What changes do you think Arsenal should make this summer?

What I would suggest for this summer by Gurjit

I’m sure many fans will agree with me in saying that this season has been a huge disappointment and although we could yet end the season qualifying for the Champions league there have been a lot of problems within the club that need to be addressed. Arteta does have fans divided at the minute and personally my faith in him (and Edu) has pretty much faded away – that said, I will continue to hope for the best and reserve my judgement until this summer.

This leads me on to my topic of conversation for day – what changes do we want within the team in summer to set us up for next season? I think too many players within the Arsenal team may have had their day and need to be moved on for the club to improve. The following is what I would realistically (as in the realms of possibility) suggest for the first team:

LB – Backup player required – Saka/Cedric/AMN can all play there as Tierney’s backup but it’s about time we stopped shoehorning players into this position and bring in a promising young player.

CB – Luiz’s contract will expire and despite what some people say I believe he has been very important for us. His presence will be missed but I don’t want to see another CB come in. We have Chambers, Holding, Mari, Gabriel, Saliba and Mavropanos and I don’t see any reason why a solid partnership can’t be formed between two of them.

RB – Some fans want to see Bellerin gone. I understand why, but I think he has shown flashes of what he can offer. Unless a good offer comes in of maybe around 25M I would rather keep him. Cedric/Chambers/Bellerin gives us plenty of options and I’m comfortable with the depth.

CM – A tough one as we are not going to see a lot of changes. Xhaka is a player some fans want to see gone, I don’t. When he doesn’t play we miss him – he appears to be the only one on the field who can dictate play and move the ball to stretch opponents. I do want to see an addition here of someone who can do the same job – a deep midfielder who can dictate play. Elneny – again people want him gone but he offers cover in the sitting position, and though he isn’t going to change a game or stand out he does a job.

CAM – Ceballos is a player whose stay I do not want extended as I don’t think he offers anywhere near enough, either as an attacking player or a playmaker. Odegaard I really like, and though not consistent I would like to keep him, though if it’s a case of buying him or using those funds elsewhere I could be swayed. I do think with Odegaard and Smith-Rowe we have much better depth than at the start of the season when Arteta refused to play a number 10 type player.

Wings – Saka/Martinelli/Pepe/Willian/Aubameyang/Nelson. I’d like to see both Aubameyang and Willian to be moved on. I only ever wanted Willian for one season and I don’t want him to stay longer. I think a departure is unlikely though given the 3 year bumper contact Edu/Arteta have given him. Aubameyang in my opinion has also had his day. He just isn’t doing it for us anymore and if we have the possibility to make some cash on him I would (though again unlikely due to the contract). He certainly shouldn’t be captain going into next season. The chances of either of them leaving are slim and this is a shame as it’s a position that with the right transfer could really strengthen the team.

ST – Lacazette is our only real option here and he’s someone I believe should now be moved on. Yes, he works hard and can offer a lot on his day but it just doesn’t feel enough. Regardless of Laca leaving we still need a signing here as I cant see Nketiah/Balogun getting a real look in and Martinelli suits a wider position (and also doesn’t get a look in).

To summarise first team players that I realistically think could leave: Luiz, Ceballos, Lacazette, AMN (likely) Bellerin, Elneny, Willian, Aubameyang (unlikely)

Positions I would like to fill: Left back, Playmaker, Old fashioned Winger, Striker (2 potentially)

What do you guys think?



  1. We need Koronke to sell
    We simply won’t do what we have to do in the transfer market to catch others

    1. I have to agree with you Dan. Either that or he has to put his hand in his pocket. The club has drifted under his ownership and if it isn’t addressed quickly, then the future is very uncertain and the chances of regaining our position of strength in the EPL will diminish

      1. Kronke has been putting his hands in his pocket but unfortunately those big names aren’t producing the goods

        1. Thomo,
          I am sure someone with more knowledge on the subject than me can tell you that SK has not used his own money at all in its simplest sense. The money spent apparantly comes out of how the club manages its revenue from match days, sales etc. This doesn’t seem to be enough to arrest the decline over a few years and that is what concerns me.

          1. Sue p I always thought the rules if financial fair play was that a club is supposed to only use the income of the club not rich chairmen to pay for any transfers .

