What can Arteta do to improve Arsenal’s goal scoring rates?

Is it time to start getting worried over our low scoring rate? By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello friends! The inability of our team to score plenty of goals in recent games is giving me reasons to ask if it is not time that Arteta started searching for the key to unlock the goals for Arsenal.
In the last game we played against Watford before the international games, we scored just one goal, and spent the rest of the game struggling to score more goals. If I should tell you I didn’t think about this as a problem we will eventually have to solve in the course of the season, then I will probably be lying to you.
I feared that we would meet a team that will punish us if we failed to convert our chances in the game, and that team surely came in the form of Liverpool.
In the game against Liverpool, we had some good moments, but our inability to take our chances and kill off the game from the start, partially caused us the game. Why we are finding it hard to score goals even when we totally dominate games, baffles me.
The strikers in Arsenal are some of the best you can get anywhere in the English Premier League, and they are also good goal poachers. They have goals in them and they have scored goals in the past! So why is scoring goals becoming difficult now?
Are the midfielders in Arsenal loosing creativity after scoring a goal, or how can one explain the sudden struggle to create and score the chances create in games, especially against the big teams? The midfielders are the ones who rescues the team, when strikers are finding it difficult to breach the defence of the opposition, but they seem to be doing that consistently recently.
However I want to say that our midfielders have also been chipping in with goals once a while in the season, so they may not have much blame to shoulder. But why they don’t do it in big games is mystery to me.
Guys, all I ask is for the team to start scoring goals and start killing off games.  But what can Arteta do to improve our attack?
We are Arsenal and proud.
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  1. Just listen to Klopp, one of the gutsiest managers in EPL. He said there is no creative midfielder, playmaker or no 10 in the world who can be as good as a good counter-pressing

    Liverpool became much scarier after Coutinho left. Great high pressing is the key to create golden chances, by forcing the opponents to make mistakes

    Heynckes/ Tuchel have also proven it by destroying the prime Barcelona in a 7-0 aggregate victory and by winning against Man City in last season’s UCL final. A good false nine or a deep-lying CF becomes the team’s main pivot in the front line nowadays, if the team play with 4-3-3 tactic

  2. Truth is Arteta can’t do anything against the better managers, they are way ahead of him. Even our manager he replaced blew him out of the water with an inferior team. We haven’t got a manager that is capable of mixing it with the top guys, he isnt clever enough.

  3. MA shd vary the passing game
    Persisting in pass and pasz infront of packed defences wont work a the time.
    A quick and long pass can open up the defence

  4. Problem is our frontline is very slow and don’t have physically fit midfielders,

    Lokonga was crushed at Anfield, See the speed at which salah and mane went on counterattacks, I expected Arteta to sub Saka and Aubameyang for Martinelli and Pepe, well it was only my thought,

    We need aggression in front, we can swap Pepe for Zaha, Nketiah for Denis Zakaria, get Jovic on loan and send Aubameyang out,

    Saturday was heartbreaking, expected a loss, just not with that margin.

    1. Bang on mate, liverpools front 3 are a different class in terms of talent and work rate. I think if we could get Jovic, Asensio and A Donny Van Der Beek type player we would be a very different outfit. I too think Auba has had his time and use and we need to move on. I think Edu and Arteta know this and I believe that’s next summer or this winters plan. Hopefully we can get Jovic on a loan with and option to buy and the same with Ascensio

      1. “What can Arteta do to improve Arsenals goal scoring rate “

        My answer was a simple one word post ,who else did you think I was talking about LC ?

        Cmon get with the program buddy .

  5. Sell Auba Laca and bring in a new strike force that offers more than just one attribute. I Auba offers very little if we’re not in the game. Don’t get me wrong he tries but it’s not good enough. The movement of our front players is also not direct enough and we don’t transition the ball quick enough. Playing from the back was a mistake but if the players know its creating problems they should adapt. Their grown men and professionals they should be much more fluid in possession like Liverpool and structured off it closing the space down from front to back

  6. After the spat between Arteta and Klopp, I expected arsenal to be fired up and battle for every blade of grass. Yet it seemed like they actually dropped off after that. Lokonga had a poor game. There were two ways to go about the game. Counter attack liverpool or hold the ball confidently and play through the counter press. Arsenal lacked the fitness to consistently play the first way and the composure to play the second way. I watched with dismay as our defenders hoofed the ball away when there were good options in midfield. Ultimately though, the buck stops at the feet of the coach.

    1. Yeah one thing worries me about our fitness, when Riess Nelson went to PSV. The manager couldn’t believe how unfit he was. This make me wonder what programme the fitness and conditioning coach is actual putting the lads on . The buck doesn’t just land at the managers feet it’s his team too. Look at the situation at Utd Ole gets the sack but the coaches get kept on that I can’t understand

  7. Building takes a while. We are on the good foot. We need a stronger central midfielder, a goal scorere in the left wing and a good striker.

