What do Arsenal fans really expect Stan Kroenke to do?

Stan Kroenke has come in for a lot of stinging criticism from Arsenal fans almost since he took full control of the club and much of it has been justified, however, the question has to be asked, what do the fans actually expect him to do right now?

He cannot just inject a ton of money into the club for transfers and expect to stay within Financial Fair Play regulations, remember Arsenal, then under the management of Arsene Wenger, was one of the most vocal proponents of FFP with Wenger calling owners that put in huge amounts of money into their clubs as “financial doping“.

You cannot point towards the likes of Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain and say their owners inject unlimited funds without also accepting that they are being punished or have been punished.

Clubs can no longer rely on their owners to inject money without that money being accounted for.

It is also not the case that Kroenke has not put money into the club, he has but it is lack of income from the Champions League, poor transfer business and huge salaries that have contributed to the limited transfer budget not the owner refusing to put his hands in his pocket.

Now, do not get me wrong, Kroenke is the ultimate boss and the mess we are in is down to him, he took his eye off the ball and allowed the likes of Ivan Gazidis and Wenger to make horrendous decisions on transfers and contracts, it is down to him that the squad was allowed to decline to its current state because he refused to act on Wenger and Gazidis much earlier.

I am struggling to think what he can do to be honest, he cannot buy his way out of this mess, he has a new manager and directors in place and the early signs are that they have acknowledged the mess and do have a plan in place to rectify past mistakes.

I also cannot see any proof that Kroenke has been taking money out of the club, all I have seen is that he has put money in and mistakenly not acted when the people charged with managing the finances have royally screwed up.

It is not Kroenke’s fault that players have been allowed to leave on free transfers or massively below their true valuation but it is his fault that he did not act to put a stop to the incompetence.

And even if Kroenke was to sell up, any new owner would still be restricted by FFP.

So, I am in no way letting the owner off the hook but I repeat the question, what do we expect him to do now?


  1. Not a hard one. It’s simple. Only thing for him to do is to “GO”. Sell his shares, pity us the fans and “GO”.

    1. Sanchez is already old, slow and unwilling to take high risk anymore like Ozil

      Better send Ozil plus some money for Martial

        1. A cultured frenchman in East London. I find it hard to believe.

  2. The thing is Kroenke made this mess himself, people continue to blame Wenger, Gazidis, Steve Bould or Gunnersaurus but most wise fans knew Wenger’s time was up way before 2018, he allowed Wenger to fester and now he should be making up for HIS error but he won’t.

    He will sit on his ranch in the US thinking more about his US sports ‘investments’, most specifically the LA Rams, rather than waste his precious time on AFC London LLC. He has no focus on Arsenal, his son being involved is taking the p!ss. Get out of our club you wig wearing parasite!.

    The answer is simple – sell up and f**k off. He won’t though so I hope he gets a half-empty stadium and a loss making ‘investment’ until he does.

    1. FFP is a joke.citeh,chavs,PSG,Madrid Barca have been bending it for years & make no mistake will cont.to do so.its how they run their clubs.kronke & those two muppets gazidis & wenger put all their eggs in the FFP basket.stupid & naive but the perfect excuse for kronke not to invest out of his own pocket for the last 10 years or so.so YES it is him,the absent landlord who is to blame.The sooner he f** s off the better.

  3. It will not be bad if Kroenke brings out 200m pounds from his pocket and invest in the club which will be used to sign good players and raise the club back to glory days.
    That money will not be up to 10 percent of his money, so I do not know why it is a big deal to him.

    1. He has given us 200+ M squad and I haven’t even calculated the freebies’ massive signing fees/ salaries yet:

      ………………………Leno (22.5 M)
      ……Mustafi (35 M) . Koscielny (8.45 M) . Sokratis (17.6 M)
      Bellerin (0 M) . Torreira (26.4 M) . Xhaka (30 M) . Kolasinac (0 M)
      ……………………….Ozil (42.5 M)
      …….Aubameyang (56 M) ………… Lacazette (46.5 M)

      1. Kronke has given us NOTHING.
        He has NEVER put money into the club.

        We are SELF-SUSTAINING model, remember? He wouldn’t even let the Russian put money in when he was part owner.