        2. Exactly.It doesn’t matter how much money you have it’s how you spend it.Its easy to keep blaming the owner but if you spend over 100 million on rubbish players you still end up with a rubbish team

        3. @Thomo.
          You are so right.
          Kroenke has allowed Arsenal to invest 3’rd most in new players over the past 10 years. Only Man U and Man C have spent more. On top of that we are a high salary paying club.
          Unfortunately those spending the money on players, the players and the managers in the same period have done a bad job.
          This is why we are behind clubs like Liverpool and Spurs (to name a couple), who have spent much, much less.
          So if Kroenke needs to improve anything it is first and foremost to improve on who is in charge of coaching, managing and contracts etc.

          1. Throwing more money down the drain hasn’t done the trick for several years. What makes you think it would have been a good idea in January?

          2. Anders, agreed; the financial and player asset management at Arsenal FC has been going down hill since David Dein was forced out.

          3. Anders, perhaps you can break down the spend since January 2018?
            I think you will find that information will surprise many fans.
            Then compare that with city and United.

          4. @Ken1945
            I have only managed to find the past 5 and past 10 years. The past 5 look like this:
            Top 6 – Investment (nett transfers) in squad 5 year history (2016/17 – 2010/21)
            1) Man City – 626.5 m
            2) Man Utd – 557 m
            3) Arsenal – 343 m
            4) Chelsea – 293 m
            5) Tottenham – 227 m
            6) Liverpool – 120 m

  2. After seeing the last couple of games Im starting to lose patience and Im wondering if Arteta is the one that needs to be changed along with some players. I was hopeful and backing him to turn us around to former glory, but the results just doesn’t back it up, especially considering that he have brought in 7 players since his arrival and we are not better off.
    Worrying about the performances of Auba as well..
    I think we need a new striker, Auba and Laca doesn’t seem to cut it.
    We also need a lb as cover for Tierney, a cm as replacement for Xhaka (even if he has been better for us this year I think we should aim higher) and a rb as replacement for Bellerin which might be going.

    1. Can’t disagree much with your sentiment.
      We just seem to have stagnanted in middle table.

      Not good enough..

  3. First of all, Arteta needs a kick in d arse to become ambitious..
    Seem he doesn’t care about his job or even d Club..
    Needs to be booed, accosted on d street, sumtin like dat..
    Den our defence needs a leader..Get Michael Keane of Everton or Conor Coady of Wolves to partner Rob Holding..
    As seen already, Pablo Mari n Gabriel aren’t good enough for a team with high ambitions..
    Then Midfield, Xhaka MUST go!! Sell him to Bayern Munich..N Bring back AMN to replace him..
    Attack, Get Wilfred Zaha n Andre Silva of E.Frankfurt..
    If we carry out my instruction, we will win the EPL n even UCL(if we win dis season’s Europa league) in d 2021/2022 season..

    Bellerin Holding Keane. Tierney
    AMN. Smith-Rowe
    Saka. Andre Silva. Zaha

    1. Can’t agree with any of your sentiments Vinnie. If anything he cares too much. Constant tinkering with players and formations, micro coaching, its affecting player confidence. He needs to ease of on the players, and encourage them to just go out and enjoy themseves.
      AMN and Zaha IN?!!!!! Please!
      Sorry bro your suggestions would take us down.

      1. Bro, you re really Funny..
        First, you say Arteta cares for Arsenal as a team…
        A Coach who continuously plays slow n sluggish Willian, Pepe, Auba, Laca, etc..in matches CARES about the team n results??
        Then you said he should allow them express themselves..
        An African proverb says ‘An Old woman cannot be taught new dance steps’..
        Willian, Pepe,Xhaka, Ceballos, cannot express themselves..
        They re not Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas, Andrei Arshavin or Alexis Sanchez.
        Like Durand said,, by now, Saka, Balogun n Martinelli should our attackers..
        Willock n Maintland-Niles in d Midfield..
        About Wilfred Zaha n AMN, they re dynamic, aggressive n Strong players..Better dan the Lazy n Talentless Players you or Arteta loves so much..

