What do Arsenal fans make of Bellerin’s Fantv comments?

The rise of ArsenalfanTV has been a bone of contention amongst Arsenal fans for some time, but they are obviously appealing to a large percentage of the Gunners fanbase with their anti-Wenger rhetoric, but should the channel get so much attention from players and fans alike?

One player that has spoken out against them is our defender Hector Bellerin who recently stated: “It’s so wrong for someone who claims to be a fan and their success is fed off a failure. How can that be a fan?”

“If a coach comes to me and says you’ve done something bad I’m going to take that advice.

“If someone from Arsenal Fan TV says this guy needs to do this or that I’m not going to listen to him.”

“I don’t think there are players who go on the internet to watch Arsenal Fan TV,” he added.

“It does sometimes pop up on your timeline. I see it sometimes, some friends say ‘oh have you heard what that guy on Arsenal Fan TV said?’

“For us players it doesn’t affect us. If they want to have fun with it then have fun. When you grow you realise what is important.

“They’re just people hustling, trying to make money their way. They’re entitled to their opinion and the way they want to do it. If people find it funny then go watch it.”

So what do you think? Is ArsenalFanTV just a bit of fun? Or do you think they are over the top with their criticism of the manager and our players?

Darren N


  1. Shows out of touch Arsenal players are.
    Comes from the manager I suppose.
    Arsenal TV are just posting what we all think.
    Wenger should go and the players should shut up…

  2. He’s entitled to his opinion, but I’ve watched the channel essentially from the beginning before it was popular and already know Robbie isn’t out to feed off of the negativity. He posts just as many videos when Arsenal win and do well. It’s other fans who jump on Youtube to watch for the negativity and create a phenomenon out of it. The regulars who are on travel around the world watching the club, so they’re entitled to be angry when they spend more than any other football fan due to Arsenal’s ridiculous prices, for what is an inferior product when you look at how we perform. I’d take Bellerin’s opinion more seriously if he weren’t one of the under-performers as well.

    1. Not to mention there are regulars on there that are always positive even after a loss and stick by Wenger no matter what. Robbie let’s the AKB’s speak as well, but people just focus on the fans that make it more of a spectacle and go on rants. Haven’t watched in a while, but I’m pretty sure Ty is still on and he’s generally positive.

      1. I started watching ArsenalFanTV back when they had only 30k subscribers. Now with 700k subscribers a lot are Chelsea, Man utd and Tottenham fans who just come to watch DT and Troopz rants and count how many “blud” and “fam” s are said and just laugh at the “walking merchandise” man TY.

  3. Pretty poor from a professional player.
    Great lack of maturity from him.
    He wont be saying such hings if he was receiving praises like ronaldo messi and suarez.
    Or if that platform was dedicated to him.
    Accept judgement from fans because they are the ones whose money gives you a living.
    They are the final people to judge because any football club is for the fans.

  4. I seen the response Robbie from AFTV made and he agree’d with Bellerin, he should be listening to the coaches etc…

    The part Robbie appeared frustrated with was the tag of it only being there to moan about AFC, they are fans that attend games and speak to other fans who attended the game and put on youtube for other fans to watch and also comment on.

    There has been plenty of times when people was happy on AFTV and people watch that as well, it is a shame that society as a whole remembers negatives and we see this in how the news chases negative stories to show us for the ratings… afterall, watching some kittens in the sun is nice but not attention grabbing like 20 people being killed in a headline.

    Oh and ontop of that, people share echo chambers more than content which challenges their own belief. There has been a lot of hate towards Wenger and that hate gets shared, if AFTV make an episode that shows a fan raging about Wenger then other Wenger haters will be more likely to share that vid… Doesn’t matter if it is true or not.

    That is why the coaches should be listened to and not random people on AFTV, fans amy spot what is the fault but they can also spot imagined issues…

  5. In dortmund players do engage with fans and tllk with them about the games, they even ask for forgivness at times and listen to them what theire concerne them the most, all bec of them knowing how important respecting the fans is

    Where there are the likes of Bellerin. The one who doesnt want to listen to fans telling him to do his best, and the one who dissliked Sanchez for the same reason, as he as well was asking from his team mates to do better

    Wenger breastfeeding his minions has turned this club turning very weak, weak and carefree

  6. Thought it was classic Bellerin saying how some people can’t take criticism.

    AFTV are about money so lets not pretend they care more for Arsenal.

    1. Did he (Bellerin) handle the criticism? No, he just had to say something, but we can all see how he can’t take on anyone, how his speed has reduced to that of a beetle, how his crosses ain’t even crosses coz he can’t do it no more, how he can’t dribble, so poor on everything and still has guts to talk as if he’s Ozil or Monreal who are a bit consistent

      1. After the flack he took last season he is well within his rights to answer a question honestly. He says that Arsenal doing badly is how their money is made, so how can you call it supporting Arsenal. Supporting themselves, fair enough, everyone has to do it esp with a family. A real supporter never bets against his side, so would never develop a model that enriches themselves at the same time opposing fans are getting kicks giggles and laughs. Two thirds of their members are there to stick the knife in. And anyone saying it is Bellerin who cannot take the criticism, he took it well if you ask me. It ‘s ironic that the loudest mouths are the ones who cannot take it. Bellerin is talking about a minute few here, that platform and the guys who headline it as well as created. Other fans pay their hard earned money and support the team all over the world, he isn’t talking about them. The ones who make a profit not a loss, and bring toxicity to our atmosphere and give out the wrong impression of our club. They are who Bellerin has spoken to.

