What can Arsenal fans do to change Kroenke’s attitude?

Okay I was never expecting Stan Kroenke to spend 200 million this summer, but even by his standards the rumoured 40 million transfer kitty is a shocking lack of ambition. At least we are getting the bad news out of the way, so we can all hit the beach in July knowing not to listen to various links. With the mood already low at the Emirates, this is a bad time for these revelations. We either have a terrible PR team or an owner who simply isn’t bothered – I think we know the answer.

Some Gooners believe this figure doesn’t include the Adidas sponsorship or the new Emirates deal but I think that’s wishful thinking. You either don’t believe the story or you do. If indeed someone in authority has been giving out information they’re not going to offer one third of the total, they would round it up.

Sadly, the evidence suggests the reports are not crazy. It now makes sense why we wouldn’t give any guarantees to making January loans permanent. It’s already unlikely Suarez will be in North London longer than 3 months as that would wipe out half our budget. It also increases the belief that Emery is trying to free up the wage bill by freezing out Ozil and Ramsey, not that he generally thinks Iwobi is better. Yes, we could sell to buy but in 2019 why should we?

How can Mr Kroenke with a straight face try to sell this business model as a plan which will make us champions. That is why I was never bothered who our boss was, we are simply going to stand still under the current regime.
We will be a club who might once in a while quality for the Champions League based on maybe winning the Europa League.

If the press are telling the truth, our fan base is going to get toxic. Not toxic as in individuals moaning on social media but anger. What do we do? I have no answer…

How do you get someone who doesn’t care less to care?

Dan Smith


  1. Previously on this site people spoke about boycotting matches. When the numbers where down last year it left a bad image of the club – but the revenue from gate receipts did not change. Arsenal have a waiting list for membership.
    On top of this, I have a friend who has the contract to manage the 140 boxes at the Emirates. He told me that each box has to have a 5 year contract with an average of £120k per box per year.
    That is almost £17m a year or £84m over the 5 years.
    Adidas deal I suspect Raul has brokered (he use to work for Nike before Barca – I think he has lent on a few contacts here) will be an income of £60m per year.

    Of cause none of this means we will see any of it, but it also demonstrates we are not a poor club with no money to spend. Its just managing it correctly, which up until recently has not been the case.

    I look back to the situation with Sanchez and Ozil. Both cannot be on £300k (city don’t even have this) and I feel wenger felt Sanchez is replaceable but Ozil is not.
    but when Ozil was the last of the superstar idols at Arsenal – and represented the image of ‘free-flowing beauitful football’ Unai wanted the focus to be on grit and teamwork and I feel this is why Ozil has been taken out of the front line so the Team look to each other for inspiration to be a team, then a single ‘idol’. Just my opinion on the situation. I don’t agree or disagree, in the end it just needs to work whatever we do

    I don’t believe we have £40m to spend in the summer. I do though expect we will not go and buy 5 or 6 players. I think the focus will be to continue the sale/release of players.

    1. Boycott games period!!!! Fans should stay away! He will be forced to sell and run off with his dwindling fortune because the more we stay off elite level the more sponsorship figures will start going southwards

    2. “I feel this is why Ozil has been taken out of the front line” I disagree, I feel like he has been taken out of the team entirely to make him want to move club and free up some of our budget, which is quite disgraceful behaviour from the club, barely a year after offering him his current deal.

      Makes me lose a bit of respect for Emery seeing how willing he is to oblige and freeze out one of our most important players simply for monetary reasons. It’s certainly nothing to do with how he plays, he made the second highest number of tackles in the last game he was on.

      1. @d

        Really unfair to say you’ve lost respect for Emery, when it was Wenger and Gazidis that messed up with Ozil. And why does everyone only focus on Ozil? Elneny has barely kicked a ball, yet no one talks about the huge disrespect shown from Emery.