        He is to blame for mess we’re in. He allowed Wenger to become club dictator, let players run down contracts without consequences, lied about new stadium and what it would bring, to name a few.

        He did nothing as Wenger than Gazidis mismanaged his investment;make no mistake they did.

        All the glory, honor, tradition, and pride of our club, he has reduced to profit. It’s not about titles and glory for him, it’s about making a few pounds.

        He didn’t get involved to win titles, remember his words?

        Damning statement if I ever heard one. Kiss of death for Arsenal supporters everywhere.

        Of course it’s his fault, buck stops with him.

        1. What do you mean “he wouldn’t even let the Russian put money in when he was part owner”? It’s FFP which doesn’t allow owners to put in money into the club!

          1. Like the year we bought Cech and NO ONE ELSE! That had nothing to do with FFP, club spent £12 million on Cech that was the window.

            Every fan, pundit, family dog knew it wasn’t enough investment; yet Kronke was happy to not spend any more money.

            Can’t blame FFP on that; blame Wenger, Gazidis, and Kronke.

            Sure we got Auba and Laca, but look how many players we sold as well to offset the cost. Didn’t the club actually make £20 something million profit Summer window recently?

            Arsenal is a bank at best to Kronke, a shiny toy at worst. I’ve watched for 2 decades as he sucked the life out of his American sports franchises, it’s the same for Arsenal.

          2. Off topic,but I would also add that London has passed all the requirements for NFL expansion; meaning considerations being made about an NFL team in London.

          3. @Durand
            Am unable to respond on your post so I will respond on mine.

            The issue about only getting Cech for £11M was down squarely on Wenger and his inability to identify targets. Gazidis always maintained there is money to spend but Wenger insisted money will only be spent on “top top players”. So how can we blame Kroenke for this? Yes, he sits on the board, but he is otherwise an absentee owner that gives complete autonomy to the management to run the club as they see fit!

            Should Kroenke force Wenger to buy players if he declared he couldn’t find anyone worthwhile?Why should Kroenke get involved in managing the club when Gazidis was actually getting paid a heft £2.6M salary for this exact thing?

            The only thing Kroenke is to be blamed for is allowing Gazidis and Wenger to stay on and mismanage this club the way we have seen.

    2. Did u miss the part of the article which explains why he cant “bring £200million from his pocket” to spend on new players???
      You sum up the type of so called fan who doesn’t understand the game or can’t be bothered to learn because all they want to do is moan

      1. My idea is simple. Since Stan came in 2007 and basically ended David Deans involvement we have gone backwards and had all these problems. The Emirates is also a library at times which doesn’t help. But at the end of the day since Stan has been involved we have been getting worse year by year. So I believe the buck stops with Stan and we really should boycott him to do more and stop being silent and tell us what he wants. That statement that he didn’t get into sports for titles really should he thrown back in his stupid face.

  4. We cannot always blame him, because he has bought many expensive players that make our 200+ M squad

    However, as the supreme leader at the club, I expect him to hire some experts that can create an established system. The one that consists of stricter training/ diet programmes, better scouting, more decisive contract/ transfer policies, enhanced football philosophy and improved youth development

    Barcelona started this revolution more than thirty years ago and the top EPL teams are trying to follow their path. Arsenal must move faster if they don’t want to be left behind and I’m surprised that Wenger couldn’t build such system during his two-decade tenure

  5. Kroenke should give Emery a total of £150 million to reinvest this window.
    Then any sales made by Arsenal should go straight back to him.

      1. In the so called “article” I did not see one number that would indicate why can’t he invest more money in the club. Please don’t fool yourself and think about why Everton and Wolves spend more then us. Kroenke p!ss off and buy and other club which you can ruin!

