This could be a GREAT weekend for Arsenal

Obviously what we all want as Arsenal fans is for the Gunners to go away to Crystal Palace and pick up all three points with lots of goals, a clean sheet and no more injuries. And we might well do that if we play to our strengths and do not take the game for granted, or have one eye on the visit of French club Monaco for the Champions League clash on Wednesday.

At the same time, however, Arsenal will be looking for the teams around us to slip up a little and help us in the fight for the top four, but how likely is it to happen this week? Actually it looks like it could be a good week to be a Gunner, as long as we do our bit.

Four of the clubs around us are playing each other on Sunday with West Ham travelling to face Tottenham and then Southampton hosting Liverpool later in the day. With the Saints currently above us, a defeat for them would be handy but with the Scousers breathing down our neck I would prefer a draw. And with Ronald Koeman´s team very hard to beat and Brendan Rodgers’ mob having played in the Europa League last night, a draw is pretty likely.

Then we come to the Spuds who also had a European game last night, and pretty tough and disappointing one at that (altogether now awwww!). And with Sam Allardyce supposedly fighting for a new contract despite his excellent season, West Ham could well do us a favour in that game.

That would be great but the cherry on top would be if Garry Monk and Swansea could take something off Man United at the Liberty Stadium tomorrow. Van Gaal´s unbelievable luck has to run out some time, Swansea are safe from relegation and still have a chance of Europa League football next season so should give it a real go with no pressure. And they have already beaten United this season.

Three draws in those games and a win for Arsenal would see us move up to third and set us up perfectly for Monaco.
Just do your bit Gunners and then hope for the best! I have just checked on BetFred and an accumalator on those four results will give you an 85/1 payout! And if you use this £50 promo code at Betfred you can get a big bonus as well. I can see a lot of very happy (and rich!) Arsenal fans this weekend!


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  1. Mick The Gooner says:

    Arsenal, United, Southampton, Liverpool… And I guess Spurs too… Are are in a fight for the Champions League. This is going to be a real scrap until May, but only us and United have genuine world class talent in our squads, hopefully that will make the difference in the end.

  2. GOONSTER says:

    We should be beating the likes of Crystal Palace and then worry about our rivals when we face them..

    I sometimes can’t believe how we seem to have stayed in on position for 10 seasons now. With us it does not matter whether we start off so strong or start off poorly in the league, come February we are back to fighting for 4th place….. It’s really frustrating and I think our players have got to really work on their mentality..


    1. davidrusa says:

      What is your point? I don’t think we need to fret about this because the EPL has billionaires who have been buying success at Man city and Chelsea and to some extent Man U at the expense of Arsenal whose business model is to generate its own income. If Arsenal had wanted to belong to one billionaire godfather I am sure Alisher Usmanov would by now have taken over the club. Arsenal’s approach is the most pragmatic one because it keeps the club in the hands of many people and the club generates its own income. In the long run Arsenal’s model will prevail because no billionaire can forever bankroll a club. Reality will soon dawn on those billionaires that they can’t sustain their current style of spending without accountability. However Arsenal has now begun to flex its muscle and is competing with the big spenders in the transfer market albeit at a lower scale. It won’t be long before Arsenal finally launch the offensive to wrest the EPL trophy from the big spenders who have distorted the game. That will be a great victory for football and genuine lovers of the game. It is not too far from now.

      1. Jim A says:

        @davidusa great response! Generate it’s own income. Arsenal does it the right way.

      2. Mick The Gooner says:

        With the new TV deals and other clubs looking to expand their current stadiums or build new ones, there’s a question over how long the advantage of building the Emirates and being financially prudent will last. In the long term, the only thing that will separate the big clubs from the smaller clubs are the size of the fanbase – that will determine the amount of money you can make from commercial deals. Not quite sure where we stand in terms of worldwide supporters..

        1. GOONSTER says:

          Wenger wasted so much time in to advertising Arsenal to the world. We could have been so massive somewhere near United. For example if United get a £75 million a year commercial deal, Arsenal could have been at least at £50-60 million a year. But our PR team did not take advantage of internet boom when Wenger first came in and we were flying. Our best is £30 million. Chelsea and Liverpool also are in the £30 million bracket. So there is no advantage there.

          But all Wenger did was to spend each and every pre-season hidden in the countrysides of Austria. By the time he realised it about 3 seasons back it was too late. The likes of Chelski, Liverpool and United had tapped into the world and Asian fan base.

          Liverpool have been mediocre since the EPL was formed more than 20 years ago, but they still make as much as we do in commercial deals, Chelsea too have caught up, City are making deals, however much we question their validity. Chelski are making profits now.

          So I think we are going to have it hard still because most of the other clubs have gotten themselves into good shape too.. Spuds building a new 56,000 seater stadium with this ridiculous TV money, they won’t suffer as we did..

      3. GOONSTER says:

        It does not matter. If we keep losing to the top 6 team then whose problem is it?? When was the last time we have been consistent in getting points off the other Top 6 teams??.

        We always end up 15 -17 points behind the leader, we hardly beat the likes of Stoke, Swansea, and now Southampton. Everton and Spurs is 50/50.

        City, United and Chelsea we hardly ever put up a fight, the worst we should expect is a drew at least when we play these teams, but we hardly ever get that, all we get are humiliations and loss after loss..

        It’s the players mentality.

  3. muda says:

    3_0 to arsenal
    Swansea 2-1 Man u
    Tots 2-3 W/ham
    LFC 1-1 southampton

    1. goonerbri says:

      happy days

  4. goonerbri says:

    OT have we all noticed the amount of times we travel to home games along with Chelsea fans? Im kinda sick of it personally, having to explain on the train that They are lucky and we are the best in London. But getting back to my point. AFC And CFC fans seem to have quite a good relationship for a London clash. Apart from the 80’s i have seen no Racist or Violence from their fans. These so called Chelsea fans who Humiliated a local French guy need to be Humiliated themselves!!! lets make them stand in covent garden wearing a tottenham shirt and hat, and let all other London Clubs laugh at them.

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      There seem to be two sets of Chelsea fans. Some you can actually talk to, others that are some of the most arrogant fans you’ll ever come across. In other words, actual fans and plastic fans.

    2. Mesut O-healed says:

      haha or just take away what they love most and ban them from the Bridge?

  5. Greg says:

    Hey! 3rd spot for the gunners sounds great! It will be a great weekend for us gooners if results go our way, an even better result would be man u losing to swansea!

    1. ArnSam says:


  6. tissiam says:

    it,s funny how people,fans are laughing at the wenger trophy but in the same time finishing in the top 4 is a must for a lot of fans and their team,also the race for a top 4 is nearly more interesting than the one for the 1st place!!

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