        I lost a lot of respect for Ozil, almost picking and choosing when he wants to play, under Wenger and Emery, and the lack of work rate from him. Seeing him sprint at top speed is such a rarity. I love the fact, that Emery is treating everyone the same. No special treatment for anyone. Once he gets rid of the rest of deadwood, I cannot wait to see what he can do with players that fit into his philosophy.

        1. Except for Xhaka automatically starts, and Iwobi offering little and still gets a run out. He even played Kola as a LM FFS! Slotted Iwobi on the right, (tho he’s far better on the left) just so he could sit Ozil. How was that the best he could send out? Despite the injuries he rather play guys out of position to keep Ozil off the pitch.

          If Emery was trying to prove how stale our attack was despite Laca and Auba up top, Kola as LM, then point proven. Absolutely head scrathcing

          1. The ONLY reason Iwobi is playing as many games as he is is because we literally have NOTHING else on the wings! Once Miki is back I am sure Iwobi will have a bit more bench time, but even that isn’t an ideal solution as Miki isn’t a winger either, and he is another flop as well!

            I’ll admit I’m with you on Xhaka though. Cannot believe he wasn’t sold 2 years ago, or last summer. He is trash!

            But our attack isn’t stale though. We’ve scored loads of goals this season, and created lots of chances. I am not going to criticise our attack against City, when we’re playing one of the best in Europe away from home, with 8 players missing, including 3 first choice defenders, and did at least score! We lost the game because of our defence.

            1. We lost on defense I’ll agree in part with that. We also lost on tactics, plain and simple. We created noting and no shots in 2nd half.

              We are bad, but not that bad with Laca and Auba, and City is not THAT good defensively. Kola as LM was bush league stuff. Emery can’t help defensive injuries I’ll give you that.

              But Kola a better LM that Ozil as AM? Simply indefensible to bench Ozil for manager Ego and start Kola as LM. That decision has to be called out and questioned.

              Emery showing a stubborn streak detrimental to success of team. Honestly rather have Sven getting players than Emery.

              1. To be honest, I wasn’t sure exactly what Kola’s position was at times. Haha!

                I am not saying Emery didn’t get things wrong against City, but any criticism for it is ridiculous though. Klopp went there with a much better squad, almost fully fit, bar one player I think, and in his 4th season, and lost 2-1. Emery went there with a bang average squad, 7 players injured, and a half fit Ozil, and he hasn’t even completed a full season yet, and he lost 3-1.

        2. I was agreeing with you until you said Ozil chooses when to play and all that . Yet it has be said and seen over and over again that Ozil will was available for selection and our coach will do otherwise. Can some please tell me if Ozil is called then what is PEA. I can more than 10 matches that the guy is just like a passenger on the field. If Ozil contributes nothing but assists then pea contributes nothing but tap ins. I will still both of them in my team though.

          1. Well Auba is one of the best strikers in the league, and his goal tally proves that, however he scores…and they’re not all tap ins! So he starts every game for me.

            Ozil is not one of best playmakers in league anymore. I can’t even remember the last time he made a defence splitting pass, like Guendouzi did in the first min against Cardiff recently. It’s all 5/10 yard sideways/diagonally forward risk free passes from Ozil, especially of late. Very rarely will he even cross into the box. He doesn’t dominate in middle, controlling the tempo of game, or tear defences apart with with an insane range of passing. KDB, Silva, Hazard, Moutinho, and even Maddison, are just some I’d pick over Ozil any day.

              1. Exactly my point. When you’re doing fine attacking wise, but struggling defensively, what sense does it make to start your least defensive outfield player, who has almost no stamina anymore? When Emery says it tactical, he’s spot on.

      2. Problem is he cant win a tackle doesnt even seem like he wants to win it just seems hes there to show look i tryed to tackle him but he got away.
        l love Ozil and would love him to be on form but the days of him setting 5-6 chances up a game have dryed up.

  2. £40million is either media b/s or a smokescreen by the club. Also, Ornstein says it’s £100 million so which jorno is correct?
    If you were entering a high stakes poker game would you let your opponents know how much money you have? No, thought not.

