What do Arsenal fans really want following Brighton defeat? (Opinion)

What I’ve seen this week from a selection of Arsenal fans has been personally quite alarming. What we already have is a divide between fans on whether Mikel Arteta is really up to the job.

Let’s take some perspective on the challenges he has been tasked with.

A manager who came in midseason with a squad who quite frankly (and this is according to quite a high percentage of fans on here) are not up to the required job that they are handsomely paid to do.

A squad who he has had no say whatsoever about when he took the job, apart from the two defensive loan players in January.

A number of squad players who are either out of contract or are looking to cash in on their contract length.

We should be looking at what pressures Arteta has been put under in his short stay with us. Over the other side of the city we are seeing another ex-player being supported by his owner with the great signings they are making, Frank Lampard is being backed, Arteta is not.

Do our fans want to see managers who have been around and backed with unlimited cash at every club they have been to or do they want to see a young intelligent manager who, if supported, could do what maybe Klopp has done at Liverpool?

I fall into the latter category I just hope Arteta has the full support of the majority of fans on here or any other Arsenal fan platforms.

An article from Dan Kit

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  1. So the writer is comparing the Arteta situation to that of Klopp’s at Liverpool? Klopp was a very experienced manager when he joined Liverpool, this is Arteta’s first ever job, and a much more difficult job!

    Does Dan kit not know this? Very alarming!

    1. My old sparring partner 👍
      Thought you would be awake as you live in aus .
      I didn’t compare Arteta with Klopp experience wise though Did I ?
      My point being is if he is given time like Klopp and is given funds he could build a team like Klopp ,and yes I believe he could be just as good.
      This is a person who as assisted the so called best manage of our generation for the last 3 years ,maybe he as learnt a trick or two off him dont you think .

      1. What I want is for the season to end .Arteta hasn’t helped himself with some of his decision making and that is worrying but he really has a poor squad to work with.I tried to pick a team out of the players available and each time the problem was either a lack of creativity in midfield or a lack of physical presence.We cannot dominate games with a midfield like ours.I do have some hope regarding the good crop of youngsters coming through but the issue is with the way the team is set up at the moment these youngsters could become disillusioned and lose confidence.This transfer window is vital to save this club but I have little confidence that the club can do this with the lack of funds,disinterested owner or even if they even have the necessary expertise.If we get another Luiz type signing and the usual suspects are still here next season then I think we could be in a relegation battle.

      2. I have to agree with Dan kit if properly backed and given time ,he could do it,people who have been critical of MA have unrealistic expectations!MA took over at our one of our lowest point in recent years,during the busiest period,no money for the winter transfer window,he had to resolve few crisis,stop our free fall and basically start from scratch with the same squad and had to deal with the pandemic(3 months without proper training) which means he had barely any time to instill his ideas,methods….so to expect huge improvements in such a short time doesn’t make sense,he should at least being give one summer transfers window even then knowing our owners would still be unfair,people have to come to terms with reality we are in a mess and any manager I don’t care who it is is going to need time to get rid of all the deadwood and sign the right players on a limited budget!

    2. Yes Klopp was a more experienced coach but Arsenal team is far better than the Liverpool team Klopp met on ground and in less than 5games you could see a difference in their style of play and progress.
      Arsenal have not made any improvement since Arteta came on board

  2. Coming to Aus in December Thirdman (if everything is back to normal which I hope it is else I’m goer lose a fortune,) I’m thinking you would probably put me up for a few days seeing we are best of buds 👍
    What say you ?
    Booked it last September to go see sister in law who lives just outside Canberra ,never been nor as my misses who hasn’t seen her sister in 8 years .

  3. Arsenal are still stuck in the Wenger style of passing and passing all day. To top it,the defence as usual goes awol when most needed.
    I am not a coach but too much passing gives time for defences to regroup. Gaps are sealed asap and the gunners will be hit with a sucker punch.
    There shd be less emphasis on passing and more on movement speedily to shoot as shown by Brightons 2nd goal

    1. Completly agree…even Guardiola at barca hates when people talk about His team like Tiki Taka…because he thinks every pass has a porpuse and sometimes need to change the tempo to produce…somethig Wenger didn’t want to understand…even kbps, Guardiola la learning and changing every day, like last wednesday…city was very frontal

  4. I support arteta, but men, u can argue arsenal dont have a good squad when we re just lost with brighton. BRIGHTON! Offer our players to brighton coach and probably he take them all instead of his team.
    I want ozil out because i dont like his attituded and his style of play…im ok with arteta to let him out vs city, because in that much ozil is like play with 10…but what about today match? This is the kind of game he delivers….what about martinelly and e obsession with nkettia? How can u change saka for terney when we are draw with a bottom team and we need all the points?

