What can Arsenal expect when they face Eintracht Frankfurt

The first thing people need to do is to get some perspective, Eintracht Frankfurt is not Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund.

They are an above-average Bundesliga outfit and Arsenal should not be scared of them at all, of course, they need to be respected as all opponents do but Arsenal are not facing an elite team by any stretch of the imagination.

Frankfurt is not formidable at home, they have won their opening two Bundesliga fixtures at the Commerzbank-Arena against Hoffenheim and Fortuna Dusseldorf but won just eight from 17 last season on their home patch.

They did very well last season in the Europa League, they gave Chelsea the fright of their lives in the semi-finals and did destroy both Marseille and Lazio as well as defeat Inter Milan, so as I said, they must be respected.

But they finished the season 7th and barely scraped into this seasons Europa League by one point from Werder Bremen and if I had to find a comparison in English football I would suggest they are equivalent to a Wolves or Everton.

Frankfurt can, of course, beat Arsenal, I mean after the Watford game it would be foolish to suggest otherwise but you have to remember what Arsenal did last season in the Europa League, wins at Valencia and Napoli showed that on the road in Europe, Arsenal are a different team to the one that plays away in the Premier League.

Frankfurt will be a challenge for sure but Arsenal has the quality to beat them and quite frankly, should beat them.


  1. shuld beat them look at watford game, every game is a roller coaste rride with Emery in charge and if we loose this one, then its bye bye Emery for me to quote Stan think i got it wrong again!! what a mess!!! and fo ryou that asked for Arsene head, shame on you!! we are in a mess!!

    1. No problem at all with replacing Arsene, but we should replace him with a better tier 1 manager, not a tier 2 manager like Emery.

    2. Replacing arsene Wenger is the best thing the club has done in 10years, if you think we are wrong for asking the club to sack Wenger, then the shame is on you.

      1. Spot on about Wenger. He SHOULD have been sacked a decade earlier, back in 2008. I said so at that time and ever since , until the glorious and freeing day he went, with his tail between his legs, never to harm us again!

  2. My wishful line-up for this match…

    AMN (No other choice for now)
    Kola (No other choice for now)

    1. The trouble is it’s the full backs who are letting the opposition’s wide players to get balls into the box. Apart from their quite shocking defensive abilities Nile’s can’t cross and Kolasinac just passes back too often. But as you, it’s difficult to see any other options.

          1. I have NEVER in all my years of watching the Arsenal (or any team come to that) seen a player of any position have the attitude of ANM – let alone a “defender”.

            George Graham was known as “Stroller”, but he had the ability to match the style.

            ANM plays like he’s on the verge of going into a self induced coma !

            Don’t get me started.

            Declan, you have hit one of our many problematical nails right on the head.

          2. Am not gonna lie but Niles is the worst arsenal player have seen, he plays like he is Dani alves who has won everything, am not upset at him because he’s not good am upset because his attitude is so so poor, chambers can’t do worse than him at Rb, even mustafi, the boy is so useless, him and Kolasinac shouldn’t be playing for arsenal.

  3. Spot on @Patrick. That line up should get a positive result at Frankfurt.
    Only change I will make is Holding for Sokratis in order not to rush Holding back.

  4. They shouldn’t be as strong as last season due to losing their two main strikers last season, but then again our shambolic defending will make ANY striker(s) they use look WC!

    I don’t really care about the lineup against Frankfurt as Emery was always going to make changes irrespective of our league form. It will be very interesting to see who he picks in our next league game, that’s what I cannot wait to see.

  5. Our major problems is ou r full backs, how can a club have a full back who cant defend or attack, all kolasinac do is run and run and when it’s time to cross he will just pass backwards, Niles is a complete useless footballer even Gibbs was better, and again what is it with Leno always guessing wrong for penalty, I can’t help but think Martinez would have saved one of those penalties.

  6. Anyone who thinks AMN and Kolasinac are our “major problems” knows precious little about football and are deluding themselves.AMN is a talented young player who is going places as an attacking midfielder.Due to the long term injury to Bellerin he is filling in at right back when he is clearly I’ll suited to the position as he lacks the mentality and hardness needed in a defender.Kolasinac is a decent wing back but a poor full back.As far as I am aware Emery has little option to play these two for the time being.As far as the main contributors to our defensive frailties are concerned,Sokratis, Luis and Xhaka are without doubt the main guilty parties and hopefully someone in authority in our Club will point out these undeniable facts to our team Manager who I have to say is quickly losing my support .

    1. In my opinion ANM is a major problem being played at right back …. fact.

      Ask any opposing manager who targets him week after week, perhaps they know “precious little about football” !

      Not the only problem by a long way, but yes a “major” one.

      As stated above football is a game of opinion, but like to think I’ve got the hang of it since Highbury circa ‘69, and behind the scenes at both pro and semi pro level.

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