What did Aubameyang do to warrant being frozen out by Arteta?

Any outside hope Arsenal might perform a U turn over Aubameyang seem to have ended with the news he’s been left out of our trip to Dubai.

It wouldn’t even be a U turn, just accepting that having been stripped of the captaincy and not been in a squad since December, that the punishment has gone on long enough.

The assumption has to be the club believe a transfer or loan is imminent for the striker.

If not, I think we as a fanbase have a right to know, what could he possibly have done so bad to warrant this treatment?

It’s why I wanted more clarity from the club when Auba was first dropped for a disciplinary issue.

We all have a moral compass. There is misconduct that exists which would want me to never see the 32-year-old pull on a red and white shirt again, but until we are told what his misdemeanour is there will always be accusations that this is simply another January where the priority is slashing the wage bill.

It would help Arteta for Gooners to know, because at the moment all we are seeing is someone paid 350-000 thousand pound a week to sit at home while the team lacks quality in the final third.

Don’t get me wrong, I questioned Auba’s work rate this season and certainly his leadership skills.

No one is arguing that the time has come for him to be replaced, but until you do why not try and get the best out of him?

If your employer didn’t rate you anymore, they would hire someone better.

They wouldn’t carry on paying you to sit at home allowing a candidate even more woeful to replace you.

That’s a manager’s job, to work with the resources he has. Ours gives up on them too easily.

Nobody is winning in this situation apart from the person who gets paid to essentially do nothing – and like Ozil, if no one matches his salary he has every legal right to refuse to move.

You can’t tell me you wouldn’t rather have our ex-skipper coming off the bench rather than Eddie Nketiah?

One day the player will give his version of events, and for Arsenal’s sake it needs to be a story where it’s clear that a working relationship was untenable.

Because I have just seen us go 4 games without a goal. At the City Ground and against Liverpool we never looked like scoring.

You very rarely finish top 4 without a forward who gets you 20 odd goals.

A failure to get the best out of Auba and choosing to replace him with lesser quality could be the difference between us being in the Champions League or not.

If it turns out the reason was simply because he was late back from a trip, then that’s not good enough.


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Dan Smith

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  1. He had a few discipline issues, mainly with being late I believe.

    He should be punished but this extent is ridiculous especially with our squad being paper thin, could be very useful from the bench.

    1. Good point you make, “What is best for the team.” Hard to say being on the outside.

      IF there were other issues as have been suggested over time, then why was Auba in the lineup when he wasn’t producing?

      Issues weren’t a problem as he was always listed on the team sheet. Now suddenly he is banished like Ozil after the latest incident?

      Auba clearly likes he wages, so why not fine him a week’s wages for his behavior? Continue doing so until he gets it through his head if that is the issue.

      Guendouzi childish and bragging about his wages? Fine him a weeks wages and see how fast he changes his attitude.

      If the players covet money so much, apply discipline where it hurts; their wallet. They come off the bench until their attitude changes and they play their way back in.

  2. Could not agree more with the comments here. Instead of wasting time and money on new signings who will need time to adapt to the club should be looking to get the best out the resources we actually have. In particular with Aubamayang but also with trying to get improved performances from the likes of Nicholas Pepe.

  3. Why would AFC tell the world the reason Auba is not being used, if it reduces the chances of someone signing him?

    I suspect it was not one single issue, but multiple ones over time.

    A relationship is two way, what was Auba’s response to the removal of the captaincy etc?

    There were suggestions of issues whilst he was at Dortmund, but we bought him because they didn’t appear to affect his goalscoring overall.

    Does Auba offer much in his play, if he is not scoring goals?

  4. He was the Captain, the leader, the person relied upon to set an example.
    He repeatedly failed to do so, very likely after promising not to do so again.
    Get a grip.

      1. At least Auba has a past of scoring goals, so you have hope. Nketiah on the other hand, is like Sanogoal 2.0

        1. 👍 Durand, Daniel, Mobyss and Davi, if you were betting men, who would you back to score the more goals given even opportunities through a season, Aubameyang or Nketiah?
          Surely it is up to the manager to best utilize the player resources available to him.

        2. Even sanogoal was much better.. Yaya was a beast when it came to getting himself in good positions and receiving the ball at these positions… But failed miserably at scoring any of them..

      2. All we are talking about are speculations. The so called repeated breaches doesn’t make sense. He played with MA. Supported him when carrying the team. It’s pride at play from MA. Yes the striker is at the low not more than Kane. Given support and improved midfield he is still got alot to offer.

