What do Arsenal REALLY need to win Premier League?

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players have not been doing the age old football thing of playing down our chances of winning the Premier League title this season. That would be daft and everyone at the club is perfectly happy to admit that this is by far the main goal of the current campaign.

And with all of our big rivals for the trophy having failed to grab hold of the league as Chelsea did last season, the Gunners are currently in a good position and looking good. It has certainly been an unpredictable season so far though, highlighted by the success of current league leaders Leicester City and the terrible results of the holders Chelsea.

So the Arsenal boss has been talking about what could happen and what it will take for us to be crowned champions of England in May. In a report on the Arsenal website Wenger has come up with the figure of 80 points.

He said, “It looks to be very tight. We have played 16 games and the top team is on 35 points, so it means that the Premier League could be decided at around 80 points.”

Okay, looking at the number of points per game so far, Leicester would finish on 83 points while Arsenal’s total would be 78, so you can see that Wenger’s 80 points is quite a realistic figure. To be on track for that at the halfway stage would mean having 40 points after 38 games.

With the Gunners currently sat on 33 points from 16 games, we need to take seven points from the next three games, starting with Man City on Monday. Then we travel to Southampton for a night match on Boxing Day before Bournemouth come to the Emirates three days later.

So we need two wins and a draw from those three games, which will not be easy but is within our capabilities and as well as meaning we were on track for Wenger’s 80 point mark it would mean that only the Foxes could keep us off top spot at the halfway stage. And with Ranieri´s team facing a trip to Everton, a trip to Liverpool and a home game with Man City, you would assume that Arsenal would begin 2016 in pole position and that would be a great morale boost for the title race to come.

The question is, will we get those seven points?

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  1. I’d say belief, what do AFC need to win title ..belief. Confidence comes from belief in ones self, we need to believe in the team as a whole or rather the players will need to. Especially when we’ll need to dig deep, our players will need to tune out the naysayers when in difficult or crucial moment ie ignore the like of P Morgan instead they envisage shutting this lot up and how great it will feel.

  2. In other news…

    The guardian states that anchelotti has an agreement in place to take over from guardiola (he wants to leave) at Bayern.

    Question is, who will get him?: City, Utd or dare I say us…

    Thumbs up Pep for AFC at end of season and thumbs down for Arsene to get a new contract?

    1. Bundesliga expert Jan Åge Fjørtoft tweeted yesterday: Pep wants to be the new Arsenal-manager apparently. Will wait till Wenger retires.
      So Pep will be 63 when he takes over at Arsenal..

      Hah xD

  3. It seems like Leicester are getting things done with precision and what has given them the impetus is clearly visible. Throw Chelsea at them they win,throw United they draw it seems they will enjoy the new year at the top if they don’t lose even one of the fixture remaining in 2015. This Monday Night Football is putting immense pressure on the fans who have to wait till Monday to see who will finish second. Leicester have faced United.Arsenal,Chelsea and City in the first half of the campaign at home. They will face tougher challenge in the future.

  4. Ok WTF this is now become a serious issue. Our game tomorrow has now become a must win if it wasn’t before to truly state our intentions, but are you seriously telling me after 17 league games we’re the only ones to beat Leicester home or away. It was fun seeing them on that rampage but that shit has to stop and I’m being for real. I know we’re just halfway there but damn this isn’t funny anymore and they’re now 5 points ahead and they would have to lose for us to claim 1st.

  5. All Arsenal need to do is win this on monday, go on a run for few games then stregthen this squad in 2 weeks. Not going to look beyond that now as we also need to take Leicester seriously and tell them to calm the hell down lol they pick up a few points over the next few games (one is city) then they have just as good a chance as Arsenal. Big differnece will be peter cech hes did it a few times, he will push us on im hoping… and that starts with a clean sheet and a record out on his own this monday evening!

  6. Oh Mahrez….Such a special player for Leicester. Vardy gets all the headlines but Mahrez for mi is super amazing…..

    We have played Manu, Liverpool @ the Emirates and we’ll play Mancity @ the Emirates too on Monday so saying Leicester will struggle in the return leg(s) after playing the top teams @ home doesn’t hold water for mi. They are doing everything right. I thought Everton might draw or defeat them after playing pretty well in the first half…Will Leicester last long? Time will tell but for now’ they are on point.

    They remind us of Southampton (Last season). Let’s see what happens to them in the new year.

    We (Arsenal) should focus on our game. We can defeat Manc on Monday and try to have a good december. We usually don’t do so well during this period but I believe we can change that stat this time around.

    Arsenal All The Way!

    1. @Uzi Ozil
      Exactly. They are a well drilled, interchangeable unit. They fight the full 90+. They will go far because they don’t have any cup matches to interrupt their stride.

  7. Leicester will start to lose soon. They are fortunate to be playing the first team consistently but the winter and fatigue will set in and their results will falter between now and end of February. They don’t have the squad to sustain things when problems arise, and they will.

    Utd, Liverpool, spuds are no threat, or shouldn’t be.

    Chelsea will clearly bounce back now and they will play a part in taking points off some of the top 4. Hopefully even if back on top form, we can beat them at the Emirates.

    City are the ones to watch. We need a result on Monday.

    We have enough everywhere except DM. If flamini has a problem then I worry. Artetas legs have gone and is too light in the tackle. Chambers is unproven. Ramsay is not a holding DM and Wilshire won’t stay on his feet.

    The rest is simply about carrying on as we are, grinding out the results, even if that means conceding possession and being less flamboyant.

    We can win this gooners!

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