        1. Vinnie, agreed Arteta needs a kick up his backside. Constant tinkering reminds me of Guardiola taking off David Villa against us and we end up winning THAT famous game against Barca. They had us against the wall until he went off and then they weren’t much of a threat without his runs. Constant tinkering and wrong team selections annoy me so much like Willian over Reiss Nelson or Pepe and he says they aren’t consistent enough?! How are they gonna be when they don’t get game time? Auba on the right when we all know Auba is hopeless there. He does nothing other than score goals anyway which he isn’t doing this year.
          But you’re wrong because, firstly, he cares! Secondly, AMN for Xhaka? You kidding me? AMN IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR US! He’s not gonna take us any further. I’d rather have Xhaka than AMN in CM. AMN will not make it as a CM because he’s not productive enough. Is he a number 6, 8 or 10?! I have no idea what he brings other than make up the numbers.
          Thirdly, get rid of Mari and Gabriel?? No way! They’re solid defenders! I’d stick with our CB’s but move Chambers to midfield as a DM AND he’ll still do a better job than AMN!
          I’d let go of Bellerin for a younger version. Max Aarons! Young up and coming RB with massive potential. 39 or so appearances for Norwich already this season. Give him a full pre-season with us and he’s ready to go.

          1. Michael, also to save transfer fees to critical players, give youth a chance like Joel Lopez as back up LB, Azeez, Balogun, Moller (tall target man CF) and the players performing on loan. They have come through the Academy and should be more loyal, young and hungry to fight for the Club.

      1. Well, it seems Bayern M would be a perfect fit for him..
        Will partner Goeretzka in dier 442 formation..
        He is d Biggest problem@Arsenal currently..
        We need a right-footed midfieder like Ikay Gundogan to partner Thomas Partey..
        AMN I believe is a good pick for the job..
        How Arteta who is a Midfielder misses this is a big Wonder!!
        Once I see him(Xhaka) next season, will know dat this Club is Finished!!

  4. We need a player who is a better version of Xhaka. I can see why Wenger, Emery and Arteta love to play him. His qualities are needed but he isn’t quality. A better version would be great. However, if 4-2-3-1 is our plan going forward I would be happy if we could sign someone like Bissouma so that he could form a solid partnership with Partey which will allow any No. 10 we use to have free roam and not leave us weak in midfield. I would look to sell Pepe and Lacazette and go big on any goalscoring attacker. That is a must. One or two defensive signings would be great.

  5. 1. Has Patey any wound? He appears to know what to do, but hesitant.
    2. Arteta should learn to normally change the players with at least 30 mins left of the official time. It’s dumb bringing in people 10 mins to the end, unless to shield a narrow win, or a player cannot continue.
    3. Arteta should establish his first team as a base instead of the massive frequent changes.
    4. Every one has his day in the sun, and William’s had passed. Indeed some people are of the opinion that he is fielded out of something beyond football.

    1. Arteta needs to be moved on along with Auba, Laca, Willian, Pepe, Bellerin, Elneny and Leno probably. Ceballos is gone already.

      1. Yet another claim that just doesn’t bear scrutiny Dan kit – why DO fans make these statements… what is the point?

  6. Without EL or CL next season, we can only afford one big signing and some freebies. But if we can get an EL or CL ticket and sell one of our superstars, we can buy at least two high profile players

    The priority should be:

    1. A new young LB to compete with Tierney, since he’s prone to injuries. Unless Joel Lopez can step up

    2. An upgrade for Lacazette, unless Martinelli, Balogun or Moller can replace him. Unlike Aubameyang, he’s still sellable and there should be a taller CF that possesses some of his abilities

    3. A new GK to compete with Leno, unless Hein or Okonkwo can play in the cup competition next season. In my opinion, Leno has become worse after Martinez left

    4. A new left-footed DM if Xhaka wants to leave. I don’t think Cottrell and Patino can do Xhaka’s dirty works

    1. Agree GAI. Joel Lopez is a prospect, Moller is a tall strong heading target man type CF and with Balogun and Azeez they will all be older and stronger. It will be interesting to see how strong Ballard the ex U23 captain is, when he returns from his loan in the lower division. I would like to see a now fit Chambers given an opportunity as DM alongside Partey.
      Money will be tight, so clubs may need to sell. Arsenal can also benefit by giving their own prospects a chance.

      1. Yup. I also want to see Chambers return to DM position, because I think he’d do better there than RB

  7. Start with a new manager fo not trust Arteta with summer signings hes already proved he is out of his depth at Arsenal and should be sacked! If the board allows him to continue we will be in a relegation battle next season!

  8. First Arteta must go because even quality players like Thomas Partey cannot perform for him. Then let the new manager (try to offer Brendan Rogers a deal he cannot refuse) choose the players.

    1. But would Brendan Rogers come to us, Leicester are doing pretty well and seem to be going forwards while we are going backwards.

    1. Hes been streets ahead of all our midfielders this season including Partey. I agree he is our best player and it’s pretty laughable that some people would drop him for AMN.

