What do Arsenal fans think about Leicester sacking Ranieri?

There has obviously been a lot of reaction from all corners of the football world to the sacking of Claudio Ranieri by the Premier League champions Leicester City, but with Arsenal fans seemingly ever more united in our desire for the club to get a new manager in to replace Arsene Wenger and the two clubs having such different approaches and being in such different situations, I thought that the Arsenal fans might have an interesting take on the matter.

Do we agree with the majority who seem to think that the Foxes have been too harsh on their manager and too quick to pull the trigger after what he did for them last season, and even this season in the Champions League? If so, does this make us think again about our own wish to see Arsenal get rid of Wenger?

There is no doubt that a lot of managers will look with envy at the Frenchman’s situation in north London and we always hear managers talking about the fact that they get too little time these days. Arsenal are definitely the exception to the rule in that respect and I think this is a good thing, to a certain extent at least.

Where most clubs are too hasty, though, I believe we have become too set in our ways and too slow to act. Having said that, I would like the next manager of our club to be given a good chance, just as I feel that Leicester should have stuck with Ranieri.

What do you make of all this Gooners? Has i9t changed the way you look at the Arsenal and Wenger situation at all?

Updated: February 24, 2017 — 4:04 pm


  1. disgrace for the foxes board. after all what ranieri did for them they paid him back. he has put leicester on the soccer world. sorry for mr. ranieri = gooner for ever

    1. Would you take Ranieri.

      1. sorry but no = gooner for ever

  2. about aw – its the same for me – is he loves the club as he says, thanks for the past, so pls resign = gooner for ever

  3. that Wenger has the safest job in the world and thus he has no pressure to perform

  4. Leicester’s success last season was arguably the greatest ever League victory in the history of football, and yet Ranieri gets the sack 9 months later. Whilst Wenger is already sitting on a new 2 year contract, for doing almost nothing for a decade! As always, managers are held accountable for results at every other club, despite what success may have happened in the previous season, and again, Wenger isn’t held accountable. So frustrating!

    Absolutely disgusting decision from the Leicester board, and some of the players should hang their heads in shame. Watching Leicester last season was an absolute joy (wish I could say same about watching Arsenal), and I hope Ranieri gets a statue, for one of the greatest achievements ever in football!

    1. Difference is Ranieri is sacked for risking financial ruin, whereas ..well you know.

      1. Spot on. Some fans don’t realize that if the owner or the board didn’t like what Wenger has done, he’d be gone years ago. Which means that he achieved exactly what’s asked of him. Which in turn means that it’s not Wenger’s fault that we’re not challenging for trophies. If the objective was “Win the title in 2 years, or you’re sacked”, we’d be seeing a different Arsenal. But as of right now, everyone is comfortable, and that’s a real problem.

    2. @ThirdManJW
      No statue mate,
      Just a year supply of Walkers Crisps and a Golden handshake from Mr Jug Ears himself… Gary Lineker ?

  5. Absolutely disgusting. Greedy buggers are loaded thanks to Ranieri, 100 grand contracts, he gave them that capability. He has them doing better than ourselves in CL. Leicester are at this season where they’d be expected to be last season. He gave them a miracle. Players are scumbags worrying about their pay-cut. Even if they went down the money earned from this season last season and parachute payments would give them too big an advantage to not go straight back up. Who do the players believe they owe their fat contracts to the most, themselves obv. I’d like the players responsible to be named and shamed, looking at the contract situations might give an inkling.

    1. Are you serious? ?
      Even Wenger doesn’t have the power to dictate the sum of wages the players earn at the club.
      The Arsenal’s chief executive made a few comments today (recently )
      regarding the clubs profits for the last 6 months and the record funds spent on transfers. He seems to think that all is well with our season so far and how the fans should support the team in these exciting times in the run in to the season ? (yep delusion seems to run throughout our club) he also Mentioned the players wage structure and how that structure won’t bend or give, to any player.
      It seems as if £200,000 a week is the max wages that they will pay out at the club.

