What can Arsenal do about the extreme apathy at the club?

Arsenal beaten deservedly again. by Konstantin Mitov

Well, ladies and gentlemen fine readers of this site, I can’t say I’m surprised. Brighton well deserved this win. We again only played for like 10-15 minutes of the match and were complete garbage for the rest of it.

Those players are simply not fit enough to wear the Arsenal shirt. There can be little excuses for a bunch of players who’ve overseen now 3 different manager and downed tools to all of them. I don’t think Freddie Ljungberg is the man to lead us forward and I’d just hate to see people turn on him, because he was such a great player for us.

He shouldn’t be in this position and this is the boards fault for being caught with their pants down again. We should’ve had a replacement ready when we decided to pull the trigger on Emery, because now those players again don’t give it all, because they know Freddy is a temporary manager.

There’s an extreme apathy around the club. This is a reflection of decisions made on board level, or the lack thereof. This club was left entirely in the hands of one person (Arsene) and when he left, Gazidis was supposed to build this new project, only for him to leave several months later.

Then we got rid of Mislintat and Sanllehi and Vinai have taken the power at the club and they again failed with making a bold decision. We should’ve sent Emery packing in the summer and given a proper manager the window and the money to start implementing a new vision.

Now, Raul Sanllehi needs to come up with a masterplan. He has more or less two main choices. One is to bring an interim manager to steady ship (which shouldn’t be Freddy) or we go out and bring a top dog like Simeone and just know that this season we will look at what to clear out and go again next year.

How do we convince him to come, even he leaves Atletico though? Why on earth would a man with his reputation in the game come here? He would be ideal though. Arsenal need massive change. We no longer get results, nor do we play football. We are softies and an iron fist like Diego will definitely energize us or least give us something to cheer on.

The only thing regarding Arsenal that I really care about is the new manager rumors, and it’ll be another massive defeat there I think. The contracts of Laca and Auba are under question and they’ll be looking elsewhere for sure…unless we show incredible ambition which even I no longer believe is possible.

But the players shouldn’t get away with it. They are pathetic and they should very well know it. We are dominated at home by Brighton. Bellerin was terrible. Xhaka and Torreira bang average, Luiz and Sokratis giving free headers again. It doesn’t matter who we played, last week it was Chambers and Mustafi and now it was even worse. Willock was poor, and I get the feeling he was picked because Freddy worked with him in the academy and due to the lack of options in attack. We are playing Auba and Ozil on the wings.

The introduction of Pepe gave us some life, but why don’t we start him? I was hoping Freddy would be bold, but all I see on our bench is exactly what I’ve seen for the last 5 years. I don’t want to pick on people who’ve brought me so much joy, but the real story was told by the empty seats again.

“Be excited”. I’m not even sure whether I prefer the Kronekes to remain silent, because everything they say is a lie. This would’ve never happened had we had an owner who actually cares. Now rumors are we don’t have money for a manager.

We paid Wenger 10+ million a year, to see humiliating defeats, and now the money is gone and we can’t afford a manager? If I have to pick one positive from all of this, and it’s extremely difficult to do so, it is that this is definitely ringing massive alarm bells.

Something will change soon, but whether it will be the right thing and for the positive of the club I do not know, but the board can’t make another mistake. I thought it couldn’t get worse, but I no longer think so and I just don’t want to imagine what it will become.



  1. Players are complacent. I dont know what they are doing in training.

    Mustafi Sokratis Luiz should never be in the central defense again. Use Holding, Chambers and Mavro.