  9. 1. The COACH: Just hire MAURIZIO SARRI before he’s taken. He’s the only good coach remaining among the lousy coaches people keep throwing around.

    I keep telling people that these players simply DON’T TRAIN WELL…. You just count the number of misplaced passes each game by top professional players (SAKA, PARTEY, WILLIAN, GABRIEL etc)

    2. The DEFENCE: This set of defenders are the least comfortable on the ball in the entire league.

    Pundits duped people into believing that we had a poor defence,,, then the club went and wasted it’s hard-earned money on lousy defenders case in point being GABRIEL who is just worth around £1M.

    Bring back MAVROPANOS and SALIBA to form partnership with CEDRIC and TIERNEY as fullbacks.

    Let’s start from those two then we can as well keep out for another”technical” midfielder in the mould of IBRAHIMA DIALLO (SOUTHAMPTON), LEANDRO TROSSARD ( BRIGHTON), SANDRO TONALI (AC MILAN – on bench) or ARTHUR (JUVENTUS – on bench),

  10. Signing new players won’t turn things around; Arteta brought in 7 and we are worse this year.

    I think Arteta is the problem here.

    1. Gabriel joins, motm for consecutive months, now shaky and nervous.
    2. Partey proven world class, now looks inconsistent
    3. Auba scoring beast for years now flat and listless.
    4. Youth not being developed

    Arteta AND Edu need to be fired in the Summer. Absolute disaster class pony show from 2 men clearly in over their heads.

    No way I’d give significant funds to these two based on what they’ve shown in nearly 18 months.

    I wanted Nagelsmann to start with, he’s my preference now. Works on a budget and is competitive, improves youth, and gets results.

    1. I get your point about Nagelsmann who is as you say, but still is yet to win anything to my knowledge although does have useful CL experience.
      Every appointment carries some level of risk, so are you then convinced he can produce the goods that Arteta has failed to do in your opinion?
      It is impressive that at his age he has done so well, and it would be very interesting to see how he would cope with the culture at Arsenal
      bearing in mind he would be the same age as some of the so called senior players

      1. SueP
        Granted the Bundesliga is certainly not the PL, but Nagelsmann has delivered results, and has also shown a lot of promise in CL as well.

        He is not a finished product, but who else would come to Arsenal & work with Kronke’s budget?

        Nagelsmann has shown man management; improving youth, getting production from players, and his tactics make his team competitive.

        In addition, he has shown he can build teams, he’s proving that with his second now. 2 teams tells me he knows what he is doing.

        Arteta has none of this after nearly 18 months
        1. Not developing youth
        2. Quality players underperforming
        3. Bad man management
        4. No style or philosophy
        5. Tactics are failing in matches

        I would agrue we continue to regress, started under Wenger, continued under Emery, and seems to have accelerated under Arteta.

        I have seen nothing from Arteta that gives me confidence. I mostly blame management for this situation.

        Shocking contract decisions, poor scouting and recruitment, and compound it all with an inexperienced manager tasked with returning us to Wenger’s golden era of football.

        It was also doomed to fail with such a rotten foundation. How to fix things?

        1. Fire Vinai and Edu this Summer along with Arteta.
        2. Bring in Overmars or someone experienced who can work with our limitations and owner imposed restrictions.
        3. Raid Leicester City for their scounts and people who identify talent.
        4. A manager with a resume of producing under conditions like we have.

        Nagelsmann is my vote, I know I’m wearing it out, but he has the ingredients we prayed Arteta did.

        1. Fair enough Durand.
          I’m guessing with such a huge change of personnel we would be expected to be patient for it all to bed in. I’d hope any newcomer would be given that much. I have called for patience with Arteta but it seems that for many it has worn out. I suppose we shall have to see what happens at the end of the season. I really do think that Kroenke and his top brass need to make some very important decisions about the way forward

          1. SueP
            I appreciate we can discuss matters with an open mind & being civil towards on another.

            I supported Arteta when he joined and more so when he delivered. However now it’s simply not working. The same issues and mistakes reoccur, we’re lower in the table, and it’s hard to find improvement.

            Anyone needs time, however nearly 18 months along and same mistakes, same poor decisions, and man management that leaves you scratching your head.

            Questions need to be asked of Stan and Josh now.
            1. What is their vision for the club?
            2. What plan to achieve this vision?
            3. Why place such responsibilities on such inexperienced personnel like Edu and Arteta?
            4. Fire scouts for agent based recruitment?

