What defence should Unai Emery send out against Crystal Palace?

Unai Emery under pressure to start Kieran Tierney.

Arsenal welcome Roy Hodgson’s men to the Emirates Sunday afternoon and team selection will be very crucial.

The pressure is starting to mount on Arsenal manager Unai Emery to start new signing Kieran Tierney against Crystal Palace.

The Spaniard has been slowly introducing the 22-year-old left-back since his return from injury. But the fans are now becoming impatient to see the Scottish international actually start a Premier League game.

By all accounts, Emery is averse to dropping Sead Kolasinac because he has apparently done nothing wrong. That is no longer an acceptable excuse as far as the Arsenal faithful are concerned.

It is not just Tierney though, the fans also want to see Hector Bellerin and Rob Holding start against the Eagles.

Bellerin is unlikely to start just yet, he did look like he needed more game time against Vitoria midweek. However, the same cannot be said about Holding, who looks as fit as a fiddle.

I personally would like to see a back four of Tierney, Bellerin, Holding and Chambers but Emery could easily go with an almost completely different back four of Kolasinac, Luiz, Sokratis and Chambers.

If Emery does not field the returning injured trio and Arsenal loses then he will be in serious trouble. There are already some calling for his head and getting the team selection wrong again will provide all the ammunition that his critics need.

But Emery is a stubborn man and sticks to his own beliefs and so do not expect too many changes today.


  1. He has to play, he’s too good to sti on the bench. He will be an improvement to the first eleven as he is agile and his cross is really accurate.
    Kolasinac is good and more physical, but going forward he is too predictable and his recent crosses are awful. No clear target, sometimes I think he made crossess just because he is told to do so by the coach.

  2. Tierney has to start for me. Both times he has before, he’s assisted! As much as I love Kola, when was the last time he did?
    Unai said Bellerin will be eased in.. so doubtful we’ll see him. So Chambers?
    We all know Luiz & Stone Cold will be our cb pairing. Can’t help but wonder if a penalty will be conceded…or will Luiz score again??
    It’ll be edge of the seat time 😂

  3. Why most arsenal fans are turning against emery is because we are not improving.
    We are bullied by small teams and the tactical intelligence in big games we were told emery had we have not seen it.
    Might have to just admit he might not be the right man for arsenal.

    Palace, Leicester and wolves might determine if he stays or goes.
    Mourinho already showing interest.

  4. It’s useless predicting any line up under Emery. We all know the strongest defense line we should field but he won’t.
    Man I miss the days you can predict our lineups but can’t predict full time score..
    Under Emery you can’t even predict our line up but you can predict full time scores😒😒

  5. Forget about defence and let’s face the midfie. We are not creating chances and also not providing enough cover for the defence

  6. Every team is being made to look silly this season.
    Even Liverpool and Man City have suffered losses.
    Westham Bournemouth Sheff United drew Everton and Burnley lost.
    Every team is beatable. Win one lose one is most teams record.
    Only Chelsea and Leicester are doing ok lately.
    Leicester has no European football so has a lot of recovery time
    and has 7 days to prepare for every league game like when they won the title.
    Mkhitarian and O$ilch were both given huge salaries by dumb cluck Wenger.
    Dumb and dumber Wenger also signed useless Mustafi and Xhaka.
    Clueless Wenger also signed hopeless Kolarsenic and put him on a huge salary also.
    Emery really did inherit a dog of a squad from brain dead Wenger.

    1. You need examine your reasoning capacity. Two seasons and you still blaming Wenger? Mature up dude. I respect opinions but yours hold no water. Mikhi,(nolonger playing at Arsenal)
      Mustafi (nolonger a first 11) Xhaka(whose fault is it that Emery can’t bench him for Torreira? Kolasnic (why don’t Emery play Tierney instead) Haven said that, take out Auba , Bellarin, Chambers, Holding and Laca. They are also Wengers ‘clones’ ! What obligation has Emery got to play them?
      He can play his own Guedozzi and Martinelli etc. Get serious man. I can’t remember the defeat about Liverpool that you talking about. I don’t mean they’re unbeatable but your information is false and mere propaganda

  7. Looking forward to the game and yes maybe Tierney is ready but on Thursday he had a very difficult time defensively up against Edwards. It was a good test. I hope Bellerin can return to the player he once was however Chambers offers height, presence and more of a goal threat. Midfield since Santi left is average and can’t find our forwards hence they feed off scraps.
    Possession stats and shots on target are really low. Hope Zaha don’t turn it on! COYG

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