        1. And u should read the statement made by Arsenal recently where it was made clear that every penny made by the club is available to to improve the team provided it was within FFP guidelines

  6. Kroenke should invest monies like City or Chelsea owners do.Sort out who’s running the club over hear..Gazidis and his motley crew where aloud to make cock up after cock up costing Arsenal dearly. The only way to alert him is for Arsenal to lose money and well organised demonstrations which finally got Wenger out.That may then encourage him to sell.His arch enemy is the Liverpool owner and look how his staff have successfully run the buying and selling.My choice would be for him to sell.

    1. 1st the reason the owner cant just spend money is explained in the article….READ IT!!
      2nd if u think a demonstration by a tiny minority of fans, one march by a few hundred is hardly the majority of 50,000 at home games!, was the reason Wenger left your a bigger fool than they all were

      1. To Hants Gooner
        And all you do is have a pop at everyone so your some f***ing good.Go home and kick cat instead of moaning at gooner fans trying to make an input.

  7. Good easy to understand article admin Martin which I completely agree with but looking at some of the comments it’s obvious that some posters have not read the article, only the headline……, sheesh ?.

  8. Kroenke just needs to give another £55 million. That’s it!

    £45mil + £55mil = £100mil
    AND sell some players = £50 mil
    That’s £150 million to sign new players

    1. Comment deleted

      No personal abuse, please.

      Try and get your point of view across without the name calling, we are all Arsenal fans after all.

  9. Good article. I am not sure, FFP actually prevent Kroenke from investing to a certain extent. However, we can’t expect him, or another owner to spending his own money. We need to accept, we have to be more clever in management, than we have been over the last few years. Look at Liverpool and Spurs (yes, I am sorry), the reason, why they are ahead of us now, is not because they have more “generous” owners. They have simply done better than us in trading, keeping and developing players, than we have done over the last 6-8 years. That is the difference, and hopefully we have turned the corner, so we now can move forward. A bit of patience is needed.

    1. FFP states a club can only spend £3.9million over the previous seasons revenue so as the article says it does prevent him from spending 100’s of millions on transfers

      1. FFP yet Man City have just offered another 60 m FFP my ar@e
        Get a grip even West Ham are spending more than us

      2. Hants Gooner, what I believe kronkie COULD do ( as someone else suggested a while ago) is sponsor the club shirts with the name of Walmart or Asda (a subsidery of Walmart).
        Just as City did with their shirt sponsorship deal involving their owners company.

        Now, if there was a conflict of interest with kronkie, it could go through the sponsorship agreement as a deal involving his wife, who actually owns Walmart.

        Sponsorship seems to be an avenue outside of FFP as far as I can see, although FIFA might be interested if a sponsorship deal was too way out.

        Perhaps you could come up with some ideas and thoughts other than trying to belittle others, as I don’t know if mine would work.

        1. Should have added my praise for a very good article AdminMartin, certainly gives one food for thought about EXACTLY what criticism is actually fair regarding our owner.

          1. QD, that is why I stated that FIFA might be interested and I just don’t know.

            I’m not sure if it is shady sponsorship deals or actually spending over the FFP limit, not really being interested in city and their problems.

            I guess the question we could ask is…how come we can double the deal on shirt sponsorship after a season when we are supposedly £50 million in debt?
            To me they don’t seem to be connected in the way FFP is laid out.

            It seems that our club just hasn’t got the skill, devious or otherwise to bend the rules while staying within them.

          2. @Ken1945
            I agree, we are not smart enough to bend the rules and get away with it. So is that really Kroenke’s fault or the fault of the likes of Vinai and Raul who are actually involved with the daily running of the club?