        1. Dear Break on

          Is Bellerin himself not profiting hugely from our anguish? Bellerin can only complain if the team is performing to the expectation of the fans who have paid their hard earned cash and the team is still getting negative publicity

          He himself has been shit since he got the £90kpw deal..

          He need s to look in the mirror to see who is profitting more from our anguish!!

    2. A confusing thing to say, considering that most of them are supporting this team way before Bellerin was even alife, or Wenger being the clubs manager

      The one who can’t take criticism is deff Bellerin who is taking a bit of heat, bec of him underperforming and not being eable to cross the balll.

  7. I lost a lot of respect for Bellerin after his comments. Clearly he doesn’t realise how much money fans have to spend following their club, not just on tickets, but travel, and accommodation as well (when playing abroad). The time fans also have to spend travelling, costing them time with their families, and having to go to work the next day with almost no sleep!

    So of course fans are going to fuming with negativity when, for example, they have to travel all the way to Germany to watch the players put in a shocking performance against Bayern, and then most of them not even bothering to come over and applaud the fans (including the manager). Bellerin is so detached from reality it’s unreal!

  8. This coming from a guy who said alexis’s determination to win by all means is unbearable cmon next news pls.

  9. Bellerin really has to be very careful if he cares about his arsenal career and future. I would think about more than 95% of arsenal fans who watch Robbie’s videos see fans like themselves who feel frustrated when players put in a shite performance and go crazy and praise the players and manager when they put on an exceptional performance.
    The problem he has is that to the average fan Robbie is seen as a genuine fan who cares about the club and his comments about Robbie will not change that..
    He really may think he is taking on Robbie but he will find himself taking on the majority of the online arsenal fan base….if I were him I will try to improve my performances on the pitch…taking Robbie on and by extension the fans will only end one way

  10. He needs to keep his mouth shut, cut his hair and focus on his game. Stop worrying about the Oxford Union and the front row at fashion shows and learn how to cross the ball.

    Wenger out.

  11. True fans – of any club – are the only thing keeping professional football from dying. Arsenal Fan TV is full of typical fans of any club. What is NOT typical is how OUR club is run, compared to other clubs who care about the fans and the games lifeblood. At Arsenal we are criticised, vastly overcharged, shit upon from the chairman , owner and manager and yet still love and support our club. But most ARSENAL fans, whether or not from Arsenal FanTV, are desperate to get competant and caring people running our club and to escape the clutches of Wenger and Kroenke. Immature, self obsessed players like Bellerin are just the sort we need to either get rid of or install a proper manager to manage and coach them. If your own body falls out of love with your own blood, then you die. Blood is a lifeforce; ignore that FACT and you risk death. The club has beeen risking death from a thousand cuts for years past now , by cheating and short changing us fans(the blood). If you doubt this truth, just ask yourself this: Would the club survive the loss of Kroenke? Of Wenger? Of Sir Chips? How about an Emirates with NO ONE IN IT? HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THE CLUB WOULD SURVIVE THEN? We fans have FAR more power to change things for the better than many ever realise. We just need to use that power to remove Wenger! All clubs have this same fan power, if only those fans realised it!

  12. Bellerin was putting forward his own personal views, just as we do on this forum.
    Just because he is a professional footballer doesn’t mean he has to bow down and be sub-serviant to a section of supporters who get upset by his comments.
    He has only reacted to those people who are persistently running down the club and players, be they right or wrong.
    Whether his views are right are wrong are up for debate (hence this forum) but let’s not be two faced and deny him his right to do exactly what we are doing ourselves.
    Personally, I would rather our players concentrated on playing and winning games. Then, just maybe, the fans would be more positive.
    By the way, I question again the “majority of fans” and the 95% of fans claims during this debate. Clear unadulterated facts would make the arguments/claims much more interesting.

  13. I watch ArsenalfanTV frequently, including after all matches. These are people who follow Arsenal home and away in all weathers, including freezing at Ostersund. They are spending a considerable amount of their hard earned cash on following the Arsenal, to watch players like Bellerin being paid a relative fortune. While I don’t agree with all the views expressed on ArsenalfanTV, I respect the rights of all commenters, given the commitment they show. Hector Bellerin naturally has a right to give his point of view; however I thought Robbie’s response was class.

  14. I’ll take bellerin over arsenalfantv everyday of the week. The only thing more embarrassing than aftv is the new breed of fan that occasionally fills our stadium. Bloody tourists eating popcorn taking photos and videos of the match. It all makes my skin crawl, it’s all gone proper kroenke and shows no sign of letting up. There are even people wanting the club to lose, because they have the misconception that wenger will get sacked for it?? Wenger will never be sacked, because he has been honourable to his contract and lifted yhe clubs value from a tin of beans to one of the wealthiest in the world. Wonky, I mean kroenke will never sack him for that reason alone.

  15. Love AFTV, as I have lived in Australia for the last 13 years. It’s the nearest thing I get to going to games. It’s like this site we all have different opinions, but are ultimately brought together by Arsenal. Not sure about Tye though.

    1. Ty is comedy relief. But that is one of reasons this show is so beverly hillbillies is because you don’t put comedy relief inside of slapstick.

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