    1. Ask Chambers to sit in front of the CBs as a DM and we could see an improvement in our defense

      Torreira can’t play that role, because his aerial ability is non-existent. Torreira’s style is like Kante’s, a mobile DM which doesn’t sit in front of the CBs either

      Chambers is the perfect man to play like Matic, Fernandinho and Fabinho, as long as he plays as a CDM in 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 formation

      Luiz and Xhaka must also think twice before launching their long through balls, because we lost the possession due to the interceptions of our long passes. Arsenal have to go back to short passes and play more patiently

      1. Playing short passes for now is risky. We dont have players who could do that now. the players are scared of loosing the ball. a simple misplaced pass and we are in toruble. Gone are the days when we had players like Fabregas, Rosicky, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla and Nasri. Ball players. a joy to watch. precision passing. when we would play a 4141 formation. So i would rather we play like the lei winning team. Bypass the midfield. we have great runners like Martinelli and Pepe. Nuno or Arteta should be the ONLY managers and that should be done ASAP. no time to waste time

        1. You’re getting like the old Liverpool way hail house ball boot it so high upfield it has snow on NO WAY

  2. Simeone would a huge gamble, because he could have communication problem and he has no EPL experience. Better give Ljungberg his last chance at London Stadium, because I could tell most Gunners are working their socks off for him

    To get rid of the apathy that has been plagueing Arsenal since Wenger’s time, the Gunners have to learn how to help their teammates and play fairly first. The attackers have to retrieve the ball themselves and drop back frequently to receive the passes

    The Gunners have to drop their dives and cheats in the final third as well. Lacazette/ Torreira/ Sokratis did it too often and they didn’t do it smartly

    1. Simeone is reportedly the world’s best paid manager. Talk of him leaving his setup at Atletico and coming to Arsenal is as idiotic as mentioning we should get Mbappe. Waste of everyone’s time over and over again.

      We won’t get relegated with Freddie and frankly 8th or 14th, it doesn’t matter. Just look at Chelsea’s bounce a few years ago.

      We need a good option for a big team, not someone like Nuno who is a 2nd rate version of Emery – good for a small club style of play, ill-suited to a big club (like Moyes at Everton then Utd).

      I would even take Ancelotti ahead of Nuno. Also Arteta, Allegri — basically anyone whose surname starts with an ‘a’ 😀

  3. we should STOP playing both Aubameyang and Lacazette the same time. It makes no sense playing Aubameyang on the flanks. A total waste

    First team should be


    Bellerin Chambers Holding Tierney

    Torrera Ozil Luiz

    Pepe Aubameyang Martinelli.

    Shortlist for the Managerial role: Nuno Espirito and Arteta

    interview both of them. Forget Allegri, he is not ready to take a managerial role at the moment. Forget Pochetino. He wont come to Arsenal. Forget Vierra: His Nice team is not doing well at the moment.
    First Choice: Nuno Espirito. Second Choice: Arteta

      1. Luiz in midfield makes sense. we need awareness and cutting out opposition supplies in midfield. Torrera alone cant anchor the midfield. David luiz ahead of Xhaka in midfield for now. at least, we wont be seeing that comedy defending from Luiz. He will be more useful in midfield. Lacazette should also work on his composure in front of goal. changing from possession based football to quick counter attacking. And when our attackers loose the ball in the opposition halve, they should run back to recover and double up. Also, we leave too much space between midfield and defence. our team need to move together and play closely to one another. We need a manager with balls who will instruct the players what he wants. Strict compliance. Play more shots. Shoot at sight. This team needs proper coaching. Simple. it is not rocket science.

    1. Ozil should never play again for Arsenal, because:

      – He has failed under three managers
      – He is unwilling to get past the opposition’s fullbacks, which leads to no crosses from him. He can’t create assists if he can’t cross
      – His ball retrievals are mostly half-arsed

      I agree with Nuno though

  4. The team needs total over haul. Only few of our player can command a regular shirt at newcastle united.

    That is the bitter truth

  5. Bring Wenger in to see the rest of this season out. The players have no confidence and Wenger is good at massaging ego’s. Then get Allegri or whoever they were waiting for, I hope they have someone because if they sacked Emery before looking into what next, then we are F’d long term. The media will try to make a circus of it, Wenger arriving, but we need to steady this ship because right now we are flirting with a disaster, a real disaster. I hate to say it, but, cohesion.

