What do Arsenal fans now think about Arteta buying a “Chelsea” reject after Jorginho impresses?

£12 Million Man’s Magic Justifies Arteta’s Winter Gamble

Is Jorginho demonstrating why Arteta must have paid £12 million for his acquisition, six months before he could be available for free?

Many Gooners are concerned about the team’s stability in the absence of Thomas Partey. Arsenal were certain to be without Partey against Villa, and the prospect of Jorginho continuing his run as Arsenal’s defensive midfielder did not inspire many Gooners with confidence that they would easily defeat an unpredictable Aston Villa.

Jorginho didn’t do much on his full Arsenal debut in the 3-1 loss to Manchester City. This came after he was chastised just days before when he made his Arsenal debut in the 58th minute of Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Everton less than two weeks ago.

The former Blue was solid against Villa this weekend, covering his ground well even in the first half when Arsenal struggled. His effort, which resulted in a Martinez own goal, capped off his performance in his second start, covering for Partey.

Many pundits rated his performance as an 8 over 10, with Football London saying: “One of the better players in Arsenal’s disappointing first half with his quick feet and industry at the base of midfield. Faded in influence in the second half but largely because Arsenal played more in the opposition half. Another solid display. The shot that caused the winner to top it off too!” Arteta was also impressed by the Italian, saying how he was left impressed, saying, on BBC, “In the second half, we created chance after chance. We needed a magic moment, and Jorginho produced it. He has many qualities, but that probably isn’t his biggest strength.”

I don’t many Gooners will be calling him a Chelsea reject any more, do you?

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  1. So far so good, but sometimes it’s not ideal to judge a player after 3 games. For me he’s an upgrade on Lakonga and Elneny.

    I no there’s no time to adapt, but let’s give time before we judge him

    1. Judge a player after 3 games? If the player is unknown somewhere from middle east maybe right but jorginho is seasoning veterans professional..win Euro with Italy,Europa league .he is still the same player but because of Chelsea own problem he become a scapegoat..

    2. Those who questioned his arrival, are wrong. He is an able backup, that is good enough to find a Partey replacement in 2024

  2. Some of Chelsea’s fringe and squad rotation players could be good additions to our team, as long as they will be assigned to their best positions

    I told you guys that Jorginho would likely be fine, because he played in his best position. Luiz was also our most dominant CB, unfortunately Arteta’s tactics didn’t produce consistent results at that time

    As for Willian, I also told you many times that he was assigned in the wrong position. Look at him now at Fulham, where he can utilize his technical skills on the left wing and in the middle of the pitch

  3. Let’s stop passing judgment on player’s after just few games. It’s unfair to both the club and the players themselves. Right now we don’t have enough data to reach a conclusion whether he was a good buy or not. He had a good game against villa but was just ok against Brentford. Time will tell.

    1. Agree Ibrahim; final assessment of a player’s value take time to evsluate.
      It could be argued that unless a player goes to a more successful/ higher profile club and/or higher wages, the buying club is taking the selling clubs “cast off”, if the selling club allows a contracted player to leave.

  4. I never quite understood the vitriol with the signing. Being in a position to win the league, it was imperative we signed a ready made and battle hardened EPL vet, and getting a player of his status, for the price and short term contract that we got him at, was an absolute masterclass!

  5. One of the big things in his favour is that he looks fresh, like he’s starting a new season – it looks like he’s played plenty of games for Chelsea already this year, so it’s quite impressive. I think he’s given the team a real lift, actually.
    The thing with signing “rejects” from teams like Chelsea is, you’ve got to understand why they being allowed to move on – is it because they’re coming to the end of their career and are basically finished as a top level player (Silvestre), or is it because their club is going in a different direction and they just don’t fit anymore (Gallas and Willian – even though they didn’t work out in the end, it’s clear they still had ability)? Sometimes they’ve got a really good player who’s path has been blocked for too long and they’re leaving to get an opportunity – this happened with de bruyne and salah, but also with lassana diarra, who found himself in the same situation here!

  6. Waiting for Dan’s article on why AFC conceded two goal in that match. Or any other absurd negative energy he’s got to upload.

    1. DANIEL O Mature Gooners NEVER DID call Jorginho a reject.
      Some however did, so If that cap fits, then why dont you wear it?!!

    2. Tony, I suggest DAN SMITH actually has Piers Morgan disease, defined as being negative for the sake of both negativity itself and for self publicity.

      At least people talk about Morgan, so DS, noticing that fact, has long ago decided to personally contract PM disease. As he shows us all very regularly!
      Constant criticism of anything or anyone you claim to love, is hard for others (who do NOT constantly criticise their love object) to see as love or devotion.


      But true love,in DS’s case of our club, is hard to fathom as being true! At best it is tainted love, a sort of unfair husband who beats hissupposedly beloved wife, type of fan.