  5. I feel that integrity is at the heart of the issue with Auba. Not sure it’s football related. Trust has been broken. Not sure how you repair that

  6. don’t forget that Auba was still playing when we were losing games and weren’t scoring. don’t forget.

    1. That’s not an excuse, you never can tell when things will turn around for good. Is sitting around somewhere and getting paid for nothing the best option? They have to find a way to reintegrate him and then get a replacement.

  7. So we have a squad of 21 strong. Aubas future still in balance. So are 4-5 players short of a full squad.

    And only incoming we’ve spent time on buying is 2nd choice GK.. for next summer.

    This is tragicomical. 4 days left?

  8. The truth is Auba has been badly out of form since mid September. Arteta though gave Auba game after game long after Auba had ceased to be threat up front. So there appeared to be no bad blood between Arteta and Auba. Yes we all know Arteta is a stickler for the rules but stripping Auba of the captaincy seems to be an over reaction. Auba on 350k p/w does not help but should not be a factor. What complicates this matter is that Arsenal has had a bad January results wise. A painful home loss to City in injury time. Xhaka gets sent off again after the first Carabao Cup semi was postponed. Spurs and Man U overtake Arsenal on the table. Another weakened Arsenal side is knocked out of the FA Cup at Notts Forest. Arsenal postponing our NLD game v Spurs draws widespread criticism. A much weakened Arsenal lose the home time Carabao cup game v Liverpool and Partey who has rushed back from the AFCONS is needlessly subbed on and is sent off. This leaves us weak in defence and we drop 2 points at home to cellar dwellers Burnley. The AFCONS take players away. Aubameyag comes back ill. Kolasinac goes on a free. Chambers goes on a free. Unhappy AMN is shipped out on loan. Invisable Mari goes out on loan. Fans as per usual are desperate for signings. Its a bad month all round although we remain just 2 points off 4th with a game in hand. The Auba issue could well be smoothed over in a couple of weeks time but as it stands he has not been a crucial player in our bid for top 6 for 3 months. Not a storm in a tea cup but there are many more issues of more imort right now. The wnter break has come at the right time. With players back and refreshed with or without Auba with or without incomings a top 6 run still looks emminently possible. COYG

  9. I’ll tell you what he did wrong Dan .
    He signed a new contract awarded by the matabore himself and now that The magician cannot get a tune out out of said player(same as any of our attcking players)because of his weak ass tactics he now realises that he has to get him off the wage bill else the club won’t offer a new and improved contact for himself ,I’m mean he deserves it for getting us upto 7th in the league .
    Top manager .

    1. Don’t be ridiculous, Auba is so out of form he can’t score even the sitters and this is the actual status quo for the past few months, so he got his chances over and over again and blew them all on the field as well as outside.

        1. Yes Eddie is currently better. He misses chances as well but keeps trying and he is better at linking play. He’s not great, but he’s better than auba, who offers next to nothing

    1. His only bit of decent form since the 2020 fa Cup final was for a few games early in this season – he was dreadful last season from start to finish

  10. More false accusations about the owner slashing the wage bill, and another dig at Arteta.
    Usual stuff, and so predictable.
    When you are so bent on talking morale all the time, maybe you should consider not to make those kind of unsubstantiated accusations.
    Being a non-believer in Arteta’s abilities is fair enough. I have my own doubts.
    But cut out the dirty angles, please.

    1. Anders, not sure if the wage cutting “rumour” is true or false, but the fact is, that is what is ACTUALLY happening, is it not?

      1. As far as we are getting rid of some of surplus players, we are reducing the wage bill. We started the season with too many players, that simply aren’t good enough.
        But what I am opposing is the repeated accusation, that not using Auba is because of some sinister cost sutting ploy. Dan Smith apparently has an agenda to throw dirt on the management and the owner. Earlier it was about not spending on transfers, and that has been proven totally false. But it doesn’t stop him. Now, we are to listen to new invented accusations along the same line.

          1. Maybe so. But you are using that fact to make a ridicolus claim, that leaving Auba out is a product of an agenda. Totally invented by yourself.
            And the funny thing is, if you actually think about it in a larger picture, leaving Auba out is most likely a decision, which will cost financially. So instead of accusing the club/management of a cost cutting exercise, it may well be, the club/management has backed a decision based on sporting principles, although it will cost financially. But you are so bent on your agenda, you will put it into every post. Pity, you can’t see it with an open mind.

    2. @AndersS
      I thought it was only me that notices it.
      These people seem to just have a dislike of Arteta that is biased.
      They keep manufacturing cringeworthy stories because they give the constant opportunities to have a go at Arteta.
      It’s fair to absolutely criticise him on our up and down never ending form, but to get outraged because he loaned out AMN, Guendouzi, selling Callum Chamber, dropping Auba etc is just scrapping the bottom of the barrel surely.