    What shows u that about artetas ambition?

    Today a saw a team where a teenager (saka) was the only one pushing for the 3 points…and arteta, with 5 changes at his favour, just looking….its worse than the typical wenger change at 70 min, no matter what happen in the game

    Until now, i can appreciate well what is “artetas style” buy i hope he have learned more from pep than wenger, who was, in the last period of his reign, obsess with stetyc side of the game than winning… we could have lost 4-1 , if arsenal goal was a collective beauty efford, wenger went home with a smile on his face

  5. a football manager is just like any leader of a country or company.. you need to be aggressive, vocal, and motivate your squad

    arsenal players are far better than brighton but our recent managers, Unai, Freddie, Arteta, are all weak losers who will never inspire anyone…

    all successful managers or leaders are ruthless, mourinho, klopp, simeone, ferguson, sarri, conte,

    sick of all these arsenal managers are who so soft, weak, doesn’t take accountability, doesn’t challenge the refs..

    1. But we also brought in a manager with experience before that and he delivered nothing as well. We’re a club football team being run like a national side.

  6. Arteta need to show that he is the one to move us forward. The team has not progressed at all. No manager in any job will be allowed to change all his employees to suit his methods. Good ones bring in a few and change the way the rest work/play to suit what he wants. Why is he not playing Holding? Why can’t he use Maitland-Niles in midfield when we have Geundouzi consistently playing bad games. Why did he bring the injured Soares when we needed a defensive midfielder and central defender? Why did he bring back Xhaka and Ozil when they are not good enough? Many players who where doing good under Emery seem to be getting worse under Arteta

  7. Overhaul of midfield to defence. Auba was not sharp enough. Three good attempts but he couldn’t beat the goal keeper? He could have found a way once.
    Martinelli on the left, Auba central and Pepe right.

  8. For a start, I just want to stop being an embarrassment!! These last 2 games I have sat there and cringed!! It doesn’t matter who we play or whatever formation.. we’re crap! Is it any wonder we’re out of Europe? Looks like we’re going to finish in the bottom half of the table.. next Sunday we’ll be dumped out of the FA cup… we couldn’t even beat Brighton, there’s no way we’re beating SU!!!
    Arteta or whether someone with a shedload of experience was brought in, we’d still be in this mess.. we’re just no good anymore.
    I am rapidly losing interest.. I mean how much of this crap can you take?? Yes I know being a football fan isn’t always going to be plain sailing, but come on, we’ve had more than our fair share of crap to contend with lately and there doesn’t seem to be any let.up…. from a really p****d off gooner

    1. Sue, finally you have begun to share in my pain, suffering and embarrassment.Lets accept we are mid table and blame me or any negative fan, we are not improving.Last hope is the FA cup.Hope that spurs our players to roar on the field rather than pur.My hopes are dashed with Leno’s injury. Stupid of the defence to lead him to that clash. Hope he is well, any update on him?

      1. I’ve not seen an update anywhere, LC, but really fear the worst. I reckon we can kiss goodbye to him for months.

    2. Streaming a game and all the sacrifice I made to achieve that! And get disappointed by all these crab? Sue seems whatever team we put out there just finds a way to bottle it. I think we can play 15 vs 11 and still loose!! . We are consistently giving pundits reason to literally bully us each week. Where is that Arteta team before the enforced break?

      1. Poor you, Kenya… 90 minutes we won’t get back, hey?!
        You’re so right, especially about 15 v 11!! The media are loving it right now and we’re not giving them any reason to stop!!
        Fair enough if some of them don’t want to be here anymore, but play for pride… don’t just give up and admit defeat! I don’t see fire in any of their bellies…. if I was MA right now, I’d be going ballistic at all of them!!
        They’ve gone awol, Kenya, never to be seen again 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I think it is too soon to judge Arteta

    There is no quick fix at Arsenal as the complacency factor will take a long time to be erased. This is a malaise that is deep rooted in the culture of the club. A different way of thinking needs to happen