        2. Err think you will find that over inflation of sponsorship deals is what Man city are currently being charged with

      3. FFP clearly states clubs need to balance football-related expenditure includingtransfers and wages against television and ticket income, plus revenues raised by their commercial departments. Money spent on stadiums, training facilities, youth development or community projects is exempt.
        It also gives guidelines on what on what sponsor related income is acceptable and what is not.For example it would seem that Walmart putting money into the club would most likely not be acceptable.This is a very grey area and this is were Man City and PSG are under investigation. Stan will not go down this road.
        As for Stan not putting money into the club this is going to change.As it seems that the club is going to post a loss of around 60 million this year FFP states A loss between £15 and £105m has to be guaranteed by club owners.

      1. Sorry Sue only saw the opening 15-20 minutes as had to go out but don’t understand why we let him go.

        1. Can’t remember a moment he impressed for us. That is why we let him go. We probably could’ve gotten more money for him at the very least.

  10. Comment deleted

    No personal abuse, please.

    Try and get your point of view across without the name calling, we are all Arsenal fans after all.

    1. Comment deleted

      No personal abuse, please.

      Try and get your point of view across without the name calling, we are all Arsenal fans after all.


    1. Comment deleted

      No personal abuse, please.

      Try and get your point of view across without the name calling, we are all Arsenal fans after all.

      1. You are not an Arsenal supporter. And you just talkie talkie loads of defensive nonsense.

      2. It’s the clubs money that he’s taking out that bothers me. We’ve signed the largest kid deal in history that starts July 1st. The club takes in about over 100 million a year in sponsorship and partner deals. That money in club earned therefor doesn’t breach ffp rules.

        1. He’s not taken any money out of the club since the original £3 million at the beginning of his tenure.

      3. Arsenal were 20 years in the Champions League, what happened to the extra money made from that? What’s happened to the reserved money between 250 & 300 mil, what about the so called 3 mil a season advisor money paid to Stan Crookies company, I accept your question but I’m still confused as to why we only have 40 mil considering the years we spent in the top 4, and was it true he took 50 mil a season when he became majority shareholder, and stop calling genuine Arsenal fans idiots just because they don’t understand the inner workings of the club, he was part of the lies fed to the fans and he still expects the fans to pay over the top ticket prices to under performing players, how is it that clubs that have never been in Europe for years, have smaller fan base and less sponsorship deals still spend more money than Arsenal, this is why the fans want him out regardless GOONER 4 LIFE

      4. The F**ing FFP prevent him not mate.
        He wish not to invest
        He choose the self sustaining model

    2. Yes, we need to blame him for what he left behind to keep a bunch of mediocre players because they were loyal to him, and the decision to sell Giroud, Gibbs, Gabriel, Walcott, Colch, wasn’t his and lied time and time he was going to be busy next summer and that kind of bs and never brought anybody or did and sent them right away on loan and start complained he wished transfer window was shut as soon as possible

  12. Poor scouting and Wenger wanted to do everything including some Gazidis’s task, not Kroenke to blame for this mess.

  13. Sorry to be crude but it starts with F ends with the f and he can put the other letters in himself

  14. So have have pre tax losses. What about the biggest kit deal in history and all of our other sponsorship deals that bring us in over 100 million a year in none football related revenue. What happens to all of that money??? Is that being invested into the LA Rams??

  15. My question is… Is the FFP related to korenke alone at this time of our struggle?

    Why is Madrid not complaining abt it or other top teams that have invest heavily on their team… Madrid just spent lose to 300mil on 3player for God sake and I believe they knew abt the FFP WHY IS IT NOT AN HINDRANCE to them?

    Chealshit were not punished because of their spending but rather because of their process of acquiring under aged players

    Korenke investing money into his business is not a crime except it exceed a certain amount which I believe he hasn’t even reached

    This is Arsenal not Burnley there is need for the spending power

    The FFP can’t justify Korenke inability to invest

    1. Sir, I’m not being rude just trying to help, just google ffp and it will be explained how it works.

  16. Read about Kroenke in America. His teams are starved not just of money but owner interest. His teams are like a child without love. Type in Satan Kroenke (his nickname in America) and find out.