      1. Goonster
        Totally agree. Anything and everything is twisted into an anti Arteta and anti owner/management agenda. Pretty sad.

        1. No you simply have fans who don’t like the truth
          Who only want to read that everything is perfect and if you write anything different then you have an agenda .
          In January I wrote we were slashing the wage bill because factually we have been slashing the wage bill
          If Aubameyang is a sporting decision it’s the wrong one because Eddie isn’t as good

          1. Dan the Eddie vs auba comparison doesn’t work for me because they’re both poor but at least Eddie puts the effort in. I’d much rather have Eddie in the team because I think that makes him a better player now. We’re not comparing Eddie to the auba of the 19/20 season – things have changed

  11. I would imagine there is more to this story.

    Possibly some words were said between the parties that are not retractable?

  12. We are know the situation is beyond what it looks like and like some would suggest, it’s more of financial concern than his actual indiscipline.
    It’s like another Ozil situation.
    Fans force the board to hand out this ridiculous wages and the board is now trying to use fans rage about the player indiscipline to get him off the bill.

  13. Auba’s case is sending true or false impression to would-be Arsenal’s targets that their value to the club end with field performance only. Auba’s long and wild punishment is more than meets the eye. Let us be wiser and tap from the player who we pay much!

    1. No potential players care about how we treat Auba. I don’t know where you get that notion.
      What they care about are their own personal careers (money) and big trophies.
      All they care about is making it to big global clubs.

  14. I suspect Auba must have had other disciplinary problems and Arteta must have felt it was why he lost form. I love Auba but he wasn’t helping himself. I’m more mad at Arteta agreeing to AMN leaving when we know that two midfielders are going out to the AFCON, leaving us so short and badly needing a player like him.

  15. @Adajim

    Perhaps lessons should have been learnt from the Ozil situation after his bumper contract.

    At the time, would fans have been happy letting him go rather than offering it to him to keep him?

    Likewise with Auba’s last contract offer.

    Particularly as a player at the end of contract can walk away for free.

    Were both deals under Raul’s watch?

    How then do you motivate and ensure that these millionaires perform and fulfil their performance obligations?

    Despite the narrative, AFC are not the only football club (or organisation) where this problem occurs.

  16. Dan, as we never learnt the REAL reason for Ozil’s departure, likewise I believe the same will happen here.
    Someone above here said why would The Arsenal devalue Aubemeyang by discussing the problem – surely, by keeping it secret, it is even worse?
    No one will EVER convince me that Ozil has to be given away and the club still pay his salary, but that is what happened… simply because of the rumours and mud slinging.
    I thought Aubemeyang had lost form and Lacazette has proved what a CF should do, when not scoring goals – but this treatment of Aubameyang, who just weeks earlier, MA thought was worth a reported £300,000 plus, is bordering on insanity… just as the contract awarded was.

    1. @Ken
      It seems the owners and the manager are okay with paying £300,000 a week to these players even if they are not playing.
      There must be a reason why the club is okay with forcing out overly paid under performing Multi millionaires like Ozil, Auba, Willian etc.
      It seems our fanbase is more concerned and worries than our owners about these underperforming £300,000 a week wage earners being frozen. Kroenke seems to be okay with his manager’s iron hand (no nonsense) attitude towards our primadonnas. The guy that pays the wages does not seem to care too much about freezing such players out. Why should we as fans?

    2. Agree Ken, and if his only misdemeanor was being a day late after visiting his sick Mum, then MA needs to brush up on his man management. I suspect there’s more to it but we probably will never know. Wilshere goes to Dubai but Auba is left behind, as punishment?? Shades of Ozil not being allowed to attend the FA Cup final.

  17. Whatever your grieviances, i think we fans out of emotion most of the time, think the board and managers don’t know what they are doing, we think they don’t also make guesses, we forget they are humans like us.
    someone here mentioned us not having score in four games but you have forgotten when everyone praised the team for scoring for fun before this barren run stared.

    we want a team with character, attiude, metality and professionalism yet we cannot see beyond the fact that certain things are not negotiable.

    Sir Alex Ferguson had so much success with his team because of this same thing. you just have to be an all round individual and player. The golden boy of England David Beckham learnt of this in his days.
    Wenger’s Invincibles had this as well and they were successful.
    Checkout All of Guardiolar’s Teams…same thing.
    Check out even Jose Mouringho’s succesful teams..same thing
    I need not mention Klopp’s

    the bottom line is you either bring in the total package, shape up or you will be sent packing.

