What can Arsenal win next season with Arteta’s new arrivals?

The summer transfer window is far from over but with the arrivals of Fabio Vieira, Gabriel Jesus, Marquinhos and Matt Turner so far, I just thought I would have a look at the betting odds on offer for Arsenal before the next campaign begins.

Liverpool and Man City are unsurprisingly very hot favourites to fight out the title race again next season, with perhaps City even hotter favourites (around 4/7) after bringing in Erling Haaland and Liverpool losing Mane to Bayern Munich. Chelsea, Tottenham and Man United are also ahead of Arsenal in the betting so the Gunners are way outsiders at prices up to 66/1, which is probably a fair reflection of our chances at the moment, but hopefully as our youthful team grow together we may become serious challengers in the next few years.

Considering that Arsenal only missed out on the Top Four by two points this season just gone, perhaps a more realistic bet would be that our improved squad could make it back into the Champions League positions at long last in the next campaign. For that you will get a reasonable price of 2/1 with most betting firms because City, Pool, Chelsea and Tottenham are all odds-on to finish ahead of Man United and Arsenal. Depending on which sports betting website you use for football tips they will mostly predict that Arsenal are expected to finish 6th next year. But the fact is that Arsenal points total in the last three years has been 56 – 61 – 69. If arteta can improve that figure again next season we must surely be in with a big chance of moving up the table again, especially with our new signings.

Another possible value bet for the Top Four are Newcastle who finished the season in spectacular style under Eddie Howe (including destroying Arsenal), and the Toon are certain to be bringing in many quality signings for the new season under there new moneybags owners. They are currently priced at around 8/1.

Now on to the Cups, obviously Arsenal’s fantastic record in the FA Cup cannot be denied, having won the second most important domestic trophy 14 times, including 7 times under Arsene Wenger and the last one being in Mikel Arteta’s first season at the club. For me, this is the most likely competition we could win and is certainly worth an interest at around 12/1.

Although we are likely to be using reserves in the League Cup, the odds of 14/1 could be attractive, especially if we get the luck of the draw on the route to the Final.

I’m afraid there are no odds available for the Europa League as yet…

As with any young team, it is important to get a first trophy under their belts to give them extra confidence going forward.

Do you think Arsenal could get a trophy next season with our new arrivals?

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    1. Completely agree! Yes, we have a little more up front but considering we still have Xhaka, KT who is injury prone I can still se us conceding goals. I hope Saliba settles quickly to shore up the defense l. Seriously hoping we get Martinez. If Jesus settles quickly we may be ok for top six. We’re not much stronger than last season and all the top teams are strengthening too!

  1. Defense is still weak as ever, I don’t expect Saliba to make miracles. Tierney will spend half the season with ghost of Diaby so we have no one for left side.

    Midfield is still weak, Partey is a sick note, Xhaka is still Xhaka. Vieira is untested and brought in to be more creative. I expect little from Elneny or ASL.

    Attack-wise we’ve only replaced Lacazette so far, still awfully lot expected of our young guns Saka, Martinelli, ESR. Need more of an experienced goal scoring winger which Pepe was supposed to be.

    We aren’t even half way there with the reinforcements. Luckily the transfer window hasn’t even opened yet so at least Arsenal seems to be on time this season.

  2. We could win an EL trophy, the minor cup competitions or a CL ticket, because of our Portuguese speakers’ connections. Imagine how scary our left midfield side would be next season:

    …………………………. Ramsdale
    Tomiyasu . Saliba . Magalhaes . Tavares
    …………………………….. Partey
    ………… Odegaard ………….. Vieira
    Saka ………………………………………………. Martinelli
    ……………………………… Jesus

  3. Top 2
    EL winners
    FA cup winners
    Carling cup (if it’s called that anymore )runners up

    Love the process…..

  4. So summa summarum:

    1. Turner = Leno replacement
    2. Jesus = Lacazette replacement
    3. Marquinhos = loanee/squad filler
    4. Vieira = likely Ödegaard rotation

    Out of these players I think Jesus is an upgrade for what we had, so looooooong way to go.

  5. I bit premature with the question as it’s likely one or two more transfers come in.

    But in general:
    1) is there room for most of last season’s players to improve? Yes for most but not all. Don’t see anyone getting worse.
    2) will the players we have brought in make us better? Yes to Viera, Saliba and Jesus. Probably not for Turner and Marquinhos.
    3) will any of out under 21s make the jump? Maybe one or two of Patino, Hutchinson, Flores, Cuffy, Azeez
    4) are we likely to lose anyone who will weaken us? No

    So I think we’ll be better but I dont see any of the top teams getting worse so the bar keep on rising.

    1. My sentiment as well. We will be better but Conte will drive Spurs, Man U can only improve Chelsea failed last season so Tuchel is on notice and buying better and selling under performers. Villa Leicester Palace Wolves Newcastle Everton don’t have Europe. 6th is about right. I’d like to see us get to 75 points which would be good progress toward a title push in 2024. I reckon City and Liverpool will not be so dominant.

