What better game for Arsenal to turn our form around than at Tottenham?

There is no way you can put any positive slant on Arsenal’s recent League form, and the pressure is definitely on for Arteta and his team to turn their form around, before we are simply too far behind to even challenge for the Top Four.

And as our misfiring captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says; What better game to do it than in the North London Derby! Aubameyand told Arsenal.com: “I can’t wait anymore,”

“I think this is the game that we have to understand is going to be the turning point for us for this season. What’s better than the derby?

“I think if we win this game, everyone is going to maybe change their mindset and yes, as I said it’s going to be the turning point of the season, and there’s no better game than a derby to do it.

“It’s going to lift everyone if we win this game. We know it’s going to be a tough game, they are playing well at the moment to tell the truth, but we have to care about our game, how we want to play the game, so it’s all about us if we want it or not.

“So we are just waiting for this game and we are going to try to give everything to win this game and change the situation.”

It is excellent that our captain has come out with this fighting talk right now, and hope to spur the team on to beat our greatest rivals, but it harder to turn those words into actions on the pitch.

Make no mistake about the task ahead – we are playing the League leaders away from home, a team that hasn’t lost a game since the opening day of the season. A team that is managed by Jose Mourinho, who has only lost twice in 21 games against the Gunners.

It’s a big ask, but if anyone is going to knock the Cock off it’s perch, then it just has to be Arsenal!


  1. Don’t be surprised if Arsenal have a very good game and good result tomorrow and fumble again against a lesser opponent. That’s the hallmark of this present team – play well against supposed bigger team and fumble against teams considered lesser than them

      1. 👍 Actions speak louder than words… and as I keep saying every bleedin’ week – this game is huge and we really can’t afford to drop more points – may as well just copy and paste that 😂

  2. I don’t expect a win, but do expect to see intensity, fight, urgency, and a competitive match. No excuse whatsoever Arsenal can’t show that on the pitch.
    It’s time everyone at the club takes a good look in the mirror and steps it up. Drop Willian and Xhaka until they can bring something positive on the pitch. I’ve seen more effort and desire from Nelson and ESR, regardless of their opponent.
    Let’s take it to the spuds tomorrow. The desire & effort is what fans want, show that & fans will show their support; get played off the pitch again and they all deserve the pitchforks and torches.

    1. Durand
      If they don’t fight with every sinew in their bodies tomorrow I’ll be absolutely livid😡. On Thursday, albeit against weaker opponents, they showed what can be done and what we all expect to see against Spurs – that intensity, fight and urgency. Losing is one thing, but going down without a fight is unforgivable.

    2. Drop Willian, Durand, after what you said yesterday?! 😄
      That last paragraph is spot on… this game means everything – another poor display will be totally unacceptable!!
      If we are completely annihilated, I will be raging with a pitchfork in my hand!!!

  3. It has been reported in the media that the Pgmol referee, Martin Atkinson will take charge of the NLD match tomorrow as the centre-referee in it.

    But can the Gunners trust him he wont cleverly be biased against Arsenal in his match refereeing in the derby big game by favouring the Spuds in his match refereeing decision making to deliberately disadvantaged Arsenal in the match in conivance with the VAR personnel to see to the downfall of Arsenal in the game? Even when from all indications the Gunners are looking to be winning the match.

    Therefore, if Arsenal want to win this big NLD away match tomorrow, the Gunners should take into account that they’ll be playing 11 physical Gunners against 11 physical Spuds and plus 4 extra ghost Spuds in disguise as: one match centrereferee, two match assistants and the VAR personnel making them15 in number against Arsenal 11 in the match.

    Who all Mike Riley, the Pgmol kingpin might have instructed to make sure they the quartet suffer Arsenal to get a negative game result outcome in the match.

    For this looking could be unfavorable match playing result outcome reason that is seemingly plotted against Arsenal, I am therefore imploring the Gunners to ready themselves fully to not only combat the Spuds in the game to overcome them in the match. But plan as well to make sure they activate their anti-Pgmol anti-Arsenal match refereeing in the PL match tactics ploy. And put it into proper use in the match as they play in it. So that they will not only neutralized the Spuds in the game to defeat them. But will as well neutralized the Pgmol by repellimg their anti-Arsenal match refereeing agenda antics in the match. Thereby actively rendering it null, void, none starter and obsolete in the match and carry the day absolutely in victory.

