What do Arsenal fans really have to celebrate today?

There’s nothing to celebrate on Sunday by Konstantin Mitov

The final game of Wenger’s reign at the Emirates is comming at least 3 years late, but thank God it’s finally here. And the players will be doing a guard of ‘honour’ to Wenger. There’s more embarrassment in this than anything else. Our glorious capitulation at the Europa League summed up the last 5 to 10 years.

We bottled another big game, but what bothers me more is that we didn’t have the motivation to play in the he last meaningful game of the season which is astonishing. Our mentality over the past 14 years has gone from being able to win at every ground to 0 points away in 2018. We are now associated with failure.

On top of this, people talk about our style. At the moment it is running around the pitch trying to play only in attack and every time we have to defend there’s an error lurking between one of the defenders or the keeper. Also when we concede, we start playing like we’ve never seen each other.

So what are we applauding on Sunday? We’re celebrating what Wenger did 14 years ago which is pathetic! We already partied for those achievements. This is like celebrating your divorce, because you had a few good years at the start. You are divorcing because it doesn’t work anymore and it hasn’t worked for years.

We now we need to be working on important matters like adding a new manager. And he has a mighty task. The squad needs a massive clear out and there will be not enough funds to fill all the holes.

We have to go back to the basics of defending. Marking people, set piece play, dealing with crosses and long balls. This had been neglected for years and won’t just suddenly be installed by a new man.

We need someone who will come with commanding respect who won’t be afraid to drop the likes of Ozil, Xhaka and so on if they don’t play well. He also has to be a coach as we’ve built a system that won’t allow the power Wenger had ever again.

So there’s a lot of work to be done. Sadly we don’t yet have anyone prepared. The board has never had to do such an important task and they’ve always hidden behind Wenger. Now the curtains fall and we need to act.

When the highlights of the season are the manager leaving, and Stoke getting relegated, you know something seriously needs to change when your name is Arsenal. Luckily one obstacle is leaving, but we shouldn’t be celebrating. We should just try to beat Burnley, so that we don’t finish 7th as we still have 2 away games left.

Anyone, once the dead parties are over our healing process begins and I cannot wait.



  1. Absolutely agree with your article Konstantin! 100%. It’s really sad the only good thing we are taking out of this season is Stoke’s relegation…I guess no more humiliations at the bet365 stadium feels like a small victory, dare I say small trophy? Lol. So one boggey team down, two others Swansea and Southampton close to going down as well..who do I want to go down now..Swansea!!!!

    1. Counsel says:

      Every team has its boggey

      1. Kenyanfan says:

        who says Monaco did not spend? in 2017/2018 manaco has always spent huge sums but that van not be noticed because they have equally bought on cheap and sold at very high prices in the past three seasons.They have also had a productive accadamy hence hight sales.
        if you can relate, we were there some years back.selling quality and not replacing with quality.convincingly enough thats the effect we are suffering today. I believe at this rate Monaco are heading to that direction.
        If we have jordim as our next manager the same trend will continue. For me, Leonardo J is a no.
        Maximilliano Allegri -since joining Juventus he has been spending enormously. juventus Net spend over past decade: £311.66m of which 70% has been spent in his erra of 4 seasons.
        Arsenal over the same duration, Net spend over past decade: £176.40.
        my choice..Paulo Fonseca of shakhtar Donetsk

        1. Grimlar says:

          Jardim isnt the one selling the players, his team being broken up every summer is one of the reasons he wants to leave.

    2. Nikkogunners says:

      I would prefer to face our boggey teams every season – If you can go to their grounds and win, you are on a positive…

  2. Counsel says:

    Happy Sunday to all the gooners worldwide as we celebrate the greatest manager in Arsenal history #merciwenger

  3. Counsel says:

    6th on the table 0 away points in 2018,but one thing is certain, there’s only one Arsene Wenger .He’s a football legend that all of us here and may be with our generation will never be.#viva

    1. Hadnuff says:

      Thank God there will never be another Arsene Wenger!