  6. Top 6 or win the EL is the minimum requirement. FA Cup or Carabao should not be part of the equation.

  7. I have high hopes for the Emirates Cup next season.

    Other than that, my expectations are low and hope for at least a top 10 finish as our pressing needs have still yet to be addressed even with Jesus Viera, Turner and Marquinos.

      1. How’s this possible? This fella has predicted gloom and doom while you went gaga with a top 2 and a couple of cups.
        EL and a league / FA Cup would do and Mikel will deliver. We missed a big game player for decades and now we have the pedigree of GJ. We will no longer be known as, Wenger’s whipping boys, and that itself is the process.

  8. There was an interesting article on here regarding planning here the other day. It contained a very interesting accusation of there being no squad assessments under the previous regimes as well as how everything has been very meticulous this time around. Considering MA to be Pep’s apprentice, he is maybe trying to keep a balanced squad of two players vying for each position in the first team, most of the times of being almost equal in quality, or offering significantly different to each other. Regarding this matter, it seems we are after Lisandro Martinez, an LCB of Ajax who can play LB as well as DM. But I just want to ask then why did we buy Auston Trusty, someone who can play LCB (left-footed) and give competition to Gabriel? Was it merely a quota signing, to appease the US audience more, like how people accused the Inamoto signing earlier? Does it constitute good planning if almost everyone forgets about him after buying him?

    Apologies for going off-topic. Regarding the current topic, I think we can advance far into some cups at least, considering the depth that we are acquiring/ will acquire once this TW ends. Semis in the Carling/EFL cup, semis/ winners of the FA cup, winners of the UEL and Top 4 in the PL will consist of a successful season based on the spending and the time-frame the process has been implemented in the Arsenal system. As 1 year passes and we move into the nextr season, I hope I dont have an unrealistic expectation when I say I wish our young players’ output or atleast overall contributions see a 25-30% increase from last season? ESR, Saka and Gabi to have atleast 50 goal contributions this season(they had 46 among them last season). The defense to be stronger, maybe concede less than 40 or more than 15 clean sheets, or whatever metric they apply. Or overall just win more games and lose less. I know they are quite high targets, but if we aim high then only we can achieve something. If we want another run-of-the-mill season then I would just fancy us for Top 5, and individual improvements for our players.

    Lastly, a very pleasant window so far. Not sure I like all the acquisitions (really not sure about Viera, to be honest) but the manager and the DOF have been working hard. I hope their assessments are complete this time around and they are planning the next targets to be solutions to the problems that faced us last season. Now this might sound contrary to my first statement but I quite like the prospect of getting Lisandro Martinez to fill in for KT, TP and even compete with Gabriel. But I think rather than spending so much on someone who is a jack of all trades, why not bring specialists for lesser money for the same positions? Tyrick Mitchell of CP for LB, and Chieck Doucoure of Lens would seem better targets, or in-house solutions of moving BW to DM and retaining AMN while sending NT to loan? But there is still a lot of time for the window to close and I hope MA and Edu are able to get all their targets and integrate them into the squad early so that they wont face problems like last time. I also like the fact that we are not buying anyone injured or sick this time, XD.

    Apologize for the long post. COYG!

    1. @Sid
      Regarding Trusty…….
      Trusty, 23, will remain with the Rapids on loan to start the MLS season and will make the move to the North London club on July 17, the club announced. In Arsenal’s news release, the club said its intention is to loan Trusty to another European club for the 2022-2023 season “to further progress his development.”

      1. Thanks for the clarification, AdPat. Thought he would be back this season after his loan ends. Still that signing doesnt make sense to me unless offcourse our plan is to eventually sell him off. Lisandro would be a great piece of business then.

  9. I think it all depends on the Lisandro transfer, as he covers three critical positions – DMF, LB and LCB.

    1. We have apparently made three offers for Lisandro, but look like being gazumped again, this time by Man Utd (last time by Chelsea for Raphinha).

      If we really wanted Lisandro, why didn’t we just pay what Ajax wanted and be done with it.

      Our transfer actions are beginning to look all too familiar.

      Trying to haggle over the price, then ending up A dollar short and a day late!!

      It is still early in the window, but I have that feeling we will be shopping at Walworths again for our remaining needs!!!

      PS: I noticed that Bissouma, who everybody seemed to talk down because of his off the pitch issues, had his court case thrown out this week. I wonder if Spurs knew something we didn’t.

  10. I note that, from a post above, our accepted minimum finish in the PL is now being touted as 6th!!!!!!
    This from someone who was saying we would finish 4th last season!!!!

    We are going to have too buy some new goalposts soo, as they keep being moved to accommodate the “process”.

    We have an equal chance as ANYONE with regards to the cup tournaments, but, once again, that wasn’t good enough over the last decade.
    Neither was top four of course and, likewise, SF and Final losses in the Europa league.

    So we should be looking to improve on all those “unacceptable” stats shouldn’t we?

