What changes do YOU want at Arsenal?

Its 3rd again… Changes are needed! by Koss the Boss

We have managed to keep ourselves in a good position for the Champions league places again and this happens year after year but according to most, Wenger still knows best! He never wins the big ones anymore and nothing will change on the pitch front while he is in charge. He believes he is Arsenal, that he can do what he wants and he is proved right every season by still being in charge. But he has to at least see by now that he has done his best, but its time to go as he is failing at the same hurdle every year – and fans have had enough. Its no coincidence that its happened again.

I would love to see certain changes at the club, few of them include wholesale changes from top to bottom;

• Stan/Board OUT Usmanov/Board IN

°Usmanov will spend the money we have and invest his own if needed, as an Arsenal supporter, for success for the club he owns and cares for. As a fan you will see big differences with what happens on the field as new signings would be guaranteed along with success, as that is what he wants for Arsenal FC. Fans are being robbed out of pocket to watch a mediocre manager & his players getting to wear the badge of their once great club. They get paid great money but don’t look like they give a toss 90% of the time. He will change that mentality of mediocrity with ambition to win the big ones.

• Manager & Staff – £10m+ a year, Easily replaced for that money = NOTHING SPENT. Wenger, Bould and Ivan OUT – New Manager, No2 and David Dein brought in maybe for a season or four. We have Henry and a few others helping the youngsters, we need more of that in the background of the club.

°Koeman, Bergkamp IN

• Fees and wages; (Avg fee & wage) LEAVE!!
– Debuchy – £70,000 (£5-7m)
– Per – £75,000 (£5-7m)
– Szczesny – £45,000 (£8-12m)
– Rosicky – £65,000 (Free)
– Flame – £60,000 (Free)
– Arteta – £80,000 (Free)
– Sanogo – £40,000 (£1m)
– G12 – £90,000 (turns 30, maybe £8m)
– T14 – £140,000 (£16-20m)
– Gibbs – £60,000 (£5-7m)

(£50+m IN SALES & £675k+ Wages FREE)

Loanees back in squad;
Hayden, Martinez, Akpom

Loaned Out;
Ox, Gnabry, W Silva, Chambers & Jenko (6mnth)

• U21s
Looks like we have got quite a few gems in there with that will come up to the 1st team throughout next season and there are a lot of young great looking talents in there. Have a look at Arsenal.com, watch their matches some of them are unreal already. Future is bright in that perspective anyway!

Our team would be;
GK: Cech, Martinez & Ospina(Jan?)
RB: Bellerin
CB: Boss, Gab, Hayden
LB: Nacho
DM: Le Coq
B2B/DLP: Santi, Rambo, Wilsh & Elneny
No10: : Ozil, Iwobi
LW : Sanchez
CF: Welbz & Akpom
RW: Campbell

*IN – 4 big players – DM, CF, RW & CB
*IN – 2 cover/comp – RB & LB

Iwobi, Welbeck and Campbell can play different positions throughout the front line as cover for Sanchez, New CF & RW. They will learn from the best, all still young!

CF – £50-60m, £150,000 PW
CB – £20m, £70,000 PW
RW – £30m, £130,000 PW
RB – £15m, £60,000 PW
DM – £25-30m, £75,000 PW
LB – £25m, £60,000PW

°°AVG= £170-190m SPENT
£650,000 PW WAGES

We should have on average just over £200,000,000 in our account when the season ends, not all for transfers but take out £130,000,000, plus player sales & wages freed up it would leave our team in great shape and not a lot needed in the future with transfers. And as for the U21s, well they are taking shape for our future gooner stars from the Academy.

All in all wholesale changes from top to bottom, spend 60% or so of the budget with quality players, replace Wenger and Kroenke and we are right there. We can actually have a team worth being proud of and good enough to challenge the best. This won’t happen but I will allow myself to dream to what the Arsenal should be! Who would you bring in for each position from manager to loaning players out?

CF, RW, CB, DM, RB, LB,Manager/No2/Staff?

Il give you mine;
CF – Aubameyang or Lukaku
LW – Mahrez
CB – Varane or Hummels
DM – Carvalho or Xhaka
RB – Aurier
LB – Gaya

Usmanov, Koeman, Bergkamp & Dein IN.
Henry, Ljungberg, Gilberto all in background coaching.

Koss The Boss (1-2 to Arsenal Sunday)


  1. Arsenal need to get rid of some deadwoods – Walcott, Ramsey, Ox, Rosicky, Mertasucker, Arteta, Giroud, Gibbs and Manager Arsene Wenger. The likes of Ozil and Sanches are frustrated playing with these crop of players. Arsenal need a defenders with steal and a 25 goal a season striker (Henry type) with skill and good technical abilities, the lamppost forwards can’t work and the English core of players are simply not good enough. Notice no one has mentioned that Theiry was right that Arsenal can’t win the league with Giroud.

