What can Arsenal expect from Aston Villa today?

Teams outside the top-six that come to the Emirates generally have one game plan in mind, to frustrate and spoil and to try and grab a point and I expect no different from Aston Villa today.

It is very unlikely that they will come to attack, you can expect them to get almost their entire outfield behind the ball and to defend deep, however, that does not mean their thinking will be one dimensional.

Villa will look to counter-attack at every opportunity, they will look to pressure the defence whenever Bernd Leno gets ready to do the short pass, they will look to take advantage of set pieces and they will definitely try to harass certain players into making errors.

Dean Smith’s men will be well-drilled, they will be told to go in hard on tackles, to spoil, time waste and disrupt, all with the intention of frustrating Arsenal and throwing them off their game.

An early goal will change the dynamics of the match and Villa will also know that so expect them to come out determined and focussed on their tackling, you can expect a few messages to be sent early by Villa, especially on the young lads in the team, namely Gunedouzi and Nelson, if they play.

It will be fairly predictable from the visitors but it works, it nearly worked for them against Tottenham and they are more clued up after a month back in the Premier League.

Arsenal will need patience and not to be baited by the antics that Villa will employ.


      1. You are right. Last PL match is an example. Even as the match in Germany was going on, I wasn’t sure. The only thing that is near certain is we scoring.

        1. Yeah. Actually two things are certain “we” in the name of Aubamayang scoring and conceeding an erroneous goal at the defense.

  1. This match should be a ride on for arsenal but UE with his tinkering might just spoil everything, and if he fails to win this match the exit door shouldn’t be far anymore for him.

  2. I nolonger feel like predicting, reading previews or anything anymore about Arsenal. I would rather wait to see the results.
    It has gotten to a point where I will just accept any results and wait till end of the season hoping that we can see the back of Emery. I don’t wanna give myself hopes and then welcome a shock. I better be prepared for anything

  3. Everybody knows the problem of our back line. They come at us to score. The good thing is that our front line is not short of goals. We’ll score more than them.

  4. Over the past two years teams have changed their strategy on how to play against arsenal… every one knows that Arsenal are vulnerable when subjected to high pressing…so I expect Aston Villa to employ a similar strategy

  5. If Arsenal players lose their calm and commit individual errors vs villa, I won’t blame the players, but Emery. Only exception being Xhaka as he always plays and has no excuses. The way Emery is shuffling the starting team and formations, I can bet the players would be running low on confidence. It will be a stern test for Arsenal, and 3 points won’t come easy at all. It’s about time for Emery to firm up his tactics, first team selection and let the players grow comfortable playing it.

  6. Will Emery`s philosophy of Kamikaseball bear fruit or is it suicidal ?……………..personally I think it`s more Pearlnecklaceball !

  7. We have become so poor that it is not easy to predict anything. That said, against Villa my expectation is a convincing win.

  8. so far nothing 12′ first half no ideas terrible passing same old thing we should be pressing more Leno is working harder because of a terrible defense I don’t know what to expect………..

  9. How does Granit Xhaka keeps his place in this team? He has to be the most brain dead footballer I have ever seen. Why does he thinks he have to pull back the man when he is clearly beaten and there is obvious cover….smh

  10. Don’t get excited 3-2. It will paper over the crack if can get the win here. Only positive is next week we could have half the defence back from injury.

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