What can we expect from Arsenal in their first four games back?

It is very likely that football will return sometime in June and it is getting close to that time when we can start making predictions on what to expect from the lads when the game does resume.

It will be an exciting time when one can get all bets on and of course some beers (if one is so inclined) and a plate full of delicious food and snacks.

No one knows for sure what the fixture list will be, but it is fair to assume that the first four games for Arsenal will be what they were prior to the suspension.

I got the list of the next four Premier League games from the official Arsenal site and they are as follows,

Man City – Away
Brighton – Away
Southampton – Away
Norwich – Home

So, let’s take these games one at a time

Man City

Well, I would love to be able to say we will get a draw or even the win from this game but hand on heart I just cannot, I sadly feel this will be the first league defeat this year under Mikel Arteta.


This is a game that Arsenal stands an excellent chance of winning, the Seagulls will not have the fans backing them and with that in mind, I am predicting a win for Arteta and his men.


This could be a very tricky game, Southampton has improved significantly and they still need points to be sure of Premier League survival. A draw looks the result here.

Norwich City

I cannot see anything other than a home win for Arsenal here. At home, Norwich can be tricky but on the road, even without fans against them it is a lot harder for them and I honestly feel that Arsenal will simply be far too strong for the Canaries.

So, seven points from a possible 12 is what I am predicting, hopefully I am wrong, 12 points from 12 would be excellent, 10 would be impressive as well, even nine would be acceptable, anything less and it is a slight disappointment.

Naturally, a lot will depend on what condition the teams will be in when they return, Arsenal was one of the first teams to return to the training ground, also it is far from certain that every player will be available for selection, and that can all play into Arsenal’s hands.

Also, if the lads manage to get a result of some sort in their first game against City that could be a huge catalyst that could see them go on a long winning run.

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