    1. It’s a smokescreen, I feel. A false ‘leak’, so that when we in the end spend 70 – 80, many will feel it’s not too bad, even with the situation needing 100 – 120 mill., which we could spend if you compare it to Everton or West Ham who both have lower income than we do. Noticeably lower after the Adidas deal….

  3. Dan-we won’t know the transfer budget until the window closes in the summer.This will tell us EVERYTHING about Kronke and what ambition he has for the Club.
    Josh Kronke is on record as saying he wants Arsenal in the Champions League Final.That is either a very bold statement of intent or the words of an excited and foolish young boy.
    To be in the CL Final you need to be in the CL itself.Has nobody explained that to these Yanks?And do any of us realistically expect to qualify through either a Top4 finish or a Europa Cup victory?I can’t see it myself.Not with our defence.
    All the other Top 6 sides will strengthen this summer except The Spuds who are skint and will be for years to come.Everton and Wolves will spend money as well so it could just be that we are fighting for 6th place and not Top4.
    I believe Kronke will allow us to spend and it will be more than the reported £45m that is being quoted.But just how far will he go?
    There was a decade under Wenger when we were always just two or three players short of challenging but that is not the case now by any stretch of the imagination.
    We need AT LEAST
    *One Top Level CB
    *A new LB
    *A box to box CM
    *A winger with PACE and can score.
    *Possibly a GK if we do not promote Martinez
    That’s the best part of £150-200m if we go for the best players out there.Can you seriously see that happening

    1. – CB: Maybe there would be no CB if Mustafi is not sold

      – LB: Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Monreal and a graduate might suffice

      – B2B CM: Maybe there would be no new midfielder if Xhaka and Elneny are not sold

      – Winger: Should be the highest priority and we need two high quality wingers that can produce excellent first touches

      – GK: There are Martinez, Macey and Iliev as Leno’s competitors

    2. Let the fan start boycotting games, the cash grabbing yank would definitely pack up and run, stay away, the bank rolling sponsors would get worried and withdrawing the support and obviously their alliance will suffer, remember, a huge fan base is the back bone of any sport team when that start dwindling, cash will stop rolling in

  4. Simply don’t buy anything from Arsenal

    But I believe Kroenke knows what’s coming and he would give a substantial amount of transfer budget to Emery to alleviate the problems from the angry mob

    I predict there would be at least two marquee signings in the summer

  5. To depend on someone like ‘Greedy Stan’ Kroenke would be like walking on eggshells. We cannot depend on moments of charity. We need an owner who loves this club and supporters and wants to invest in us. Kroenke is the singular worst owner of this club possible. Arsenal are purely backup as a valuable resource against any failure in his Stateside projects. He needs Arsenal in the black a with money in the bank. He doesn’t need to take the money now, but he needs us cash/asset laden. It’s his cash now now as he is sole owner. He can just get rid of the board if he wants. Their backsides must be twiching. They are yes men Follow him in the States and you he is a climber and a dark heart and is ridiculed and hated. He has risky billion dollar investments in the states. He will not borrow under any circumstances for the Arsenal as he has borrowed fortunes for his LA Rams,/Olympics/Office/Shopping development. The only policy is to always and consistently make him unwelcome until he gets the message. He’s not a philanthropist and makes Usmanov and Abramovich look like goodies. We are now a ‘Portfolio Club’.

  6. ……..I think we should wait till the end of this campaign before we conclude on anything concerning transfers. One thing I like though concerning us this season is the ruthlessness of the coach and those in charge of finance. It’s no longer business as usual for players like before and it won’t be farfetched to say that Players are now fighting for their place in the team except a few who don’t care anymore.