      1. That’s not what I mean by capable. He guided them to the top, got them CL money, when another manager would’ve been expected to be in a relegation battle. Players at the bottom don’t get 100 grand contracts, he gave them the capability.

  6. Believe me, I have not been at an Arsenal game for the last 2 seasons and If Wenger remains neither I will set step in the Emirates for the foreseeable future. Arsenal fans, we are at breaking point. those who had enough of our failure to win the EPL for the last 13 years can not accept it and those who are attached to the glorious past will love to endure more humiliation. I’m just watching Wolsburg v Hamburg and a player Mr Wenger destroyed has scored 2 goals in 20 mins ( Serge Ganabry ) anyone remember him? same the likes of Campbell preferring to keep the likes of Sanogo , Debuchy, Ramsey just to mentioned few who have not produced what it was expected. I lost faith in the manager, the board, the scouts and those still believing that a change is NOT NEEDED. i feel so sorry for Ranieri after all his achievement and we still stuck for last 13 years without a trophy and some are happy with it. WE WILL BECOME A SPUDS AND POOL who have not won the EPL for more than 20 years if no changes are made this summer.

    1. @vinie2000
      As you’ve noticed vinie, no one missed you…Stay away more.

      1. He has point, stop hating.. why don’t you lay out your thoughts instead of attacking him? You wanna challenge him state your thoughts

  7. The players got too much rewards and high wages in new contract. Kante in Chelsea is still putting the same workrate.

    1. @HA559
      They sure do miss him. Guess he saw the writing on the wall and bailed quick…

      1. Wish we had got Kante

        1. @Arsenal_Girl
          Me too…

  8. It’s total madness,
    It’s not as if Leicester have been relegated … Yet ?
    They qualified from the group stage of the champions league and they still have a chance of getting into the quarterfinals.
    To sack the manager now just doesn’t make sense to me,
    There must be something a lot deeper… Maybe Ranieri got caught banging the Chinese owners granddaughter or something ?

    1. Truly madness that was, few months without a trophy and somebody loses his job, 13 years without a trophy and somebody gets paid 8m and keeps renewing contracts.. the world is so unfair

  9. Ridiculous decision
    They won the Premier League last season under Ranieri
    Leicester are not even in the bottom 3
    They could have avoided the drop and strengthened the squad this summer
    Ranieri should have been given until the summer at least

    And I don’t see a better Manager going to Leicester esp if they are relegated
    Now that Ranieri is gone, they are more likely to be relegated

    Personally, I like him. He is a gentleman and I feel sorry for him

  10. I just searched the net for more information regarding Ranieri’s sacking and basically the Leicester board pooped their pants about being relegated. But they are taking a bigger gamble with the assistant manager taking the reins and their brutal actions isn’t going down too well with their fan base either.
    It also seems as if the majority of their players were /are suffering from the Arsenal syndrome (loser mentality) on match days ???

    It’s a sad state of affairs and after reading Ranieri’s fairwell letter, I can’t help but feel sorry for him, he stated that his dreams have died after the sacking and then he went on and basically thanked everyone and their dogs in Leicester for their support.
    I genuinely believe that Leicester deserve to get relegated, especially after this unjust treatment.

    1. True, and they need a good hammering in their quarter final fixture may be against Bayern, Madrid or PSG. that will be awesome

  11. Yep no coincidence Leicester won last year and Chelsea position this season, kante! The guy is a machine and it’s only no he’s gone from Leicester we can see how well he protected Huth and Morgan. Any club that had him could add a huge points tally to their season. #MVP

    1. And we have Coq who falls after tackling speeding Hazard..

  12. It’s stupid but let’s not feel too sorry for him for too long as his CVS is glowing now and I’m sure he got a wedge to leave as I believe he’d just signed a 4 year extension??

  13. A previous article asked if we needed another keeper, sign smcheichel when they get relegated? Or too big for his boots?
    I too want Leicester to go down now, vardy regretting last summers decision yet? Coc*y twat!

  14. admin why ban me?

    1. i swear i won’t say wenger out again…just allow my opinion to appear on the latest articles

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