    1. Exactly, at this stage of season, games on the way, team spirit, club, only Wenger can manage to bring team in right spirit, all this mess has them confuses more than we are, totally lost!

      Now indeed, we need Luiz infront of CBs, because he is a CB and can pass the ball, make transition to midfields and find forwards.

      Chambers also can play there, a must to have one of them at this spot in a 4-1, because we miss a top CB, need 2 to make up.

      To have all midfield to defend in order to make up for this top CB can’t work, they are not CBs and played out of position, looking lost, average then.

      It makes team completely lose balance and their game, all confused and frustrated as we saw again last night!

      Players are affected mentally, frustrated, negative, confused, lost in this crazy formation, no tac tic and poor management first. We have a way bigger issue than a coach!

      Indeed, it takes their beloved Prof to get players back in right track, club will be then!

    2. And pray, how do we just “bring Wenger in” when he is noew doing an important job elswhere? You may not realise this but he would not come and he will not be asked. Reality!

      1. Agree with you 100% Jon and would add…why would he?

        The Arsenal he left has been completely destroyed by gazidis and the new regime in just ovver three years, when gazidis took over the control of transfers, contracts and buying of players.

        Stay away Arsene, we don’t deserve you PLUS having never been involved in a relegation battle, you haven’t got the experience we need today!!!

        1. I am saddened but hardly surprised Ken, TO SEE THAT YOU AGREE WITH ME THAT RELEGATION IS A BATTLE WE ARE NOW FIGHTING. I think we are in grave danger, UNLESS a proper and proven manager is brought in very, very soon and given money to use in Jan. If we have to play the second half of the season with this joke defence and refuse to take REAL action to change the idle culture and to change a number of the clowns who “play” in our “defence”, I see us in real danger of relegation. Yet even now a few fools still talk about making top four. How blind can some folk be, I often wonder.

          1. What is certain Jon, is that the manager that is finally brought in needs to have the respect of the players already…we haven’t got the time for him to earn it.

            That means a proven name – it will cost a lot of money – will kronkie pay for that name – will he pay for said named backroom staff – will he pay for another “gazidis” type fiasco – I cannot see any positive answers.

        2. IN REPLY TO YOUR LOWER POST, SADLY I AGREE 100% KEN. We have 12 years ample evidence thet Kroenke does not care except for his investment. Well his investment withouiy monet spent and verty soon , weil soon become farless profitable an far less valuable. We should never think it wont or cannot happen to us. No one is immune to thr consequences of wilful neglect of duty of care. I am truly worried. UNLESS…..!

  6. I love stats. They provide so much clarity about a situation. Arsenal’s stats provide evidence that the squad are pretty much out-played in every department but alarmingly, the stats show that the squad are completely incapable of “Manning up” to the challenge! We have no urgency, creativity, movement, no vision, no character and no steel!

    Worst of all, the stats prove that Arsenal as a club have been in decline for years and the problems have been ignored! All of this leads to the main issue… The club is not being ran efficiently or “professionally”. Top level management and ownership is laughable!

  7. Agree, it all starts with recruitment We have wasted too much time and money on technically gifted players that lack leadership, hunger and drive. No manager will do well at Arsenal until our squad gets overhauled. Get players with the right attitude and determination first, then develop the system, style of play that suits there abilities.

  8. Supporting Arsenal is like exposing yourself to absolute ridicule and embarrassment . The whole players are rubbish, from defense to attack.
    It is better to win by 1-0 than win by 6-4, .our defense is like a basket, our midfield is like a car with a knocked engine,the defense and the midfield is like miles apart no matter the opposition , we always make them look good because of our poor marking .the attackers don’t come back to defend while the defender kick like novice. Thie team is a mess , also Freddy is not good, he has been with this players from under twenty three and has been with Emery he knows the boys, why are we exonerating him, he is part and parcel of the robbish called Arsenal

  9. Cards on the table then. The main cancerous tumour engulfing our club is the ownership and we should never forget that. All the other team, managerial, directorship, secondary tumours stem directly from the Kroenke disease. REALITY!