    It isn’t easy to compare managers or fair either at times

    Clearly Arteta lacks experience and of course playing for and working with great managers is no guarantee of success. I felt it was a brave appointment but the so called top men weren’t actually clamouring to take over. In the short time Arteta had before Covid struck, Arsenal were beginning to turn a corner. Commitment improved and although wins were few (too many draws)there were better signs. Wenger had lost his powers and Emery lost the dressing room so player power became an issue. For Arteta to turn this lot of weaklings into the likes of an Adams or Keown will take time. Or in some cases impossible

    Mourinho is a bully who looks to be losing his powers and Klopp and Guardiola are the ones to aim to be like. Ferguson was a one off but Conte and Sarri are not in my top picks. Top level management is an extremely difficult path to follow. Lampard has the makings of being a top man but he has an owner who has always supported the manager in the transfer market. Sadly that hasn’t applied to Arsenal for years

    Recruitment has been appalling, and a lack of understanding of football from distant owners has not helped. Sure, they employ the so called right people to run the club for them but that has been where the disaster began because they haven’t been good enough.

    It seems that during the long lay off the complacency has crept back in. It is also hard to know how all the players dealt with lockdown and how fit they are coming back. Martinelli’s omission is one I don’t yet understand especially as he had been doing so well.

    it is also worth remembering that Woodward at ManU is not a football man and look how they have struggled to maintain top four.

    What is interesting is that the American owners of Liverpool brought in executives with a background of being fans of the club rather than being faceless money men. Success took time but all the tools were put in place.

    Fans are fickle and all of us think we know better. The diversity of opinion on who should be playing shows just that. Play the youngsters…. use the experienced players etc etc

    I only hope that Arteta isn’t hounded out by fans who think they know better.

    1. This ‘complacency factor’ what’s the history? Where did it generate from. May I remind you that 90% of players who started the match were signed pro-wenger era, so how did the complacency creep in? I reckon we attached the word ‘complacency ‘ to wenger and his system

      1. I’m sorry I didn’t understand your point fully insofar as you mentioned 90% of players starting the match being pro-Wenger era. Bellerin, Holding, Lacazette, Auba, Mustafi were bought by Wenger and Saka came through the youth system. Wenger hasn’t been gone 2 years so the complacency crept in during his time and hasn’t left.

        1. Thumbs up, how did I forget we have this much. This guys should have all left. They are the architect of our problems

    2. SueP you are right on one thing what top manager wanted to come here none of them I put £150 on Allegri he did not want to touch it with a bargepole no top manager would

    3. I’ve tried telling people that there is no quick fix to what Arsenal is going through and it’s good to see that some of us get it. The only solution for us is selling more than half of the current squad and reinvesting in players who actually have some fight in them.
      One of the biggest things ailing us is the owner. Kreonke is one of the worst owners we could have gotten. Not a single dime of his will be invested into the club this coming transfer window even though he sees Chelsea making moves. It doesn’t matter to him that clubs are thirsty for cash injections and are more than willing to let go of their prized players. Those hundreds of millions he is reported to have made during this pandemic would rebuild this team pretty fast but I’m sure we won’t be seeing any of it.

      That is precisely why another of our biggest problems is our fickle fan base. Seeing as we don’t have outrageous amounts of money to spend on a rebuild, our only option is a slow rebuild with youth and bargain purchases and that doesn’t go hand in hand with an impatient fickle fan base. This is the business end of knowing if you’re a real fan or a plastic one.

      Before Arteta was signed, no top manager wanted to come to Arsenal but Arteta decided to come and get us through this season before he can start tweaking the team to his preferences. But we lose 2 games in a row and the so called fans are starting to turn on him. Rebuilding a team and changing the mentality of everyone associated to it is not an overnight process. These things take time and people need to understand that we’re in for a season or two of being touched inappropriately by some teams.

      That’s why I think what Maupay said about humility is pretty correct. We have a lot of bark for a team that has no bite to it. We have turned into that guy who used to be rich and now tries to intimidate people with stories of how much wealth and power he used to have instead of putting his head down and working to get it all back. We will most definitely get kicked in the teeth while we’re down but we have no option but to stick with Arteta and his rebuild plan if we want to get back up a whole different kind of beast in 2 seasons or so.

  10. OT.. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

    Plus… did anyone see the Ring of fire solar eclipse?

    1. Thanks sue, family is the only consolation since arsenal keep ruining my days! And to think this will happen after 3day?🙄🙆 Sad times to be a Gunner.

