What do Arsenal fans make of latest Alexis antics?

Arsenal fans are not likely to hear the truth of the matter and the reason behind the now regular shows of anger and frustration from Alexis Sanchez anytime soon. I expect that Arsene Wenger will just brush it off and talk about how the Chilean international is a winner who just wants to play and that all of the Arsenal players in the dressing room have the same sort of thing to some extent.

But do we believe that? I for one do not as these public outbursts from Alexis are quite a recent thing. Surely if he was going to blow his top it would have been last season when the Gunners were blowing the brilliant chance of claiming the Premier League title as all the usual suspects faltered.

It was odd behaviour from Alexis today after he was taken off late in the game away to Swansea City, because the game was already well won at 4-o and Alexis had added to his tally with a well taken finish. But the Chilean looked inconsolable and refused a drink before burying his head in a coat and not even watching the rest of the match.

What could be making Sanchez so unhappy do you think? I cannot see how it is anything to do with the contract situation or any idea that our title challenge is over because we won. The only theory I have is that he is desperate to finish the season as top scorer. What do you guys think?



  1. vinie2000 says:

    Agree with you Bob, he thought when OG got substitued that he could get a couple of goals. Hes been moved to wing in favour of OG for the last 5 games and hes lost his edge. He wants the golden boot and i think is the only thing that may keep him at Arsenal. Like suarez or messi this southamerican strikers are mobile and be involved in everything in the team. I wish he could be 2016 golden boot and we be there at the top.

    1. josh37 says:

      Pretty sure Lexi would prefer a title challenge! Or CL run!

      1. Jansen says:

        I think you are right Josh and he knows now that we are back to last season’s team with Giroud starting whilst Sanchez had not set a foot wrong, that we will not challenge in either PL or CL. Which WC player would want to lob balls into the box for Giroud??

        Sanchez is frustrated because he knows it’s time to uproot his family and move. This is painful for him. But he is a winner playing with many losers around him the manager being the biggest of them all and this is now becoming clear to Sanchez.

  2. vinie2000 says:

    Like it or not to many Alexis right now is the main difference we are still hanging there. Nobody gives 100000% on the pitch like this little fella and If we have at least 4 more players in the team with this eagerness to do better. We would have been top and giving better performances. Got heart, guts, determination and skills. Say no more

  3. Arturitou says:

    Just one question, who wants to get out of the pitch when one is enjoying the match?

  4. stubill says:

    I don’t know, or care what his motives are for throwing tantrums every time he get’s substituted.

    If he wants to leave, be a man and come out and say it, if not, accept it’s a team game and other players need some game time.

    It’s starting to look like he’s trying to engineer a move away from the club and trying to make it look like the clubs fault, rather than his own choice. I can see the interview after he’s gone already: “I wasn’t happy being substituted, and they wouldn’t pay me what I could get elsewhere, I want t win the CL etc, etc”.

    I said a long time ago I wasn’t convinced he was happy at Arsenal, he always seems to be on the periphery of things, goal celebrations, the ridiculous selfies and dressing room pictures, he’s only noticeable by his absence.

    I hope I’m wrong, as I love watching him play, and is obviously our best players, but the signs do not look good to me.

    1. citrenoogeht says:

      Spot on.

    2. bigperf says:

      Spot on mate. I for one don’t care how much of a ‘winner’ you are, you scored a goal and your team is 4-0 up you applaud the boys and take your rest and put your personal goals aside. Ridiculous immature reaction from a fantastic player

  5. Alexis is a winner no doubt about it (wish OZIL was a bit more like him) but lately he makes his discontent so obvious for everything that unfortunately IMO is his way to say good bye…..WENGER knows how he feels about playing every minute of the game and he is aware of Alexis state of mind for whatever the reason is, then why did he take him off, the Swans were struggling defensively, why not give him the opportunity to score one more, after all Alexis knows that his only chance of winning anything at ARSENAL is being the top scorer, either to justify the money he is asking to stay or to increase his Market value if he leaves….. If Alexis leaves ARSENAL dark times are ahead of us.

    1. bigperf says:

      Arsenal fc was here before and will be here after Alexis leaves but enough with this nonsense, if he’d Kept him on and Swansea players kicked out in fustration and Alexis gets injured you’d probably be the first to slate Wenger for not being tactically aware to remove him when game is won. We all love Alexis but common lets not encourage that kind of behaviour, it’s a team sport and a player like him should understand that

  6. mobaygunner says:

    i love alex 7 but this is a team game…u already scored we are 4 nill up..no need to risk a injury or burn him out..im with wenger 1000000 percent on this…what if he had stayed on get a kick and have to miss a few games..would it be the same people saying he just wanna play????..arsenal first for me..do whats best for the club..and thats getting him to sign but also protecting him from his self

  7. smokescreen says:

    I love Sanchez…Bt f*##k him if he wants to leave.idont care if we finish 10th in the league am tired of players putting themselves before the club.f$#$k him if he wants to leave.who does he think he is Henry?pires!Beckham? We are arsenal….We will always be..Thts why I love Arsen Wenger…..Give it all for the club..F**k divas….I’d rather not win the title with a bunch who love arsenal than these divas….He can go to China.club Shud always come first ….We are not Newcastle meet are guneerz

  8. gmv8 says:

    I don’t know why everyone’s going on about this, I like his enthusiasm to play, especially in the games against Everton and Man City, where he looked like the only one who wanted to play. You can’t wrap him up in cotton wool – look at the last time he had a niggle, he went off and played friendlies for Chile, and aggravated it even more, came back with strapping.

    On other note, we should be grateful for Snograss’ dive against Palace – Mike Jones got so much flak for awarding the penalty, he’s making sure he doesn’t do the same again!

  9. Taiwo says:

    The idea of trying to paint Arsenal the faulty will not be welcomed by anyone around the club, it is difficult to say for a certain the reason for a big tilt in his behavior but we can only do some permutations.
    No big time player wants or like to be substituted but in all the team should be ahead of everything else be it individual goal and the likes and the other guys needs game time after all they are not spectators.

  10. Jansen says:

    Fans make me laugh. We don’t put in any effort against Everton and City in the second half or Bournemouth the first half and we all talk about the fact we seem to lack that winning mentality, evidenced by Giroud’s goal celebration.

    Than we have one player who is hugely competitive and wants the team to win more than anything else, get’s angry with the draw at Bournemouth after the last whistle instead of celebrating the draw, is not happy yesterday (either for being substituted or for the way he or the team played) and we have to criticise him?

    Want him to be more like Giroud and celebrate his own goals ahead of the team’s results?

    The guy is winner and we need many more of him including a manager with a similar mentality rather than one who is happy with 4th.

    1. zion says:

      Thanks for having some sense! I was starting to think the 4th place mentality is uprooted in the fans…. Screaming f$$k Sanchez for wanting to score and win more! He was pretty happy when we were winning and then he woke up after Everton and city to see the truth that except for him and ozil none of them give a f$$k about winning( especially the manager) as he wants it!

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