  17. Truth is we need a resistance. Like the days of the French and Polish resistance. We must get Kroenke out. Maybe the supporters have the power get Kroenke out?

  18. First of all he should change that suit!

    After that he can give everyone who travelled 10,000 miles to support Arsenal in the CL final their money back!!!

  19. Don’t go for Aaron Wan-Disaster. Cost England a tournament game. Guendouzi won without even getting on the pitch.

      1. This reminds me of the handball he had in the box against us and got away with it…but then again Rob Holding had a blatant handball in the box vs Leicester and got away with it. The refereeing in the EPL is really shocking sometimes.

  20. What can he do? What do we expect? Inject the money into the club call it a loan or hide it as city did as ad money then when we are found out he can cough up and pay the bloody ffp fine too, he has earned enough out of us its the least he could do to bring some smiles and glory back to us.

    1. Am not sure but I really doubt loans count as “revenue generated from commercial activity”. What am sure is Kroenke wouldn’t risk getting fined upwards of £40M like City have been in the past. Not to mention even if the club escaped the fines, it might get kicked out of the champions league rendering all that monkey business pointless.

        1. They are not excuses, am simply giving you the other side of this Kroenke-FFP argument. A lot of myths circulate about how Kroenke is sucking money out of the club with hefty bonuses for him and the board members as well, yet it is only Gazidis who was actually drawing a salary among all the board members.

          I could very well be wrong about how FFP works, what I do know though is Kroenke can only put in £25M of his money over 3 years (£8M each year) before getting in trouble with FFP.

          He could disguise handouts to the club as sponsorship, but that will ultimately draw UEFA’s attention should the deals appear inflated in value. Even then sponsorship could only cover 30% of transfers and salaries!

          What is clear to me is if we want to be competitive, Ozil’s mammoth £18M a year salary and Mkhitaryan’s £9M a year are what should be the first to go because those 2 are really the problem at this club, not Kroenke.

          1. Very well written QD?. People need to read up on FFP and how it works and how things are calculated. There is a very interesting article on the BBC site how Real Madrid have spent £300 million so far in this window and can still spend more. Something to do with amortisation over a 3 year period etc, and are still able to spend even more. City are in big trouble due to their owners “sponsoring” the stadium name for a ridiculously high amount and that is why they could be chucked out of the CL very soon. Again QD I applaud your responses to to the other posters questions about FFP but to them I would say: “I can explain it to you but cannot understand it for you”

          2. Id totally agree with sticking to FFP but for years now we have been hearing about the implications but no one has been thrown out of CL.Just fines that these billionaires are willing to pay.

  21. I think it is simple. Turnover somewhere near £435m, player wages somewhere near £215m, running cost…

    In the end what we know is from Arsenal accounts. £56.5m Net Profit. Our budget is around £45-£50m. What is there to complain about?
    This is us right now. IF you make £50k a year and you’re expenses are £30k then you have somewhere near £15k a year left after taxes. It works the same..

    Thing is Stan has allowed high profit signings under his watch, it just so happens to not be at the rate of Liverpool, United or City.

    If Arsenal sign the highly spoke about Saliba, Claude and Martinelli, then other then a £5m a year wage increase, we have also to consider £45m just there.

    until August it’s all just talk but il like To see what’s the end of our summer will look like

  22. While i appreciate the premise of this article it is rather naive to suggest that our owner cant spend his money to propel Arsenal into the top echelons of European football due to FFP regulations. Chelsea, AC Milan and to a larger extent PSG and Man City have systemically evaded FFP regulations by artificially inflating the value of sponsorship deals, paying players for image rights by unscrupulous means, thus reducing their wage bills and removing debt by the parent company.