    Every shortcoming has its consequence. some you are forgiven and reintegrated, some you are not.

    if there’s anything i have learnt about Arteta is that, he tends to make objective decisions most of the time.
    He is that smart. We differ mosts times because we have the benfit of hindsight. You cant be sure of how you will act if you are in the same position and you know the things that inform his decision.

    Auba no longer has a place in this team. Face it and Know peace!

    1. That’s a pretty good post snow, we do tend to play up our part a bit as fans and try to put the football world to rights on matters we know very little about

  18. Is it possible that the club is using the trip incident as an excuse to get rid of a highly expensive and underperforming player?

    Are there cases in which a player’s behaviour would justify him never wearing the club’s shirt again?

    The truth is none of us fans can have a meaningful opinion on the topic as we don’t know the facts, it’s pure speculation.

  19. You can’t get the best financial results by deliberately putting Auba out of the squad. It weakens arsenal leverage to find a buyer and get proper money for him. Poor decision overall by Edu and management.

    1. We actually started winning after we started playing Laca instead of Aubemeyang, not because he is scoring more but because he actually does something to help the team when he is not scoring, where Auba is absolutely useless since he stopped scoring.

  20. BTW, what is happening with Nicholas Pepe?

    MA’s die hard fans are very happy that MA’s main job responsibility is to clear out AW & Emery’s players. They will ask Kroene to increase MA’s salary & give him 3 years contract.

    1. Pepe has played well at Afcon and deserves further opportunities when he returns, because at least he knows how to score goals. For some reason he has been underutilized.

  21. OT:Roy Hodgson at his first Watford press conference,when asked about buying new players”before taking the job,I had a look at the squad and my job is to work with the players I have, don’t expect me to knock on the owner’s door, asking for new players..”.

  22. The same old talking points the same people used when we were going through the Ozil circus.
    People will invent any issue as long as it gives them that opportunity to pile onto their grudges and dislike of Arteta.

    It seems many have not forgiven him with the way he refused to give into their fan-boy calls to reinstate Ozil. Many seem to still hold a grudge so they keep manufacturing scenarios just to get themselves outraged with Arteta. 😊

    1. Ozil underperformed for four managers before the Board supported discipline by Arteta. Ozil isn’t exactly setting the league alight with Fenebahce.

      1. Although to be fair Ozil has scored 7 goals in 19 games in his second season in Turkey, a major improvement on season 2020/21.

  23. Firstly it’s concerning that arteta seems to be following a trend of punishing players but then not being able to resolve the issue and move on, ozil guendouzi and now auba and you could argue pepe and martinelli previously.

    I cannot believe that of he genuinely went to see his sick mum and was late back this is the reason, I can’t bring myself to believe our club would be so blinkered.

    I think it’s more likely that auba just plain lied and either his mum wasn’t ill at all and he fancied time abroad or she was ill be on the way back he dropped in ‘club hedonism’ and was snapped partying/smoking etc

    It’s got to be something outright disgraceful and full in disrespectful, (I hope).

    If it is fairly minor and as before it’s just a case if mikel saying “say sorry and well move on” and auba saying “no I’m not going to” then mikel needs some training in man management skills as this has happened too many times.

    Can’t help feeling though that the smiling goal machine we once had that was my favourite player at the time has now been thrown out on the rubbish dump and doesn’t he deserve more?

    Will we ever know or find out?

  24. All we are talking about are speculations. The so called repeated breaches doesn’t make sense. He played with MA. Supported him when carrying the team. It’s pride at play from MA. Yes the striker is at the low not more than Kane. Given support and improved midfield he is still got alot to offer.

  25. Arteta’s Ego and pride will be the down fall of him..no top player will want to play under him , because of the treatment of auba etc. Man management skills are shocking

  26. Toxix Gooner Dan with his doommonger anti MA agenda and his “I have a right to know everything that MA ever does and exactly why ” arrogant attitude, strikes again.

    I feel no affinity whatsoever, even though we are both Gooners , with deadly Dan and his constant unrelenting negative views.

    1. Jon the day someone likes you has affinity with me I will worry lol
      I have gone on record that your knowledge of Arsenal is lacking , hence I can prove you defend Arteta finishing 8th but mocked Wenger for finishing 6th

      But yes we as a fanbase , after the performances against Burnley , Liverpool , Forest ,etc have every right to question why we are paying players to sit at home while we can’t score goals

      We are 6th , havnt won this year , the football is dull…..why would I be positive ?

