What can Arsenal expect from Liverpool in our League Cup Semi-Final?

What can Arsenal expect from Liverpool?

After the latest round of matches of Carabao Cup were played out, Arsenal were drawn against Liverpool.

Mikel Arteta’s men will take on Jurgen Klopp’s men, in a feisty two-legged semi-final tie. (Or possibly a one-off game, which is possible but unlikely).

Despite being one of the best teams in England in the recent past, the Merseyside club has looked a different proposition in the EFL Cup.

This is Liverpool’s first semi-final appearance since 2017, and it is certainly a competition which hasn’t interested Jurgen Klopp much. His team hasn’t gone further than round 5.

Last season, Arsenal eliminated the 2019/20 league champions to enter the quarters of the same competition.

At that time, Liverpool only had three established first team players in Mohamed Salah, Diogo Jota and Virgil Van Dijk featuring. All three were taken off before the full-time whistle.

Klopp has always blooded the team with rookie players. He rarely uses his senior players. In their win against Leicester last night, they only had four senior players in the team.

That was despite the fact that they were playing a tough Premier League opposition.

I highly expect Klopp to pick more senior players for their two semi-final matches against Arsenal, but I would be surprised if they are aplenty.

Arteta will himself certainly bring in more senior players. To the Gunners, the EFL cup has added meaning this term.

With the team not involved in Europe, winning a cup would be fantastic. Be it the EFL cup or the FA Cup.

Yash Bisht

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  1. I hope Arsenal in the beginning of the year is different to the Arsenal now so I know there’s progress…….I just want MA to not park the bus……..

  2. Our B team should be able to at least force a penalty shootout, against a team without Salah/ Mane and consists of many fringe players/ youngsters

    If it’s a single game and if the numbers of supporters are almost equal, we’ll see which manager’s tactics are better in that game

  3. Salah and mane can play i dont mind that…but van dijk and henderson shouldnt play..🙂
    Hope Klopp rests them…

  4. Klopp rates FA, CL and PL way above League cup. He will field a team of mainly U21 and B-teamers. Especially because they are without Salah, Mane, Keita, so the fixtures will pile up.

  5. Both teams will field weakened sides due to the AFCON competition but the loss of Mane and particularly Salah, gives us a decent chance of victory.In fact I am glad we drew Liverpool who are more likely to throw caution to the wind rather than Chelsea or a Spurs team which was fortunate to beat the Hammers for whom Rice and Bowen are outstanding.Bowen has improved substantially during the past 18 months and I believe Liverpool will move for him if Salah moves on.

  6. Liverpool was the best choice for us to be paired against from our point of view. They will certainly field a way below their best choice eleven and we can be near certain of that. We WILL FIELD OUT BEST ELEVEN imo.

    So I expect us to be in the final against one of the other two London sides in what will be, in their semi, a 50/50 call IMO.

  7. I don’t think liverpool can win gooners this moment as arsenal form right now, but lets see what klopp and arteta decide.

    1. We’re all looking forward for the champions league that’s what was in our mind martinely improve in absence of aubaneyang

  8. I think Klopp as well as the other coaches will take this cup seriously now. Everyone wants to win something!

    I expect MA to play for the win and nothing else. We want all the cups and a position in the top 4!

    1. Diogo Jota, Firmino, Origi and Minimao can all score profusely. We will lose if we play our B team. If Arteta doesn’t make a poor team selection choice and picks our best team we could win it, no doubt. BUT we have had so many odd team choices in the past, that if we want to win it Arteta has to GO for it with our Number 1 team

  9. It shouldn’t be taken for granted that Liverpool will field their 2nd string team against Arsenal for the 1st leg of this season English Carabao Cup semifinal match at the Ems. What of if they didn’t but decided to field a very strong team that consists of Sallah and Mane for the match?

    By the way, when is Afcon kicking off? But whenever it does kick off, Arsenal should better fully prepared to face Liverpool squarely fielding their strongest team of the day they muster together to play in both legs of the match.

    And if I may add to say, this should be a big ECC match for Eddie Nkethia to showcase his goals scoring prowess for Arsenal.

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