      1. Phil says:

        Honestly-I have been waiting for this day for a decade.Now it’s here I will celebrate Wengers DEMISE.I will take my seat 60 seconds before kick off in case I have to witness some sickly and pathetic guard of honour or some other spine chilling celebration that in my mind he doesn’t deserve.If this was offered by the Club Wenger should have said LETS WIN THE GAME OF FOOTBALL FIRST.AFTER ALL THATS WHAT WE ARE PAID TO DO.AND LETS NOT FORGET THAT ITS THE VERY LEAST I OWE THE FANS AFTER COMPLETELY F***ING UP THIS SEASON AND LAST AND THE SEASON BEFORE THAT AND THE SEASON BEFORE THAT…………………..
        I will be out as soon as the whistle goes for full time and hope to god this is the last time I ever have him in my life again.
        And let’s not forget we are playing Burnley today.They have a Manager who is right up for this game and will have his team up for it too.

  4. Liam says:

    Today is bigger than all the Fa cups we have won recently combined. Finally Sadam Hussein sorry Arsene Wengers reign of terror is over and we can finally move forward as a club. Hopefully the majority of the Wenger in brigade follow him to PSG because in all honesty it seemed at times you supported him over the success of the club and believed without him we would be floating in league one. If i was writing a book about the next 5 years at Arsenal I would title it rise of the Phoenix because the good times are coming back my friends. No longer will we be shackled down by nonsense tactics and incompetence. I still cannot forgive Wenger for not getting Cahill when he was at Bolton would have won us the title that year and hes not even world class just sums up how bad our defence was at the time and finally not signing Kante when he would have signed for us if we offered the same wages as Chelsea as we would have also won the league last season. Bye Bye Mr Wenger you wont be missed.

    1. big g says:

      Give it a year or two and we might be in league one, as for todays game, this is a massive fixture to have after losing in the EL. If we lose today and continue the spiral then we may not even have EL football next season and who will manage us then Allardyce.

    2. David Rusa says:

      If we use your corollary of Saddam Hussein and Arsene Wenger I get very worried for Arsenal. Why? Ever since Saddam’s removal from power Iraq has never been stable. Things have moved from bad to worse. Are you therefore predicting the same for Arsenal? You should be careful when comparing two different scenarios. Wenger has just been a simple and loyal employee of Arsenal football club and not a despot like Saddam who was the all powerful dictator of Iraq. Wenger was just a frugal manager of a football club which had to maximise its resources to survive. It is gratifying to note that Wenger has left a financially stable football club which can now compete with the big clubs in the transfer market.

    3. Lino says:


  5. Sango says:

    Merci-Wenger/Yeah I think there is every reason to celebrate. Some guy sang ‘don’t worry, be happy’. Worrying is a bad omen. Let’s change our tone today for the good of the game, humanity and for the departing Wenger. Besides his short comings he had this great club at heart. I for one (despite some patches of grey) am loud and proud to be associated with this club.#lovearsenal.com

    1. Counsel says:

      @ sango thank you

      1. Phil says:

        Or we could just tell him to F*** Off and blame him for making today’s game against BURNLEY our very own equivalent of a Cup Final.FOR SIXTH PLACE FFS.

  6. David Rusa says:

    I am very disappointed that the writer of this article has allowed his hatred for Wenger to blindfold him to Wenger’s achievements which are glaring for all to see. Nobody in his right mind will doubt the fact that Wenger achieved a lot for Arsenal. Even his long time rivals and one time nemesis Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho acknowledge that. Just in case the writer has forgotten these achievements let me enumerate them below:
    —-Three Premier League titles (1998, 2002, 2004 when Arsenal went a whole season unbeaten).
    —-Seven FA titles including three in the last four years (2014, 2015, 2017).
    —-Seven Community shields including three in the last four years.
    —-Keeping Arsenal in the European Champions League for 20 consecutive years.
    —-Building a State of the art stadium which has doubled Arsenal’s sitting capacity and hence drastically increased Arsenal’s financial base. This has enabled Arsenal to start competing favourably in the transfer market. In addition, Arsenal has constructed modern training facilities at London Colney which are the envy of many.
    —-Playing an attractive brand of football which has made Arsenal a worldwide football club with a fanbase across all the continents. Arsenal is one of the five most popular clubs in Africa and Asia.
    If these are not achievements worth celebrating then I doubt the writer’s judgement. It is true there were some pitfalls along the way mainly due to the building of the stadium and the emergence of big money Club owners like Romano Abramovich and Sheik Mansour who changed the balance of power in the EPL. In spite of these challenges Arsenal has still remained a top Club and the new manager will inherit a well managed institution. Thus there is all the cause to celebrate Arsene Wenger’s legacy.