    1. Short but spot-on comment

      Usually Arsenal would try to keep their staffs and players, but the new regime seem to have less patience. Curious to see the total makeover of the squad

  7. Let Arsenal fans boycott matches and everything that can bring money to arsenal purse. Let us start worldwide protest against Kronke. Kronke was doing deals with Wenga that was why Wenga was returning monies after transfer windows. Arsenal fans have been tagged the most fulish around the world. Enough is enough

    1. A couple of months back someone wrote an article on how we can buy over Arsenal from Kreonke. I personally think this can be done if it’s initiated by Arsenal Supporters Trust. Start a trust fund, put an aim of 1.2billion, and dish out shares according to people who invest, however with a limit to how many shares can be purchased by each individual. There are millions of Arsenal fans around the world who are fed up with the way the club is being run for the past 14years. I’ve been casually talking to some of my Arsenal mates and everyone who has the means would actually be up for it. And I’m from Malaysia a third world country. If kreonke doesnt wanna sell at the price we offer then we boycott the hell out of everything that brings him money. Bring kreonke to his knees because at the end of the day we are his customers. Without us he’s nothing.

  8. No one apart from God Almighty can possibly “ever change Kroenkes attitude”, so thAt makes the article title a mockery . Howver it is possible , though it would be a long term and thoroughly difficult task, to change his course of future action. I advise that “future course of action” and “attitude” are two entirely separate and different concepts. I will therfore ignore the false article title and concentrate on the more accurate actual meaning. At least I think and believe that is what Dan Smith the writer, really means. It is always important to say precisely what you mean and to not use sloppy and misleading language, if you wish to convey your true thoughts and avoid misunderstandings. Language, correctly used , is a powerful tool but used incorrectly it lets us down and leads to misunderstandings and argumants, which surely no one wishes. Yes, I am BEING pedantic and have explained my reason. It is for all or none to take on board or reject as they please. I can only advise from the perspective of someone who writes professionally and from my own past experiences. Many of my disagreements on this site derive directly from my own precise use of language, which is not shared by a number others. If we are all to fully understand one another, it is vital to say exactly what we do mean and never to say what we do not mean, by incorrectly using our rich language. To be clear, I do not speak about poor punctuation or typos. That would be shallow and silly. This is not a site for professors of English but for passionate fans from myriad backgrounds, some better or less educated than others. But anyone who speaks English fully enough to make him/herself properly understood can manage to say in words what they REALLY mean. Surely?

    Now to the thrust of Dan’s article which I think a fine one with correct conclusions. I very much agree that Ozil is clearly being marginalised by Emert , who is clearly playing thelong game. I believe , whatever he may say in public, that Emery in his heart believes we have only an outside chance of top four qual this season. That is simply sense and is a realistic analysis of the wider psotion thr club in in relevant to our top rival. Of COURSE he will do all he can to try his hardest for that top four place and he will not have given up hope. You will note that not believing in your heart that you will succeed is NOT the same as giving up. PRECISE LANGUAGE AGAIN! I believ ewe will finish in6th place and have thought that most probable throughout this whole season. Were I our manager-God forbid! – I would also be trying my best to get Ozil off the payroll this summer. I believe Emery WILL succeed in doing so. This is precisely the same saving wages raison d’etre for Ramseys offer being wirhdrawn. Surely that is obvious? I believe the “£45mill only” statement is , sadly and outrageously, the truth. Emery knows far more than any of us what the true financial position is and in every financial decision undertaken he must look , above all for TRUE VALUE for money spent. I say his most wise and value for money moves so far have been firstly Torreira and close behind, Guendouzi. His most pressing moves are to slash the squad of deadwood and esp of wasteful wages, so that fresh blood and above all more VALUE FOR MONEY players can make next seasons team. Here endeth the lesson! God I need a drink . And I do NOT mean coffee!

    1. JON, Just an observation which makes me think that 45 million will not be anywhere near the amount that we would need to spend,particularly if you look at some of the wish lists posted on this site. Value for money is based not only on the minimum purchase price (economy) but also on the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase. If one believes that statement to be valid we would need in the order of 30 million just for one player,unless we can pickup another Torreira.