    1. Samuel , Only silly and non ethical fans say that refs are cheats, which is what you are saying. Shame on you! Refs do their best, sometimes in fact often they are incompetent but NEVER cheats. I thought you were better than that. Disappointing from someone like you!

  4. To both SueP and Sue; a fighting desire is all fans should reasonably expect EVERY match. Can’t win every match, but bringing intensity, spirit, and prideful desire every time on the pitch is a must. These should never dip or disappear, never go missing in a match.
    Otherwise everyone is to blame;
    Manager for not “managing” players,
    the players themselves for lack of professionalism and earning their wages, and even us fans for not holding them to a standard.
    Jogging around, half-ass effort, and lacking intensity should be unacceptable and loudly booed off the pitch. Cheer their effort and desire, support them when they give 100%, even though they miss goals or make mistakes; it happens.
    Fans support effort and desire, not coasters just because they wear an Arsenal shirt. People want patience, then show me something to be patient for. A style of play slowly coming together, youngsters developing, fighting for 90 minutes, being competitive and not getting played off the pitch.
    Otherwise don’t expect me to be patient or understanding, dont expect blind allegiance. I will never accept anything less than effort, intensity, and desire.

    1. 👍Exactly, Durand. A loss is easier (😳) to take if they’ve given everything… but to be continually outplayed and outfought
      is unacceptable.. we are the Arsenal for goodness sake!! It’s a privilege to don that shirt!!
      If they’re not pumped for tomorrow, I will not be a happy bunny… will have to stay off here for a few hours after the game to calm down 😂
      I’m pleased Partey trained… hopefully we’ll see him at some point. Boy, have we missed him!!

  5. I will be super excited even if we get a draw. All the players should play with much intensity and heart.

    What a great joy it will be to win against Spurs in their home ground!

    From the selection tomorrow we will know what to expect.

    How unfortunate we might not see Partey feature. These are the kind of games he excels.

    Whoever is put to replace him should do their best.

      1. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩💃🏻🕺🏻💃🏻🕺🏻💃🏻💃🏻🕺🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

        Hopefully Partey plays along side Maitland-Niles and Elneny.

  6. I just saw a footage on daily mail with wolves fans mocking Xhaka. How disgraceful that is, once an arsenal captain running away from Adama Traore.

    Am always pissed when l see xhaka in the starting line up. I dont know what he offers to the team.

    1. What he offers is opportunities to the opponents … If he is in the starting line up today when there are clearly superior … If far from top quality … Alternatives then I am sorry to say that for me its enough to know arteta will not take us forward

  7. Oh Sue. That is a great news. That means he stands a chance to play and I will be buzzing to see him start.
    But Arteta might just be cautious with him and don’t start him.

      1. As I’m know as mr negative I’m saying we will win tomorrow 2-1 but the players will have to put a shift that only Sunday morning players know. Let’s get behind the team and deal with any shit after

        1. Not by me you’re not, Perry… you’re passionate!
          Imagine the scenes in all our living rooms if we were to come away with all 3 points!! 😄🤞

  8. De Gear under pressure from a West Hammer, cleared the ball out up field for Man Utd. But the ball on it’s way in the air looked to have gone out of play after Pogha stored a thunderous goal to equalised for Man Utd from the pass of the ball to him.

    The VAR audited the genuineness of the equalising goal and passed the goal scored by Pogha as genuine despite that Lee Mason who is said to be at the VAR must have clearly seen the ball gone out on it way from the VAR machine device which doesn lie nor deceived to manipulate. But he deliberately allowed the goal to stand after reviewing it on VAR.

  9. Funny thing is the person who won us league titles, FA cups in tons and kept us in champions League for so many years with restricted budget was forced out of the club by fans but same set of fans I see now supporting n fighting for a manager who has no past record (just a fluke FA cup) while he is failing miserably in league how dumb can some of the club fans be 😆. They were not satisfied with coming in top 4 n winning FA cup n even now they balme Wenger but now they are so staified and see progression when we lose 1-0 to top 6 while sitting some where in bottom mid table.

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