    1. 1. New team management:

      Manager: Simone, Koeman, Allegri, De Boer or Garcia – ALL of these would take Arsenal to a whole another level
      Possibly new assistant coaches: Bergkamp, Vieira

      2. New Board!!!!

      3. Revolutionize the squad. – All deadwoods out (etc. Giroud)

      When this is done, then we are going places and going to winning trophies.

      1. it will be difficult to get Simeone from athletico. we should go for Bilic. We have a better squad than Westham. they did not loose to any top team this season.Forget Koeman. Bilic is the man. the only change should be the manager. He will decide which players he needs. BILIC IS THE DEAL.

  2. Kronke Out Usmanov in
    Gazidis Out New Board of Director in
    Wenger Out Simeone in
    These 3 changes = trophies galore.

  3. I repeat, holding a degree or a PhD does not mean or guarantee functional smartness and effectiveness. What a world. Honestly, I can only hope things change for good cuz it is so wickedness when u know what to do and refuse doing it.

  4. WhoLesaLe changes……..

    Starting with Kroenke thru the average players and ending with wenger!

  5. Don’t buy AFC produce and let’s hope ticket holders decide to stay away, protest and show their dis contentment with wenger and Co until season ends. After that they will be safe! And we do t want that do we.

  6. Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky and Sanogo should be released.
    Mertesaker, Theo, Ox, Giroud, Gibbs, Szczesny, Debuchy, Ramsey should be sold we can easily make 60-70 million by selling them maybe even more.
    We need to sign a top class CB like Hummels who has 1 year left on his contract so 15-20 m could be enough.
    We need a top class CM hearing Xhaka 30 m could be enough.
    We need a top class ST at any cost. Benzema/Lewandowski/Aubameyang should be targets.
    If not go for Lukaku/Icarid/Higuain/Hernandez/Morata/Dybala
    We also need a backup left back and winger Mahrez to replace flops like Theo and Ox.

  7. A game changer is the most important person we require.
    I would be happy if we got gundogan howedes gotze and lukaku.

    Look at de gea guys
    What a player

  8. OT: ok guys don’t hate on me for saying this but….I really do believe Martial possesses a lot of the qualities a certain MR Henry had. I mean that goal is literally what Henry would do for us, with bergkamp in Herrerras position feeding him. Even his finishing technique looks identical.

    Not gonna lie, I’d kill to have him at Arsenal as I truly believe he’d be perfect in our system. Then again the only managerial experience I have is FIFA so yeh…probably wrong.

    1. He has been compared a lot to Henry in the French press and Henry himself was asked that question and agreed. He also says he needs to mature!;)

  9. And people call Wenger deluded?? Lol

    There will never be such a big, drastic change such as the one wished for in the article/majority of comments!!

    – Wenger is likely to leave end of NEXT season and there is likely (hopefully) going to be some changes within the board.

    – There must be a major revamp of the squad but I can’t imagine wholesale changes! Arteta, Mozart gone, Flame will possibly join them? Debuchy is going, Ospina or Shezzer sold/loaned, Gibbs is being tipped to leave and either Ox (loan) or Theo are both possibilities. That’s already 4-7 players out, Along with possibly Jenks, Hayden, Silva, Sanogo and some other youngsters that are out on loan.
    Plus, others being sent on loan, such as: Iwobi? Chambers? Ox? Can you really see Wenger letting go of favourites such as Rambo, BFG or Giroud as well? Not likely! Even with a new manager!

    – In regards to transfers, the big question is not only which positions but also how much money is AFC really about to splash??
    We all play Fifa etc and would love to spend over 150M+ on *InsertWishListHere* and if this were to be the case I’d love us to get Lukaku, Griezmann/Mahrez, Xhaka/New DM and possibly another CB like Hummels/Varane, then probably a few youngsters/experienced heads to cover RB/LB (Aurier? Van Der Weil? Chilwell?) but how realistic is such a list?
    I’d say we are likely to bring in a few unknowns/youngsters to cover a few positions, this Xhaka link seems to be building (or being over used from desperation), then from there probably Gotze?/Isco? Along with a striker of some sort hopefully.

    All I know is that Wenger needs to do a Fergie and just spend what needs to be spent in order for one last assault on the title in his final year, because I can’t see him lasting/wanting to carry on if next season flops!!!

  10. So Dein in & Kroenke out? An interesting stance I would say, due to the fighting Dein did to allow the Kroenke takeover.

  11. 2016: Lookout

    1. Leicister/Totenham win the Epl
    2. Liverpool wins Europa
    3. Man city wins UEFA
    4. Man u wins FA
    5. Arsenal plus OG win the Top4 trophy

    Haahaaa OG

  12. What we need is a new manager with full support from the Board.
    Also some players need to be sold which include Giroud,Elnany,Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Sanogo,Debuchy …etc.Key players for Arsenal can be Ozil,Sanchez,Chamberlein,Walcott.Moreover injury is most important aspect to be taken careoff and should take steps to control getting injury.So good Physiotherapist is needed.We need to sign a top class players like Benzema,Lewandoski…..We need to sign 1RB,2CB,1LB,1LWM,1CDM and other players as that can be a good addition to our squad just like Man.City.

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