  11. All Arsenal need now is 4 quality players…a DM + B2B midfielder + L Martinez and a RB….
    and we ready for the new season

  12. Can only really speculate once the window has closed.

    I would say it’s fairly realistic that we will get another defender and central midfielder in, and if that is the case, my expectations would be:

    League – I think we can finish in the top 4
    EL – Got to the SF last time in the comp, so I would like to see us match that at least.
    FA Cup – Given our history, it’s a comp we can win
    LC – Given our history, it’s ca comp we will never win again haha!

  13. Well as far as i’m concerned Arteta needs to win the UEL , he needs to set such goals for himself with all that money spent surely a trophy ( not F.A Cup) should be aimed at. MA needs to task himself .

  14. Good start to the window but Arsenal are still miles
    away from the Top 2 and trailing both Spuds and
    Chelsea @ the moment. WTS still a long way till
    Aug 5th and hopefully the still pressing needs will
    be addressed by then.

    My perfect end to the summer window


    S Fofana…..£35M
    C Doucoure….£20M
    C Gakpo…..£35M
    L. Martinez…..£42M

    £132M spent


    Ballard….£5M (should be more}

    £80M recouped through sales

    Roughly £53M spent on 4 quality players that would
    bring at worst quality depth to 5 positions of need
    (LB/CM/DM/RWSTK) and bolster Arsenals chances
    to make a serious run @ the top 4

    STK: Jesus/Eddie/Gakpo
    LW: Gabi//ESR/Gakpo
    RW: Saka/Viera/Gakpo
    AM: Ode/Viera
    CM: Fofana/Viera/Doucoure
    DM. Partey/Doucoure/El Neny
    LB: Tierney/Martinez
    LCB: Gabriel/Martinez
    RCB: White/Saliba/Holding
    RB: Tomi/Cedric/BNC?
    G: Ramsdale/Turner/Hein

    Loan: ASL, Nelson,Pepe(won’t be able to sell),
    Tavares, Azeez, etc.

      1. So much negative in here….when did Arsenal loose the top 4? First 3 games…with a depleted squad….losing to Crystal palace, Brighton and Newcastle….in those games we had players who shouldn’t be playing at this level starting….otherwise the team looked good most of the season when everyone was fit…we were bettered only by the big two.
        This season…Saliba ( he is in the french National team) is back so no more Rob Holding. Saliba, Gabriel, Tierney and Tomiyasu is one of the best back 4 out there….if we get Martinez then we have cover for both lb and lcb with White as cover still, the only area remaining will be right back.
        In the center of the pitch we get one midfielder to add to what we have. Upfront we have very talented players improving every year…if we sign a statement winger then we will have 2 quality players in each department…how many minutes did Saka play last season as a 20 year old….I will say it here if a few more additions are added to this team then challenging for the league will be an issue with Artera not the ream

  15. After 3 plus years … top 4 should be the aim of a club still claiming to be part of European elite .. another year out of the CL would end that claim … I guess top 6 plus FA cup or European cup would probably save arteta’s bacon .. with the current squad I don’t see either outcome materialising

  16. GK: Ramsdale, Turner, Okonkwo
    CB: Mangalese, Saliba, Holding, Martinez
    SB: White, Tomiyasu, Tierney, Tavares
    DM: Partey, Elneny, Lokonga
    AM: Xhaka, Fabio, Emile, Odegaard
    WF: Saka, Martinelli, Reiss, Maquinhos
    CF: Eddie, Folarin, Jesus

  17. 3rd place


    4th place and in FA Cup semi final/EL semi final


    5th place and EL win

    Anything less than this a MA needs to leave and be replaced.

  18. We have to at some stage start acquiring two quality players in the same position.

    We could make a scare without actually dislodging the top two, we need to start thinking big and signing players like Raphinha, regardless of Saka

  19. Europa and FaCup …finish 3rd I think Our signings give us depth a quality defensive midfield with a range off long passes a quick thinker could help the pace upfront countering will be our force next season in big games in smaller ones possession I think arsenal played well last season defensively actually I don’t know y every1s talking defense I thought it was creativity and need for a striker think the manger is fantastic in his signings but adding a quick thinker in heart off midfield like a Drinkwater or Kante type off player is what’s needed to complete this Arsenal puzzle a Warrior type off player a presser and quick passer

  20. I doubt it. We are still top players short. We are in Europe and all the Cups….we need a good squad. If we get a quality midfield player, to replace Xhaka. Another strong CF to play with Jesus…..maybe. Football is reality based and being close is not very meaningful. If we get the remaining pieces in the jigsaw we could do well, but we’ve often seen us two players short of a challenge and that is not good enough. The good news is that William Saliba is back. We spent frigging £50 mill on Ben White….OMFG.

  21. Nothing – We are not going to compete with Man City or Liverpool. We are five plus years behind them. As a supporter for 33 years years I am very lucky to have lived though the Wenger years – Bergkamp was the King !!

  22. Was looking for some cheering up but even the likes of fairfan and gotanidea can’t see much higher than sixth. Too early to call guys, try to be more positive and get behind the manager and the team.

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