    1. Arnold says:

      My anger is towards his credibility for lying to Arsenal fans season after season during transfer and that created a lot of emotional hardship to me and watching a know you are losing even before the game started the way he handled things wouldn’t happen to any big club in this world

    2. Nikkogunners says:

      These are indeed achievements to marvel. The problem was we did not really understand Arsene Wenger fully and did not realize that his decision making is one of his greatest challenges. Wenger is a calculative decision maker and it served him well earlier in his service with Arsenal. He moved players around with devastating effect, of course after has had enough time to asses their full potentials. Thierry Hendy is one such player Wenger created from absolute nothing. There are so many more. He missed signing lots of players we could have signed because it takes him time to make key decisions. His style now in the fast-moving world of contemporary football is proving ineffective. Arsenal Board should have been assertive and helped him make the decision to leave some 10 years ago and by 2012 it was clear things were not working anymore. Around that time he changed the play patterns and Arsenal started playing with one centre-forward – Arsenal goal drought started and his defences started to suffer huge confidence loses. Quick decision making would have had the team facing Atletico Madrid shifted to bring in the performers who showed their capabilities against Manchester United at the Old Trafford. maybe today we would be talking something different, But of course, Mavropanos did not even make the bench. The repeated errors by Mustafi, Koscienly and Petr Cech should have had the arrival of Mavropanos, Ospina and perhaps Calum Chambers into the first team.

      Removing Giroud and having Sanchez play Centre forward was a key decision – but what about coming up with a formation that had Giroud and Sanchez starting together up front? We saw the hesitation in playing Aubemeyang and Lacazette together. I would be surprised if today they fail to start together, though.

      Wenger DNA is stable, well-thought decision making – unfortunately, the kind of football of this era is quick decisions including in matches. But Wenger has truly achieved some wonderful scores with Arsenal and we thank him. But now it’s time to move forward. I hope the board is capable of establishing their foothold and foster better decision in a timely manner.

      1. Arnold says:

        Well said man like Naby Keita going to Liverpool we could have been in better shape as we had Mahrez

    3. Darthballz says:

      Good to know there are still true fans around merci arsene

    4. Ernie says:

      Mr Russa, Wenger has nothing to do with building stadium by himself, Arsenal fans were part, Banks, contractor, etc

  7. Arnold says:

    Happy Sunday all Arsenal fans all over the world!!
    Arsène Mugabe tunure is over after going through unexplainable pains and being lied to over and over again during transfers – no hard feelings at all bye bye

    1. Counsel says:

      you have no shred of tenderness

      1. Arnold says:

        I don’t hide my feelings if you want to celebrate failure its your choice but I free to air my opinion

        1. Thomo says:

          Well said ar Arnold

        2. Phil says:

          I’m with you Pal-Let’s get this game WON.Anyone who wants to celebrate The Frenchman can do so.But let’s remember we are fighting a team for SIXTH F***ING PLACE today.I will say that again so that it sinks in SIXTH F***ING PLACE.
          Do you people realise that if we finish Seventh this season we have to play qualifiers for next seasons Europa League? In a World Cup Year.First game at end of July. That is what this F***ING FRAUD OF A MANAGER has left this club with.A Cup Final against Burnley.

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            That’s correct Phil; if Arsenal finish below Burnley they will have to play in the prequalifying tournament which runs from 28 July to 30 August 2018. This will also mean the money making preseason tour of Asia would have to be cancelled.
            It is discusting that Arsene Wenger will have a guard of honour from the very players, he brought to Arsenal, coached, selected to play for Arsenal and proceeded to let him down badly. Hopefully they turn up and deliver against Burnley to reciprocate his loyalty.