      1. Yes Tom but I was referring towhat we WILL most likely get, not to whast we need. Practically ALL Gooners know we need hundreds of thousands of mill spen to rival City/ Liv etc/ But that is fantasy thinking. I deal only in reality as I see it happening/ If you haveread my posts on here for years , which you havenot as a fairly recent member, you would have seem]n how I write. I always separate what I WANT from what I think we WILL get. That is why i am a realist , never a fantasist.

    2. This why losing Mislintat is another small Arsenal disaster. If you have a small budget you need the talent to find deals like the ones you refer to (Torreira, Guendouzi). Sven was known to have one of the best, if not the best, pair of eyes for talent.

      I also hope that the silver lining of this cloud is that we will see more of youngsters next season. We could have used Chambers who would have been much better than Lichtsteiner as CD (and probably as right back), he also does a great job for Fulham as DM. I think we should see much more of Mavropanos as a CD rather than Lichtsteiner. Mistakes Mavro makes goes towards his learning curves mistakes Lichtsteiner makes helps no one. Playing Mavro frees up Mustafi as right back. Mustafi will hopefully be sold this summer but he has to be a better right back than Lichsteiner. He has played right back for the German national team.

      I hope we will see a lot of Nelson and Smith Rowe next season as well.

      Finally, the only thing Kroenke might respond to, but probably too late, is the loss in value as a result of no longer being able to budget CL football and thus reducing market value. Every year we miss out on CL football makes it that much harder for the following year.

  9. The crazy thing is Stan has stuck by his word and said our business model is self sustaining.
    Less match tickets sold, shirts bought = less or no transfer kitty. Stan will stick take what he needs.
    Were only punishing ourselves and like you said embarasing our club with the negative pr.
    I’m so gutted that not only does this man and son have any involvement in our club but now 100% ownership.
    And the icing on the cake the other day was when the La Rams new stadium mogul, (can’t remember his name) was quoted as saying Arsenal can play their pre season games her and “may be one day well host a CL final and Arsenal will be in it”

    OMG so annoying as they’ve no idea about modern football and the way it’s gone. As a business Kroenke should be delighted as we’re well run but when you look at the debt incurred at the other top 6 clubs, (some other club in London being the exception) just to remain competitive it’s clear we need more funds.
    In fact I don’t think Daniel Levys model at Spurs is helping us one jot as they’re out performing us and buying no one 🙁
    All said Emery is meant to be a magician and making cheap unknown into great teams well see.

    1. The issue with our self sustaining model is that the less we invest the less chance we have of making it to the CL and we end up having less money to invest.
      It’s a self fulfilled prohecy. The only way to break out of it is to either find young cheap talent like the Spurs have done or break the bank.
      We had Sven who was supposed to find the talent and he is gone after a year, so now we have to trust whoever is left to do his job. To be honest I am not confident that we will be able to build a top 4 team like the Spurs did without money. The two Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea and even the Spurs will be fighting tooth and nail for the top spots. We either have a break the bank spend 200M type transfer window or we will be finishing generally 6th, sometimes 5th and maybe just maybe when 2 of the top clubs have bad seasons 4th.
      The problem with the EPL is that it’s not Spain where two teams play for the top, It’s not Germany where it’s all Bayern or another club once every 5 years, It’s not France with PSG running away with it. It’s not Juve’s Italy.
      There are 6 big teams here, with money, new stadiums, top coaches and better squads.
      There is no place more competitive and we are not competing at the same level.

      1. The reason Arsenal will only spend 40 mill in the summer is because they have a 500 million debt.
        Satan Kroenke borrowed the money to buy out Usmanov and transferred the debt to Arsenal, remember the glaziers did this to buy manure but there won’t be any more AGM’s it will be 2years before we find out.

        1. Kieron, the Spurs bubble will burst soon, when they have to finance the repayments for their stadium.
          From Ponchitino to the players Levy won’t be able to fund the contract renewals., while servicing the loan, similar to the problem Arsenal faced. The construction cost of Spurs new stadium is also much higher than the Emirates.