    What we MOST need is for him to sell but in the meantime we need a near complete clearout of all thre demotivated, indolent and couldn’t careless players who are infecting our club. I am going to propose that we keep only a very few current players and sell all the rest bit by bit but as soon as we can replace them with players who have testosterone and “balls”. In other words men , not frit children who want to go crying to Mummy that the nasty oppponent “hurt me Mummy”, boo-hoo. I am sick to the teeth of self entitled, moaning, coasting, shirkers disgracing our shirt.

    Thi swill take much time and we have to be prepared for things to get worse before they get better. OUR MAIN REALISTIC AIM IS TO AVOID RELEGATION THIS SEASON AND NEXT WHILE REMORSELESSLY BINNING THE COWARDLY “SCHOOLBOYS” WHO DISGRACE OUR SHIRT. Quite seriously and having deeply considerd this first, I say we should KEEP ONLY THESE: BOTH keepers, Tierney, Guendouzi, Martinelli , plus the several real fringe players like ESR, who have not yet had chance to make a real mark or to show cowardice either, so I will not condemn them. And that is it my fellow Gooners. I would happily sell all the rest; every one. And yes, it will take time but we must start now becasue we are dying with the charletans who , in most cases , currently disgrace our shirt. Cowards have no business to be allowed in our club and I WANT THEM ALL GONE asap. If you cannot or refuse to give 100% all the time and for 90+ minutes you have no business representing us fans. We are NOT cowards; we care passionatly. Surely we are entitled to expect the same passion from highly paid prima donnas!

    1. Agree John, keep those who put in a shift everytime they put on the shirt. I look at Liverpool and concede that other than there defenders they are not that much more technically gifted than us. But damn they work hard consistently. This is what we need a manager that can overhaul the squad by looking for leaders, players that are sound technically but never give in and will run all day. Not like the bunch of overplayed prima donas we have. You know the ones.

      1. Thank you. I have never seen the benefit of half hearted comments or fence sitting. If something needs saying, loud and clear – and God knows THIS subject DOES need saying- then why not say so properly and without ambiguity!

  10. I have been saying this all season and nobody wants to listen. There are people who see what others cannot see and I am one of those who sees what’s going on with our team that many can’t see. The EPL this season is different from last season and previous seasons. It is played with energy, fight, grit, determination, stamina and pace by all the teams except Arsenal. If we keep playing the same formation with 7 defensive players and only 3 attacking players, we will be relegated mark my words. I mean, we could hardly string 5 passes together before getting dispossessed and by getting dispossessed, I mean we literally pass the ball back to the opposition. But there is a solution, we have a COMBINATION of players in the squad who can play the game with skill, energy, fight, grit, determination, stamina and pace with 70% success rate for starters. We should start using those players and work on them in training to play possession based, quick, one-touch football and drill them on pressing off the ball. Our current midfield is very slow and weak going forward . They can’t support the attack and they can’t help the defense either, and that has been our Achilles heel all season. . This is the team that would get us out of this mess in a 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 formation. The only person I see that can make this type of change is Arteta.


    Lacazette and Martinelli drops deep to help Luiz in midfield and as soon as the ball is won, they can make forward dashing, penetrative runs through the spaces with their pace before releasing through balls to the on rushing Pepe or Saka/ozil on the wings to cut in and shoot or cross into the box. No need to hold on to the ball for too long and we don’t need more than 1 defensive midfielder in midfield.








    We need 2 converted attacking midfielders in Pepe and Martinelli with skill and pace to flank Luiz in midfield. Let Lacazette play from the right wing and Saka or Ozil play from the left wing, and Aubamayang as striker, he is being wasted on the wings. Neat passing and one twos with quick feet will open the opposition defense. No need to hold on to the ball for too long and we don’t need more than 1 defensive midfielder in midfield.





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