      2. Arnold says:

        Pack your bags too and leave with him

        1. Phil says:

          The problem pal is people like you believe Arsenal Football Club was Wengers own Club.Its NOT never WAS and NEVER WILL BE.The Club belongs to the supporters.Without those Supporters there is NO ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.
          Wake up to the facts pal.Your god was SACKED.The only problem is it was 8 years too late

          1. Arnold says:

            I am not in Wenger’s side by any circumstances I am just glad is leaving

  8. Liam says:

    Just to shoot down a few of the Wenger achievements that kept him in a job so long. Firstly we haven’t played attractive football for a very long time the only thing that kept us from being mid table was we could afford players like Sanchez who elevated above the likes of Everton and Burnley. Secondly his title wins where when there was us and united thats its, now we have 6 teams competing for the title and we have come nowhere close since then. Finally stop saying Wenger built the emirates he had nothing to do with building it he was just the manager when it happened. Yes he did well with the limited budget during that time period but he himself was still collecting 8million a year to do so.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      totally agree…Dein and Usmanov are bunch of liars….

      1. Xxnofx says:

        Agreed Liam it was pretty much 2 teams and Even then we only won 3 titles when we should have won more

      2. Ozziegunner says:

        John, please elaborate on Dein and Usmanov being liars?

    2. Arnold says:

      I didn’t say he is the one who said it few times

  9. GB says:

    I will celebrate today if this is your final article.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      time for Kon to step down….

      time for a change….

      we need new and fresh ideas….

      time to move on….

      new articles from next week

    2. Arnold says:


  10. Grimlar says:

    At the end of the day, Wenger has been the manager for a long time, and hasnt been a bad one, even though in recent years there have been obvious failings that were not dealt with year after year after year. Even this season, as disappointing as it has been, still sees us in Europe next year, it is only a dismal season in the context of our expectations.

    Besides, what good does sticking the knife in now achieve? It only makes the fans seem vindictive/petty and generally makes the club less attractive to a new manager or new signings.

    My advice then, if you go to the match today, is to applaud Wenger for the successes, and try to forget the disappointments, if you can. Or, if you cant do that, applaud the fact that he is finally going and Arsenal can start trying to deal with the problems. No one else will know why you are clapping anyway.

  11. Ingleby says:

    I have great respect for Wenger’s achievements and many happy memories of his great teams.

    Lying to the fans and treating them like morons are, however, things I will also remember – only not with any fondness.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. Arnold says:

      I issue with him was lying say Lemar was available for £35 miln then £55 and Wenger refused to pay that and in last hour of transfer window we submitted £92 mln really!!

  12. JAT says:

    You are a hateful group. Show some class, wish him well and focus on the future. It seems many of you like to wallow in misery and will continue when the next manager is hired or the wrong player signed or the right player is not signed. All negative all the time. Do you even know how to be happy with Arsenal? Look forward and support your team.

    1. Arnold says:

      I do support Arsenal but if you are too emotional because he is leaving feel free to join him people who thinks the Wenger’s way are not welcomed at Arsenal

      1. David Rusa says:

        It is you Arnold who is emotional, unreasonable and vindictive. Don’t force others to see things your way because it only sees the dark side of things and never the one where there is light. I bet soon you will be up in arms against the new manager if things don’t go according to your expectations. The world can never move on your whims!

        1. Ernie says:

          My point here is very clear, i need wenger to go and have been waiting for this day to happen finally – the man never admit he always blame of something we are all here to give our opinion have been a wenger out for long time 22years with no Europen cup thats a light for you?

        2. Ernie says:

          Wenger who is the only one needed to show our some class instead of lying every season to arsenal fans until some decided to abandon home games and whats your opnion on that one?

  13. jon fox says:

    “What can we celebrate?” Why, the final removal of the man who has ruined AFC of course! Onwards and upwards rom now on , despite the mess WENGER LEFT BEHIND FOR THE NEW MAN TO CLEAR UP!

  14. George Belluardo says:

    Hatred destroys your soul. Csn we put it aside for
    Just one day ffs.0

    1. Ernie says:

      Our free speech opinion here have nothing to do with hate thats a reality you might not like the way we frame but atleast the message is going out

  15. Jens says:

    toxic kosta never disappoints.

    maybe arsenal do deserve the scumbag simeone.

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