          2. Durand
            This has been my issue all along
            I think Arteta has what it takes but quite possibly not with Arsenal. I’m sad all round.
            I genuinely fear that that the club I grew up with and watched with my parents will disappear down the plug hole.
            The questions you asked which I respect are down to Kroenke to resolve. And quickly

          3. Whilst Arteta has made mistakes I believe that many critics are being extremely unfair to Arteta.
            The changes that have been required are considerable. An unbalanced squad for years, moving players on, bringing in new players, a pandemic, no pre-season.
            Expecting Arsenal to suddenly be transformed into a champions league team in one of the most difficult leagues with a limited budget is really asking for something.
            Claiming this or that manager would have done better is really easy as it is non falsifiable. However, any manager needs enough time and support to allow his ideas to work.
            I see people making “18 months” and “x number of matches“ comparisons. These are used as statistics without context to fit a narrative. Such bland statistics are inherently meaningless. However, someone mentions them and others jump on the bandwagon.
            The list above of Arteta’s issues are mostly inaccurate or at the very least arguable. It is very clear that he has a way he wants the team to play.
            Claiming that he has not sought to develop the young players is particularly dishonest. Young players need careful management and throwing them all in and playing them through the season has led to problems for many young players. There are any number of players at Arsenal who have suffered from this over the years.
            I had my own doubts about Arteta but despite the setbacks I believe he is a good manager and his ideas are clear and reasonable and will eventually bring results. Whether he will be given enough time by those who want instant success however is another thing.

          4. David, how unfair was the lack of support by the Board and treatment of Unai Emery and there is no doubt he is a proven good manager and coach?

    2. Agree again Durand (dang – gotta stop agreeing with you!)
      He’s doing a Mourinho and dragging good players down. Next he will fall out with the media…

      1. Guy
        I’m just pointing out the obvious that is there for all to see. Nothing genius on my part, just honest assessment without rose tinted glasses.

        What’s more likely, top players mysteriously turn to rubbish, or managers instructions are poor?

        Arteta has never played to the strengths of his players, but rather his ego-driven stubbornness and refusal to change his negative tactics.

        Season is toast, might as well take off the handbrake and let the guys play.

        Sometimes you have to say “ok, show me then.” Unleash them, challenge them to show you what they can do.

        Let Partey be himself in midfield and dominate, let Xhaka link defense & offense. Let Auba be free to make his runs, let Odegaard or ESR sit in open space, Let Saka flow and create.

        All this mid block parking the bus has players wound tight as a drum.

        Get them playing on the front foot and attack in a swarm. Act not react, punch opponents not duck and cover like we do.

        What’s to lose? FA Cup? 4th place? Fans support?

    3. Durand You ask four questions that are easily answered , thus:
      1/ No vision whatever , except staying in the Prem to maintain investment vaue and renew owner profits once Covid is over.
      2/ To spend as little money as possible. Nothing else.
      3? Because they will work cheap and not demand world class players.
      4/To save money.
      To sum up, all they want is to preserve Prem status and maintain investmenrt value without spending at all if possible They are both unfit to own a club, any club but esp ours.

      1. Jon I tend to agree with your points, and they are mostly correct.

        I have watched Kronke’s song and dance here in the States for 20 years. It always takes the same steps to the same tune; for example

        1. Slowly accumulate shares by any means. (Look how he built Rams shares and at Arsenal)
        2. Introduce self sustaining model,
        3. Minimal investment to remain “competitive” (based on his definition)
        4. Not interested in titles
        5. Milk the fans for their obsession with the team

        Now which Franchise am I referring to?
        Rams? Arsenal? Nuggets? Avalanche?

        All of them is the answer.

        1. Then Durand
          We should en masse be hiring planes to fly around the Emirates calling for SS to b***er off
          I’ll be one of the first to contribute

          1. SueP
            I’ve been against Kronke since I’ve been posting in this forum. Been saying don’t expect Arsenal to be treated any different by him.

            I’ve warned people about Kronke and his methods for years. Low and behold same crap across the pond.

            Ken1945 and I have often discussed this very thing. We are a portfolio holding to him, more stable than stocks in the exchange market; no more no less.

          2. 👍 👍 👍 👍 Spot on everyone. Like Durand, I had followed Kroenke’s treatment of his US sports franchises under KS&E, from the first time he became involved with Arsenal. I much preferred Usmanov, because he was an Arsenal fan and wanted success for the Club, despite being a Russian oligarch with shady wealth.
            However KS&E now owns 100% of the Club to fo with as they see fit, within the rules of the FA and the laws of the UK. Where is the hope for a knight in shining armour with £2 billion+?