  11. One thing though, as bad as things are and will only get worse, I wouldn’t want Maureen anywhere near my club!

  12. 2020, What a bloody year? Here in OZ bush fires, drought, no water, and the virus then no English football to ease the pain.
    If we were looking for a break in the monotony it didn`t come, did it Arsenal? What is more it`s not likely to improve so we might as well all go fishing, the players are taking `social distancing` too far. Arteta also needs a break from the monotony which means support from fans and the board.
    He needs to get rid of half a dozen players at least, buy maybe three and really look at his academy.

  13. It’s not looking too good is it! Embarrassing is the best word to use for Arsenal these days. Hard to watch but Mikel cant be blamed for the mess we are in, this has been years of bad displays & no commitment to the badge whatsoever from the owners which then trickles down through from the top to the bottom of the club.

    Auba is leaving we can see that, we will cash in I believe. Mesut will run down his contract of 350k a week and doesnt get into the squad 80% of the time, what a waste. Our whole backline and midfield is a mess…. forwards cant do much with this crap behind them.

    If we are to do a rebuild then let whoever wants to go, go & who wants to stay and fight are welcomed to stay. I just wish someone would buy out the kronkes I really do…

    1. I dont blame Auba either for leaving one single bit. He deserves better and to be winning titles in the last part of his career, if not titles then challenging for them and being in the UCL.

  14. Every man and his dog (including me) has his opinion and can voice it, all except the man who really matters who can`t say a word if he wants to keep his job. It would be like a new dawn to hear the truth, opinions and plans freely expressed by Mikal

  15. I dont even know what to say before lockdown, the players seems to be playing a different system, was that a fluke? Has lockdown make them forget Arteta system? Could it be, the players only listen to new gaffer to get selected, and revert to default dross after cementing their place in the manager system.
    This isn’t the arsenal before lockdown.
    Nelson, Willock, Guedozi needs loan or be sold asap
    An established English defender is needed asap, u can get one from the south called ‘small teams’for less than 40m.
    A mf that knows how to turn defence to attack ,retain possession and make correct pass is needed asap
    A DM who can help in transition and help defence.
    We don’t need to wait until we sell before buying, this team need huge investment.
    The owner and board should be ready to make that sacrifice now or risk making consistent long term losses from non-European participation money

  16. I keep saying, mark me here today, arsenal cannot be more than a mid table team wit this set of owners, cus it is what they planned for, and until the fans are forced to chase out those kronke mercenary, next season will even be worst, I laugh when I read optimistic views from fans but sorry, it would remain the same for a good while!!

  17. i pray the season ends because we are about seeing more of this.this should tell us that almost 50% of the that squad derive that energy to play from the fans ,so honestly speaking our boys are going to struggle without these fans simply because the coach prefers the inexperience to experience.Gabriel Martinelli will thrive more under this current environment because of where he is coming from ,he does not need any motivation to play this kind of Games becos he has been doing it there in Brazil(ituano).it was clear Artheta built his system around XHaka and the earlier we derive another style without him to Finish the season the better.i think he should give AMN the chance now to play consistently to add that drive from the midfield.

  18. I would like every player in that squad to accept that they are not worthy to wear the shirt until they earn the right to!

    They need to accept that they are not amongst the best until they are the best. Their arrogant attitude and their petulant and passive style of football proves they a long way to go. Just because you play for a big club does not mean you are a big player! All I see are players with big egos who like lots of money every week. Progression and winning is not at the forefront of thier minds because the clubs ethos is “4th is good enough!”.

  19. What we want is the opposite of what is happening now! A winning team that fights, owners that care. Infact all we want is to win games nothing less!

    1. They can’t win.
      Beat a club we’re supposed to beat? Who cares.
      Lose against a club below us? Everybody cares, that’s why we’re a banter club.
      Then again, everyone knows that us beating utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, even spurs won’t happen in a million years now.

  20. What’s worrying me is that when Arteta first arrived there was an immediate change to a more direct style in attack, but now we seem to have reverted to side to side at the back and down the wings with wingers who don’t seem inclined to take on the opposition but just pass backwards again.
    Why wait until 75 minutes to make the first substitutions? I know one was scuppered by the fourth official, but we need to be making changes at 60 minutes with an unfit squad. I wonder how much those guys were holding back knowing they had to make 90 minutes and didn’t have the legs to do so?