        2. Stef, That statement is not true Arsenal was not a leveraged buy out I am not defending KSE in any shape or form. You can see, if you go to the Official Arsenal website,the latest accounts show the level of debt ( approx 280 million ) and any money paid the directors. I would be delighted if KSE put 200 million in the kitty. This level of investment is certainly needed to just recover from the very poor financial management of the past 10 years.

  10. @Jon fox
    In fairness to Dan I’ve submitted articles that have been published with changed text and dramatized newspaper like headlines! I stopped submitting in the end

    1. kieron, I have found the Admin to be in the main a fair minded man. Why not submit an article to be printed ONLY IF your own headline is attached? If he does not do so but still publishes it anyway, you can easily attach a post underneath your own article explaining to all your OWN TRUE HEADLINE. In truth though I have had some past differences with Pat the Admin, esp when he allowed a racist comment to be printed and not withdrawn, That was out of order and I told him so. Do not ,EVER, be afraid to write what you really think, provided it is not hateful nor filthy as I am sure it would not be. Pat does encourage a good wide range of opinions, as should any good Admin. Good luck!

  11. I one hundred percent believe that our budget will not be lower than last summer’s budget, could be about the same, but my guess is it will be a little more thanks to the increase with our kit deal. I’d expect 75 to 85m, around there, if we don’t make the CL. If we do make the CL I’d say add another 20m to 40m.

    Pepe will cost allot, only Mbappe, Ronaldo, Messi have better scoring and assisting rates than himself throughout the European leagues. Mislintat has, and still does, urge Arsenal to sign Pepe. I believe Pepe would’ve ended up at Dortmund if he (Mislintat) still had his old job, this one reminds me of Dembelle.


    I have an idea why our players over the last 10 years keep getting injured or are injury prone. It is BECAUSE they are playing beyond their capabilities in terms of stamina, muscle and bone strength….in other words, they are not playing in their comfort zone. Their body structure is not built to play the game intensely week in, week out that is why the rate of injury is mind blowing. Take them to a slower or weaker league and they would excel with little or no injuries.


    There are players all over Europe and beyond whose body structure and the way they play fits the intensity of the EPL. These players are naturally hyper-active on the pitch, they run alot, cover alot of ground, have grit, tenacity and fighting spirit on the pitch week in, week out. (e la Torreira?) These players are already in their comfort zone because its the way they play their football and require little or no motivation to do what they know how to do best and they hardly get injured as well.


    Our manager and scouting network should look out for such players all over Europe and beyond from attack to defense and look to sign such caliber of players to Arsenal where Unai Emery can express his philosophy better through proper coaching.
    Injuries would be a thing of the past because here are a group of players whose comfort zone is that they are naturally fast, with stamina, grit, determination and fighting spirit. ITS NO BRAINIER THAN THIS.

    1. Franko
      That would be the art of a good talent spotter like Mislintat. He’s gone. Did he have enough of the Arsenal nonsense? I can see a point in a year or two where even Emery has had enough and jumps ship. You are totally right, there are player to whom intensity and fighting spirit are natural, a bit like Matteo, and we need to find them.


      1. Franco and Sean, I totally agree. The EPL requires physically strong players with height also being an advantage, skill level being equal. Unfortunately in the latter years of Arsene Wenger’s management Arsenal went for smaller technical players and it was evident that Arsenal was bullied by physical albeit often less gifted teams. This was a marked change from Arsene’s successful early teams, which physically intimidated the oposition. They could play teams off the park or get down and get dirty whatever the match required.