    While the intentions of FFP regulations are sound, at present UEFA and CAS do not have either have the legal muscle or the nous to properly detect wrong doings and or enforce regulations. It will be interesting to see if Newcastle follows the same business model as PSG and Man City, watch this space.

    1. City are soon to be severely punished for FFP fraud and likely be expelled from the CL. so go fry them noodles!
      Also try reading how xFFP works, a very good article exists on the BBC site.

  23. Instead of spending 20 here, 20 there 40 million there. How about we go for top players with the sum of those smaller deals? We waste so much money on players that don’t even work out. Then we let Ramsey walk for free. We are a circus at the moment with no vision. Can someone please tell what the vision of the club is because we aren’t making any smart moves.

  24. Maybe this will help to understand how we can be losing money.

    Transfer business per season

    18/19 Loss £67 Million
    17/18 Profit £3 Million
    16/17 Loss £92 Million
    15/16 Loss £21 Million
    14/15 Loss £82 Million
    13/14 Loss £34 Million

    Total Loss £293 Million

    Sourced from Transfermarkt

    1. Loss as in spent in transfers?
      If so, £293m spent in transfers over 6 seasons is minuscule in grand scheme of things.

        1. Your right spending £293m on dumb investments that has brought us nothing in return is catastrophic. But some clubs spend this amount in a season. We have spent this over 6 seasons so from that perspective its huge. Problem is there is no accountability, just spin.
          Good article btw invoking a topic that needs to be debated on a larger scale which hopefully would bring pressure to the owner and the board.
          We as fans do need to come together for the greater good of the club. No player or owner for that matter is bigger than the club.

          1. We spent far more than £293m, that figure represents the loss on players bought and sold and no club can sustain that.

  25. What do we expect Kroenke to do? The very thought of it makes me livid as do some of some of the people on here with no brains other than to shut down other fans with FFP bs…hants gooner.
    Showing some passion for the club would be a huge start and a vote of confidence to the fans that we are just not his toy on his monopoly board and another income stream for his big yankee pockets.
    A man of his billionaire stature surely must have some business acumen!! There are plenty of ways to bring in various income streams like man city, PSG and all the other big clubs have done. Bring in Walmart as a sponsor, bring in other big sponsors as man of his influence should do, there are so many ways. Financial doping is rife but all is fair if it is inventive and legit.
    We’re meant to be debt free and self sustaining, but where are all the funds going? I’m sure Kroenke and the board have been taking hefty bonuses for years now and surely the funds are not just going on wages and running the club? We get huge amount from fleecing us the fans, huge amounts from TV rights, sponsorship deals. What’s happened to our accumulated funds from years of austerity? The time of austerity is meant to be over!! What’s happened to vision of moving on from highbury to being debt free? Gross mismanagement yes but where is all the business acumen or we just pay big bonuses for nothing?!!
    We can easily take out bank loans or better yet Kroenke can give a directors loan interest free that way he would get his money back that not disallowed I’m sure.
    F’k FFP, everyone especially the top teams are playing the game we seem to be the only taking the moral high ground but in reality digging a massive hole and falling down the ladder. it’s all spin that everyone has become use to and brainwashed by.
    What can Kroenke do you say? He can sell up and f off!!!

    1. 100% right. Austerity for Arsenal is endless. About time Kroenke tried the ‘Growth’ model and took some dosh out of his $10 billion dollar fat backside, where he stores his money, and put into Arsenal. Otherwise he will ‘stink of it’ and we’ll be purely a supporting act.

      1. KILO OSCAR TANGO (love the handle), a great response, but one thing to re-consider in my view:

        We, the fans, have a mind of our own in how we conduct ourselves and how we spend our haard earnt cash.

        kronkie isn’t forcing anyone to buy anything…he has a product to sell…he offers it at a price…the consumer decides whether or not he wants to buy it…end of story.

        He knows that there is a waiting list of 100,000 people (source Arsenal FC) willing and eager to step in immediately a season ticket becomes available.

        That is how I assume kronkie sees it and I have to say that is how I see it as well.