  21. The situation we find ourselves in has precious little to do with Arteta.There is not a Manager on the Planet who could get rid of the virus which has been afflicting our Club well before Covid 19. Aussie Jack hit the nail on the head when he highlighted the need to clear out players who would not shine in the Championship never mind the Premier League.Not one decent CB nor a midfielder with physical strength, pace and an aptitude for carrying out defensive responsibilities.Is it little wonder we are at best a mid table side?On top of a host of injuries we are now likely to be faced with Guendouzi being banned, and quite right too.This lad is not as good as he or Gary Neville think he is.He needs to grow up and buckle down, work on a number of his weaknesses and hopefully re-emerge as an asset not a liability.I have every faith in Arteta to take us forward providing we can unload many of the mediocre players he inherited.

  22. Not only do I agree 100% with Dan Kit but I go further still. I actually truly believe that right now Arteta is, by a very long way too, the real andONLY hope for any REAL improvement as long as Kroenkes remains as owner.
    The overriding fact that Dan strongly alludes to (but does not explicitly state in actual words, in that Kroenke is the real villain of our club)is that Arteta is working with both hands tied behind his back.
    Those of our fans who are foolishly and in non thinking style, blaming Arteta, are actually working against our clubs interest IMO. Anyone who is truly interested oin the longterm success of our club would be calling for Kroenkes head and urging fans enmasse to try their best to get rid of him.
    Merely worrying about this season is to look for a small sticking plaster to stem a bleeding artery, daft and immature beyond belief.

    It is abundantly clear that this squad is nowhere near good enough to make top five nor even top eight right now. We have far too many passengers across the squad and yesterday our most important player , Leno, got what looks like along term injury. This was just bad luck and not our managers fault.

    Unlike reactionary types – and sadly we have very many of them- I like to properly think through my strategy when making decisions and calling for change. In fact, we need to change almost everything about this club EXCEPT Arteta and Edu in my view. The others are clearly not football people and are making no better decisions under the new regime than when Gazidis was here. The muddled contract “thinking” is still here in spades and ruining the best plans of an intelligent and PROPERLY PROFESSIONAL MANAGER.
    As to playere I would be keen and anxious to keep long term, there are verty few indeed. Apart form not yet properly tried youngsters on the fringes, I would keep ONLY Leno, Tierney, Mari, Saka , Martinelli , IF AND ONLY IF Kroenke was prepared to release adequate and necessary funds.
    Since he obviously is not prepared to do so and never has been nor ever will, the unaviodable conclusion to any proper analysis is that he MUST be forced out by concerted and long lasting fan action . Only then can our club ever again have a real chance to get back to our historic position and be title challengers.

    While Kroenke stays, expect further steady regression and do not expect even this fine and intelligent manager to work miracles with this rotten squad. It cannot be done. Realism!

  23. The answer to the question in the title is, complete change. The owner, the board, the scouts, the players and the philosophy. It all stinks and has stunk for a decade plus. The club is rotten to the core and they attitude in the club is the worst in the premier league. The players on huge contracts are a disgrace and shameless, our club has been infected by a disease that needs eradicating by a complete change. The problem for all of us is that, nothing will change in fact, believe it or not, it will get worse and i dont say this lightly, our time as a big club is over and we are West Ham or Crystal palace now, take your pick but it is true. I hope we/you have good memories because you/we are going to need them, we are not going to be making any.

  24. while I 100% agree with Jon Fox in as much we need Kroenke out of our club, we also need Orzil from the dressing room, if we are unable to sell him (and I doubt we could give him away to Grimsby) and we have to pay him till the end of the 21 season then ban him from the ground, reading between the lines he is a disruptive influence in the dressing room.

  25. I have read all the comments above, some I agree with others I don’t. My opinion on our beloved club is the following.
    We lack physical presence in the middle and at the back, however any sign of aggression shown by any of our players are swiftly punished while the opposition’s worse or similar fouls go unpunished and this I believe causes our players to be unsure and scared to commit fouls(if you don’t believe me do your research watch the games again but importantly without commentary) the referee’s have an agenda, certain teams which I won’t mention benefit all the time while others are nailed. This is one of our biggest issues that needs to be sorted before the next season starts and why is it that the referees with his/her assistants don’t have to answer for their crappy decisions and as a coach you not allowed to say anything after the game what nonsense is that then next game the same crap. We only played two games but we are already minus our first choice keeper centre back and centre half. Crazy stuff.

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