    Liverpool pressed us and seized the ball on all occasions in the second line. We should have adjusted and not tried to play at their rythm. The last goal was very annaoying because our defenders didn’t get back on time even though it too up to 4 passes from midfield for the ball to get to minamino

  8. To make our team competitive again, we only need “speed and strength”, there’s nothing fantastic about Chelsea and Liverpool’s style,

    They pressed well as they’ve got speed and strength, How Arteta didn’t notice he needed Martinelli and Pepe in the 2nd half, eludes me,

    It’s time to give gives Martinelli a chance, Aubameyang out, Martinelli should do well with Lacazette’s holdup play,

    Hopefully we could have a midfield of Partey-Maitland-Niles-Smith-Rowe.

  9. MA needs a new attack for sure. But, Arsenal’s problem against Liverpool was that they opted to park the bus. The team looked disjointed and confused. Chasing shadows and panicking under pressure. Most teams would probably do the same against an in form Liverpool to be fair. Unfortunately, Arsenal just looked like the average team they are. So, I guess the result was to be expected.

  10. Why Arsenal struggle to score
    1- There’s no element of understanding between the front 3
    2- Saka is overated and his not performing better than Pepe no matter how u want to see it..
    3- Aubameyang is simply not on the pitch
    4- Lacazette plays more as a number 6 than a 9
    5- ESR is not a natural winger
    6- Partey and Lokongo are not naturally creative players.
    7- Our best and most hungry attacker is on the bench(Martineli)
    8- The managers tactics does not allow full backs to push forward.
    9- We do not press high up the pitch(this forces mistakes and disorganisation of the opposition)
    10- The manager is more defensive than attacking just as his playing days would suggest…

    The answers are obvious whether u accept or not

  11. People are hanging onto the premise that because he spent a couple of seasons at City, Arteta is the next Pep Guadiola. He isnt Pep2 and never will be, he is still making rookie errors and hasn’t found a way to make us better than the sum of the parts. From the beginning our football has been sterile and confusing in defence when we are really pressured. The cup games he did well in at the beginning was when we played with 3 at the back but in the league, that formation proved to be fruitless and too often became a back 5 when defending, blunting our attacks again. He seems at a loss, how to make us good at attacking, our football very often going forwards is easily snuffed out, hence poor goals for. We win the ball far to deep and are not set up to counter attack when we do, so lose the ball, or by the time we get into an attacking position, the opposition are back ready to defend. Our football at times lacks intelligence, basically we just try to attack down the wings and rely on crosses, problem is we are not set up with players whose natural game is getting onto crosses when they come in. We try to play out from the back without variation, easily read and eventually we are forced to play a long ball and nobody on the end of it. The football is confusing and we look lost if we cant lay the trap to break the opposition press, especially against half decent teams.

  12. Arteta has sacrificed our attack to shore up the defense, plain and simple. A golden boot contender his first two years now looks flat and toothless.

    Strikers need service, and neither Auba or Laca rarely get any. Laca basically plays as a B2B, and Auba is chasing Fullbacks too often in our defensive end.

    How many chances and shots on goal do we average?

    2 years and Arteta still has not figured out how to solve our scoring woes. He doesn’t play to the strengths of our attackers, but instead chooses the square peg in round hole approach.

    1. Exactly what I’ve been saying Durand about Auba
      Before Arteta came he was on fire and now all you hear is wait until he gets his own CF .
      There would be no difference in our set up if we had prime Henry ,the fact is he has taken all of our offensive play out of our club and as replaced it with tactics that belong in the 1980s

      13 goals scored in our first 12 games played should show even the most stringent Arteta supporters that he is way out of his league in terms of how this club should be playing .

    2. No doubt Durand and DK, it’s a total cake and it too clusterf***…you simply can’t have it both ways…you can’t play a predominantly offensive lineup then deploy negative tactics and expect this not to fail miserably against better managed squads

      just imagine if he had recruited the kind of players who aligned with his more negative leanings, tactically-speaking, then required them to bomb forward at every chance, one would obviously question such incongruencies between team selection and tactical approach

      with this in mind, there needs to be a much more common sensical connection between the front office and the training pitch…as of right now, I see a very timid and overmatched manager who relies too heavily on moments of brilliance to overcome our obvious tactical deficiencies, which certainly isn’t a model for sustained success

      furthermore, anyone who can’t understand why our one proven world-class player has struggled during MA’s reign, considering the overwhelmingly negative setup and the glaring lack of meaningful service, simply doesn’t understand the more nuanced aspects of the sport or is legally blind

  13. Real- 100%

    I don’t understand why Arteta is aggressively supported even with the obvious facts that he isn’t good enough.. Maybe he will, but it will take longer than we can wait for..

    If the Arteta’s loyalist had channeled this sort of support on Wenger or even Emery, I think it would have been a
    better investment

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