  13. The crazy thing is we can discuss about the scrooge all we want, he doesn’t care about us or what we think of him.. I don’t fancy talking about him, probably a waste of time, only solution is to get someone to buy the club from him, which is an Herculean task

  14. There is light at the end of the tunnel perhaps.Kronke is a hard nosed businessman who looks for a good return on his investment .Basically when we quality for the Champions League we are profitable but when we don’t we become a loss making organisation which is no good to a man who is driven by money .As we are unlikely to make the top four for some time (it could take Emery 2/3 seasons at least) losses are likely to become a regular feature in which case ARE ceases to become an attractive investment at least in the short term.Faced with this situation Kronke may just decide to consider selling Arsenal before the rot sets in long term as could happen as the top five are unlikely to become weaker both on and off the park.In other words he may get “full market value” for AFC now but is unlikely to in the course of the next 2/3 years.This is my best case scenario for fans for whom Kronke cares not.

    1. Sound logic Grandad and I hope that you are right. His financial focus does appear to be his 3-4 billion dollar stadium enterprise in LA most of which is being borrowed, and therefore may need AFC as part of his collateral.

    2. A hopeful and optimistic scenario about an unfolding tragedy, is how I would describe your post Grandad. I have long given up all hope of ever seeing Arsenal win the title again, as I am 68. LIKE ALL GOONERS I PRAY WE ESCAPE THE LEADEN CLUTCHES OF THE KROENKE CREATURE, AT LEAST WHILE I HAVE TIME LEFT ON THIS EARTH.

  15. Congratulations Arsenal Women. Played very, clinical, and lots of flare. I totally enjoyed the game and you deserve your win. AW 2-1 ManUW. Hope the men can take an inspiration from your performance tonight.

    1. Pat… I’m not going to lie I do prefer watching the men ? but I do look up the ladies results (I did watch them play against Chelsea on tv & they thrashed them & I loved it!!) They are doing well though & I’m glad they beat the Mancs tonight (just wish the men could!)
      That Miedema is on fire ?

  16. complete rubbish article,throwing numbers with no proper official sources,what about the timing of course it seems logical to announce our next budget when there is many things at play,what if we finish in the top 4 or win the europea,sponsorships money…….and what a stupid question you ask,why sell players to buy new ones?if you don,t know the answer give up man!!also I,m not going to talk about tv revenues…’..trust me many players are going to get shipped ,so not you or me or other fans know about the next budget by the way if you have nothing worth to write don,t!you are no better than the journos who have to article or don,t get paid,you,re all the same like it or not!!

  17. God bless Emiliano Sala and his family so sad 28 years old Dorset police confirmed the body recovered was that of Sala RIP.

      1. Absolutely Sean ? it certainly puts things into perspective! Nobody knows what’s around the corner. Must of been terrifying going down into the sea, I only hope his passing was quick and of course thought’s go out to the pilot also as he may never be found. Bad judgement call for those involved.

          1. Absolutely right Sue ? I actually think this will retire Neil Warnock he’s too old and the stress of that on top of it ?

  18. If Ozil isn’t the part of Emery’s plans then we have to get rid of him…
    We need to thik about selling players like Mustafi, Elnenny, and Ozil… Even if we manage to recoup 50m from these players then our Budget would go to 100m for Summer…
    We can certainly turn our attention towards Kostas Manolas who having 32m release clause in his contract…
    We also can get 1 winger after buying Manolas

  19. I really wish you the best Unai. Working under the ‘Greedy Man’, Stan Kroenke, must be hell. I hope you stick it out and I hope Satan Kroenke sells our club to someone who loves it. Time to become a supporters co-operative. Sell up Satan Kroenke.

  20. Maybe some day later when summer comes and Ozil was gone, someone like me would understand the decision”to freezing him out” of the team. If right now is not playing and collecting the offending wage or appropriately, salary, then, I don’t get it. Maybe too dull to comprehend such non-accountable decision-maker management approach.
    However, when in similar situation, Pep Guardiola arrived City, he was having issue with Sergio Aguero, and was not getting results. He bought Gabriel, bought wingers, Raheem and ……… But what was Jesus able to do? Pep resulted back to Aguero and till date, if Aguero is not doing well City is lost.

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