  26. Watch out if wenger decides to take another better club he might win trophies. KSE will reduce this club in the name of profit. When all are awaken it will some 15 more years of damage caused beyond repair.

  27. Bad management isn’t his fault. Not investing a dime in transfers so is. Simple as.

  28. For all those above calling people out for not reading the article and the FFP issue it mentions..

    Well, how about you go and read what those regulations actually are.

    FFP prevents spending over a generated clubs income over several seasons so there is no reason in this infinite and complex universe why we as a club couldn’t go ‘big’ this window and splash the cash to do what’s needed to give us a chance to win on the field and not only to balance Stan’s books.

    1. It also limits wage increases over the same period and that is where we are falling foul of the system due to some of the ludicrous high wages being paid to various players. Even Bendtner was on £56000 a week nearly ten years ago. Not so much FFP but FFS!

  29. In the MSL where there is no FFP, Kroenke has managed to create a team who will probably finish bottom of their league due to death by starvation. To see how he operates you need to read about him on American sites. He is immersed in LA property projects and has borrowed stunning amounts of money to finance them. Having a financially fat Arsenal, called ‘self sustaining’ is what he wants, not a club that borrows and owes money. He also borrowed to buy ‘our club’ Arsenal, now his club. His prime focus is LA projects. Not Arsenal. In America he is seen as a parasite. That’s who our our shareholders sold out to.

    1. Sean, your US sporting franchise is correct. From what I have read Kroenke looks to make a fortune from his speculative property developments around the new LA Rams stadium (paid for by local government ie propert taxes from businesses and individuals). It would not be surprising to see Kroenke redevelop the Emirates for apartments, if the local council let him.
      The first thing we need is for him to take an interest in the performance of the team. Not attending the Europa League final without providing a reason was inexcusable.

  30. Kronke is going to do us what Mike Ashley has done at Newcastle United.. He has no interest in arsenal progressing. Just making his portfolio look better.. Sad times ahead for us gooner.

  31. Its all krownke’s fault. He’s been outting limitations on the spending since he’s got here. Man city and chelsea got punished for violating rules but they got trophies. I rather be in man citys shoes than the runt arsenal is in now. Real madrid just spent $350 million on 5 players. Arsenal has a $45 million budget and their #9 in the forbes list of richest clubs. Pure nonsense is what i call this article to ask Arsenal fans what is he supposed to do now. F’ing spend some damn momey son. We shouldn’t have to sell a bunch of players to raise funds it should be available and just get rid of dead weight. Arsenal is also famously known for selling the most expensive tickets. For a team that hasn’t won anything big on over a decade is pure shameless. My one true wish as a Gunner is to see arsenal get relegated in hopes to see the most useless, careless, and unmotivated owner to sell. I believe we will never succeed under his tyranny. And truly hurts me as a fan to say what i said but it hurts more to watch my team become the joke of the premiere league.

  32. What is transpired is that lack of investment for quality players in the past has now created problems for the club while FFP was not an issue. the club was so reluctant to make investment in quality players. Say for example – Manolas was available only for 13 million but the club did not buy him and the next year, they bought Mustafi with more than 30 mil.The inactivity of the club at a right time cost them both result and money…

  33. Mr. Kroenke has not put a single penny into the club. He took out a 3mill pounds as dividend a couple of years ago. He has on the other hand taken a loan on the value of the club to finance the takeover. Arsenal is today de facto an American registered company.

  34. Kroenke looks at money in terms of players not in terms of paper notes.There`s a lot of money running around achieving
    very little so Kroenke says “there`s your budget Unai, turn them into cash”. Maybe he could give us some bridging finance being as it will take some time to shift them?

  35. I’m sure if he let usmanov buy his shares we would be in far better shape then we are he wanted to spend money a long time ago before ffp came in. I don’t know how true but rumours years ago was that he offered to pay off the stadium if Stan bought players

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