What can Arsenal fans expect on transfer deadline day

The transfer window shuts today and Arsenal is expected to do some business.

There could easily be a surprise signing today from Arsenal and until the club releases an official statement stating that there will be no more business today it is well worth keeping an eye out on what is being speculated.

That said, I personally think we will only see Cedric Soares confirmed as a signing today.

I do not see any of the first team squad leaving, so no Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Barcelona, No Dani Ceballos to Valencia.

Now, that is just my personal opinion, if there is speculation that either player could be sold today you can take it to the bank that I will be reporting it. Having a personal opinion does not mean it is right.

There are going to be agents touting their players around and you can be almost certain that Arsenal will be offered players and under the right circumstance, I am sure Arsenal would not look a gift horse in the mouth or however that saying goes.

At the same time, there will almost certainly be enquiries about Arsenal players and the same principle applies. If a club comes in with something utterly ridiculous and that is always a possibility then the club would consider it, I am sure of that.

I reckon today will be exciting and a bit of a rollercoaster ride and while it will be good to see the window shut and the speculation ended and normality resumed, it does not mean we cannot enjoy ourselves a little and go along with that rollercoaster ride.

Also, it may not always be Arsenal related that is interesting today. For example, Olivier Giroud to Tottenham, personally I do not give a damn but I know there are some on here that would be disgusted by such a move.

Anyway, enjoy the day, it will be over soon enough.


  1. Soares….
    Get home from work.. straight on the sofa, glued to Sky Sports news!
    There’s talk of the Mancs going for Rondon πŸ˜‚ or Josh King!!!!

    1. Yes Sue baby..
      Certainly gonna get glued to Skysports.
      Don’t know about Rondon, but Josh King is a young and decent player and would probably fit in with Man utd.
      Plus he’s Solsksjaer’s country man.

      I think Soares deal may not come through.
      But anyways, i’m happy with Mari deal.

      1. I bet they’ll seriously regret missing out on Haaland!
        Soares confirmed now, Khadli… at least we’ve got a couple.. at one point I didn’t think we’d get any πŸ˜€

        1. Yes Sue..
          We got two over the line,.. didn’t seem likely all these weeks.
          I have faith in MA to improve our squad.. looking forward to next season already.

  2. Even though Soares is likely to be Bellerin’s understudy, should he join, I really think he could become our first choice RB before the season’s end. This signing would personally excite me, because I have always enjoyed watching him at Southampton, and Portugal. We don’t have a quality RB, so that position is up for grabs. I would imagine Soares will be giving it everything to impress us and other clubs. If he’s a success, bring him in on a free in the summer, and cash in on Bellerin. This could work out very well for us.

  3. In all probability Cedric Soares is coming to Arsenal and it sounds great by the look of it, as he is supposed to be versatile and Southampton are on the up recently and he has played his part. Happy that Auba and Ceballos will be with us, simply because Auba is irreplaceable and Ceballos will certainly improve under MA and soon will be a regular starter, but will never be able to digest the fact that Giroud will go to the Spuds. He would be better off playing for a non League club and still be selected for France in the Euros but should never go to the Spuds, if he still has Arsenal somewhere in his heart. Up the Gunners!

    1. How many game are we expecting David Luiz to miss after the red card against Chelsea? I don’t understand why the Arsenal official site says he is available for selection.. Can someone tell me more

  4. Cedric Soares will be a decent RB back up IMO. And he’s almost free! And if he’s not up for it, we just won’t sign him in the summer.

    We could go after Meunier from PSG, who will be a free agent in the summer as well.

    1. Meunier is not as good as Bellerin and Maitland-Niles in attacking, but he is excellent aerially

      He could be a good CB with his height and skills

      1. @gotanidea
        He does look comfortable with the ball at his feet. A plus if we continue to play out from the back… IJS

  5. I don’t think Cedric will make his decision hastily, he’s on a free in the summer so whoever offers him the best package will get him, obv.

    I don’t see us offering him the best package, we have Bellerin, AMN, we have a fair few CB’s that could fill in, like CC could, and we have some youngsters probably a season or two away, and we have Torreira who could fill it, Guendouzi has the stamina, if we get that Ukranian lad he can also play out there.

    I don’t see us offering a big signing on fee, I reckon he’ll see out his contract with us and South don’t want him around for obv reasons.

    Come the summer, Soares, will sign for a team that needs a 1st choice fullback and they’ll give him a competitive signing on fee. We have other areas to look at and we need to be shrewd, would you guys, would any of you guys see this as a shrewd investment if we made it final.

  6. With all these “free players” starting to become more the norm, let’s remember that there is normally a huge signing on fee that goes with their signature.

    AW predicted this would happen and how any club can plan for the future without offering ludicrous salaries to keep the player at the club, I haven’t a clue.

    1. Don’t ALL regular players get “ludicrous salaries” then Ken? True som ear e hugely more ludicrous than others but all are idiculous. To even pay someone Β£10 k a week to kicj a ballabout is a moral corruptin, even Messi and Ronaldo. Yes, of course the market dictates the salary but who does not think- and I MEAN “THINK”, SINCE MANY DO NOT THINK AT ALL – that most markets are also corrupt!

      We blithely choose to ignore the cesspoit that is the business around modern top level football and that makes us complicit, myself very much included. Just saying but at least I realise it and do not like it. The moral alternative would be not to follow football and so,I am a hypocrite. Which among us then would like to state that he/she is not a hypocrite though?

  7. Is he to be known as Cedric, his first name or as Soares? I ask because on TalkSport they constantly referred to “Cedric”. Unusual for a non South American. Though he is Portugese, so perhaps that counts! I couldn’t care a jot either way but I want to know WHAT to call him. I also have no clue if he is really any good or not. Merely playing for Portugal who won the Euros means little; after all some of our dross present and past played for famous national teams, notably Germany and Denmark. Fill in the blanks yourself, according to your own opinions! I UNDERSTAND HE IS STILL INJURED FOR 3 WEEKS OR SO. How unusual in a new signing. NOT!!!

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