  27. I think FIFA should now investigate clubs that are ending players carriers in the name of decipline.A player has to be told the extend of his purnishment whether its 3 march ban or a fine and after that, he should be given another chance to prove himself. What Arteta is doing is simply trying to destroy Auba’s career. If he no longer wants him in the team he should send him on loan with an option to buy. Because he knows Auba is a world class player he fears that he might come back and distroy him with another club. Arteta is the reason why Arsenal is not progressing, why treating a player who gave him fame by winning 2 cups in his first season as if he commited murder.

    1. Auba signed a massive contract to play for arsenal and his form has been dreadful; arteta stuck by him a lot longer than I would have in the hopes that he’d regain that previous form, but it’s not happening. I don’t know why he’s been frozen out to the extent that he has been recently, but in terms of opportunities, I don’t think he can complain – he’s been playing regularly for 18 months at well below the expected standards. If I were MA, the last thing I’d be worried about is auba scoring goals for another team, he doesn’t look capable
      For fifa to get involved in this would be crazy – how much power should players have? He has a contract but he can’t force arteta to pick him and he can’t force arteta to let him train with the squad. I don’t see how that works – he’s paid to play, not to manage

      1. Even if he signed a massive contract, the club agreed to pay him no matter what, otherwise they could have given him a performance contract. if he is not performing he should be benched and allowed to train with the rest of the team so that he can work his way back into the first team. But isolating him is sending a very bad message to other players who are looking at joining Arsenal in their career. remember this is now the second incident after that of Ozil and who knows the next victim.

  28. I miss the golden times when Wenger had a colourful game with fine and well coached players, like Ramsey,ozil,arteta,ashervin among others.now arteta has changed everything. I think the coach should go and the lost glory be restored.

  29. I don’t know but this could be one of his incidents, and if it is how would the club react towards it?

    The Football Association is investigating a yellow card picked up by an Arsenal player in a 2021/22 Premier League fixture, according to reports.

    This is according to The Athletic, who says the FA are “looking into” a caution “amid concerns over suspicious betting patterns”.

    Bookmakers reportedly flagged an unusual amount of money placed on an Arsenal player being shown a yellow card.
    Source: football365.com

  30. How many times fans have to go thru this ?
    Why are we even question Arsenal managers and board?
    Remember all the articles about Ozil and how many fans
    said Auba was not Ozil? Guess what ? I tis the exactly same BS we have seen before . No surprise there.
    We throw down the drain plenty of funds that can be used elsewhere to continue to fund every asshole manager we have whim whether they “punish” players for any reason. This is the era of player power and only Arsenal does not seem to get this. Instead of a fine or disciplinary action and then move on Arsenal makes this an international incident . No wonder we spend 300 mil and still go nowhere.

    1. In retrospect it’s always easy to say that we shouldn’t have extended Auba’s contract.

      Auba has scored many important goals for us and reached his first 50 fast, but now he’s 32 and probably over the hill. I guess they made him our captain to get the best out of him and make him focused and responsible, but making him our most important player wasn’t enough, he has declined and he’s not getting younger.

      Above I’m writing about our club being investigated related to betting and a yellow card. The way Arsenal has reacted towards Auba tells me there must be something bad going on and it’s not about being late…

  31. MA is playing a loosing game and it affecting us as a fans, Guendouzi, Saliba, Ozil, mustafi, Auba he almost have the same isure with Martineli if not for our voice, this attitude of his remind me of what Adebayo said ( Arsenal don’t forgive) we are proving him right, He need to bring Auba back to the team, this is not the first time he is struggling in front of goal it happened last season but end up as our top scorer

    1. Saliba? Saliba has lost both his parents since 2018, and his mother in after he signed with us. Arsenal decided to let him play in France for several reason also related to his family situation. It’s a win-win situation he’s playing every week and we are getting a better CB next summer. Auba is 32 years old and getting older. Arsenal being investigated related to betting and a yellow card. Perhaps the player related to the card is Auba and that could explain why his the fridge.

  32. The novice did the same with Ozil, it seems he is on a one-man crusade to destabilise Arsenal as much as possible, the rate he is clearing out players with no adequate replacements is shocking, it really is.

  33. Great man managing coaches have managed worse players and came up with great results. Italy just recalled Baloteli. I think it was ego and inferiority complex on the part of Arteta that blinded his judgment. I want to than Auba for helping Arsenal finance. By the time his contract runs out, he would be about 34yrs. Other stubborn players will just stay back to run down the contract collecting 350,000 pounds doing nothing. That would have been crazy. Goodbye to Champions league slot. I pray we end a respectable sixth on the table at the end of the season. I have been here for more than thirty years and will still be a fan until those running this club down leave us for good.

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