  11. I don’t know why but Arteta seems to have stagnated. No new ideas, same old anaemic cautious football.

    I really want him to do well but since the City game I can see that the team is still very disjointed. Players are all panic stations when pressed a little. The team looks rigid, poor passing. We can’t seem to be able to string a few nice passes together.

    The struggle continues..

  12. 1. A new owner dangote please

    2. New technical director ? Erm get rid of edu and bring in overmars

    3. New manager – arteta is pants i hope we can all see this now – ajax manager, RB manager, allegri, viera or Henry. In that order of preference

    4. Get rid of – willian, cebellos, lacca, bellerin, luiz, (loan nketia to top teir club maybe try Spain or germany)

    5. Buy a new reserve Lb or promote

    6. Play willock in CM, Gabrielle, Nelson, folarian,

    Sit back and analyse for another year and reasses

    1. Excellent news Sue, assuming it happens. Balogun, if he is at all observant, must surely see that the end for both Auba and Laca as regulars is very near indeed.

      At least one of those will not be here next season and quite possibly both. Hope so too, personally!

  13. Changes needed as-
    1. Kroenke
    2. Board
    3. Coach
    4. Loser players (90%)
    5. Mediocre loser fans to whom being a loser club supporter is acceptable

  14. DCL (IN )
    Auba (OUT)

    Bellerin (OUT)
    Lamptey (IN)

    Ceballos (back to Madrid)
    Guendouzi (back to Arsenal )

    Sign Kessie from AC Milan
    Retain Ordegaard
    Return Saliba
    I think this so realistic and a great business.

  15. Funny how i was bashed and now majority have slowly but surely joined, and i welcome and thank you.

    I felt isolated for pointing the lack of exmerience of Arteta, combined to stuborness .

    Try to impose ideas totally off with no sense nor basic logic; just to prove the world wrong; and his choices right.

    Starting with Luiz he extends, bring Willian and his fellow spanish ceballos…. Edu and his played out Brazil fam’.. All here to cash up!

    Get all these clowns out of here…

  16. “What do we think”! What this guy thinks is that we have needed a new owner from the first moment, back in 2007, when the appalling Kroenke first set his unwanted foot in our club. Peter Hill-Wood had it right when he said “we don’t want his sort in our club”!

    Shame he and the other traitorous directors back then sold out their principles to the devil. So at the root of all our steady regression since 2007, is our awful owner. HE is what we need changed! Everything else will flow from that but HE is the ROOT cause,

    1. Agree Jon, but he owns us. Its his club not ours. He sees only $$$$. Look at how he treats clubs in his own country. Think he cares about fans in England? We were royally screwed by shareholders selling us out for a fast buck. He will keep the club until he gets an outrageous offer. We need to find a cash rich Arab country who hasnt bought a club yet. But please not Dangote – the guy’s a show pony.

      1. guy, your proof that Dangote is a “show pony” please.

        I made that mistake and was immediately questioned why.

        Having followed some of his work since he stated he WOULD buy the club, I see nothing but a rich man, making money, investing in his country and for the good of its people.

  17. Firstly Kronke an American does not have Arsenal in the blood so underinvests in the transfer market. Secondly, after a year Arteta has shown he does not have what it takes to install a winner instinct. The players have lost the ability to pass the ball most of the time sloppy passes. bring in Max Allegri instead & Caballos has disappointed, let nelson go & Party has not produced the goods.

  18. Fire Arteta because it’s unacceptable to have 32 points difference with the log leaders. Since 1999 when I started supporting Arsenal, we’ve never had that margin. Arsenal have moved backwards

  19. I suggested Brendan Rogers as the successor to Wenger and was met by howls of derision from a number of users on JA who are now advocating we appoint him to replace Arteta. Why on Earth would Rogers consider moving from a team which is a very real candidate for a top four position and all the benefits which accrue from that , to a mid table side with only a handful of quality players and where the weight of expectation is high because of past glories.Rogers has made a lot of money during his time in Management and he is not the type of guy who seems motivated by the offer of an increased salary.In essence I would be very surprised if he would seriously consider any approach from Arsenal until he feels he has taken Leicester as far as he can.In any event, our Board, rightly in my opinion, have decided to support Arteta and I cannot see them appointing yet another Manager whether we win the Europa Cup or not.