      Just my mature persons take on how real love actually IS!!

      1. How do you square love / devotion with looking for truth? As they say, love is blind, after all.
        I think both Dan and piers Morgan (and yourself, to be fair) are actually trying to give an honest and unbiased assessment (although it would be naive not to be dissociation of Piers, I suppose) – it’s difficult to do that when we are biased, and sometimes we can over compensate.
        I think it’s good and interesting to have these different perspectives, and the articles can be great for discussion – I’m not a fan of some of the uncritical “everything is great” articles, personally, unless it’s pointing out something positive that hasn’t been noticed or talked about much (e.g. if a player has been doing really well, but it’s gone under the radar)

        1. Ken I beg todiffer as two manage rin question are totaly different in so manay ways What I lost faith with in AW was his hungr or lack of it I got fed up waiting while he simpoly refuse rto get a proper defence once the Invincibles had broken up I always hod mtnat all sucessful teasm must obserevc that aold truism that you build from the back. What you dont appreciate – and to be fair it is not something I mention overmuch- is tht like tou abd countles others I worshipped what AW did for our club before the hunger evaporated. Oh I know he was still angry on the touchline and showed all the superficial signs of still deeply caring.

          But I feel and havedone ever since it happened , that something died inside him once DD was forced out. It was never quite the same after that.
          Simply put, I feel he grew old and weary , mentally especially, and that was his downfall.Other younger, more dynamic, hungrier, less pleasant managers came into the Prem and meant his time at the top level was gone.
          Of course , there were other reasons too, the lack of real money to spend given the stadium debt, but he spent so much of it foolishly and simply refused to consider or put right, the vital import of proper defenders of true top class, as other younger rmanagers did!

          We were drifting away for many years under his latter period while MA is plainly building solid foundations and is as hungry as a tiger without food for weeks. He GETS FOOD, whatever it takes and that is the difference IMO.

          1. Seems you were just another that didn’t understand the big financial changes going on in the game in the latter years of Wenger’s tenure.

            Even though he tried to explain it in layman’s terms by calling it “financial doping”.

            He didn’t “lose his hunger”, he was starved – of cash.

    3. Haha nice one Tony.

      I’ve learned to spot them from the title and avoid them, although I understand Pat writes the titles, they still have to roughly reflect the content.

      If the title isn’t a clue then the first sentence usually is… scroll quickly to the signature, press Back button. Happier life 🙂

      1. I always feel kind of “Tired, not ready for this shi*” whenever I get to read whatever he got to offer. @Idkwic#

  7. He demonstrated his excellent range of passing throughout the game and in every appearance so far has shown himself to be a leader, orchestrating others’ positioning and being in the right place at the right time. I think he is an excellent player and opened Villa up time and time again.

  8. The man is a serial winner and knows all about finishing as winners, his experience along with Xhaka will bring the calm we know and he was a bargain at 12 million, he could be the turning point for us to finish 1st. I like what he brings to the team and so do the players and manager.

  9. Perhaps the question is more: “What did Jorginho see at Chelsea that made him want to leave in January?”.

    He may have seen that a younger replacement was being bought, he may have been told by Potter that his time was up at Chelsea.

    But he’s playing a cover role at Arsenal anyway (for now).

    I have to wonder if Jorginho’s old enough (old for a player) and wise enough to see the writing on the wall at Chelsea and get out while the going’s good.

    Perhaps he knows they’re gambling on 8.5 year contracts and overspending and maybe he knows they’re going to get caned for FFP breaches. Possibly he knows they’re not going to gel as a unit (he would be right about that, based on what we’ve seen to date).

    Maybe the smart move was Jorginho’s, not Arsenal’s?

    1. IDKWIC i say you are spot on and the actual reason is that with Chelseas new and numerous squad, he could see at 31, his chance to play will soon be very slim, had he stayed.
      He could also see, as players are aware of what is building , that at Arsenal he would fill a proper role and be more content and feel part of a true and successful family, unlike the revolving policy door at Chelsea.

      1. The answer is simple, Jorginho is the gaffer and Pep Guardiola type of player, where else can you find a player like him in January.

        Maybe Manuel Lacottelli, and even then he’s a better passer of the ball in my opinion, only the age will be a factor, but then I expect him to be use sparingly.

      2. Yes he may have a “proper role” as you say – and one with future. Some players at Arsenal go on to work at the academy, learn coaching – even a chance to see a successful young coach at work and see how he does it.

        Smart move by Jorginho all round. And credit to Arsenal for seeing that it works for all parties, at the very least as a short-term move (17 month contract).

  10. It’s like Arsenal fans are so used to be bantered that they believe they are truly dumb. These donkeys probably started to support Arsenal during the Invincibles without knowing the process of assembling the Invincibles. Now, with the presence of social media, they continue to exhibit those idiocy unchallenged.

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