroud (Welbz in Dec)
Rw – Iwobi

Loans for Ox, Toral, Akpom, Sanogo, Gnabry, W Silva and whoever else I can’t think of needs to head out for experience.

You think Wenger will do all these transfers?

Koss the boss

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  1. In’s
    – Want away Rodrigeuz – check
    – Want away Mkhitaryan – check
    – Uncertain about future Koulibaly – check
    – Uncertain about the future Lukaku – check
    – Bolton defender (for the future) – check
    – 2 Nigerian teenagers (for the future) – check

    – Joel – dude needs to find his feet elsewhere
    – Flamini
    – Mert
    – Gnabry
    – Debuchy
    – Silva
    – Niles
    – Sanogo

    – Schz
    – Chambers
    – Akpom
    – Crowley
    – Hayden
    – Martinez
    – Gideon

    First 11 for most games:

    Bellarin Koulibaly Boss Rodrigeuz
    Xhaka Santi
    Miki Ozil Sanchez

    Bench: Ospina, Ramsey, Monreal, Gabriel, OG, Coq, Iwobi

    1. Sign Bellerin to a long term Contract.sign Aubamyang or Griezmann,sign a replacement for BFG and sign up Mhitaryan too.And two other good Players.Wenger should stop pooing about spending money.

    2. Team B or FA cup team would be:

      Jenk Gabriel Holding Gibbs/ Monreal
      Elneny /Coq Ramsey
      Ox Jack Theo

      Bench: Macey, Toral, Adelaide, OG, Iwobi

      We would actually have 2 good teams, but of course this is just a silly dream.

  2. I’d be shocked if Wenger brought in 5 new starters.

    Where are Coq and Gabriel in this line up?

    Jenkinson is too weak to be backup.

    Please no Benzema.

  3. Cech
    Bellerin Tah/Koulibaly Koss Rodriguez
    ………………Xhaka Cazorla……….
    Aubameyang Ozil Sanchez
    Mkhitaryan can replace any of the midfielders or wingers except Xhaka

    1. We [ay the higest ticket prices in the world why can’t we ask for the best players? #outwiththemoustache #shavethemoustachesavetheclub

  4. Please no Higuain or Benzema. Olly starts ahead of Benzema for France. I would take a dip for Aubameyang or even Lukaku. Mhkitaryan go flat out for and Koulibally, sounds great along with Rodrigues. Sell Theo, Gibbs…..

  5. Cech




    and could you guy pls stop with the Morata-talk, dude hasn’t score double figures in any league season. he ll only be a good signing for the bench.

  6. Go For It…..huh?

    It’s so easy to say…. But we haven’t really been moving (snail speed at most) for the past 10 yrs

    we would have to drop most of our stupid beliefs, blind faith, philosophies and habits which have been weighing us down in order to forge ahead


  7. The targets seem plausible to achieve if the transfer rumours are correct then the next biggest transfer will be Miktkaryan and now Arsenal have 2 world class wingers since long back to 2004.
    And what a SOB this Jamie vardy is, i mean obviously he knows this may be well his last chance of major football club transfer and he is now weighing up the option of staying or leaving by telling his teammates he is will continue to be at Leicester. If he really is offered a big contract why not just take it and leave why are you wasting Arsenal’s time which were i hope they give him a deadline to decide and really make him crap in his pants.

  8. Looks like United might now be after MKH the BVB guy as per a daily mail report I just read. So if they start splashing the cash we aren’t going to get him.

    We are too slow, take too long, even Vardy is dragging his heals….Vardy!

  9. It seems Wenger will spend, but he will not keep up with the likes of Pep and Josey the Awful who have undoubtedly demanded and received boatloads of transfer cash. (So much for FFP – it is a joke). Wenger will likely NOT spend as fans would like.

    IMO the 2 main to success are as follows.

    1. Fill the most needed positions first: IMO Striker and CB (anything more will be a Wenger bonus).

    2. Squad selection based on form and tactics rather than favoritism. It won’t matter who arrives if Wenger just plays favorites all season. Translation: Ramsey must EARN his way onto the pitch like every other player.

  10. Guys, taking things into perspective, Higuain scored 36 league goals last season but Napoli did not win serie A. Aubameyang scored 25 goals but Dortmund still did not win a trophy. We should know that success depends on the entire team. Giroud should not take the blame alone. I blame Sanchez as well. 13 league goals was poor for a player of Sanchez quality. We need more goals all across the team. Ozil should be scoring 15 goals a season. He should go for it and stop looking for team mates when he should be taking shots. Wenger should stop showing favoritism. I’m looking forward to Iwobi getting more game time next season. He can score more goals. some of these problems can be solved internally, some by buying the right players. fitness, pressing and ruthlessness in goal are key. Wenger should sign one of Draxler, Jesse and move Sanchez to the CF position.

    4312 formation

    Xhaka. Coq. Ramsey


    Sanchez Draxler.

    Xhaka should replace Cazorla in the CM position. His creativity is key. Has height and can help in defending corners. Cazorla and Ozil to play the no 10 position behind the two strikers. rotation is key.
    Walcott, Giroud, Iwobi, Sanchez, Draxler(if we get him) to fight for two spots. Ramsey and Wilshere for the Box to Box role. Our full backs to provide the width. Wenger has to get Sanchez into opposition box more. we don’t need him to dribble all players. He is no Messi. Sanchez should be a poacher. he should be finishing runs and not coming too deep into midfield, dribbling players and get dispossessed in dangerous situations.

  11. He won’t get a top class striker as they cost to much money >£45m, unless it was Ibrahimovic. The best bet is that he will go for a mid tier striker and try to make him better.

  12. I am not sure why everyone wants to replace Monreal, he was one of best performer for us last season. If we get Rodriguez then it is fine but I don’t think LB needs immediate attention unless Gibbs is planning to leave.
    Main priority should be
    RW and then LB and backup RB.

  13. I have the distinct impression that we will end up with just 1 transfer at the end of the day.

  14. I don’t think Vardy is what we need up front and I hope it doesn’t happen.

  15. It is worth saying that Koulibaly is from Senegal which speaks French, Kos should be able to communicate with him, obviously not a deal maker but it would help in our CB being able to communicate which I think Gabriel and Kos don’t quite have yet.

  16. Nice article boss ?
    – A lot of people want Rodriguez and a new starting CB, but would Wenger bring in 2 new players in to the back 4? Would you?? I suppose if the opportunity/bargain arises then AW more than likely would go it.

    – We’re defo getting a new forward or 2, but the question is: who?? And are we actually going to get 2 new forwards? I’d love to get Griezmann, although it’s highly unrealistic at this moment!
    Vardy could be an amazing signing or he could be a flop?!

    – Does AW want any more than 3 main signings?? Who knows?!! But if that’s the case, then we already have Xhaka, so who’s going to be the other 2? Who would you want?

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