    1. Grandad I agree on both you rpoints First that Rodgers IS atp manager and has been one for some time already Secondly that ther wil be no vacacy for thr forseeable future But I do wrooty that growibng fan tiradea againt our manager willput thowner under pressure But I BELIEVE HE WILL TAKE NO HEED OF FANS He never has done so far so he is not going to change now IMO.

    2. Hang on grandad the 3 people who are now calling for Brenda Rogers above your post have not in the past by any means called you out ,me being one of them as I called for his appointment when Emery came in and I’m Pretty sure HH was calling for him when Emery was sacked so I don’t get your post what so ever.
      In future remember what is posted before you type about other posters ,I have a very good memory so please don’t make out me and HH and Sean have said anything untoward because obviously your post was aimed at us .

      1. And as for Brenda not wanting to come to Arsenal let me tell you he as one of the biggest egos in the game and him not winning the PL with Liverpool when he knows he should have is a big factor .
        He would jump at the chance to come here and I would completely welcome him and half the Leicester board if it was possible ,let’s not forget that we have the players to atleast get top 4 we just need a manager who can take us to that lvl .
        Some of the Arteta fans for some reason think that top managers would not jump at the chance ,if the money’s right any manager would love to manage our crop of players .

      2. I wanted Carlo Ancellotti, but would have accepted Brendan Rogers, as I did Unai Emery, all experienced managers. What I don’t accept is once the appointment of Emery was made the lack of support by the Board and senior management in, first of all appointing him as head coach, not manager, not giving him input in transfers/retentions and team discipline, which were recipes for failure. Emery was forced to tinker due to injuries and poor individual performances by players and thrown under a bus by the Board with team having lost 3 games in 8 and sitting 8th.

          1. And Dan, I thought you had come round to my way of thinking, when things have continued to go south after Emery’s premature sacking? 😁

  20. Let go of Arteta unless he can miraculously lead us to Europa League glory

    Say goodbye to Bellerin, Elneny, Lacazette, Willain and a few others

    Get another LB and RB and midfielder minimum

  21. Seemingly, the majority of fans -certainly those on JA – are keen (or at least happy) for us to sack Arteta. A lesser number have wanted him gone for some time already but now that we had two disappointing defeats within a few days , they are out here in force.

    My fear is that the club MAY listen to these fans, IF the anti MA tirade continues to increase. I have been prominent in standing firmly behind him and still do. That does not mean I fail to notice his alarming mistakes and some ever since he took over but worse of late.

    Last nights result was essentially down to him not starting the right eleven, leaving subs far too late, and mostly failing to press consistently with intent from the very start. I thought he got an awful lot wrong last night and he needs to stop making too many mistakes AND FAST!
    However, the other side of the coin is that despite my fears, I firmly do not think the club will sack him for the forseeable future and for two reasons .

    Firstly, Kroenke will not wish to start the managerial hunt again, while knowing that no world renowned world class manager would touch the job with a bargpole, under Kroenke. This is an important point that the likes of Mogunna, HH, and others in that anti camp never mention and perhaps do not even realise. But I DO realise it and give it due heed, as it is a real and practical reason why I do not think Kroenke will change managers any time soon. It would also cause a severance payment that Kroenke will wish to avoid.
    Secondly, we are still suffering from the long term damage done by Gazidis and Sanllehi IN DAMAGING OUR FINANCES SO DREADFULLY WITH ALL THE CONTRACTS FIASCOS. Letting top players leave without any fee(before Covid and since); paying ludicrously high wages to journeymen and nothing special players and esp the long term contracts given to older players with no resale value.

    We all know those are true problems and many mention them besides just me. But only MA SUPPORTERS EVER SEEM TO TAKE THOSE TRUE AND RELEVANT FACTORS INTO ACCOUNT WHEN ANALYSING THE SITUATION.

    From way, way back, we have had a culture of allowing coasters and half hearted players to play as regulars. I need not name names, as all will be aware, not just of Ozil(whom I WILL name, as he was the very worst coaster of all) but of many otherplayers, some long since gone who never gave their all like an Adams, a Keown, a Vierra.

    Auba is the classic example in the team right now of a coaster who has lost his hunger and plays simply for money. We should never have offered that damned contract as once he signed we lost the player as a force to be reckoned with. He has been nearly useless all season, APART FROM 15 minutes last night, after he had been shamed in the press, on here and on radio/ tv and exposed as a coaster which stung him just enough to try for 15, yes 15 whole minutes

    MA is trying to enact a sea change in that culture but it is not an easy thing to do, as we need at least 6 big names out and 6 hungrier and mainly younger players in. But that all costs money, which Kroenke will not allow.
    As a mature and older fan, I know that such huge change takes far longer than many hasty fans will ever admit, even to themselves. THIS IS WHY I BELIEVE IN GIVING OUR MANAGER A REAL AND PROPER CHANCE. I urge all fair minded, thinking fans to do the same!

    1. jon, just like Emery was “supported” and given a chance to turn things around by the end of the second season?

    2. Jon, who offered Aubemeyang his new contract – who signed Willian – who didn’t have the foresight to sign a proper cover for Tierney – who has frozen out Martinelli – who stumbled on to the genius that is ESR – who sent out Saliba on loan – who has lost as many games as he has won this season?

      Not kronkie, gazidis, sanllehi, emery, wenger, edu…. just Mikel Arteta and all in one season to date.

      Those of us who question these facts, are not simpletons and we can see what is happening right in front of our eyes – imagine what the atmosphere would be at the Emirates, if the supporters were there?

      We all want MA to succeed, but we are not all blindly following him because we said he was the answer.

      1. Excellent, Ken 👍 Plus talked Xhaka out of leaving…

        Just think if the supporters were there watching this dire football = toxic atmosphere, loads of empty seats!!

  22. Chronic lack of confidence and belief over the last few seasons. New players come in and confidence appears to drain. Criticism then further drains confidence. Players become hesitant and playing to avoid mistakes and blame. Parallels with united following Ferguson’s departure and before Bruno Fernandez arrival which has seemed to lift the fear factor and negative brooding around the club. Arteta although seemingly a technically good coach often now seems to project himself as a figure fighting a battle which increasingly looks insurmountable with a team that cant seem to marry tactical awareness with fluid spontaneity and with players who look stressed out and unhappy. Hope arteta succeeds but not sure he is the personality to lift this team.

  23. All the above sound reasonable. However, unless we get somebody who can put the ball in the net, the rest will be just window dressing. So I suggest we spend all of our available cash on a striker!

  24. Sack the manager, get the one person who can work in the prem with little money Rafa Benitez and get rid of xhaka, willian, Auba and Leno. Give the youngsters their heads and allow Luiz, Partey and Laca the chance to influence the young players, which they are excellent at.

  25. Let go of Runnarson, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Torreira, Guendouzi, Elneny, AMN, Nketiah. If possible, Willian, Laca AND Auba (unfortunately) as he doesn’t offer much other than goals which he isn’t even doing this season. Get in Max Aarons for Hector, Bertrand as cover for Tierney, Houssam Aouar, move Chambers to CDM as well as get in a proper CDM, Zaha if possible then another two strikers but definitely a target man like a Giroud. Heck, go get him back from Chelsea BUT only for a season. Sign up Luiz for another year, defos promote Balogun for Nketiah

  26. Sell: Lacazette 30m, nketiah 25m, nelson 15-20m, bellerin 30m, willock 25m, mavropanos 15-20m + 50m transfer budget

    Buy: Tammy Abraham 30m-40m, Zaha 35m/Depay free, max aarons 30m, joachim andersen 25m, maty ryan 5m, junior firpo 15m

    Starting xi: leno – tierney (c) – gabriel – andersen – max aarons – partey – xhaka – saka – smith rowe – zaha – tammy

    Cups and bench: maty ryan – firpo/amavi/van anholt – mari – holding – chambers/cedric – guendouzi – maitland niles – willock – martinelli – auba/balogun – pepe


    In: — Bielsa

    Out: — Arteta

    Out: — Aubameyang, Lacazette, Nketia

    In: — Watkins

    Promote: — Balogun

    Position change: — Martinelli

    Out: — Willian

    Out: — Xhaka, Elneny, Guendozi, Torreira, Maitland-Niles

    In: — Verrati, Odegaard

    Out: — Chambers, Kolasinac(currently out on loan), Bellerin, Mari, David Luiz

    In: — Eric Garcia or Johnstone, (Also bring in a better right back)

    Out: — Leno, Runarson
    In: — Jan Oblak

    1. Max Aarons RB
      All clubs will be hard hit financially, which may mean clubs have to sell. There may be some bargains, but who will buy Arsenal’s players available for sale, given the wages they are on?

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